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Welcoming Comittee [Mission | Alisa]

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Welcoming Comittee [Mission | Alisa] Empty on Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:33 am


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Meeting up with Snow and Chel like that... It was quite the welcome surprise. For a moment, Alisa even hoped Chel and Snow might join her for a few more missions, but alas, they soon went off on their own business. Understandably, considering, well, the depth to their relationship; after all, even Alisa might feel bad to linger around the two like a third wheel for much longer. Thus, after that rather delightful lunch of pizza, both pairs went their separate ways, with the human and lampent leaving the couple to their own devices as they went off to search for their next mission.

Delivering pizza was about as easy as they'd expect, and even if Alisa doubted she'd get any real experience out of the whole thing, she remained true to her almost year old plan of clearing every quest she could get her hands on. All the power at her disposal would do little without the experience to temper it, and without that, she'd keep failing like she did during the attack on Blue Pegasus, or the raid in Crocus... She'd keep failing like she'd yet remained to find her mother's killers. That simple thought made her grit her teeth, clenching her fist as she reaffirmed her resolve. Alisa would do whatever it took to reach the peak of her power, and seek whatever laid beyond it. More than the frustration at her past failures, her desire for strength spurred her on like nothing else, and before long she'd turned aside to her partner:

"Now, Lumen... Let's see what else the job board has in store for us~", she'd beam at the girl, devoid of the slightest hint at the conflicting emotions fueling her current drive. Once again they'd stand face to face with the request board, and once again Alisa reached the same conclusion as always: High risk, high reward jobs - the difficult tasks acceptable only by the strongest of mages - were few and far between. The jobs offered here would yield little to no experience...

But in place of quality, she had all the quantity she could ever ask. After scanning through the myriad offers until none particularly interested her, she picked off the first she could reach with the simple stretch of her arm. Handing out fliers at the entrance of the city, hub...? Under this heat...? How dreadful... Guess Alisa truly underestimated even these meager jobs, as this dreadfully dull task could actually provide a modicum of exercise.

With the sun beaming down overhead, she often found herself squinting, even raising a hand over her eyes to get a better look in the distance, with the occasional bead of sweat trailing down her cheek, dripping down onto her ample bosom. The day had gotten pretty hot, even hotter than you'd expect high noon to be at this part of the country. She kept her cool about her, yet Alisa's body felt anything but, and every so often she gave in and fanned herself. Despite her love of the season, Alisa's northern heritage left her ill adapted to the heat...

 So as she approached the city gates - looking at Lumen who dealt with it comparatively better - she obviously didn't look forward to standing around at the gates all afternoon under this sun, handing out fliers... But she'd do it in the name of all those reasons that defined who she was in the first place: Pride, money, training, experience... She needed only pick one.


Strength is also Beauty

"Flowing with the summer waves~"
- Alisa Vollan

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"Mmm~!", with a soft hum, Lumen got Alisa's attention and rose her arm, pointing at a familiar figure.

Alisa's shifted her eyes there as she once again shielded her eyes for the sun, her heat dazed gaze lighting up with recognition. Yes, she remembered him. The same man who helped her during that ghostly business in Orchidia around Halloween. She had quite a few of those tasks to help around, and remembered this only as a courtesy to the sheer amount of work it took to solve. Regardless, Lumen's pointing caught her eye in a different way at the same time:

"Shhh, Lumen~...", Alisa smiled and corrected, fanning herself with one hand while the other came to rest over Lumen's arm, motioning it down, "It's rude to point at people for so long."

The Lampent all but pouted in with a girly, youthful look matching her appearance, but not so much the skimpy dark leotard hugging her modest curves. Though Alisa recognized a fresh and comfortable outfit when she saw one, fit for an action filled day like this. Though whether Alisa could call it action filled was up for debate, she fully understood the importance of cool clothes, as a gentle breeze against their exposed skin brought a content sight from both girls in near unison.
"Ah, Miss Volan...! So good to see you again.", greeted the man with a jovial, approachable look fitting for someone handing out tourist fliers.

"Likewise, good afternoon Mr Lubex~... So, what do you have for me today? Just those?", she greeted, all but secretly hoping the man would have some other matter requiring assistance, something perhaps involving some monsters she could beat.

But nope, no such luck today. Realizing what he was about to ask, he merely grinned and rubbed behind his head, his face a poorly concealed measure of relief. He could finally go find something better to do:
"A simple matter really, just take these fliers and hand them out to anybody you see walking into town."

Alisa could ask why hire help if it was a simple matter, but then she already knew the answer to this question. The same reason why she found this job impossibly boring after all, so much that even this amount of money could never motivate her by itself. That said, Alisa merely nodded, flashing her best smile which in itself already convinced the client she'd be perfect.

Granted, she didn't meet a single man who refused her offered flier...

One might wonder why that was, and doing so made left her smirking playfully. Some things never change, no matter what job she's working on. With herself having one batch and Lumen the other, two pretty young women faced no limits beyond the appaling shortage of guests... Minutes felt like hours as the two held their places with a casual, approachable stance, Lumen betraying the occasional sign of exhaustion more so than Alisa, accustomed to photoshoots if nothing else. Every so often the Lampent would shift her weight, wriggle and stretch her legs as needed to keep the blood flowing:

"Feel free to sit down if you need to~ I can hold the fort on my own.", she'd smile compassionately on her partner for once, the kind of mercy she'd seldom show were this a real training session. But Lumen saw no need. Instead, she reassured the sculptress with a quick shake of her head, a resolute look in her eyes as she pushed back against the boredom and exhaustion.

With such enterprising young women, all the fliers were handed out eventually, though for the two of them, it couldn't have been soon enough.


Strength is also Beauty

"Flowing with the summer waves~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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