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Future [Judina]

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Future [Judina] Empty on Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:00 pm

Future [Judina] Arisas11

Kailette's  sister.

She rested on  her side against the bed as her golden eyes gazed at her two babys. They were adorable, cute and a cure to her own mind as she didn't feel alone with them by her side. Noel is no where to seen as she still wonders about him. Does he truly love her? Will he accept the children that came from her and his 'love'? She wrapped her arms around her two and closed her eyes just for a little bit as they were sound asleep. If her genetics somehow got mixed to the point of where her Seraphim got mixed will that make her children half? Were they fully human? The thoughts crammed in her mind as she over-thought all these things.

Minutes later, a knock was heard all the way from up and down stairs. ''Don't worry mistress, I got it. '' spoke her trusting maid who went down stairs to check it out. She trusts her like family since she has stuck around since her discovery of the manor that was sold to then make this place. Quickly she heard steps of dress shoes from the wooden stairs that lead to here. Her body got up and stood to prepare for anything, but firstly straightened herself up. ''I-I'm sorry mistress, she just budged herself in...'' the maid spoke nervously and there entered her look-alike. Her hair was a lighter shade of her own golden hair as it looked more baby blonde. Her eyes were golden, but had pupils that were dimmed - wait. Was she her twin???

''Imma guess you're my twin.'' she spoke so determined as if she wasn't even guessing. ''Wel-'' Arisa was going to say, but was interrupted. ''Don't deny it. Mother already told me your location and tho I may be blind... I can find myself around with the magic I have.'' she said and then looked away with her hues. ''I was.... wondering if you will come with me to the Festival - with your kids of course since I'd like to spend more time with my nieces.'' she offered and then looked the other way. ''But not like I really want you to go or anything. So say no if you feel like it.'' she spoke once more as she was quite unsure. 'So demanding.' the darkened voice spoke and chuckled.

Arisa's eyebrows cocked as she questioned her, but it wasn't very important. ''Of course. Let me get them ready.'' she said and then started to strap them in after picking each one up. The baby carrier was such  a great maker as she was then ready in a jiffy. With that they went to the door.

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Future [Judina] Empty on Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:00 pm

The day had been back to the normal for her, Judina had gone and done a few other things Judina managed to settled her mind down after what she had saw and listened too being around Arisa and her family. What else she really had to do at this point was not much she could recount for the moment. She had a smile and peaceful thoughts for the moment. Judina seemed to look as she normally did but she carried a few things with her for once maybe to see if it was something Arisa would want to give the kids it was not anything too special.

It was a small give a few blankets she had carried around and happen to be extras she could give up or give away, But where ones too small and given to her at a much younger age. Too small of blankets for her to used so felt better if she given them to what she would consider family. She had no other family to give such items too."I wonder if she is okay..."Judina wondered while she had been slowly arriving to area of where Arisa lived. However she did look on to what was going on slowly that something else was going on that was a bit different than the normal, Judina would have almost been at the house when she was not too far behind of whoever was in front of her and had been in the house before her.

Judina watched as the person who had walked into before just kind of forced her way into the house even past the maids so Judina would walk rush her way a bit over quicker, Judina did not walk through the door but at least greeted the maid who for the moment just seemed to be unsure of what was going on."Settle down, I am sure things will be fine."Judina mentioned and continued by sneaking her way into room were her Sister Arisa was and some one else new. She also found it unfavorable that this woman was not allowing Arisa to speak."I don't think that is how family treats one another even if you are blood or not."Judina was unsure if she was noticed or not on her way into the room but she did not care either at this point."You should learn think and ask a bit better and more politely about it and maybe not cut off who you call you twin sister from speaking."Judina sounded calm maybe she was also a bit upset and mad about as well there was no signs that was showing she was.

Judina then smiled and said in her normal greeting."Hello Arisa. I brought a few things for you as gifts I found."She started off mentioning to her while she remembered what she was doing here to start with."These were made from my mother, There were mine as well at one point. I figured they would be a nice gift for them."The small blanket were both different colors one was yellow and the other was light purple, They seemed to also be clean and neatly folded as well.

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Future [Judina] Empty on Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:10 pm

Arisa was getting her children ready, but as she was she heard someone else enter. 'Who could that be?' she simply thought and turned to see Judina who was going at her sister for the way she spoke. Marinette gazed at the blue haired woman with her dimmed eyes. ''Who are you to speak about family treatment.'' she spoke with a spiteful tone. ''Do you even know of the where-abouts of your brothers? Yet you give me crap because of the way I speak and feel. You wouldn't understand though... Be a dare and don't be a hypocrite.~'' she finished sarcastically and used her bare feet to feel vibrations and ears to hear any outer movements. ''Are you ready then, sister?'' she spoke in a voice of possessiveness.  ''Uh, yea! I am.'' she said with an nervous look as she looked at Judina with a shrug. 'Never been in this situation, what should I do?' she questioned herself.

''Will you like to join us, Judina?~ I'm sure Fiona and Kane will enjoy your company.''
Arisa offered and hoped for her to join. Perhaps they just needed time to see eye-to-eye.... Or at least that's what she was hoping. Her sister was gazing towards them as she was just waiting. ''Alright.~ Let's go.'' she spoke if Judina said yes, if not then she'd sigh and start to go down stairs with her two little children.

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Judina was still quite  a bit angry."If you really had to dig into information like that, Waylon still might be up in air. But Regis was last spotted in the Crocus before I arrived here for the festival." Judina mentioned."So if anything I am not as much as one as you assume of me."Judina was in fact losing her normal and collected manner."What is next, you have tea with my mother often and are close friends with her while you are at it?"Judina seemed to mention in her own rude manner. At this point it was no longer hidden some one else may need to stop her.

"At least I knew my brothers before hand the longest time,years before this weeks situation happen and you just choose to to seem like nothing is different at all, Your arrogance will cause you more trouble then you think."Judina went off a bit more and it seemed like she was started to get it out of her system. Arisa asking what she needed settled her mind back into place."Yes I will join you, Just give me a moment and a glass of water. I will meet you outside when I am ready."Judina mentioned she would heading ff to do so.

Walking past them both Judina would ever so slightly just get that very ever so last build up amount of anger that busted out of her for that moment even if they were both being ever nicer about it. She would just mutter one last word about Arisa twin sister while she went to cool off "Charlatan." she just Whispered it almost quiet enough no one could hear it but it was spoken that if you paid attention you could hear it, With that she seemed to walk past them, quieted and just trying to collect her mind. No one had played these tricks in a while and she was not prepared for that.

She just seemed to have stood there quietly allowing the wind and the air to just blow around her quietly and took a few sips of water she had close by. She would now have to keep in mind she did not know or have learned how this part of her family worked for Arisa so there was a lot more she had to learn and deal with, if she stuck around too anyway.

With that Judina collected her thoughts after allowing herself to finally settle down, After all any worse Judina might have skipped words and did something else for once. But she would slowly piece her mind to remember that she couldn't just punch her and be done with it, It didn't help anyone. It would only make things worst. Fixing her clothing to look a bit better and relax. Making her way to the door settled enough remembering to close doors behind and even mentioning good bye to the maids while doing so, For now she was okay.

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Marinette gazed where she guessed the woman was located. The vibrations were quick erupting from the floor as her hidden bare feet felt them. After what Judina said, the twin wanted to trip her with her magic, but she felt like being nice - for now. Her attention went back to Arisa who sighed and frowned upon all of this. 'Can't people just get along?' she wondered. 'Doubt it. If she's your twin and with that attitude... This is going to be a long day.' the darkened voice spoke afterwards as they then went along down stairs. By that time they grabbed the bag that the maids made. It was filled with food and drinks for the way and within as Arisa had her own stand in the festival.

''Alright, Judina. Time to go.~'' she spoke as she felt her two children grip her arms. ''Hehe, Fiona, Kane... Behave.~'' she said sweetly with a happy smile. With that they exited the door as her trusty maid then got ready herself for the cafe stand. ''Can't believe the Festival is still up.'' Arisa tried to say positively. Marinette and Judina were being silent for a few seconds, but Marinette spoke first. ''Indeed sister, I heard the textures of the flowers and the feeling people get during it were remarkable.'' she started with a small smile. Arisa could tell that her sister was trying, but had a hard time since she was the oldest...

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Letting out a long and relieving sigh Judina while joining them seemed to turn to the normal Judina that was the one who was around normally and was here quietly for the moment. She was personally unsure what else was really needed to be said, but Judina did however figure she would just try to be a bit more mature here and then would start off this situation differently. She would just hope this would not go as bad as just what happen."I do apologize for my temper, It has been hard to control."She mentioned when she was back to her normal self even having a peaceful smile about it.

"Surely a bad start on my part. However It is nice to meet you."
Judina at least started to see if this would lead."I do takes my family matters personally, It is why I ended up getting as I did."Hopefully this went better, After all she did wish to get along with Arisa's twin but she would not deal with being treated in such a matter, by anyone it was a bit too insulting in Judina's personal thought so she would just keep that in mind she stood up and mentioned for what she felt was right.

"The Festival has lasted a bit longer then I assume, But I often do not keep track of how long events are just look around and after the people who are attending it."
still always thinking like she was on the job."But It was nice to have my mother come by and join me here."Judina had that in mind still even if it was short amount of time."So far we have not had any problems or trouble so far."Judina did have to think about what else to mention.

She did seem to try to start think of something to say or talk about it, They were different lives in different manners at this point."I do hope you are at least having some enjoy here or learning some interesting things here."Judina mention in an attempt to figure out something to try and learn and have some common ground with her, It was an honest attempt in which she was clueless what all to do with her twin, learning a person was hard for her and most of her family members it seemed.

Judina would look upon something of the thing they where walking past, Some of them must have been new and showed up in the past few days for they had not been here before it seemed to just have random items here and there and that as it. Maybe doing the favor Judina could pick up something for Arisa's twin as a sign of good favor but she would have to search around to see if there was at least something. But what was the question she needed some kind of hint or sign of it, as well as a way to get it and hopefully something she liked.

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Judina apologized to Marinette and maybe her as well(?), but there was no need in the end. Before she could speak towards the apologizing, Judina spoke more which she didn't mind. Carefully, Marinette listened as she followed the vibrations that went from the ground, her feet and the surroundings of the sounds to her ears. The wind flowed in a tune of elegant-like harmony as it flowed nature that surrounded them. Arisa on the other hand gazed with her golden pupiless eyes towards the people who were soon to be there and all around. ''Wonder if they have anything new here...'' she tried to change the subject to much of Marinette's dismay, she knew it was for the best. All she could do is answer towards the statement of hoping she herself enjoys this festival.

''I will hope to enjoy this as much as I can.'' she said coldly in her calm manner. She was blind so it was hard to enjoy colors and the outfits of people. The only thing her ears and feet/hands could do was let her hear the details and feel things around her. It was true that once she touches something, she could feel out detail and sculpt people in her own mind, but it wasn't the same...

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These moment were quite a bit more settling, it seemed like all of the moment would be fine for now. Judina however wondered what else she could do to try and brighten up the mood, For now they were fine but something felt slightly missing for the moment. The vast things she went by seemed a little less interesting or she was totally unsure what all would be, It was hard learning a person she just seemed to have a rough start with. However it just looked like to Judina that the items at this stall were not of anything interesting to her.

Next section of stall Judina walked too seemed to have outfits hats and a few other things. Unsure what else would be in this stall, these seemed to more of just standard clothing that Judina did not really wear all that much. That or she failed to noticed anything she would really enjoy personally. Then again people all worked different so maybe she just would not pick up on it, After all Judina's outfits were a lot more limited mostly by her and that was it she never really looking into clothing or looking different all that often.

She wondered herself what of all could still be here Judina did not have an eye for anything nice, well she thought anyway, Clothing and looking nice that the opposite of all things she worked towards currently thus her problem now, She would have to look over other stalls to judge what she felt she could try, With out anything catching her eye she would just move from the spot she was at to checking over the other tables, After all maybe it was something different then clothing that she herself might not ever wear normally, She would have to wait and see.

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Arisa gazed forward as she was leading with the children in the child holding straps. She could see Kane's ice blue eyes and Fiona's golden eyes gaze towards the area as well. Their little arms flailed about as they were happy, excited over small things such as this - it made her happy. Trotting down the path they were to go she gazed at the women beside her as her sister and Judina walked with. It was like a small family of females with children. All she was hoping is that the two get along.

Soon enough they walked towards a stall that seemed new and it had a tent of its own. ''Step right up and grab a ticket for a magical makeover! Clothes are free within as they come with this wondrous giveaway.'' a man in a sweet suit was yelling. Many arrived and grabbed a ticket and Arisa hurried and jogged to get one. Swiftly, she came back with a smirk as her eyes gazed at Judina. ''I got one for you.~'' she teased, but was also serious. She felt like Judina needed a change and Arisa was there to help her out. Well, she didn't 'need' one, but it was going to be quite nice to have one. ''I guess we just wait to see which numbers get called out.'' Arisa then spoke afterwards and looked at the man who was then putting the papers up for sign-ups. Marinette just chuckled and faced the way she believed Judina was standing.

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Walking back towards Arisa and her children she notice she went off of her own for a moment, It did not seem out of place for her in Judina's eyes but nonetheless Judina walked and went to where the kids where to watch over them for the moment the best she could, Even kneeling down to looking at then with her friendly smile. She tried a lot which what she could give herself is the effort of attempting something new each time."You are just such so cute."Judina mentioned which is something she never really thought she could ever worry herself with.

She would not think or ever guess what would happen next to her in this moment while she had a moment of thought being sure to looking at the children herself, hearing the foot steps of some one returning Judina would get back standing on her feet too see who it was and what would go on. After all they were not her kids but she wouldn't let anything really happen to then she would father lose an one before some one tried something with them, even if she wasn't their mother she would do this.

"One for me?!"
Judina said a bit more surprised about it then she thought."I am not that horrible looking am I?"Judina said off the hop she sounded a bit worried for once in her life about it when she normally was not."I did not think of all things to be worried about was my looks over all." Judina did sounded a bit more worried now a bit worried about it while she walked over and joined Arisa. But before she took a step."Who will watch the children while we do this?"Judina mentioned it could be a cover up for all Arisa knew but she asked more because she was just wondering about it.

Judina hopefully kept it in mind some one would be watching over them while he took a ticket, Joined Arisa and wait for her time in line to come, with one question in mind as well."Also what exactly is going to happen here? what do they do to a person in there?"Judina almost seemed like she was slightly worried something bad was going to happen to her while in there not realizing her mind was slightly worried and overworked for most likely no reason then other that it was unexpected for her.

"I have not had anything like thishappen before so I might be a bit unsure." She mentioned while standing and waiting quietly. For being so unsure of what would happen like she was 9 years old all over again being scared to try something knew, It was like it was something she use to laugh at now but did not realized it was happening to her now, she was a fool and left a miss by it, Maybe it would strike her mind later but or now it wasn't.

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A smirk appeared on her lips as she rested her right hand on Judina's shoulders. ''Stop worrying yourself to death. You look fine, but everyone needs to be spoiled somehow.'' she spoke with such courage and then twisted her upper body to gaze at the man. ''It'll be fine.'' she started and then looked back at Judina. ''Plus, the worst thing that'll happen is them doing something wrong and me blowing up the place.'' she said with an innocent smile. Slowly her hand slipped off of Judina's shoulder and then looked at Marinette. ''Alright, you have children duty.'' she said as if instructing. Her sister nodded as if she knew this was bound to happen in the first place. ''Alright... I understand.'' she said and sighed as she took the stroller and walked to a bench to speak to them as if they'd respond back.

Arisa watched her sister making her eyebrow cock up. ''Well, at least I know she'd destroy anyone who'd dare to walk close to them.'' Her hand turned to look at Judina. ''Welp, let's go with the people and find out if we win.~'' she spoke in a teasing manner as she found it funny when she got all flustered and nervous - quite worried in a way. With that her and Judina stood with the other people and in the end, the man called out the name. ''Number 13!'' he called out. The women and men walked away with their tails between their legs and heads down in disappointment. ''Poor suckers.'' she started to say and looked over at the ticket and jumped in happiness. ''You won! Hehe.~'' she said happily and dragged Judina passed the people. ''Outta my waaay.~ Thanks!'' she kept saying till she got in front of the tent with her sisterly friend.

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Maybe Arisa was right."That is fair enough."Judina mentioned about it seemingly trying to settle down and relax a bit more then her current moment. Even if it would still be stuck in her current mind a bit less just in the back of it like she would normally consider and thinking about."That is wrong and illegal I hope you keep that in mind."Judina mentioned even if she was slightly nervous and such it did not stop her from doing her job for the this current time being."You know that I won't even look past it if you do." She mentioned mostly trying to get her mind mind off of what was going on.

"Fair enough, I am sure the kids will be fine as well."Judina mentioned yet again settling down for the moment and just being able to for now smiling about for the moment for that second it was odd of her mind and she could relax. While they where following the group to see who win Judina seemed to just try and act normal, Like all this was just simple something to have think more of a fun game that she would not get anything at all out of but a moment of being nervous and being laugh at by Arisa.

It seemed even more that fate was choosing something else then what Judina did even if normally one does choose how fate worked she did not expected like and such to take place."I mean these ones have a low chance of most people winning with my luck, I mean with my luck I am most likely to be one of the losers."Judina started to laugh about it slightly, she expected with how it would be to close and she was fine with it.

Judina then watched people slowly leaving and for the most part of the crowd it was all but her and Arisa leaving for a moment checking her numder thinking maybe Arisa was the one who won. She then looked at her numder."I...I."She started to turn red slightly while she got up and walked in.

So while she went in and walked where she assumed she were to stand. Judina looked around."Alright so,what do I do now?"Judina mentioned quietly with a nervous smile on her face, Also worried about it wondering if she had to punch some one during this moment.

And thus started a moment of something she did not expect at all."Hold on now...You might need to be careful what you intend to do."What next followed by a few noise of panic was normally set for shy young woman who would be kissed for the first time or hugged."Careful that tickles!!"Judina also could be heard saying as well, Judina was having a different moment in life."What are you doing with my hair?" Also mentioning and while she was waiting as well."That also tickles stop?!"She was slightly laughing this time with it and slowly she did not realize that it would be looked different. only remarking."That is what I am going to wear?" Like she seemed a bit more interested and find with it in the end, Now she just needed to be allowed to walk away and also maybe forget that she was ticklish slightly and she almost punched one of the people trying to help because she did not get that she needed to be touched with out being in front of her.

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Arisa smiled as she brought Judina through the miracle workers that were going to give her a makeover. It was great that for once it wasn't her who was getting a different look. She felt like Judina needed to at least be spoiled by someone and it was going to be herself. She knew that her sister was going to take care of her children - even if she is blind. Going through the clothes she found some perfect armor-like clothes that were from some other Country. Next Arisa picked the hair color, hair in general and everything else. It was quite the list, but Arisa was going to be what she was made to be, even for a small moment - an mad scientist like her kidnapper. This was all for the good of Judina though so she was glad that it was for something good.

She gave the paper to the ladies who started their magic and chuckled as she too heard Judina laugh a little. 'At least she's getting something she deserves. Quite nice of you.' she heard to voice as Arisa's golden eyes gazed at the door where Judina was. She wanted to peak to make sure she was okay, but she knew she wanted to respect her and her privacy. Softly, her body leaned against the white walls shaped with squares reminding her of the 'white' room Kuriana shoved her in... Quite a time she had as a child and the memories that were to be unlocked.

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It seems the situation she was in, was not over yet even she thought it was. Maybe the robes were something that could go, she did love the robe it held a place in her heart for a long time. she wondered if it was about time to have it to maybe gone or changed into something else, The metal parts she normally wore could change easily and be gone as well. Standing there she looked upon the new attire that was being shown to her. "It is interesting and different...I will give it a try."Judina seemed to mention in general."Just going to have to show me how to take the armor on and off."Which she seemed to be assure that would happen."It is really nice and well made, Even if I feel slightly naked just being in the clothing I wear under my armor." Which Judina wore a sleeveless dark blue shirt and it was the pants she wore normally as well.

Slowly these pieces of armor would be put together by Judina, with a guide helping her "It fits nicely...I would commend the person who made for doing a fine job." Judina seemed to at least continue a conversation with the people around her. She did not expect the tiara parts however and it seemed interesting to her."Well, I guess that will be new, hopefully it will work out nicely." Judina seemed to also mention a general good feeling about it.

"I wonder how my sister is doing..."Judina seemed to mention it about Arisa, while the pieces of the armor were being put together and fitting on her perfectly, even if Judina knew her magic could change how it fits later. "After all, I hope this is as good as a experience for her and not just me."Sure she was enjoying herself but this was not just a her moment it was some one else as well. It was just as important to her than herself, She just needed to be sure at this point it would make Judina feel much better about it too since she was never the greedy type and all about her.

Just before that happen Judina then realize the crown or tiara part was not actually added with her yet and they need to re do the style of her hair for it to work."Alright I guess that is a fair point. Let me sit down and you do your work with my hair and i believe it is called a tiara...i would call it a crown."Maybe it was from Judina not having any one really touch of style her hair but her but it has been many years, only other person who could have ever gotten Judina to willingly do this was either mother or Arisa who was close by no one else normally could. but it did feel a bit relaxing to her with it slowly happening just as well a bit strange.

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