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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed]

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:03 am

There was always a time where someone wanted to go missing for a small to a large period of time and then come back. Some sort of fresh start, but Arisa went out to adventure alone and perhaps figure out some mystery she had tried to figure out months ago. She smelled the nature that surrounded her. The aroma was strong as the flowers bloomed in the Spring, but was in the brink of shining and death during the summer. 'The smell of flowers make me miss home. I wonder what the aroma is like where my parents are from.', the thought made her stomach turn as she sort of missed it. Her family that she had met in the past month.

She was wearing a thin black-boat necked shift dress, (knee length) that had long sleeves and bell cuffs of white underneath from the blouse being warn under the main dress itself. The wrist area had thin bows of black. It felt like it was perfectly fitted due to how it shaped her body perfectly. Her every curve was shown to her large hips, curvy waist and her chest that most could tell she gained some weight. Her body became rather voluptuous due some eating issue she'll deal with sometime and reasons that will stay in the deep down of the abyss. Perhaps it'll blow in her face later. Simply, for shoes she wore black dress shoes and thigh-high socks that were thin and white.

Thankfully, she was going to see her family later in the day as they made up a day to meet everyone before the whole family was going to leave. The wind suddenly swooped passed her. Her hair started to flail backwards by strands that shined like golden yarn. Her eyes of golden hues were gazing forward towards the cafe that she happily got built, but sadly she was having some construction done so it wasn't fully open. Something went wrong during her monthly misses and thankfully she gave permission to her co-manager to do what she must to maintain.

Her hand was grasping onto the two handles as the stroller of two could be heard. The hoodie covered them both from the sun as they were coddled due to sitting next to each other. They were behaving well. 'Are they asleep?' she wondered and stopped by a bench to sit down gently with the stroller in front of her. Her feet pushed down gently on the stoppers as it held the stroller in place. Next Arisa leaned over to look at their beautiful faces and smiled.

They were asleep, sound asleep as she then sat back up while gently putting down the strollers shades so the sun was blocked from getting in. Their faces were covered, but due to how the stroller was built and what it was made out of it kept cool in there. ''Well, they're asleep so what should I do?'' she wondered quietly and yawned. As she yawned Arisa used a free hand to cover her mouth and looked at the sky afterwards.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:44 am

So as the time has passed so life continued for all of the people around her. Such as life continued on so did Judina's even if it was not much that had moved forward upon. For now being alone as she was even still Judina did carry varying more thoughts on her mind some new some old, all lead to the same thing in the end.

Judina for her time out for once did not looks as she normally would be expected or normally seen wearing, Judina had changed various parts of her attire today while she was looking over and thinking of the various things on her mind.

Best looked at she is wearing a dark red Cheongsam, with slightly dulled golden trim Judina did not mind wearing this for once, since she would not worry about sweating, But it show the pale skin she had, as well as the small sleeves it had show a part of the scars on one of her shoulders but her hair being tied back it made her feel like a different person for once.

But it brought the rare sight of Judina actually having a small smile on her face for once to be able to just feel like she could breath with the worry on her mind, So she walked about being slightly different then her normal even going as far to leaving all of the metal parts she normally wore left at where she was staying as well for the sake of just letting that change still feeling nice as well.

During this peaceful walk, looking upon the people around her she saw some one with a stroller in the distance and it seemed to reminder her that the peaceful outlook on life she often wanted to see was around her, She just did not allow herself to see it because of work.

but taking her time nonetheless the late conversation with her mother was still on her mind word to her that Waylon was around and had managed to talk and speak to her while Judina herself was not around, That peace was now in her mind but the conversation she had before her mother went off on her own still worried her as well.

With her sight on the parent and the stroller Judina wondered if her life would reach that point, she had never considered a family but her life had not really lead her to think about it, work removed a lot more and her working on various other things made her put her personal life on the side. The question of if she truly wanted that life too for the moment it seemed off in her mind.

Letting out a sigh Judina stopped for a moment, the sun nice and she had a moment to just let it all sink away not realize she was in the path of whomever ever and the stroller because her mind tuned out slightly to everything around her.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:42 am

Her head was tilted upward as she gazed at the sun - the exact replica of her eyes as the moons were like her eyes at night. Slowly, they began to lower to end up seeing someone, someone familiar. Her hand was still grasping on the stroller as she slanted her eyes to see more clearly on who it was. 'Is that Alisa?' she wondered and shook her head no. 'No, Alisa's chest is bigger than those.' she said as her eyes were being kind of cockblocked by the sun's light. She didn't want to say any names out loud because what if she gets it wrong? What will they think? Will they shame her for not knowing who they were?!

With the hand that wasn't on the stroller she put above and against her eyebrows as she blocked the sun. 'Block that bitch.' the darker voice thought as she saw who it was. ''Oh! Judina!'' she said surprised and a shock made her jump up quickly. A nervous yet sweet smile appeared on Arisa's sweet lovely lips as the sun made her cream fair skin shine from her cheeks, forehead and nose area. Her blonde hair swayed towards the right with the wind as it embraced her like some lover. Her head tilted as she studied Judina. ''You seem to be in a deep thought... What's on your mind?'' she wondered worrisome. Thankfully, her speaking didn't wake them up. The two in the stroller.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:17 am

Reality seemed to finally call her back into everything around her, The voice of some one she knew was slowly piecing that to normal sense of you no longer need to space out."Oh dear, Here I did not think that the lady with the stroller was you." She could mentioned while avoid feeling embarrassed about it personally mostly because she was not expecting to Arisa but was fine if she did in the end. But since at this point they were sisters in her mind it seemed like it wouldn't change no matter what, Nothing could changer her mind.

"A few things on my mind some are just things been on my mind for a while, But not many things over all on her mind." Judina mentioned to her maybe it was better to for her to know."Waylon been around here, Alive and good shape he just seemed to who up seemingly out of no where." It was the first part she lead into that would pieces into slowly what else was their."IT was shortly after mother and I had a talk before she went home she talked to Waylon and then I no idea where she is now or if she got home safely but part of me feels like she did."Then again she could never know unless she went with her.

Upon mentioning it she then said."Her last words before she left trouble me." Judina mention while she slightly let herself slowly let out that slight worry."It is said, I finally find peace and happiness in my life is when it will end shortly after." She mentioned finding it odd and out of place for her."I have no idea what was on her mind when she spoke that, It seems like the many hidden things of my mother I do not know with her life." Judina mentioned.

"But my mind is at peace knowing Waylon is around and okay for the moment, Just one of the many things i can finally put aside." She wanted to ask about the stroller why the kids were seemingly out of no where and how it happen but she would hold off for now.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:31 am

The things that Judina spoke of about her brother and then her mother. It reminded her of what she found out and a part of her felt angry or more so chaotic. Her eyes glared away for a moment during the talking and then looked back into Judina's eyes with a soft look. 'She couldn't have known, but Judith... Does she know the truth?' she wondered and then looked away. 'Perhaps you've been deceived by everyone you knew in the past. We should... find out more later today, shall we?' the darker tone spoke as she then looked at the stroller like a paranoid mother.

The words that came from Judina sounded like a way of death as if death was seeking her and she knew it was. Was it perhaps Kuriana coming back or perhaps someone no one can really control? Arisa will never know in the end since she doubted that the mother will tell her. Her golden eyes then lowered as she was thinking on what to say. Taking a deep breather Arisa looked at her with sincerity. ''That's almost good to hear, but how are you doing?'' she wanted to switch the subject and then looked about. ''Hey, how about we go to my house, the cafe.'' she offered and grabbed the stroller. The sun felt like it was melting her as she forgot her sun hat. The two kids in the stroller are probably wanting something to drink soon as well before they wake up.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:06 pm

For once it was turned to her, She did not really consider or look into how she was doing for once."I am, okay I have been letting what I need to worry about get to me that I let the worries in my life get to me."At least she was honest with herself about it in which was not a hard thing to do considering her how she worked as a person."I do not often look into myself these days, I put it aside most of the time because to me I can deal with it later."She mentioned letting out a sigh about it, She knew it was bad she did that to herself.

"Let us go then, I am sure I can forget how i put everything aside when i most likely should not." She was quite aware maybe her needs where some where else when she should be worried about herself considering how much she worried about it all but then again maybe she was not sure what kind of life she truly wanted.

In the quite walk to where they were heading too Judina then asked."Are you simply baby sitting?"Since normally the blunt type by nature she figured no point in just waiting until walking was over and sitting and being awkward about it, Then again Judina was more trying to changer her mind to a different subject to get her to put everything else of her worries aside."I know my life is different , but it seems I might have missed something if you are not just simply baby sitting."But at least she was trying to be interested in what was going on, Even if she had lack of experience with kids and never was sure if she wanted at least one herself.

"I realize and keep in mind I do maybe need to worry about myself eventually I just do not seem to be a person to do that." But even then she had a small smile looking at the stroller in front of her. She did not seemed like she was not scared or nervous about it even if it was unknown to her how to deal with children but she knew maybe she needed to check on them herself mostly being curious about it. In her own manner and trying to figure out how really to interact Judina just simply got on one knee while he went to look into the stroller to look at them

She hoped she did not scare them while she did, Also realized she did not ask."What are their names?"being curious while she waited and being where they where he was thinking about her her life in general of what all she wished to do in her life after all it got her thinking about it now, since she never really did much aside from work she might slowly be thinking about other ways to better her own life.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:28 pm

All tucked in in their little expensive stroller with a hooked cooler, Arisa was hoping they were alright. Her eyes gazed at Judina with patience as she was telling her how she was. With that, she let her free hand twine through her strands of golden locks and turned to get into position to push the stroller. When she was, she gripped it tightly out of paranoia and started to walk with her dear friend. ''Me? Babysitting? I have perhaps once or so, but...'' she started and lowered her gaze to where they were if the stroller was see-through. ''It's a long story, but short story... no... They're mine.'' she made a fake smile as her head turned to look down at her. ''Thankfully they made strollers customize-able. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to take them for walks to see the area.'' she started with the conversation of such.

''Once we get to the cafe - if you want, I'll show you them.'' she spoke so sweetly, gently as if handling with glass. ''Their names - for now - Fiona and Kane. I honestly didn't have time to tell my lover of them so I had to think of names quickly. Hopefully he's okay with it... the names..'' she drifted off and frowned. ''I fear of how he'll react when he finds out I have children of his.'' she spoke sorrowfully. She remembered the things she was told about his other kids from his late wife... She'd fight him or try to again if she had to. Like animals, she was super territorial on what she owned and what belonged to her. Once they got to the cafe she saw a woman - her trusty maid that looked like she was looking for something. Once she was spotted, she zoomed to Arisa. ''Miss! They're coming here again today. Said something about leaving in a couple of days so they wanted to see you once more - if not again afterwards.'' she chuckled nervously. The girl had brown short hair, was about five foot seven, had glasses and freckles on her face. She's built plus sized with some curves as it's shown from her maid outfit. ''Again? Alright, just prepare food for today and tomorrow.'' she started and then turned to Judina. ''Well, I guess you get to find out sooner than later. Do you wish to join us for an early dinner?'' she offered to her as Arisa opened the glass door for them both.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:23 pm

It seemed they both have arrived at an interesting moment well then again Arisa did own and run this place."Well guess I am a figurative aunt huh?"She said jokingly, She truly had no idea how she actually did fit in word wise there but in the end hopefully laughing still had happen after all Judina did not mean anything too bad about it."An early dinner isn't going to be something I am against, I for the moment I do not have any plans other wise." It seemed the peaceful moment she slightly and secretly wish for had happen.

It made her remember she was actually an aunt at one point but that image was long lost, She forgot for a moment about Regis' daughter her her being dark enough blue that almost was black, the light blue eyes she had, It was something that with in her short image almost made a nightmare show up in her mind in this moment. She would be walking on two feet if she where alive right now, she would be about 13 years old seeking her own life, wanting to exploring the world, making friends and meeting family she had not, It was upsetting slightly to Judina.

Putting the images that she remembered form so long a go like a nightmare in her mind away right away, Judina did not want to think how family would be around if they where alive or active still she had to be thankful to what was around her."Even if I do not know what I wish to eat really, Just that I should eat something most likely."As well as a few other things."That and i am unsure if thing kind of outfit is fitting for me, It is strange for me to be wearing this. I am not use to so small of sleeves."She almost felt like the outfit was too thin for her but was trying not to complain."That and maybe a different color than red."But Judina was unsure what else she looked good in because she never made herself worry about it."Then again this is few things of clothing i have side from what i wear to Alice's wedding."She wanted to laugh about how weird she felt their but it was not brought up how odd that wedding up and the first time she mentioned she was at that wedding.

But she seemed to smile and after looking upon the two kids and remembering their names she then waited to see where they would be sitting and keeping in mind that she had seen the kids and wondered what kind of life would be going their way now. It seemed things were a bit more interesting now for her while Judina's had not changed at all she was still the same. But fate not only was left to everything around her but also in her control as well she needed to eventually choose it.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:20 pm

''Get the seats out, Bellemein.'' she spoke to the maid who was out and behind the one with glasses. ''Of course, Mistress.~ Anything for the beau's.'' she said elegantly yet alluring. She turned away as her white hair flowed behind her and went through the kitchen door. Seconds after she cat walked to the long festival table and put them beside Arisa's chair. Bellemein's eyes glistened of some light pink color as she gazed back at Arisa. ''The food and your company will be here in a half hour.'' she lastly spoke before bowing her head to her and went off into the kitchen.

Slowly, Arisa turned and sat down while bringing the stroller to herself. Judina hasn't seen the children from within the stroller yet, but now she was going to. ''Now then you sleepy children of mine.~ It's time to eat.'' she spoke motherly and soft. ''This is Kane.'' she said sweetly and with a squeek of excietment in her voice. She picked up her baby boy who had golden hair and golden eyes like her mother with no pupils as well. Once she sat him down, buckled him she heard him giggle and could hear a rattle. 'Guessing she knew he'd want something to play with.' she thought. 'Bellemein has been quite helpful.' she thought and then picked up Fiona. ''This is Fiona.~'' she said they same way she did when she introduced Kane. Fiona had darkened hair of a blue-black and ice blue eyes - no pupils. She was quite happy to be getting out of there as she smiled widely with her toothless mouth. ''Awe, you two are so cute.'' Arisa spoke to them, clapping her hands against her thighs that were covered by the dress she was wearing. ''Beautiful, aren't they?~'' she spoke happily and turned to look at Judina.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:31 am

Maybe Judina herself was never use to such a life being in front of her, with in the moment she realized what was how people where different when the lives they so wished for pieced together right in front of them. Arisa having these things turn out she noticed a much happier sister makes her wonder what all she would have to go through to have that peace herself.

Nonetheless she smiled about with seeing them."Yes they are."Was this the joy her mother had with all four of them? was this the life she never saw of many people as well? These things are worth protecting and keeping safe in life. Even if Judina had not figured out if she wanted kids herself these kind of moments in were and the settled feeling were worth while.

"These moments make me wonder a few things my self, but even then seeing the smile and joy makes me feel like a I am not worried about anything else as much."
With that it seemed that she could let everything pass for the moment. So her mind wonder if this was peace? is this the feeling she forgot about for so long and when the reality coming to her it was a lot more of a relief then she expected when she thought, most because the value of what she hoped had been in front of her.

All of the grim things she had seen with in her own family in the past year she forgot moments like these would still real. But with them being real in front of her, She could continue realizing and knowing that it all worth it for what all she was trying to do."I am clueless to what the thought or even motherhood it's self is like, I never had to think about."Then again nor did she really meet anyone she would consider such a life with, Only just deal with everything herself and kept this way for the moment for she still had that mind set of not troubling anyone else, Maybe one day that would change for now it wouldn't."In fact the thought of it makes me a bit more nervous and unsure if i was even meant to take part of that kind of life."Could be wrong as well Judina did not think that there was many parts missing to it.

"Then again I have not found anyone I would find a suitable partner for such a thing."then again she did not meet a lot of people or her mind fooled her to anyone who could be because she was thinking of other things of focusing on work. Maybe that would change for her one day, She would have to notice if it did since Judina did not take into account her mind was clueless to such events happening to her or it anyone would really be interested in her in such a manner, Maybe one day fate would lead her that way and she would know it easier then now.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:25 am

Fiona and Kane were playing with their toys while sitting in their perfect and very expensive high chairs. They were built for the largest children so it could carry quite a lot for a several months old child or two in this case. They were adorable to the point that she was super proud of them. She just couldn't wait for them to be able to talk and walk on their at least so she could enjoy places with them. Arisa could imagine it right now as they could go to some amusement park. Kane could possibly be trying to win a prize for his sister while Noel could win a prize for her. Afterwards they'd go on so many rides, even ones with water. Did Noel even like amusement parks?

She started to deep think about things she hasn't asked or even know about him. They really never have time to really talk, to get to know each other yet they were age a stage where they had kids together even. She cocked her head to look towards Judina as she sat in her own chair between the two children of hers. ''Well, when you have children, they get kidnapped... it's horrifying.'' she started to say and had a horrid facial expression with a side of sorrow. Arisa started with hand movements that made since in the process. ''Like...I felt numb, I hid the simple fact I even had kids because... well, many reasons.'' she said with a half-frown and leaned back against her chair. Her golden eyes gazed at her friend as she then saw the time. ''Well, you better pick your seat before the company get here... Who knows how many there are..'' she said with an unamused facial expression as her gaze went towards the door. Before she looked at the door, the maids started to set up the long table made out of elm. They laid down a long mid-sectioned cloth of red with golden designs, white table clothes to put plates and the sort on it and so forth. It was set up for about 15 people, 13 not including the kids, Judina and Arisa herself.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:39 pm

Quietly sitting in the chair slowly, while relaxing she asked rather casually since it did not seem as serious for the moment."If such event happen, Why did you not tell rune knights, law anything helpful because it is a kidnapping. Even if the events now are settled, people knowing could have help with it."Then again Judina had a feeling that would have been pointless to mention this now and that even mentioning such it would have been used everyone works differently, But felt like she needed to mention it anyway to her out of work nature and habit.

Even then they both had different emotions and feeling from different events, None like this however."A circle of emotions is something I haven't felt in a while, well one such as that level anyway."She would do her best to carry on the conversation. Trying to figure out how to make conversation less grim feeling or foreshadowing."Hopefully I do not have such feelings again."remembering the possible feels that level was before she arrived here long before she talked to anyone else really. "However it seems the problem however is over even with the emotions running for a unknown amount of time."

She finally managed to settled into sitting into her chair and wonder if she wanted anything to drink. While thinking about something to think she untied her untied hair and started braiding her hair slowly while thinking about it for the moment, Judina seemed struggle at it braiding it because she had not done it before but she was a bit too honest and maybe even slightly embarrassed about it and did not want anyone to do it for her unless it mentioned or insisted. Stupid she knew but did not care otherwise too anyone.

"Nice to see this place isn't slowing down."She figured it was better to mention even then she did not keep track how well this place did mostly because she was doing various other things and trying to consider a few other things in her mind and various random thoughts. Not realizing that she was badly braiding her hair and it looked most likely rather horrible, flipping it behind her and acting like it was normal for the moment. "Maybe then water would just do me some good for the moment."Judina said unsure what else really to mention.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:20 am

An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Family12

Like most people in this Country, they depend on the authorities. She never understood on why people depended on them in such a way a kid depended on their hero. People can become their own hero by doing about the same if not more. When someone wants something enough, they become so determined that it gets done, but them? It had nothing to do with them so it wasn't going to get done any faster. Her eyes looked at Judina and then wondered about something - rather or not she's from the Rune Knights or perhaps she just depends on them, but if she did... Couldn't Arisa say the same about her brother? No... that'd be too harsh perhaps.

She played a sweet smile as she agreed on Orchidia slowing down. ''Yes... The festival has been making Orchidia crazy, but nonetheless it's nice for a change.'' she started and shrugged, ''Compared to all the fighting and war.''. She gazed at her two kids which will make it hard for her to fight unless she found someone worthy enough to watch them while she did battle when it was needed. One by one the food and stuff were finally done being sat down. Few moments later the drinks came out with bottles of fine alcohol and a large ice cold thing of water. Very soon will they appear.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:13 pm

"Crazy, but I did not hear that there was many problems otherwise." Judina assumed then again the messages or anything else was most likely not passed on to her, Then again maybe because she was with her mother and that small amount of time with Waylon as well, something maybe a bit over do in waiting and various other things. She had no doubt if he was around still Waylon would most likely be sleeping. The only thing on her mind when it comes to family is if Regis had found his way here as well? and if her mother would ever be around again to see Arisa with her Kids.

She knew it would it would warm her heart more even the grim tides she mentioned by her."Festivals are a bit strange to me personally however, But that could be just not really being around or going to such events."She could admit it is strange for her to realize that festivals where weird but not as much as she assumed any more, she could now see herself going to more of them eventually along with various other things that she had experienced with just kind of getting herself into something that was not just being unattached to anything else.

"The problem with war it no matter what happens, I always feel no one wins, even if there is some one who is a victor but most likely I am never going to understand peoples wanting, desire and need to fight for whatever goal."Judina did not realize how naive she is currently. After all war and how it's inner gears works where ever something she never had to take into account of why they were happening in the end, Maybe one day maybe she would learn.

Slowly turning her head towards the bottles and looked at them unsure of what she truly felt about seeing the bottles for the moment, After all she did not really consider such drinks but water did her good for now."I feel wonder why people are drawn to bottle and what is contained with in them."She did not remember what she in fact had a small amount in booze at the wedding to cut the edge off nervousness off her mind, It seemed she had already forgotten that fact and continued her time and day normally. She would quietly picked up  one of the glasses on the table and got up her chair to get something to drink, thinking she was going to find some water or juice forgetting she already mentioned she wanted a glass of water herself.

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Yawning softly she leaned back into her chair while her darlings were playing about with their toys. Her eyes watched Judina as she then wondered of something. ''How did you like the wedding of Alice's?''. The silence was real if the children weren't here. She remembered the flowers, tons of people she has seen before like those Rune Knights. Now that she thought about it, that one was there... The female who stood with Esperia. The Seraph remembered their vows, the lovely dress and of course Odin's speech of his own. The one thing that she enjoyed most was the company of her lover. His arms over her own as they walked about. Someday that'll be her walking down the lane in a wedding dress.

Was there even room for her bond of the holy ones?

''Wha bha la!'' spoke Fiona as she flailed about and looked at the door. She saw them, her family. ''Káilètte josé de la Phinê, my darling.~'' she spoke in a French accent and dramatically went to her with arms out to hug her. Arisa hurried to get up so she wasn't hugged on a chair and that's when everyone hugged her. All twelve of them. ''Alright, please everyone find a seat. Oh, and this is Judina. She's been my friend since.. well.. after I escaped Sin.'' she chuckled at first and then spoke with such awkwardness. She itched the back of her head as she looked at Judina and knew she had to explain who is who, but first they will all need to settle down.

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An open door [Judina/Arisa:Closed] Empty on Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:00 pm

The wedding, one of the few new things she personally had to adjust herself too."It was...interesting, I have no idea the range and amount of people Alice knew, But I guess I am a bit naive to it."Judina mentioned."I was almost not prepared only managed to get by because mother in her own...special way get me to wear a dress and nicer then me just showing up in my robe and how i normally look."It was a weird memory something out of a book or a show almost with how it worked out for Judina.

"One moment I was just about finish and heading out the door next it seemed my mother teleported out of nowhere with a dress and after getting me to change into it changed my hair different then what I had it to start with."Judina still seemed like she did not seem to understand how people could wear dresses like one she did."She almost got me to wear heels but it seemed to stop their." she seemed to pause her thought."She told it was her dress one she wore at one point, Personally I was more wondering how she seemed to teleport out of nowhere and know were I am."

It showed Arisa that Judith seems to have hid a lot from her own kids and Arisa herself like she was either ashamed or scared of them knowing her past but it would be unknown unless it was a conversation one of them had with her."My mother is a strange woman,I feel like I should know more about her when i do not."Judina realized she was carrying away from the conversation they where."But nonetheless...The wedding was strange for me, I sat alone and unsure what to do...Wedding do not seem like my thing even if i should learn how they work, Much like how just in case I should learn into how to handle children since my mind is worried i would hurt them."Slowly her head would turn towards what Arisa's Daughter was doing.

Then shortly after what people where coming in here, Judina wondered if she was sitting in something she most likely had no place in for the moment so she would ask what she was going on."I am not sitting in something I shouldn't i hope?"Judina asked to make sure this situation was surely something she did not expect nor know was happening to her. If asked to stay she would stay after all it was not a problem for her, she just wanted to know what it was happening even not worrying about the language she did not understand being spoken. She would keep in her mind that most likely if she was staying she would know names or what was going on shortly. Judina just had to settled her thoughts and wait until then quietly and calmly like she always did.

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Arisa was hugged by who appeared to be her mother. Odette was a beautiful woman and was truly tall. It was where she must've gotten it, but did she also have the changes of height and appearances? Her mother stopped hugging and plopped  down right next to Fiora who was at the top far right and next Arisa herself. On the left side of Arisa was Kane who was watching all the people. Both Fiora and Kane were getting attention from them all before they went to find their respected seats. The food was all laid out as it was all one big feast. ''Oi, this looks great sis!'' spoke her older sister who had long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She fists the air as she spoke and then smiles happily. ''The feast looks almighty tastey, I agree.'' spoke the tall man who  was the tallest out of all of them. She suspected he was half giant since he was even taller than her by several inches... Taller than Noel, but he was her grandpa who looked so young so maybe he was an exiled demonized man who found love?

It seemed romantic...

Arisa coughed and sat up with her arms out and then they started to separate as she motioned to all of them. ''I am happy to see and find my family in full...'' she wanted to tear up. 'You got this...' she told herself. ''Now, Judina I shall introduce you to the Finalized 13 of Fère de ... Don't remember which Country. Some romantic rich cultured country.'' she was in the middle and now for the true introduction as she then nodded to them. The first one from her right was of course her mother. ''Oddete Amandine De la Fère. I'm of course her mother.~'' she simply waves at Judina with a sweet smile that a mother is known for.  The next was her husband, Arisa's father. ''Raphaël Clément De la Fère III. I am her papa.'' he laughed cheerfully which seemed amusing due to his husky rough look. He has long white hair and a black patch over one eye.  Her eyes traced each one as they spoke their name. Her gran-mama was next, but knowing she doesn't talk much her grandfather who looked young spoke next. ''I am Raphaël Clément De la Fère II as my father was the first and this here is my lovely wife and her gran-mama Océane Lise De la Fère. You must excuse her. She doesn't speak much.'' he instructed in a dark soothing tone as her grabbed her hand, caressing it.

''To finish it off, there's Méline and Élodine who are the youngest and twins. Violette is the second youngest. I am Loïc - the second oldest to whom you know as Arisa, but we knew her as Káilètte... Sadly, Marinette didn't come with us since she has a hard time accepting that... well... We first thought she was dead as she was taken from us before the rest of us were born.'' he started off in his 'Frenchy' accent as his playboy face had a carefree smile. He didn't show many emotions other than carefree and cheerful. She has heard from the younger ones that when he did show anger that it was something you won't forget.  ''We also have two baby sisters who are back at our home Country and our aunt is too busy shopping I suppose. That's what she says, but...'' he left off and squinted softly.  spoke Méline and Élodine at the same time. Arisa played a smile as she chuckled. ''That's alright. We shall eat and enjoy the feast.~'' she spoke playfully. With that they started to dig in and Arisa's golden yet pupiless eyes gazed at Judina. ''Well... What do you think?'' she whispered to her. There were so many things that they could've said, but a simply introduction was better than none.

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It seems Judina threw herself into a situation she really did not think nor she really tried to get herself into normally. Names of an entire family with them all sounding really confusing like a new language that she never heard before and did her best to understand. For the moment she thought about how lovely they all seemed, How also tall they where too, made Judina feel internally self conscious about her height as well. Nonetheless she smile about as normally as she could being thrown into this situation  smile rather peacefully and calmly and not just internally panic slightly like she normally did in some manner.

13 people that is smaller then the family she remembered of hers currently."That is a fair bit of names that I may have trouble saying personally."She was blunt and honest enough to say that openly to them but sounding like she did not mean anything wrong with that. But thinking matters like these were better off left to her mother and that she should have figured out to a way to have her here to maybe see how she would do it. In the end Judina could manage she just needed to actually try herself first.

"It is all wonderful to meet every one who has arrived here."Judina said in her high hopes. But at least her thoughts where in one place. When Arisa asked how she felt Judina just got to a simple thought."I feel rather short which is interesting, I did not expect this encounter but they seemed... interesting." Judina could mention because it is not like she could say the same for almost everyone else in her family but now wasn't the time for her to focus on that putting her mind back to where she had it to start with.

Maybe now it was see what all this event entailed for her."They all do seem lovely still."Judina would do her best to interact and seem normal around them."I can see that at least it seems like every one is happy so far so, I will just hope it what all happens goes well, enjoy myself and see how this all goes." It seemed like she was okay and will manage to deal with it how she normally is.

For the moment she draw a blank of introducing herself but that was more she had other things on her mind she wanted to sort out and keep going with for the moment waiting to see what will happen.

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They introduced each other and that was that. Her brother introduced the rest that were too busy shoving food in their faces to even speak. She looked at each and every one of them. Some had golden eyes like the twins and her mother, but everyone else had blue eyes other than her grandfather who obviously wasn't human. She looked at Kane and then Fiora who one had the golden eyes, but the other's eyes were ice blue. Perhaps that will change like the appearances which then became a question. Her head turned to her mother who was picking at her food as if she was thinking. ''Mother...'' she started to say and caught her attention as she looked right into Arisa's eyes. ''I was wondering something... Do our appearances change as we get older? Like will my kids change as I have been?'' she questioned.

At first, her mother tilted her head dumbfounded till she then remembered back then when it was her own time. ''Sometimes. Hair color slowly changes and our eyes become more either pure or less pure. In our Country, we believe in the the Holy lights above, but perhaps it's different here. Everyone has their own 'Holy' and 'Unholy' one or ones if more than one from each part.'' her mother spoke and patted a napkin against her pout-ful lips. ''Now then, excuse us for being rude, but please tell us about yourself.'' she spoke and looked straight at Judina.

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It seemed interesting to learn of how her said family seemed to be mostly Judina was curious and it made her thoughts to slowly relax the thought that she was around almost if anything spacing out and for the most parts seemed to actually have that rare enjoyable moment in a group of people that did not happen overly often with her and for the moment she was not taking a huge note of it. Looking upon the table she was slowly wondering what was around her for the food because she never looked at it until now and realized she was at dinner with people a small part she also forgot for a moment being lost in her mind.

Judina realized then she was being talked too by Arisa mother, So she would piece together something since she did not know what all what exactly was known by her or what Arisa told her of her: Even Waylon, Her mother, father and Regis. But nonetheless Judina would just have to deal with the situation the she could and hope nothing too bad would happen."Oh...I am Judina Karlinius, it is wonderful to meet you and sorry I did not mention my name earlier."Judina started off this conversation.

"I do call Arisa my sister, Even if we are not blood. I am unsure what all you know or was told but I have known Arisa since I was rather young, She grew up around me and was raised by my mother Judith and my father."So far she managed to piece something together with out being nervous she expected to be nervous."So given that, this might have been a bit unneeded to explain that but think maybe context is needed for some things I mentioned."Judina almost felt like she messed something up. Thinking some thing else might have happen and she might have messed something up but felt a bit better about it, if it was taken well and her worry was wrong this would an good situation in the end.

"Aside from being raised and around Arisa of long periods of time, I am a Rune Knight currently, That is generally all I could explain myself since that is the most important things of me I can really think about."Judina wondered if she left out anything of importance, she did not know what else to expect  so for now she could most likely relax and continue what else was brought up in this conversation. Maybe anything else would be asked of her, She wouldn't be overly judge they where a lot different in life style then how Judina was use too and lived.

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Her mother was listening to Judina as Arisa was talking to her brother. ''So what do you do as a job and on  your free time?'' she wondered curiously as the kids were too busy eating and the maids had them taken care of as they were paid to do so. Loïc chuckled and put his right hand from the back against his chin gazing right into his sister's eyes. ''You see my dear sister, I am one of Minstrel's best researchers. Thanks to it - we finally found out your location.'' he said and leaned over to caress her sister's cheek. His hand felt cold, so cold as it was off putting. She blinked a few as she was confused at this. 'If he's human, shouldn't his hand feel warm?' she wondered. It took a few seconds, but an answer followed. 'Not always as it could be his nervous system or that disease in general.' the darkened voice replied. She nodded it off. ''On the side, I do help our Holy Church as we are quite fond of the Religions of all.'' he ended it there till he then asked about her. ''So, what do you do?''.

She wondered what all to tell as she couldn't say that she too as a researcher, but also a fighter. She was a mother now. ''I suppose I design and make clothes as well as own this shop on the side.'' she smiled innocently. She saw Loïc tap his chin as he was thinking and looked at his mother. ''I see. Quite interesting.'' he replied to that.

Oddete listened to Judina who introduced herself as she ate some strawberries slowly by suckling onto them by just the tip. Her golden eyes that were quite unnoticed were gazing at the blue haired woman. Her mother's eyes were mostly closed or so they looked. After Judina was finished, Oddete giggled cheerfully after swallowing her food. ''A knight of the law in Fiore. How exciting, my child.~'' she teased, but she was serious at the same time. The poor dear was of course close to her daughter and it's going to be a pity to give the news and huge question to her lovely daughter... the real reason behind this dinner. Odette's eyes struck right towards Káilètte who was talking to her brother/Odette's only son. After they were finished, she put down her fork she used and picked up a spoon with a loop of her middle finger and grasped the bottom of the spoon with her pointing finger. Slowly, the mother stood up and with her wine glass she tapped it three times. ''Attention!'' she spoke in her sweet soft tone as she smiled like her usual self. Arisa heard, but the others continued to talk. Her eyes opened a little, revealing her golden eyes. ''ATTENTION!'' she spoke spitefully and angry in her sooth french accent. Once their attention was gathered she then looked at Káilètte.

''My dear Káilètte... We lost you so many years ago that we thought you to be dead. Yet, here you are with children of your own. Beautiful and pure. We came here today to offer you a gift from us. One of them.'' she giggled and smiled. ''We talked to the higher ups of Minstrel and because of our Nobel status, you can come back to Minstrel with us.'' she ended. Arisa's eyes widened. '...Back to Minstrel?...' she thought making her heart beat fast. It was like a sudden offer being made that could mean so many differences depending on the action she takes. 'Live with family who loves you or chance your life in Fiore hoping your dreams are accomplished here. Choose wisely...' replied thee darkened tone that devoured her mind. Her pout-full lips departed in a slow gasp as she was speechless....

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Her free time, she first wanted to ask what free time, But at least she had a few answers."I do not generally get a lot of free time but I often spend it with either one of my two brothers, Arisa or when i can manage see my mother and father."She started off with at least being a bit peaceful and normal as she could."I also often manage meditation and martial arts as well it is one of the few things I can manage."that was all she could mention at this point  she did not have much else in her life going for her beyond that.

So far Judina had not eaten anything since it has started, if anything this was something a bit more putting lightly vastly more high class and bit too far of how to be, she wondered how this all could really could be a life some one wanted. Then again  keeping in mind Judina and most of her family worked differently, It even lead her to wonder if anyone in her family could actually handle these situations some one could most likely be better then her with this and she was much out of place after all she was more of stick to the simple things.

But kept in mind this would be good she could learn something about a way of life for the most part she assumed in her young age she would have never seen, hear or even be around at all. It seemed in the brief moment of conversation to listen however it seemed her slightly unsure nature and moment would soon fade away with how the conversation had continued and what was to come with this. Slowly paying attention to what was being spoken to the group.

She wondered what her reaction would be, Judina wanted to go off on such a mother who would throw her own child in to that situation. What kind of mother would throw such a thing at a her own kid? Why not like let her be able to live where she wants too and still be family, What rite did this mother believe she felt would it would do. Her thoughts started to gather, Blood doesn't make family it is the people around it, Judina wanted to yell that right at the moment she wanted to mention that it was will so stupid to throw upon a person that doing that to some one was far more stupid then ever then being that you needed to breath to breath.

Also thinking that if this mother really did love her child she would not that start this thing to start with, For the moment she held her breath Arisa could pick up that she was thinking something and holding back, Judina for once managed to hold back any anger she was feeling but her slightly peaceful smile was gone, But no expression of rage or anger was shown all that training she did to hold back her emotions were at work here. This was not her option to say anything too it was Arisa, She would do what she felt was right and she would hold her opinions to herself unless it was needed.

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It was too much. The thoughts in her mind that kept going and going like a on-going record. It wasn't going to stop. Her fingers went through her hair from each side of her head as she took a deep breather as if trying to hold her tears. She didn't want to leave her friends, those who were like family and her lover, but she also wanted to be with her family. It was quiet, too quiet for her taste as they were waiting and pressuring her with the sound of silence. She couldn't answer as of right now as there were so many things she had to consider. Her hands instantly dropped down on the table and scooted out of the chair to stand up. Looked at all of them - starting with her mother. ''I will need a month to think about it.'' she said with a calm expression trying to not share how she really felt.

Rage. Sadness and hurt.

They continued to eat and once everyone was done they started to leave one by one. Her mother was the last to leave, but before she left she spoke. ''Just follow your heart deary. We will wait a month for an answer.'' she said and bowed down her head to then exit afterwards. It was just her, Judina, her children and the workers who were too busy cleaning up to pay attention. Arisa's golden eyes looked down as she closed the class down all the way unsure what to say.

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It seemed the moment had pass where the dinner was finished and people had left thinking it over she was a cool now, She did realize a few things she could say and maybe do to help the situation. Keeping in mind it was not her who had the hard choice but some one else. She wanted to ask what Arisa truly wanted to do but a part of her could not help but feel bitter and slightly made about it as well,  Judina would wait at least Arisa's mother was gone until she spoke up, It was something she felt would be polite about it in that manner.

"No mother would throw such a thing at there own child."Judina said right away she was slight upset about, Judina seemed to be holding back her anger  and it was slightly showing at the moment. Then she let out a sigh and seemed to settle down."I almost said a lot more that and unsure what would have happen to insult some one during that moment."Judina then finished that moment of mention. She wanted to figure out something to do what she did not know at all.

She had to try and figure out something at least. these moment she was never sure about, After all this would never happen to her or anyone else last time such emotions like this could happen was the reason why she returned to the area to start with and that was grim. Quietly getting up from her chair Judina seemed to stretch out you could hear some part of her bones crack while she stretched out, even with that she just ended the stretching out with doing a back flip and landing on her feet perfectly. It happen when sitting still for that long.

Judina then quietly walked over and placed her hand on the shoulder of Arisa and patted it slightly, Personally still unsure to mention or say it was just Judina's support for the moment. So she would wonder to herself while she thought what to say. What would her mother do? He father? even Waylon each one would have a different view of what to do in this situation, Judina however could only just mention and say the one thing she had a feeling she knew and wanted to say even if it would not help Arisa choose.

"No matter what you choose, Even if your not blood. I will support your choice for you are my sister and I do in some manner love you as family."
It was the most simple and  only thing she could say."It would feel personally wrong of me if I tried to do anything to sway you ending results."Judina mentioned settling and making her minds peace with what she felt. But hiding the fact she wanted to end up punching something or a wall she would deal with her anger later when Arisa was not around her, It was not safe for the kids.

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She suddenly felt tired, exhausted even as if a truck of sleeping sand smashed into her. Her legs wabble and she finally drops to her  knees as they feel up against the cold marble floors. Arisa's eyes slant as she gazes off into the glass doors and watches them walk off into the distance. What if they leave forever after the time is rung? Partially she felt alone when she thought about it. Yea, she had her children, but Noel didn't even know about them and if he did... Will he leave her  in the end? Will she chance that possibility instead of leaving with her family?

He loved her.

Twas what he said at least. The day of the fight where he wanted to test her skills was rather frustrating. She suddenly felt an embrace which  devoured above her as a shadow figure. 'Oh, Káilètte... I will always be here for you.' spoke the dark toned woman in her mind. Tears ran down her face as if she was in some sort of paradox where Judina wasn't in. 'But... you're not even a solid figure. I don't even know who or what you are...' she spoke between sniffles. Her hands motions through her hair as hair strands were separated by her soft shaking fingers. The shadow had some sort of forced figure as she could feel it. On the other hand, Judina wouldn't be able to see it or feel it.  to everyone else... perhaps she looked as if she was catching some insanity.

She faintly heard what Judina said, but it wasn't just her she had to worry about...

Flashes of light beam into her eyes and mind as she then sees herself still standing at the door and her family leaving. 'What... just happened?' she wondered and turned around to hear Judina say what all she had to say. She was speaking about how she was here for her and whatever she decided. It was alright, but the way her mother did this was wrong - in Judina's opinion. Her eyes looked away as her arms dangled, body semi-straight and then looked back at her with soft golden eyes. ''I understand... but I think I need to be alone for a bit. I apologize.'' she replied to her and then waved goodbye simply to then take her kids and went up stairs... Something felt.. so off.


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