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All in a Day's Work [Quest: Kerii]

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on Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:47 am

Kerii woke up in a daze. She was laying down in her bed. Her bed, in her own room. Not some cheap hotel room in a random town, but her own room in Orchidia. The funny thing was, she somehow didn't remember getting there. The last thing she could remember was... what was the last thing she remembered? Kerii shuffled through memories, but everything didn't seem to fit cleanly into a timeline. Everything was jumbled together. She was thoroughly confused, but if there was any consolation, she physically felt fine. She went into her bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face to wake herself up. Now that she was less sleepy and more awake, some of her memories started to piece themselves together, but she couldn't quite grasp anything yet.

The pink haired elf nonetheless continued on with her morning routine, hoping that doing something, anything, would help her get her mind back on track. It was a truly frustrating feeling, not being able to recall something. At this point, Kerii did not even know what she was supposed to know. Everything was still fuzzy, and to be honest, she didn't even know what day it was. After getting dressed and nibbling on a granola bar, she made her way down to the Lamia Scale guild hall. That at least, she hoped, would rekindle some of her lost memories. She honestly didn't know much about how memories were supposed to work, but she hoped that something this familiar should jog up some of them.

Entering the guild hall, Kerii instantly felt at ease. Although she could easily recall many moments she'd spent in this guild hall, she couldn't think of any of her most recent memories. She walked over to the calendar and her heart skipped a beat. It was... it was July. Her memories began to piece themselves together now. The last thing she could remember was cold, borderline freezing, wind, which did not make sense. This either meant that her last memory was in winter, or at the very latest, early spring. It was now July. She was well into summer, and unless she was recently in the mountains (which she couldn't imagine why, unless it was for a request), there was no way she would have recently felt that wintery air.

The more her memories returned, the more vividly she could recall that her last memory was definitely in winter, likely in January or February, which meant... she forgot her own birthday. Her birthday was in May. May 14, to be exact. She was 19 now. 19! A frown on her face, the elf walked over to the request board. She didn't know how long it would take for all of her memories to return, or even if all of them would, but the least she could do was do a job. She had no idea if she had been doing them or not, but it wouldn't hurt to do one now, especially since she had a sinking feeling she could really use the money.

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on Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:47 am

Kerii's eyes flitted from one piece of paper to the other. No request really got her attention, but she knew that she at least wanted something rather easy. She wasn't sure that she could handle doing a more difficult request yet. Although she knew she was a capable mage, she didn't think she was mentally prepared. As such, she would be up for a job that she didn't think would require too much of her focus. Of course, that wasn't to say she wouldn't be focused on her job, but if it was something like a stakeout or another task that would require her full attention, Kerii just wasn't sure she would be able to do so without her mind wandering too far away. So, the young elf eventually decided on one put out by the man known as Dex Miller. Although he had never been a client of hers, she had heard plenty stories about him from the mages in the guild hall. Of course, what she heard were just rumors, but this Dex Miller seemed to be a bit on the, ah, excessive side. She had heard not to take him too seriously, but out of respect, she would play along with whatever he said.

Kerii was supposed to meet Dex at a coffee shop. Although she couldn't remember the past several months, her memory of Orchidia was as clear as day. She entered the coffee shop, and saw a man with a large black Afro wearing dark clothes. He was musing about something, but overall looked rather strange. If Kerii had to pick out one person that would be obsessive about crimes, real or fake, it would be this person. But just to double check, she asked if he was Dex Miller. He looked at her and seemed to do a double take. He eyed her suspiciously, and hesitantly confirmed that he was, indeed, Dex. After finishing his coffee, he asked for her to accompany him on his murder investigation. "I'm sorry?" she asked, looking at the paper, and then back to him. "I thought this said you believed there is an assassination plot against you?" Dex gravely nodded his head. "Yes, but in case I do get assassinated, I need to be sure that someone will replace me. I need you to follow me, so that I can teach you my ways, so that you can keep Orchidia safe." Kerii wanted to say that it was already her job as a mage to do just that, but she just nodded her head. "Oh, I understand. Let's get on with it then." It was pointless to argue with this man. In fact, as much as she knew that he was more than a little on the crazy side, she found no reason to try and correct him. She had no idea what brought this on, but the rumors she heard from several months ago seemed to be true, and if those were true at the time, than Dex had gone a long time believing in these plots and conspiracies. Kerii believed that the best course of action was to just play along.

The elf acted as his successor. She pretended to learn all his tactics during their "investigation." Most of them were rather flawed, and he was far from stealthy. Though it was painful to watch how ignorant this man was, it was actually rather entertaining to pretend to be a stereotypical detective, or rather, in her case, a detective's assistant. When their "investigation" for the day came to a close, Kerii felt like they hadn't really made any progress, mostly because there wasn't any progress to be made, but Dex thought that she was well on her way to becoming a detective like Dex. Although, evidently, she still had "a long way to go" before she became his level, she at least made him satisfied. She was paid for her efforts to become his successor, and left Dex to continue on with his fantasies.

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