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Strange creatures those Humans [Nastasya/Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

on Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:52 am

The festival had been going on far too long for the liking of the elf, the more it would go on, the more people partied, destroyed nature with their steps and with the garbage that they left behind. Human Beings but some other races were a pro at that and her elf senses tingled out of anger and betrayal from the creatures that simply did not seemed to care, of course every race had their black sheep or a person that did care and did not care but it was most likely not her issue. She should let that go, she had enough other issues. Lately she wondered if she made up everything, gave herself an own trauma for the darkness while she should more be afraid for beings to leave her. Instead of being the independent person that she was, even if she considered a guild to be a good idea.

She swirled around in the lake with a small snapped twig that she was holding. She had found it and well she did not like it but she was bored out of her mind, no longer any ideas about what she could or should do and she was going a bit crazy because of that. She wanted to do something and perhaps it would be best to simply leave Orchidia be. However Daiko had said it made sense if they were here, everyone seemed to be here.

#2Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:30 am

Nastasya leaned on the bar counter, where the hell was Odin these last few days. Either she had missed him entirely because she was talking or serving the drinks, the job he gave her. But it was not as much fun as her friends were not around. Actually it was no fun at all, people were loud, complaining about almost everything and yet gulping down the beverages that she and the other waiting people served. Some were friendly, some were entirely drunk the moment they arrived here and if she would still have the magic that she had before, according to the idea that had to be blood magic, she would do something fun to get them the hell out of here.

She had vaguely the idea that her blood magic and even the magic before she became a vampire had been more fitting to her than a magic based on light. She narrowed her eyes as a new person showed up that she had not seen before. Lately people became like a regular to her, she did not know names but started to recognize them and their strange behaviours, everyone had something strange and this one had pointy ears. A surge of wanting to taste her blood rolled over Nastasya, yes she used her old name again as it seemed to be better now her grumpy behaviour returned too. She had never had a drop of blood from an elf.

But she was no vampire anymore, a dumb light mage human who could not even use her light magic apart from teleportation if she really wanted but it made her nauseous but she had not said that to anyone yet. "Yo, you look like you could use a drink." She called out, perhaps this woman made her life a bit more interesting.

#3Sorcha Donovan 

on Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:52 pm

She was not far away from life, from the beings and the society. A society that she yet needed to understand, but she needed more time to observe and to understand what she wanted to do or would be able to do, it made her tired and perhaps if she would admit it to herself; afraid. She heard someone call out and even if she wanted to ignore it, she looked. There was a grey haired girl or perhaps lady, Sorcha had no idea what her age would be. She looked like the waitress there, in a bar so she had to be at least older than Sorcha first thought else she would not be able to serve alcohol right? Unless the person that owned the bar was such a strange being that he didn't mind using minors to serve drinks to the people that get so easily drunk.

She sighed, perhaps she simply needed to loosen up because at this point in time she was simply being a bore. But how would you do that within a short amount of time if everyone was so.. so? So what exactly? She was just not used to it, her strict dad and the whole upbringing in the elven regions was so different than what human beings did, no one that she knew at least would call out to another elf like this woman did. It did remind her of the elf girl, with lilac hair that she had meet before a few weeks ago. You had strange beings around after all. She stood up and let go of the twig that she had found, it drifted shortly on the surface of the lake before disappearing under the water. With one last look at it she decided that perhaps she could use a drink and she walked over to the bar, it was still very quiet over there and she hopped onto a bar stool to sit close to the grey haired lady that called her out, she only gave her an amused smile, curious to see what this woman was up to. Now that Sorcha was closer, she could see that she was older than the elf had expected, but that was a good thing.

#4Nastasya Crowe 

on Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:43 am

The short mage leaned onto the bar and watched the elf as she came closer to the bar now that Nastasya had pulled her attention. Wonderful how this woman had a perfect hearing, probably had something to do with pointy ears or so, she would have giggled to herself if she allowed it. But Nastasya Crowe was working on staying the neutral being, instead of the craze obsessed person. It was a difficult roll the play and the self proclaimed actress surely had a bit of an issue with it but if she could simply have something interesting going on, weather that was running into an trap house, stealing some gems or simply conversating with an interesting being such as an elf.

The way she walked reminded Nastasya of something and she looked at her own shoes, she stared at the red all stars and even lifted it up and moved her heel into the floor to see it. She vaguely remembered these shoes, they were quite dirty when she found them but she now realized that she could walk like that elf, she had always walked elegant but she had been wearing heels like that, still the dark leather pants she was wearing now but this elf, she had an elegance because probably that she was an elf. Something to be jealous about.

She did not say much and watched the elf take the stool closest to her at the bar and not say anything. Mysterious, it was something, "You looked a bit lost, want a drink?" she said with a happy smile, she should stay her neutral self but that happy smile was already far too much into another direction. Screw it she would do that act another time, she could be happy now. "Or is it the festival? I mean, I wonder if you don't mind of course, do you as an elf enjoy it more than well we humans do?" She opened the tap to get something to drink for the elf.

#5Sorcha Donovan 

on Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:31 am

Did she looked lost? Was she actually really lost? Well her mind and heart were not agreeing, not with each other and not with their own function. While her heart told her that it would be best to continue to go and look for her family, her brain told her that after years of searching and bearing no fruits, it was not bad to sometimes just think about yourself. And what Sorcha wanted more than anything was to work on herself again. Neglecting that for the past couple of years for quite a while was not a good thing. She had no idea how to even summon her magic anymore, she had not wanted to use it because her father had always given her an idea how she had to use it, as if there were no other options and that was not what she wanted. "A drink sounds very pleasant, thank you." She did not notice before how she lacked to take much care of herself, such as drinking, enough eating and at right times. But no one would know that, no one would get close enough to her to understand. She looked at the bartender, "I think we rather hate it more than you do." Assuming she was human after all because she said we. She was amused though, those stereotypes that people thought about, the assumptions, she did not take pride in them nor anguish, she simply did not mind. "I don't mean to say I don't enjoy it but I prefer Nature to be left alone, no flower picking and no fishing contests or hunting for fun but just for food. As I am not a vegetarian even though many might assume that. Please it doesn't bother me that you ask. I rather have that you ask than that people keep making assumptions." She crossed her legs and looked at the human being, "You yourself look like someone who has seen enough festival."

#6Nastasya Crowe 

on Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:36 am

As Lilja had expected, no.. she was Nastasya now. She should not even think of herself in the third person. "Especially with this weather it can be nice." The barmaid mentioned as she got something for the elf. She wondered if she drank ale or anything else, so she simply placed it in front of the customer. After all she offered it, "Best ale in Fiore. You can't go away from this festival without trying it or well if you ever go to Oak. The pub is originally stationed there but closed now for the festival." She said with a grin. The Swineherd pub, it gave her a good lot of memories and some that she still could not picture fully in her mind. But she would get there eventually.

As she was working on to get the drink for the stranger, she looked up surprised, "Oh? I don't think I really understand." Weren't elves all fans about nature stuff and this festival all about nature and the like made it a perfect place. But the elf quickly went on to explain and Nastasya nodded, to be left alone, yes that made sense now. She placed the glass in front of Sorcha, took one herself without alcohol and went to sit on the other side of the bar so she could have a proper conversation, it wasn't busy anyway and no one dared to give her commands. It worked to be the owner's favourite, or so she liked to see herself. "I have seen enough indeed." She couldn't help but chuckle, "It doesn't help to work almost every day and only see drunk guest lately. That happens when you are around for two months I believe."

#7Sorcha Donovan 

on Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:55 am

Sorcha looked at the drink and shortly before that looked at the sky. It was a very blue look and barely any poof of clouds, and if there was one, it was so thin that nothing could be expected from it. "I bet a lot of people forget to drink enough with these kind of weather." she said to let the conversation continue. She wondered what kind of drink this was, she mostly drank water, a sort of lemonade made from nectar and not too much difficult things of sugar bombs as she called it but it was orignally called different something like soda. This more looked like ale and she knew that. It was not something that elves did not drink, she just never drank it before and had to definitely get used to the taste. A frown appeared on her forehead but she said nothing as she stared at the glass after taking a sip.

"I have been in Oak. It was a short trip, I haven't actually been much in town but well it was.." how to exactly describe the town, "Quite an adventure." She said with a cheeky remark. She had no fond memories about Oak but that had nothing to do with the town but with the information and things that happened thanks to the haunted lands.

She looked back at the barmaid as she mentioned that she did not understand why elves hated it more. "It's my own opinion so I am not sure if other elves think so too." after all she barely met any others, at this point only two and one was here. "But I think I can say that we all don't mind Orchidia normally, the nature has taken it's own course and that's lovely. Just the flowers that were brought here and the contests. It's not letting nature be and praise it, it's taking it. But that's an extreme way of saying it, I'm just not a fan." She did not want to take away people their fun as well.

She gave Nastasya a respectful smile as she went on to explain that she had enough of the festival as well. "Surprising you still serve them when they are already drunk." She looked over her shoulder, not everyone was, some were knocked out by the amount of drinks and lack of sleep and she wondered about it for a short while before turning back to her drink and taking another sip, she didn't dislike it, it was just something completely new.

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