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Swimsuits and training exercises! [Alisa]

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on Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:06 pm

How long would those peaceful days last? A question that idly lingered in the obsidian-haired trickster's mind as she woke up from her peaceful slumber in the arms of her lover. As expected Fia was still vast asleep, no doubt the results of the little adventure they had the previous night. Although her fiance had quite some stamina to boast, it still was only barely able to keep up with that of the demon lord of lust, and considering her habit to wake up early it was to be expected that Esperia found herself able to enjoy some little extra time, time she put to quite some good use by the way.

Nuzzling into the pillowy mounds of her lover the girl sighed happily, wishing she could keep on enjoying the sensation a bit longer, but unfortunately for her she had an appointment today! More training with Alisa! Still, it was fortunate that the sculptress was staying at the same inn, and even the same floor! maybe she was even next door? Letting out a lazy yawn she sneaked her way out of the embrace of her sleeping fiance and made her way out of the bed, changing into her clothes for the day as she prepared to head outside to meet Alisa and Lumen in the lounge of the inn!

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