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Remove the Drunk [Quest: Kerii]

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on Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:50 am

The pink-haired elf walked out the door of Enil's bar and splayed open her umbrella. The rain hadn't let up one bit. If anything, it was actually coming down harder than before, which Kerii did not in any way mind. In fact, she actually found it rather enjoyable. As she breathed in the cool, damp, summer air, she could just imagine curling up in the corner of her sofa, reading a book, sipping on a warm mug of camomile tea. After having completed a request and receiving a reward, the mage was content with the work she had done that day and was actually overjoyed at the prospect of enjoying the rest of it alone and in the comfort of her own home. It was almost too good to be true.

A flutter in her chest and a smile on her face, Kerii began to make her way back home. As she did so, she heard the door to the bar open again. Another person was leaving; however, they weren't leaving to go home or go bar hopping. No, they were there for her. "You, elf!" a familiar voice called. She turned around and saw a heavily muscled man who towered over her. It was Enil Issir, again. He had seemed to have already forgotten her name. "Yes?" she asked, wondering what he wanted. "Did I mess up something?" she asked, a small sense of panic creeping up her spine. "No, no, you did just fine," he replied. A wave of relief washed over the mage as she gave a light sigh. "I was actually wondering if you would do something for me," Enil continued. "With some jewels as a reward, of course." The last part was unnecessary. She would have helped him out either way, so long as the task was legal, but the guarantee of some payment was nice.

"There's this guy, Mitya Norman? I don't know if you know him, but he owns the bar across the street from me. He always comes over to my bar either drunk or to get drunk, and ends up driving away my customers. Frankly, I'm worried about him, but I just remembered that he usually comes in today. As you saw, the bar is busy today and we could really use the business. I'm not asking you to make sure he leaves right when he arrives, but if he starts causing trouble, would you please deal with him, preferably in a way that won't bother my customers?"

Kerii could see the predicament Enil was in and was more than willing to help deal with him. "Of course, and I know what you mean. I've done a request for him before and, well... I can see where you're coming from." When she had watched over Mitya's grandmother, Mitya was hungover. From what Enil said, this didn't seem like a one-time thing and actually seemed like quite a bother for his grandmother, who clearly needed someone to look after her. Being worried about Mitya was the last thing Rynah needed. Maybe getting Mitya to stop coming to Enil's bar would be one step in the right direction.

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on Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:51 am

"Great!" Enil exclaimed. "Come on." The tall man gestured for her to follow, and so she did. Kerii stepped back inside the loud bar and shook some raindrops out of her umbrella. Enil pulled her to the side and briefed her on what she had to do. "Basically, you're just going to pose as a regular, everyday customer. Although you said you did a request for Mitya, I don't think he would suspect you're doing a request for me, especially if you're having a drink just like anyone else. Well, non-alcoholic of course. Can't have you getting drunk while trying to remove a drunk, right? You can just sit at the end of the bar over there by the door." He pointed towards an empty seat she was supposed to sit at, so she could easily watch the door for Mitya. Kerii nodded her head and took a seat. Enil returned to his position behind the bar and poured a glass of water for her and placed a lemon wedge on the side. As she sipped on it, she kept watch for Mitya out of the corner of her eye.

The elf waited, and waited, and waited some more. She munched on some mozzarella sticks while she stalked the door. He eventually did come in, but he didn't immediately spark some trouble, so she continued to wait, but this time she was not quite as bored since she actually did have someone's actions to keep track of. At the time, Mitya only had one drink. He was grumbling to himself, but it was relatively inaudible, and from where Kerii was sitting, it was impossible to figure out what precisely he was saying. In fact, she wasn't even sure the people next to him could figure it out. So far, he was fine. Kerii glanced at Enil, who didn't seem to mind Mitya at all. Maybe he wouldn't end up being a problem.

The more Mitya drank, the more he started to become bothersome. Once he started to become rowdy, Kerii decided that it was time to escort him out of the bar. She gently approached Mitya and asked if he wanted to come outside with her. Of course, he resisted. She tried to get him to check on Rynah, his grandmother, but once again, he wanted to stay put. "Come on," she eventually said. Grabbing his arm and rolling her eyes, Kerii dragged the drunken man out of the bar. As he was full of alcohol, he really didn't put up too much of a fight. Although she could feel a little resistance, it was nothing she couldn't handle. Once they made it out and under a overhang to keep out of the rain, Mitya tried to get back in the bar. Of course, she wouldn't let him go back in. Just like when she led him out of the bar, he didn't put up much of a fight to get back in. She made it clear that he wasn't welcome at Enil's bar, especially when he was drunk. He rolled his eyes and stumbled over his own feet as he tried to make his way home in the rain. Kerii sighed and went back inside the bar, where Enil thanked her for dealing with Mitya, and rewarded her for her efforts. Now, maybe she would finally be able to get some time to herself.

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