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All in a day's work [Mission | Alisa]

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All in a day's work [Mission | Alisa] Empty on Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:15 am


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Though she had her doubts over the potential experience gain from such a dreadfully simple mission, she couldn't really complain about the extra weight on her wallet. Not that Alisa needed this much money any more than she needed this experience, but she built up her fortune mostly on small missions such as these... And in the end she couldn't really complain about the low effort profit. Indeed the only real effort was dealing with this heat, enough to confine the tall woman under the shaded overhangs as much as possible.

She'd already picked out her next mission, working for the odd card in the deck...

This time though, Dex asked to meet her not in his office, but the nearby coffee shop. But if Alisa hoped for a second she actually be able to speak to the man absent a thick column of smoke between them, such thoughs faded the moment she looked out the window. Guess this was that kind of coffee shop... Alisa sighed: Before swining the door open and making her way through the tables to the lone man on the far corner, Alisa took a deep breath - the last whiff of fresh air she'd get in a long while - and braced herself for what came next.

As she moved closer, Alisa couldn't help keep a hand in front of her mouth... Isn't there some law about smoking in closed spaces? If not, there really should be... After all she had to walk quite a few steps before clearly seeing the same man she'd seen outside through the window. Alisa didn't even ask Lumen to follow her, but the Lampent took initiative and actually tolerated this envoiroment far better than the sculptress did... Understandably, considering her nature as a living candle. She, just like her client, seemed far more adapted to this envoiroment, as the latter noticed the sculptress before she could get close enough to make out his shape:

"As I peer through the smoke, I can't shake the feeling I've seen this person before. Though it takes me a good while..."

"I wonder why...", mumbled Alisa, inbetween her totally-not-forced coughing

"I eventually get a clear enough look to remember her name, Alisa Vollan. She came here for the request I put up, no doubt."

Genius. This guy should be a detective.

Oh wait...

In the end, the sculptress knew better than to point out his inconsistencies, for he had many. Nutty or not, Dex remained a paying client, and Alisa a professional mage. Thus, she and Lumen both took a seat, with the sculptress ordering her partner something sweet, settling for a nice fruity juice to keep her entertained. And thus she found out Dex wanted her for something as simple as an introduction to detective work, or, as he called it, "The art of deduction"... Alisa was sure she'd heard that somewhere before, but not one to get hung up on the details, she instead crossed her arms over the table and inquired:

"Uhm... Shouldn't you have hired me for this before we went off... You know... Setting up fake murders?"

Strength is also Beauty

"Flowing with the summer waves~"
- Alisa Vollan

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All in a day's work [Mission | Alisa] Empty on Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:29 am


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"Indeed, an oversight... Failure, a miss in my flawless deduction. I can't let it happen again. No matter, it's never too late to learn the ropes, I'm sure this woman could learn much if I take my time to teach her."

It took every ounce of willpower not to roll her eyes, and full knowledge of the mentally challenged man's limitations not to feel a nudge of annoyance. Alisa's pride, her instincts as a martial artist. All of her felt wholeheartedly against taking lessons from one whose skills she didn't respect. Hell, someone whose job she could likely do better despite having no formal training on the subject.

"I should show her... That grisly massacre scene.", he blew a large cloud of smoke, staring intently, almost deeply at it, as if he were looking for some manner of revelation, "A hard working family man assassinated on his way back home, without the barest clue of reason, let alone culprit. It looks almost like a crime of passion, yet plotted like you'd expect of a proper assassination."

As always, the man never actually directed a single word at the helpful sculptress, instead he talked as if she weren't actually there. keeping up with his hardboiled monologues even though the man himself was anything but. But Alisa had thankfully grown somewhat used to his antics by now, and understood how she'd pretty much been hired just to smile and nod, not unlike the job she'd just done handing out fliers. He eventually lead her to the scene, but where Alisa naively expected to actually find police lines and patrolling officers, she instead found a deserted, empty alley. Just your average alley:

"So... Where's the body...?", asked the confused Alisa, futilely perhaps, as Lumen all but skipped around the area without even an ounce of the gravity one would hope for around a murder scene.

But nobody could really blame her, could they? Hell, not even Dex said anything about it, as if deep down he recognized whatever murder scene might have been present here had now been cleaned up. Emphasis on 'might' though, as after Lumen went as far as looking around before trash cans, empty crates - and whatever else she figured you might hide a body - she came up empty, shrugging and shaking her head with a hint of confusion.

"Just like you'd expect of a true assassination. Barely a single clue was found... The killer went to incredible lengths to hide his tracks, and damn near succeeded. But he got careless... Sloppy. A single splotch of blood was enough, the moment I saw it, I was onto him."

Really...? Is this really what he calls conclusive evidence? For all anybody knows, somebody could have tripped over a rock, bruised their knee, and left a small blood stain. As such, Alisa's brow rose and her arms folded under her full bosom, pushing her breasts together ever so slightly:

"So let me see if I got all this...", she'd start, sighing and tapping her bicep, "You were walking out here on an average day... You found what looked like a blood stain... And you immediately assumed somebody had died?"

For the most part, the man said nothing. Considering his usual preference for monologues, he probably wouldn't unless she said anything completely wrong... Every so often, Alisa's gaze drifted to and from the hopeful noir detective, who merely nodded inbetween puffs of his cigarette. He leaned against the wall in a cool and aloof stance that looked far too forced to achieve the desired effect - only prompting Lumen to try and copy him - merely nodding as Alisa spoke.

"Doesn't it seem somewhat... Farfetched...?", with a finally inquiry, the sculptress tilted her head, raising one hand up to her cheek.

Of course, her criticism would be far from well recieved... Understanding she was dealing with a mostly delusional man, Alisa knew too forceful an opposition would only make him more inflexible in the face of the truth. He had nil for evidence, not to mention the crime itself was far more implausible than any of his arguments. Surely whoever went to the trouble of completely erasing a dead body wouldn't have left a lone splatter on the street?

In the end though, the disheartened detective refuse to relent. He paid her for her time, speaking out in favor of the criticism as angles he'd have to investigate. She had to respect his motivation, even if she felt it would be better used for something more productive... Oh well... With the day now coming to an end, perhaps she ought consider having dinner.



Strength is also Beauty

"Flowing with the summer waves~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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