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Granny-Sitting | Quest | Shinko Alnilam & Avain Locrean

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Granny-Sitting | Quest | Shinko Alnilam & Avain Locrean Empty on Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:16 am

Shinko looked focused; her fists clenched and her face were frowning, as well as her eyebrows looked angry. "Okay!" she shouted as she punched the air with one of her fists, the other pulled down. Not only she seemed focused, but her emotions would remind you of a sumo wrestler or some other title that children would give. It was morning, did she start to act like this because she did not wake on the right side of her bed? Well, she clearly doesn't have eyebags, so perhaps that's a "no".

Last night, all she did was read comics about fighters. Ah, maybe that's the correct answer. Shinko is this type of person who likes everything that will take her away from reality. "You'll be accompanied by a boy." says Mitya with some hiccups after every word he says; he lightly pulled an old woman out from the door. As fragile as this woman seemed, Shinko’s face lit up as she exclaims: “A boy?!” with her hands clasped together near her face as if her answers has been heard. “What does he look like?!”

Mitya shrugged and brushed the back of his head, “I don’t know.” his words were followed by a hiccup. He leaves the apartments with his actions slightly twisted; perhaps he went out drinking last night again, like what he always does. Shinko guided the old woman back inside her homes “Hello, Granny. You can call me Shinko! I’ll watch over you today!” she energetically went back inside the grandma’s apartment and guided her carefully as they wait for today’s quest partner.


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