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Why am I still here? [Social | Abel]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:44 am

It would have been nice if everything would have gone more smooth. She definitely needed to get her mind back on track but with the appearance of Lucifer, Phoebe or rather the Goddess had been rather fickle and mostly grumpy as well. There were things Persephone demanded from her that didn't work and they had to continue into their game chapter and not get distracted by a side line. It was the beginning of the evening, she had not even had dinner yet and she stared at the pink alcoholic brew in her hand, swirling the glass softly. She didn't even drink much, not after the intoxicated job she had done for Victor, which had been annoying and involved fire that she hated most.

She sat on a bar stool, crossed legged and wondering how long she dared to torture herself to stay here, in Orchidia, this bar was perhaps the best part of all, she would drink away her problems. She had the table for herself and the good thing was that it was outside, the pop up stand made it easy for her to walk away in case someone annoying would try to get her attention, which was easy, some people didn't just start drinking like she did but had been going on it all day and there was a drunk man getting towards her. She uncrossed her legs to jump off the stool but was too late and he talked to her, his arms around her, holding on to the table, she couldn't really get away, she leaned as far away as he could, not only because of the smell but she was trying to figure out a plan of escape without using too much magic, after the fire incident part II, she still felt sore if she used magic.


on Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:50 am

Abel had been in the hotel bar for a while now, after getting back from a long travel. He was excited to enjoy the festival, but first he needed to rest up a bit. He hadn't had too much to drink yet, and was for the most part almost entirely sober. That being said, he could see that a girl was being bothered a bit by a drunk. While Abel for the most part was pretty stupid, he still felt sorry for this girl, who he could feel was in a bit of a tough spot right now. He noticed that nobody else was going to help her, so he sighed, figuring he could take some time off his rest to help out this girl. He had to figure out how, though. He was too tired to fight after all. What did he have. Oh right, money! He called to the bartender.

"One drink to the man in the red, please! On me!" he said, as the man who had his arm around the girl was clearly distracted by this and decided to go indulge in another drink. Well, that was a good few dollars wasted on saving someone. Though, perhaps wasted was a bad word. He did something good, after all. Abel smiled at the girl. "Heya, you alright? Don't worry, I hate the smell too."

#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:03 am

The problem was that the table was in the way to get even farther away from this guy and she looked up in surprise when a waiter brought the man a drink. Which totally distracted him and she looked at the waiter who pointed at a blonde and she wasn't sure what the idea was behind it but now the man was so focused on drinking, he had totally walked off to somewhere else and she turned her lilac eyes from that guy to the one that saved her and she smiled a little. "Well that cleaned up nicely." Persephone sighed, still not really in her favourable state but it was something.

She laughed a little when he talked to her, "Yes thank you. Some people don't know personal space." she offered the chair opposite her, "let me buy you a drink for your help." She gave him a smile still, waving to the waiter to order a new drink for herself and for her hero if he wanted to. She turned herself better on the chair to look at the person and crossed her legs again, thank god wearing skinny jeans and black heels, it was all fine, "I'm Phoebe, thank you again." she couldn't think about the idea to thank this person enough, on one hand perhaps she should have been able to do it herself, "We don't need to depend on other monkeys." But Phoebe ignored the Goddess in the back of her mind, who was still so annoying with Lucifer around.


on Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:12 am

Abel got a drink out of it, so he supposed he was reimbursed in a way. He chuckled at how she thanked him twice, it seemed he really had done quite the good deed. "Don't mention it, like I said, he was just smelling up the place either way. Though, I suppose I also wanted to help you too." he said, as he took the drink he had been gifted and took a sip from it. "Oh, and I'm Abel."

Now, what did most people do when they were in this kind of situation? With a pretty girl they just saved, at a bar... Abel had no idea. He was pretty dumb, after all. Oh well, he'd figure something out if he just randomly talked. "What brings you here tonight, Phoebe? I just got back from travelling a lot myself." It was true, his legs were still sore. It was a relief to sit down at one of these stools after having been walking on a dirt road all day. That being said, the main reason he did it was to enjoy this part more, the leisure of being able to sit down and relax to the fullest. Still though, he felt exhausted. Maybe this drink and this conversation would be able to perk him up a little bit and fill him with energy.

#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:25 am

She brushed her long black hair over her shoulder and glanced at this young man. She wondered how many times she would, could or simply ended up in the bad situations and if Persephone wuold be there to help her soon enough. If she hadn't used so much magic only days ago, perhaps it would have not been a problem, if Persephone her ego wasn't simply pressed down by Lucifer's arrival in town, it might not be that worse but at this point, she had been simply helpless. She didn't like to consider to be like that, but perhaps it was best to ignore that now. She opened her mouth to thank him again and bit her lower lip, "I almost thanked you for a third time." she said, the smile returning on her face. It was a shame that simply some drunkards were there, it was better to simply have a conversation. So his name was Abel, a name she had not heard before and she looked at her drink again. The cocktail supporting a vibrant colour, she wondered when she would ever feel vibrant again.

"Oh, I am from Orchidia, I actually came to consider how long I would stay here or if I dared to go on a travel myself. Where did you came from?" She took a small sip from her drink after asking, her lilac eyes looking the hero over, what kind of adventures would be there, she had talked about that with Darius, sh ehad wondered about it with Victor and Ri but it wasn't really working.


on Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:31 am

"Hmmm..." Abel thought to himself. Now that he properly explored the idea, he wasn't really "from" anywhere. Sure, he had a birthplace, but he traveled around so much that he couldn't really say he had a place to call home at all. So, instead of making up some elaborate hometown, Abel just decided to do what he did best and say the blatant truth. "I'm a wanderer, honestly. I don't really come from anywhere. Though, I was just in Dahlia before coming here, I had been bounty hunting." This would not only give the woman an idea of Abel's habits, but also his profession. He was sure that while bounty hunter wasn't the coolest job in the world, it was probably high up there. While the thought didn't cross Abel's simple mind, perhaps the lady would be impressed by this. Of course, even Abel was smart enough to leave out the part about him getting from town to town by hiding in the carriages of farmers.

"I think everyone should get a chance to travel, y'know! Maybe I'll end up buying you a vacation to go along with that drink." Abel said, obviously joking around with the woman. He wasn't one for being too serious, though today he did seem slightly less stupid than he usually was. Maybe it was because he had been travelling for so long.

#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:41 am

"Hmm Dahlia, I heard quite some things about that before." Phoebe had no idea how she heard much about it as Persephone and Phoebe formed one body and how could the Goddess hear things about it but Phoebe not. She only knew it was a dark town and she wondered if she would fit there properly. It was worth to see how it was at some point. She only remembered Victor suggested to go around it, she had been weak at that point and she did not want to be that anymore. It would be good to go there at some point and proof that she wasn't bad. "How exciting that must be." She said though, holding on to the being that she was at this point, she would shape the way Persephone wanted and she did not midn but it would go slowly with the game they were playing. "I don't think I would fit there."

She laughed a little when he said he might offer her a vacation, "That sounds nice, so you must have seen a lot of Fiore? Any town that is your favourite?" Because she was rather curious about that, she had not been around in places long enough to make a decision. She had liked Magnolia, Hargeon wasn't bad either but Crocus wasn't her favourite town and she had been too shortly in Baska to make a decision.

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