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A Quick Lamia [Private]

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A Quick Lamia [Private] Empty on Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:47 am

Daiko Flayme
During the buzz in town Orchidia, a very busy town in the foot of summer, Daiko began dashing through the vines that hung on the many rooftops of buildings. He was heading towards a very familiar place that he had, admittedly, missed a lot. Coda would be flying above his head, her eagle vision spotting the exact location ages before Daiko’s eyes could. Pushing his feet on the roofs every time that he had to jump over a road or alleyway, he made sure to hurry up a little as he was still busy with his plans for today - just a visit, a small visit.

Ah, there it was - the vast and welcoming HQ of Lamia Scale, his dear guild. The place where his role as a wizard took a new meaning than simply wandering from town to town without anything to relate to or grab onto in times of need. The place where his previous Guildmaster presented him the power of Lamia that still haunted his body this day today. Ah… that old man would be satisfied with its development day after day. With that cleared through, Daiko simply walked around the guild areas, fathoming the smaller places and getting all nostalgic…

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