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Meditation [Private]

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Meditation [Private] Empty on Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:59 am

Sorcha Donovan
She wasn't entirely happy. The thing was that Sorcha came here to find answers, more answers, any sort of answers and not only be here because of the festival, which she actually didn't enjoy. How could one enjoy something that influenced how people see and used nature, it was ridiculous. The elf herself didn't think of herself as too much of a nature lover but perhaps she was? Compared to those human beings, that is. How could flower picking be fun? The flower would die in a matter of days or even quicker depending on the flower and so on. She was offered a flower and for the sake of humanity acted as if it was something nice to do but to be fair, Kurdran was right: she hated it. She had thought she would like Orchidia for it's nature and that the town was covered with it, not fighting it to stay away from buildings and places but then... the festival ruined it.

She had met some elves, she had met a dwarf and was actually wondering if Snow would be in a festival like this, their adventure in the other world was, well a tad extreme but both came out fine. It only meant that Sorcha her magic still wasn't up to date and that she would have to work on that rather soon. She wasn't sure if she was simply shy about it or that there was something blocking her from using it. Not the same vibes of the Earth perhaps now that she was away from the capital where the elves tend to live. She missed home, but apart from her aunt and uncle, there was not much around and most of all, there were no answers. Fiore has been hiding those answers very well too as if it were secrets but Sorcha would not be an elf if she was not so stubborn.

With a slow pace, the elf carried herself through Orchidia and still towards the festival, mostly because most people were there. If only Jian was here, he seemed to understand her quite well, even for the short conversation that they had. She had not seen him, she was not looking for him so the chances were small. However, at this point, she was simply passing through and moving towards the lake that was around the festival perimeters. She did not have any plans yet for today, but it did not matter at this point, the answers would come. Even if Sorcha was a stubborn elf, her nature as an elf also brought her patience. Something she had not been really good at as a child but now that she got older and now that she had been alone for four years, it went better. Four years already that she was the only one left of her family in the middle of the dark. No note, no broken items, nothing, only an empty house, and Sorcha. It still made her sad but she at least knew that her brothers were still alive.

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Meditation [Private] Empty on Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:17 am

Sorcha Donovan
Her slender legs would carry her to the point of her destination. She had been there before, once perhaps, when she met the other elves or she was not sure if the other was an elf too. She had believed so because no one was that fan of human beings to take one as a companion, but star-crossed lovers perhaps. It would be a very romantic gesture that Sorcha could understand. Not that she ever had someone that loved her but she was always daydreaming about it, how some prince charming would show up to get rid of all her sadness. She wondered if she showed enough sadness to the world that people would pity her because that was absolutely not what she wanted. Sure losing one's family was a very sad business but she was not incapable of making decisions on her own and so on, she was a young woman with a strong mindset and sense of justice of what to do. Perhaps not always the right justice but she wanted to get stronger. It was still something haywire in her system after how her father treated her. She perhaps should join a guild, have other people to depend on when it came to the problem of her own weakness. They might help her train and feel more motivated than only seeing it as a sort of revenge on her father. It was not something that would wound it him but it was something that would make him upset. A bit extreme to think that she wanted to achieve that when her father was missing.

That was, of course, her first goal, to find her parents and siblings, now that she knew they split up in their own journey. Where were they going? Back home? Her uncle would have sent her a message, in that case, she was sure of that. He would have found her but this meant that they had not been home yet. Maybe her brothers had escaped from whomever it was that took them away from their family home. Where she first had believed it could only be human beings, selling them off as something, slaves perhaps? She had now realized lately that humans would not have been able to come into their house in the elven territory.

Perhaps there had been no kidnapping at all and she was looking for people that did not want to be found. She could not imagine that for her brothers and to be honest with herself, not even from her mother. They might not have the best relationship but she was aware that her mother liked her around in the house, especially when she helped in the household business. Which was a lot if you had a husband in the royal guard and two young boys that he raised to follow in his footsteps. If only she had not been born, where would they be now? She was so tired from overthinking so much, after all, it did not change a single thing.

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Sorcha Donovan
She was doing that a lot lately, overthinking, too much, too harsh for herself and what not. It was not very pleasant and it would be better for the auburn-haired elf to simply consider things that did matter at the point and such as always came to this; she would consider her own track of thoughts by starting with the basic things that she knew that were true.

I am Sorcha Donovan.

Or well that she knew were particularly true because no one told her differently. Wait, that made her overthinking again and she should better let it go now.

I am the middle child of Moira and Giomanach Donovan.

A fact that she knew, or well she.. no: a fact that she knew that was true. Also what she knew was that her father did not like her, the reason for that only being a daughter instead of a son. Perhaps that is why they had three children, to at least have two sons, an heir and a spare. Even if they were not a kingdom, her father seemed to believe it was of a high importance to at least have two sons and after pushing and pushing and pushing:

I am an Earth magic user in the form of defense magic and healing.

He taught her to control her own magic, which had not even taken that much of a time as he refused to teach her in the ways of offensive magic as he taught her brothers Killian and Hunter, but she did not care at that point anymore, it was better to be able to be doing something than nothing at all. It was a sort of miracle that the three of them all had a different element but she did not consider that at first, all three of them, so what was the point, they were born in Galadriel, in their capital, so that was the reason why magic was everywhere, it belonged to them as an elf. Sorcha could not and did not want to imagine, how it would be if she had no magic. What if she lost it, she stared at her right hand, dodging the people that walked around on the festival. She had no need to look at them, she sort of felt the vibration, a ripple in her personal bubble when they came close.

She clenched her fist as she walked on, she had not used magic for ages, she did not believe that you could lose the ability from one day onto the next, it was like speaking, it was like breathing; something that you were so familiar with that there was no other option but to simply go on and use it. She stopped walking as she reached her destination. There were fewer beings here, exactly what she wanted and hoped for. Her amber eyes looked up at the huge tree that formed a beacon, formed something that could be a step closer to home, even if a home was wherever Sorcha was.

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Sorcha Donovan
Some things were, of course, difficult, that depended on the person, on the being, on a lot of facts that no one could ever agree with or think about or anything else. After all, you could not simply see when you looked at a person how they had developed or what could have harmed them in a way that made them unable to do certain things, no matter if it was because of a trauma or something else mental or a wound that hurt them that badly physical that it was no longer a possibility. No one would know how much the person would want to try and fix it however it remained impossible. With one foot she could reach a little nub on the tree that she used to lift herself up and grab the tree branch to pull herself higher up within the tree. The easier options for a lightweight elf as her.

Only more branches until she was no longer visible from below the tree and only if you looked from a distance; you could see her bright colored hair. Sorcha had no real problem with interacting with people, she was even hopelessly hoping that she would find that one being, no matter what race, one day to get rid of all her problems and be just a happy elf with her own lover. However at this point, she was not sure if she was able to make contact with whomever, she had talked too much about herself, about finding her family or that she could not use magic at this point and in her own eyes it had sort of become a bit pathetic, she did not even want to think about it too much. It did not change anything, after all, it was in the past and it had already happened.

She sat on a big branch, leaning on her own knees as she stared at the people in the distance. Perhaps everyone had something that they did not wish to share and even if Sorcha did and even if she tried not to regret it later: she did. Who was happy to tell anyone that her family had disappeared in the middle of the night, no broken vase, no broken window, nothing but the one person that was left was Sorcha Donovan. All by herself at the age of sixteen. No sign of a break in, no note of an immediately leaving, nothing. Who said again that she was not left behind, the thought had crossed her mind multiple times but she did not dare to believe and with that, she was lost. She did not want to think that was an option. She would forever ignore it unless, unless her father would tell her. Perhaps this was the reason why she decided to keep looking only for her brothers now that she knew that the four of them were separated. Had she thanked Jian enough? She could again not think about it, Jian had been very polite to her and very helpful, even if it was a small bit of information it was more than nothing at all.

She closed her eyes and wandered on in her mind.

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Meditation [Private] Empty on Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:41 pm

Sorcha Donovan
Everything in this world was different, but most people looked at her with the strange not-understranding that she was not used to. Her ears mostly hidden in her hair but the pointy parts coming out through that auburn colour and thus not hiding it, apart from that her jaw line was a lot stronger than those of the average human being and yet there were people that did not seem to be caring at all. Fiore after all held a lot of different people, human beings, mages, elves and other races and too much to fantom and too much Sorcha did not know and had not seen yet. She did not get tired of the learning process, she did get tired of searching for her family, the dark thoughts that clouded her mind.

She rather thought about happy things, things she could consider did go well and yet she wondered what did go well that made her consider this. She still had no answers and her thoughts only made it worse. Sometimes she wished she would just be able to stop to think and that's why she closed her eyes firmly again. She had a few seconds that she could not resist to peak again to the mass of human beings walking on the opposite side of the lake. But that did not help her from having a moment of peace. She needed meditation. So she went to sit up straight, push her back against the rough bark of the tree. Strong enough to support her and her balance making her not fall off the branch she was sitting on. She took a deep breath and hummed very softly within herself to get into the trance like state, to have this tranquility state that became her.

Lots of things passed her mind but in this state she simply waved them away to not think about them. She would not let this fear become a part of her or anything else for that matter and she would be just her; just Sorcha. No name else, no name extra, just her, the person she really was and did not become because a family of an adventure for a hunt. At some point there must be something, someone that had seen an elf that almost looked like her, either her eldest brother Hunter or her mother. They had the same hair colour, while her father and her brother Killian supported a darker brown hair colour, wood elves, it made it surely easier but right now she could not think of that and she let it go.

She needed nothing else but the inner peace to continue her quest, she should do something she liked, if everyone was here like Daiko had said, than Jian might be here and Snow that would be rather pleasant to think about than anything else at this point. Sorcha took a deep breath while keeping her eyes closed, she would see all of this later, she just needed to relax and perhaps she even dozed off to take a quick nap as the nightmares never seemed to show up when her mind was completely empty. Meditating had so its nice effects.


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