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Imagine Dragons [Aoi]

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Orchidia had finally settled into peace; after the typical festivities and events took place and the Pegasus guild master enjoyed the familiarity of the bustling town, peppered lightly with the charm of its hospitality to travellers that the ice mage had come to know naturally, due to her habit of wandering around often. She’d have her sword edged neatly into tis sheath as she shouldered it over her back, causing the weapon to emit a metallic tang with each step she took. The sword had almost become a part of her, and she’d take it everywhere she went, whether it was hunting for missions or even just for a stroll through the streets.

The markets always attracted hoards of people who’d crowd amongst themselves as soon as the morrow drew its first sunrise. They’d bargain with the merchants to give up their coins for better prices, goods were shipped all the way from the high seas, and the temperament of traders gloated around as they load and unload their galleons. Just as she was enjoying the sight of people going on about their daily lives, a screeching yell was heard from the nearby town square. From her lips is an exasperated breath, her frustration manifesting as she fingered the bridge of her nose. Peace was deceptive—it seemed—and easily interrupted, just when she thought that the town was beginning to get tranquil.

This shouldn’t be hard to take care off, as it was in most cases. The possible scenes would be; a pervert laying his hands on a lady, a thief stealing some apples and products for a living, or a wealthy woman simply causing a scene for attention. Snowflake had fallen victim to such situations that sometimes she wondered if these people didn’t have anything productive to do in their pathetic lives. And so, she rushed to the scene, hoping that this disaster would soon be all over.

The snowy beauty blinked once, twice, before her eyes went comically wide with a gaping mouth to match as she watched her pet dragon soar through the skies, its mocking smile so wide that its eyes shrunk to accommodate the stretch. Snowflake had repeated so many times to her companion, never to show up in public, and now here he was, making a fool out of her. Was this her punishment for not visiting him in a while? ”Ugh,” she balled her fists in frustration and quickly ran to the establishment, which she later learned that it was a private bar. When she sought assistance to get to the rooftop, the guards would only reject her attempts by saying that she required a membership to enter.

These idiots.

"You don't understand." she began, "My companion is up there, so let me in before it causes a scene."

Well, she might already be late in regards to her statement.

Locals have already gathered in front of the building, gazing up at the dragon in awe and chatters erupted all around her. It was quite rare for humans to witness a living dragon, since many believed that they had gone extinct and some thought they never existed, which was the main reason why Snowflake had told her pet to remain in the mountains quietly, away from the people. Apparently, he didn’t listen, and this was the first time that her pet had broken their promise. Wandering with its enormous size, it was no doubt that people would have already caught sight of him long before he reached here.

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Aoi Mitsurugi

Imagine Dragons [Aoi] Sakura10

It was just another casual clean up day after a rather fun, festivity. Being years since she had come to one for her own reason and choice, it was rather nice to enjoy it like a normal person after so long. Still, the red haired mage stayed around as part of some after festival clean up crew assigned to her... though truly it was a rather crummy position to be given, an order was an order. The price of being low man on the totem pole, so to speak. It wasn't much like it had been any issues to do so, since she walked around the festival grounds and just oversaw people whom were cleaning up, watching for those that may try to pocket lost money, lost items, trinkets, or those last minute crimes that people might craftily think of. Whatever the case might have been, she was assigned leadership of several other guards and had them stationed at any and every exit point from alleys to rooftops. The goal was not to keep people from leaving, but just as a prevention of those trying to break any law to not have escape routes.

While people freely entered and exited the areas she was managing, the Knight found herself distracted every so often watching others playing games and enjoying themselves while the stalls were still allowed to be up. As far as she was concerned, they could stay up as long as they wanted. If someone else wanted to be the stick in the mud, that was their prerogative. So long as everyone had some fun and was being safe and friendly with it, why bother messing with it? While the calm, relaxing actions had gone on, a sudden scream gathered the entire sections attention. The loud cry of help caused Aoi to jump into action without much other thinking. "One guard of each post, with me!" She ordered loudly, charging off in the direction while 3 guards had followed in tow with weapons ready for combat.

The group of Knights had skid to a halt as they saw the shadow rushing towards them in such a large mass, they had all looked up to see where it originated from. Aoi's eyes widened and her mouth agape from the sight. "A-A.. There's no way." She had muttered, watching the winged creature flying over her head now. She couldn't believe her eyes that there was possibly a dragon about or even alive to begin with! She grew up with fairy tales about their existence, but seeing one in person was just something she couldn't fathom right now. The group of four continued to watch on as it had come to land on the top of a building back where Aoi was stationing her guards. As they had started to head towards the scene, pushing through still forming crowds, the Knights took appropriate actions to block people off from getting any too close while one still tried to force her way past the guards.

While Aoi was unable to hear the commotion that went on, they had stiffened their forms upon her arrival, though still blocking the stranger from her attempts to get to the rooftop. "Ma'am. This woman claims the beast above to be her companion. Should we detain her and call for back up?" One had reported to the girl who now stood just a few feet from this white haired stranger. Without speaking at first, she had moved past the guards and started her ascent up the ladder to the rooftop that had been blocked by the armored men. "Let her up, but no others. I'll go up and try to resolve this. Let's try not to make this a bigger issue than it already is." Moving aside for the proclaimed owner of this dragon, Aoi continued to climb her way up to the roof, where she finally stood facing the giant, scaled creature. She seemed to freeze up from the sight, though her eyes still continued to look over the appearance of it. Clear enough for this girl to climb up afterward, she was in awe, ready to snap from the first thing to come to sight to break the eyes glaring between the dragon and that of the Knight or the first sound or touch.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

The woman had her arms folded across her bosom, furiously tapping her feet against the hard ground. ”Either you let me in, or I’m not leaving your sight and I will irritate you to no end,” she hissed, as she cleaned her nails—a habit that often surfaces when she felt nervous. Her eyes flickered from side to side anxiously, watching more people gather around the building. She felt uncomfortable, with herself being the centre of attention; she hated it. Just then a young female emerged and judging from the way the guards paid their respects towards her, Snowflake quickly assumed that she must hold a certain kind of authority. A wild guess of hers was that, perhaps she was a part of the Rune Knights.

Well, this will make things much easier.

The guards needn’t to repeat the words for the second time, as she shoved past the men and strode up the rooftop; as fast as her legs could carry. Up on the rooftop was her pet dragon, slithering above the ground. ”You…”, she started, only to loosen the breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding. Plumes of smoke rose from the dragon’s body, the faint cloak of mist concealing its being before it dispersed into thin air, revealing a young man; blonde with an attractive pair of sapphire eyes. With horns protruding from his temple, one would not easily consider him as human, and that was because he wasn’t. Dressed in thick garments of clothing despite the warm weather, the man seemed unfazed as his black coat fluttered in the wind.

”Well, I’m not going to apologize to you for deserting me in the middle of the mountains.”

The woman raised her eyebrows. ”I didn’t desert you, it was for your own good!”

”And, I was also worried about the well-being of my owner, especially when everything is still amiss! The war…and the throne…” The man trailed off, his shoulders drooping followed by an exasperated sign by the end of his sentence.

The snowy maiden opened her lips, only to close them again, acknowledging his worries. ”You should’ve told me. Next time you want to see me, please choose a less daunting appearance, so as not to cause a scene.” She paused, holding up her index finger, ”Wait, you already did that.” The man could only nod to her commands in defeat. It wasn’t until she finally noticed that an unfamiliar presence accompanied them the entire time. The woman froze in motion for a brief moment, before turning around with a quick sweep of her black cloak to face the girl that she had met a minute ago.

Snowflake approached her without hesitation and up close, she noticed how the brunette was a few inches taller than herself. She looked young enough for her to assume that they could possibly be around the same age, perhaps even younger. ”Don’t worry, he’s a friend of mine. He’s not here to harm either of us,” announced the female, her eyes that shone the colour of the skies and her tone as icy as the wind that blew through the north. ”Now, I’d like us to come to an agreement.” she clasped her hands together and added, ”Let’s pretend that you never met a dragon, or at least I’d prefer if you refrained from sharing it to anyone else. Are we understood?”

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