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What happens in the bachelorette party... ♫ [Social | Alice]

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on Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:27 pm


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Ugh... She felt like someone had cracked her head open with an axe... The sculptress woke up with a strange, wet sensation on her cheek, followed by a melodic meow. As her eyelids parted, she came face to face with a cat, looking at her in a way that almost felt like disapproval. She swore it almost shoot its head at some point. She rose from her intoxicated slumber slow and painfully, groaning and rubbing at her sore head the whole way. She'd made quite a mess of herself, her hair far more dishevelled than it ever would on the average morning, her Kimono loose beyond any measure of elegance, right at the edge of falling off entirely. Her back too felt pretty sore, understandably so after sleeping on the cold, hard floor:

"Now how did you get here...?", she asked the cat, petting it as it merely mewed in response. And as her neck twisted left and right, she furrowed her brow and scratched her head, disoriented, "...And more importantly, how did I get here...?"

Even after adjusting her Kimono as she stood back up, Alisa vaguely remember how the outfit should look like, enough to tell some of it was missing. The fabric once went beyond her knees, and now looked roughly, haphazardly cut above them. Merely glancing at the window cause a hangover-induced aversity to bright lights, prompting yet another groan as she squinted, averting her gaze.

"Everyone still out cold huh...", noted the sculptress, casting her gaze over to Alice and a few other friends who came along. Understandably so... From a highly tolerant drinker like Alisa who hadn't gotten a hangover in years, the kind of booze fest to make her feel like she'd been kicked in the head, gut, whatever, over and over again, must have been quite intense indeed. She couldn't blame them for needing to sleep it off for a few more hours... Well, maybe a day or two. With the heavy soreness in her head, she too a while to notice the actual bachelorette was nowhere to be seen, "Wha... Where's Alice...?!"

For once Alisa felt visibly unnerved, as having lost the bride seemed like the worst possible outcome, most likely ruining her wedding and irreparably marking the sculptress as the worst maid of honor in history. She spotted some of their friends lying around, one of them all but hiding under the covers with naught but a pair of bunny ears peeking outside.

Had they brought another girl home with them...? But, where... As she tried to recall what happened however, she drew nothing but blanks, all but wincing as the headache grew stronger at her efforts to remember. Ugh... Just what the hell did they do last night?! Only a single thought yet lingered in her hungover mind: Totally worth it.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:29 pm

She got a headache… and it first felt like her head would explode any second that she thought about that and the second thing was that there was a pain behind her ears, which could be because she was wearing a headband of black bunny ears. She had rolled herself up like some sort of sushi roll and looked at the little bits of bright light that was outside her small one-woman cave and decided that she would tolerate the pain and wiggle herself out. Which wasn’t really favouritable for her outfit as that was apparently complimenting the bunny ears, as well as her long skinny legs but well, that wasn’t visible as she sat, staring at her outfit. The hell, how did she get that, don’t think too long a head explosion would happen. Everything seemed to hurt, which would make sense if those black heels that stood next to her blankets were what she had worn all night, those weren’t hers, where the heck were her pants? She looked left and right and squinted her eyes when she looked up to her maid of honour, ”I.. I am a bit lost.” To be soon distracted by the cat, it ran over towards her and she first leaned a bit backwards because; the heck they got a cat now? She looked left and right but spotted Hecate her long blue hair and sleepy face so no rare magic tricks on that one, ”We have a cat?” A cat? A bunny suit? She stood up, a bit wobbly still but mostly because she had a hangover and was tired. She had this disgusting flavour in her mouth from too much alcohol and walked into the bathroom.

She didn’t reach the sink to get to the point of brushing her teeth because for starters: this wasn’t their hotel room and she noticed because none of their stuff was in the bathroom and it had a wall length mirror, which she couldn’t remember from before they left, which only made it more clearly to see the full bunny suit, the disray of her hair and a: a small shriek left her lips, tattoo on her right hip: belongs to Konstantin. She made herself giggle, forced herself to giggle, nah this was permanent marker, this would get off, but she let out a soft autsh sound as she tried to rub it off; nope.. tattoo. ”What did I do.”


on Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:41 am


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Alisa had no clue whether Alice, or anybody else had actually made it this far with her, not beyond the few girls she actually spotted. But the bride herself was nowhere to be seen, and the longer she went without seeing her, the more she questioned that lingering, unconscious thought on the value of a night she couldn't even recall. She gave up on trying to recall it as that mere thought had her wincing, but soon enough she'd let out a relieved sight as that bunny eared figure sluggishly brought herself up:

"Ara, good morning Alice~...", despite the pain in her head, that bunny suit brought a giggle from her lips as she rested one hand on her hip, "However did you come upon such a getup~?"

A futile question considering the hopeful bride also found herself in the exact same predicament as Alisa did. Yet with such a colossal hangover weight her down, her thought process was hardly as sharp as her usual. Alice's outfit defenitely complimented her shapely figure, her outfit resulting in a tried and tested sex appeal with a splash of cuteness. Yet it wasn't really her style, hell, not even Alisa's. What in the world did the two get up to last night?!

"You and me both...", she glanced away, rubbing her somewhat dishevelled hair with a hazy, almost apologetic look. At her following words, the sculptress crossed her arms under her bosom as she turned her eyes to the cute little feline they'd carried indoors, "Apparently we do..."

Shaking her head, she brought a hand to her forehead as she couldn't help but think of how they got him... But recieved only pain instead of the memories she'd hoped to find:

"As to where we got him, well...", she loosened her arms and shrugged, looking back at Alice's eyes,"Your guess is as good as mine."

Seeing a nauseous looking redhead stumbling onto the bathroom, she herself made her way to the kitchenette and did what every good maid of honor should do after the bride had a crazy night like this. Get her some water. Hangover she may be, Alisa's drinking habits gave her a slight bit more tolerance than her friend... Just a little. But even she felt a nauseating churn in her stomach if she moved around too fast. Both of them needed water, to rehydrate before they could think on what to do next. But as she heard that shriek, her breath hitched and her pace quickned, toughing out the nausea and rushing for the bathroom.
"Ugh... I look hideous.", groaned the sculptress, quickly averting her gaze from the mirror and instead rushing to Alice's side. She had visible bags under her eyes, her pale, creamy skin had a fair less healthy hue, and if that weren't enough, she had enough makeup smears on her face to cringe over. Thank Illumin she never overdid her makeup. Shaking her head free of those thoughs, she instead stepped over to Alice and laid a hand on her arm, "More importantly, what happened...?!"

She looked at the tattoo on the girl's hip, but she'd also never seen Alice with such reduced clothing... She had no idea the woman didn't have it before, and obviously didn't remember that.But she figured it out fast enough:

"That... You didn't have it before, did you?", as she asked this question, brow furrowing with a troubled look, she instinctively offered Alice the glass of water she'd just poured.

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#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Jul 01, 2018 7:05 am

Alright, she always had thought she was doing fairly okay with alcohol, surely she had a long period of not drinking and so on for a very important result; two kids and after that, she couldn’t drink as she took care of her children but for a bachelorette party it shouldn’t be this mad. But it felt like a complete madness. Her headache made it feel like if she lifted up her head, she would sink down through the rest of the floor as it was heavy and it would be a hellish thing to do; combing her hair. Why did she had such long hair? It surely did not feel like a good thing at this point. Thank god in the present time Alice did not regret having long hair, she loved the beautiful red colour from it.

However, at this time she simply wanted to brush her teeth, there were a few things that had gone through her mind. Such as shortly talking to Alisa, she didn’t grab most details of it, the thing was that she was lost in what happened, how she traded her pants and crop top for a bunny suit or was she wearing that expensive kimono? Oh, that would be even worse. Besides they had a cat and as much as she liked a cat, she had already three companions that she needed to take care off, oh god where was Ceres? Oh wait, she didn’t take Ceres along and she had gone two days for her wedding so Kon could go before the wedding and the children wouldn’t be alone and.. oh tomorrow was her wedding. How she had freaked out about her own wedding and now it was over and it was a perfect day that she enjoyed very much.

But that’s not why the redhead freaked out and probably woke up a few people, were it not that they were battling their own hangover while asleep. She stared at the tattoo on her right hip, oh this was disastrous, this was very, very very bad as it hurt now that she tried to rub it off. She looked up to her friend as she had this panic looked on her face, rubbed her eye, tried not to cry because that would only come because of stress and many other things and would make her look even worse like a panda. She shook her head lightly when Alisa noticed the tattoo, ”Oh it’s ridiculous, how could I have been so drunk and more importantly.” the knight said with a flare of sarcasm and anger, ”If I get my hands on the person that tattooed a drunk chick on her hip, I’m going to strangle him.” For she was almost certain for some dumb reason it was a guy, to be fair: Konstantin was written correctly. She missed the glass at water first but when she took it, she used three big gulps and finished the glass of water in no time; ”How do I get it to be removed, before the wedding, Konstantin can’t see this.”

She had not removed it before the wedding but he had only seen it after. More or less she was saved from that moment for a while.


on Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:16 am


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The cat in question all but followed the girls around, as if confused by their state. That inquisitive look defenitely looked positively adorable and Alisa for one would have given in and pet the living snot out of it. At this point though, she knew that if she crouched down or anything of the sort, she wouldn't stand back up nearly as easily. It took a great deal of effort to focus with this painful weight on her head.

But they had carried other souvenirs beyond their new pet... Neither Alisa nor Alice could properly look after a pet: the sculptress wandered around Fiore and scarcely owned a permanent home, while Alice had her own family and companions to take care of. Surely, they could figure out what to do with the cat eventually, the sculptress could hardly think about that now...

In her attempts to cooly push aside problems as they appeared, Alisa convinced herself they'd have more troublesome matters to fret over... But as she'd soon find out, those could very well rear their ugly head sooner than she expected them to

"Well, at least you had his name written correctly...", observed the sculptress - silently noting how it could have been a lot worse - pushing through and forcing that faint smile she normally wore as easily as breathing. As hard as they may find it, they had to look at what little silver linings they found laid before them... Once again, Alisa knew they'd have more than enough problems to deal with, and in that notion found perhaps the only certainty she had about this hangover.

That tattoo wasn't really her style, but until she had it removed, might as well simply push aside those worries as much as possible... Odds were, they'd have far more troubling issues to deal with. But not even Alisa could have expected to come face to face with one this fast. As she rested her hand on Alice's arm, doing her best to cool her down and soothe her rage before they gathered their bearings, she noticed a shiny glimmer on that same hand.

But when she looked closely, she gulped as her eyes widened, face going livid in the matter... This... Better not be what she thought it was. She couldn't even fathom the possibility... Why did she end up with such a beautiful, shimmering diamond ring...?!

"My... I really hope I sculpted this stone myself...", she'd comment, barely concealing her trembling unease, perhaps the greatest sense of dread Alisa had felt in years. Could she have gotten so drunk as to accept someone's marriage proposal...? Or worse, could she herself have proposed?! No, in that case, she wouldn't be the one with the ring now, would she? In the end, that alone hardly brought her that much comfort, "Please, do tell me I'm not still drunk..."

As she looked at the ring with a mix of awe and fright, turning her hand around. She even brought her hands together, idly rubbing the smooth crystal as if to make sure she wasn't really dreaming...

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#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:58 am

Alice wasn’t really wondering about the cat, she had three feline like companions and even if the cat was very cute, she couldn’t use a normal cat with that and would have her hands full on that as well, especially with her hyper enthusiastic Ceres, who wasn’t invited to the party for being unable to change into a human and according to Jupiter and Hecate be like a minor. Hecate was here though and surprisingly drunk and having a hangover, it was also funny to see that she had not automatically changed back to her beast form but at this point Alice had only eyes for the tattoo on her right hip: Property of Konstantin. Oh how could someone allow a drunk woman to get a tattoo, if she was an Rune Knight and had to worry about the wellbeing of humans in such a state but she had other duties as a Holy Knight, that didn’t mean she might kick this person’s ass even if that would mean her own headache would get worse.

It was probably the alcohol but she giggled, ”I wonder how I did that. I mean it’s not the easiest name to write.” though there were always names you could write differently and in her eyes wrong: Ellis was an example of her own easy name. Or well her previous name Baskerville wasn’t that difficult either consider she would soon be Sokolov. If she only looked back at her own stupidity of that evening, it was a bit bad that she had left it on instead of immediately found someone that could remove the tattoo, she had laughed a little about it later, when Kon had seen it. But at that point in the bathroom, it was only funny because the alcohol still was in her system.

As she looked at herself in the mirror one more time, panda eyes thanks to the mascara, she felt her friends hand on her arm and turned to look at the hand and as she had wanted to look at Alisa her face, she also noticed the ring and checked her own, it didn’t even look the same but she couldn’t help to make sure she still had it. She heard Alisa mutter that she hoped she sculpted it herself and she knew her friend at the moment wasn’t someone to settle in a relationship like she was, leave out marriage; ”Keep it positive, if it wasn’t, quickly sell it and get us a cab to our own hotel.” She grinned, surely felt horrible with this headache, the tattoo and the complete mystery but she tried to see the fun in it a little, it surely had been a wild night. To be fair, she wanted to go to her own hotel to stop wearing this bunny suit~!

”We really need to trace our steps to see what happens, it’s too much of a mystery that I don’t want to carry.” She rubbed her left eye with left hand and noticed with her open right eye in the mirror a long number on her forearm, ”Only more mysteries show up.” She checked her right arm in the mirror which had also a long number, what if they were phone numbers? It seemed that these were at least with a permanent marker and not a tattoo machine with needles.


on Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:22 am


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At a another time, Alisa might have laughed, but at this point, she merely shared a giggle with Alice... Thankfully, the girl could push aside the worst of her worries enough to laugh about it, after all; the accurate spelling of her fiancé's name pretty much guaranteed Alice had indeed inked herself by choice, but she was obviously nowhere near conscious about it. Indeed, the cat was the least of their problems, they could find a better place for him in the coming hours.

Of course, every moment of laugher came as a hard, stenuous effort, a light hearted reaction made all the more painful by the very vivid souvenir of last night's adventure. The weight on her head, the soreness of her body... When the time comes to pick the best hangover remedy, everyone has their own two cents to pitch... Alisa had never tried it, but she knew no amount of hangover treatments could fix the ring on her finger:

"Might as well... For the first time in my life, I'd rather not look this diamond for too long.", she'd conclude, gazing away from the ring and back at Alice, "Hmm, good idea...", she looked around uselessly, as if forgetting they were still inside my bathroom, "I'd be surprised if I could actually find my wallet amidst this mess..."

At least before she figured out where the hell it came from, and if it happened to have come from a man (or woman), she'd promptly return it lest the misunderstanding take root in a witless person's mind. But just like Alice, Alisa too needed to be elsewhere, they needed to find out what the hell they'd gotten up to and how much damage control they'd need to fix the worse of it. And for starters, they had to ensure all their friends were doing well enough to be left to their own devices:

"Indeed... I can't rest until I return this ring to whomever it belonged to...", but she lost Alice somewhere along her speech, and took a while to realize the girl had now taken to looking at a wierd number on her arm, "A phone number...?", leaning in and furrowing her brow, Alisa rubbed her chin and looked at her friend, "Could that be a lead...?  In any case, we should check up on the other girls first, at least making ourselves somewhat presentable. Within reason of course..."

With this, Alisa would leave it to Alice to look around the bedroom, while she herself checked out the living room again. Despite the fog shrouding her memories, the sculptress still remembered who she'd gone out with, or else things might prove complicated, even more than they already were. As she though looked around, Alisa's gaze happened upon a bundle of keys, suspiciously close to where she'd been sleeping. Did she bring home yet another souvenir?

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#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:20 am

She sat down on the edge of the bath tub, looking at herself in the mirror with the lights on was quite a tough thing to do so she rather did not do that too long and the shock of the tattoo, which now throbbed lightly as she had rubbed it too harshly. She twirled a piece of red hair around her index finger and looked bemused at the marks on her arms, she had no idea, one looked more like a phone number than the other and she made an unnoticed (by herself) "hmm" sound and looked up when Alisa spoke about the ring again. "I would offer to keep it for you but this bunny suit has no pockets." To which she pointed out that it was everything but comfortable and she felt a bit embarrassed, how long had she walked around like this. She pulled on the heart shaped neckline to pull it up even if it was sitting fine enough, which said a lot for a suit like this.

She stood up soon enough again, "To find anything at all." she muttered as she followed suit to get out of the small bathroom, the light was too bad. She looked around but did not want to disturb the sleeping girls as they had no pain yet, hangovers came the moment you woke up, hit with a baseball idea. She showed Alisa not shortly after that the numbers on both her arms, "This one looks like a phone number and the other one looks like well to be frank a series of numbers random." She surely did not hope that she flirted with someone and that the person got too clingy and she as a safety net had tattood that on her hip. It would sound like a decent story of events if she was too drunk. "It could be a start." She made sure that her friends were alright, "I can barely remember who was all around." She brushed Hecate her blue hair out of her face. Arisa. Asura couldn't come, right? Snow? She froze, "I miss someone." she looked left and right to the girls in the room.


on Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:11 pm


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"Oh, one is already enough trouble for you... I won't burden you with another~", teased the sculptress, resting her butt against the sink, actually managing a playful wink as she recalled the very reason why they'd gone out and partied the night away. As troubling as her surprises turned out, none seemed quite as permanent as Alice's tattoo. She'd likely want it removed before the big day, but until then, she seemed far more preoccupied with those random numbers drawn on her arms, "If we could somehow retrace the steps from last night, we might learn who that number belongs to...", though the mere thought of recalling her steps got an uneasy look from the sculptress, she doubted they'd get too far, but they had to try...

Alisa looked around the hotel room and one by one found all the people she expected to find, including Lumen... But the more she looked, the more faces she gazed upon, the further that uneasy, all but nauseating worry built up inside. She was missing something, or rather, someone. Couldn't it be her imagination...? Alisa could only hope so as she looked around the hotel room, all while avoiding staring too hard at her friend's overly flattering outfit... She came up empty in the end, and eventually slumped on the living room couch where she first woke up, their new cat rubbing idly against her leg:

"Before that... Before we went to the party and got wasted...", Alisa winced as she sat down, rubbing her temples, visibly straining through the pain in a hopeless attempt to rememeber something before the black out, "Who were we go with...?"

She gritted her teeth ever so slightly, a faint hint of frustration mixing in with the aching in her head, the soreness all over her body. This was one uneasy feeling she simply couldn't shake off, and after a short while, she looked up into Alice's eyes:

"Where's Esperia...?", livid and wide eyed, Alisa's tone betrayed an uncanny sense of dread... Could they really have lost one of their friends?

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#10Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:41 am

She couldn't help but laugh at the teasing comment her friend made, which she regret shortly after because of the pain in her head that came with the hangover. She really needed an asprine to work and perhaps drink some more to get the alcohol out of her system. She couldn't remember having ever such pain in her head and not being hit on it by a spell or another weapon. She looked again at the numbers, the one that looked like a phone number and a code for something she obviously couldn't remember, "I wonder how far we get." she mentioned after seeing the uneasy look from Alisa. She wanted to understand but was that all together possible? "Perhaps if we try to retrace our footsteps it's best to start at the club where we first went. I can remember a few things about that, but I have no idea what happened before we left or why we left." She frowned and looked at her reflection from the point where she could see it, at least she had no scratches or anything, the tattoo would be covered and was least of her concern, she wanted her sort of memory back. Now that she made it sound like that, she gripped the edge of the bathtub and squeezed as hard as she could. It felt a bit like amnesia all over again and it made her heart pump quicker, rush through her mind and she swallowed albeit with some difficulty. It was fine; she wasn't alone.

She quickly walked out of the bathroom when Alisa went first, trying to consider that it wasn't a weird claustrophobic feeling because she did not have that fear of small spaces, which was great, imagine if she had. As she surely felt that they were missing someone, she called out to Alisa, not even waking up the others. She looked around as well and Alice knew something was wrong as her friend spoke again and she turned a little paler considering how Alisa talked. She looked at her friends asleep and turned to look at Alisa as she heard her speak about Esperia and she quickly scanned the room, but no sign of her or the Demon Lord. "oh no, where's Esperia?" How could they forget Esperia! She felt like a horrible friend. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and held on to the opposite upper arm with either hand to guard herself to the feelings that were rushing over her.

Esperia was capable of a lot, right? She could protect herself, Asmodeus was there.


on Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:21 am


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Indeed, they needed something to help cope with this headache... Coffee most defenitely, water as well. All in all, getting some food in their stomach would somewhat help ease it away, assuming they could keep it down. Even for people who'd been fighting for so long, few things compared to this kind of grating, throbbing pain in their heads

"Mmm, let's go with that. We should ask around the reception here too... Maybe we dropped some clues about where we came from.", added the sculptress

Only at this point did Alisa finally noticed something her usual self might have picked out immediately. On the small coffee table right next to the same couch she'd been sleeping in for Illumin knows how long; there she found a bunch of keys, shimmering ever so softly under the thin rays of sunlight peeking in through the shutters. Why would anybody leave a bunch of keys in the room? The briefest, cursory examination revealed them to belong to a vehicle of some sort, only neither Alisa nor Alice owned one such machine. It's not exactly the kind of thing you'd leave around on a room to be rented out to guests. And case in point, many of whom far too drunk to even remember paying for it in the first place... Alisa could only rest her chin on her knees, never having felt so glad for her impeccable composure as she did now. It may seem almost cold, but for two hangover girls to find their missing friend, they'd defenitely need calm to think clearly, especially with such a heavy, hungover haze weighting down upon them:

"If she were sober, we could afford the luxury of not worrying...", frowned Alisa, visibly troubled by the prospect. She shifted her gaze up to Alisa, "But at this rate, she could have vanished anytime last night, and we have no idea when."

Immediately, Alisa rose to her feet, shaking her head as her body resisted the sudden standing up with a hissing pain that made her wince. Immediately she grabbed the keys she'd just noticed, and looked at the black cat still looking up at the two, almost expectantly:

"We need to go find her... I'd say we should find a change of clothes, but no time for that.", she spoke, that sense of urgency growing all the more palpable by the second, "I doubt we'll find some anyway."

With this, she'd head out of the room hopefully with Alice in tow, yet for all her confidence Alisa still hadn't figured where to start her search. Perhaps they should spend a bit of extra time at this motel and perhaps see if the receptionist had any information... Not to mention grabbing themselves some coffee... But the longer she waited, the more time Esperia remained missing.

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#12Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:12 pm

It felt so strange to have this particular headache and she did not feel comfortable enough in this hotel room as well as in the bunny suit right now to make a decision about what to do. Realizing that their friend was missing made it not even better but only worse. The throbbing pain in the back of her head was like a thing blaming her right now; every throb was a punishment. How could they lose Esperia! "Right, the reception is a very good start." How could she forget. She hoped there were some clues, she wanted to walk to the front door and get out when she again, reminded herself of the bunny suit that she was wearing. Alright, it was not a great idea to hop out of a hotel room, her face still black around her eyes because of the dammed mascara.

She quickly hurried into the bathroom again, the little cat following her, apparently in need of some attention. She removed the black lines underneath her eyes for as far as it was mascara and found her own hair tie and made a knot of her bright red hair to at least get some under control. The good thing was she had no longer the bunny ears on her head. She only needed a trenchcoat or some sorts so she could be without the suit or not show the suit for that matter. "Would the alcohol affect the Demon lord? Perhaps she is fine?" she said turning back to Alisa to try to get a little less anxious about the idea. She nodded, looking around for someone's jacket to be able to get out and hide the tattoo too, another thing.

Alice looked at the keys that Alisa held with a frown on her face, "Yes, let's go as soon as possible." She picked up the cat, "I assume you found the keys to a vehicle? How about you find it and pick me up at the entrance. I bring this little cutie to the reception to watch over it until we find the rightful place, we can't leave it here with the sleeping people, no one gives her attention." So she followed Alisa as they got out and made her way, on too high, high heels. She went to talk to the girl behind the desk there to ask for two coffee to go, a trench coat and to take care off this cat. She seemed to be surprised but Alice played the: I'm getting married soon card, to get what she want.


on Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:36 pm


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Indeed, even Alisa couldn't help but interpret this hangover she seldom recieved as karmic justice for her negligent overindulgence, the carelessness that lead them all to wind up in this sorry state, in the this place... Where is this place even...? Whenever she remembered she didn't actually know the answer to this question, that rush of guild only further entwined with the headache for a truly taxing experience. Alisa and Alice naturally called a truce and avoided throwing playful quips, poking fun at each other's pitiful states, and instead focused on doing wahat they could to recover. But as much as Alisa wanted to simply rest off this headache, they no longer had that luxury:

"I doubt it... However much power Asmodeus may have at her fingertips, she's still limited by Esperia's own body.", Alisa shook her head, keeping the hand on her temple as she struggled to think everything through. She'd climb down the flight of stairs, knowing moving around who help cure what ailed her, somewhat... Or at least bury its presence for little while longer.

As she did her best to walk it off, Alisa held no objection to Alice bringing the cat along with them. Perhaps it's for the best; they who'd try to find out what the hell happened should try to return the poor lost pet to its rightful owner. The cafeteria though, stood between the two women and the reception though, and the smell alone almost immediately woke the sculptress a couple notches... Enough to tell her some coffee was the way to go. She'd stay away from the hair of the dog this time though:

"If only I knew what vehicle it belonged to...", Alisa flashed an uneasy smile, rubbing behind her head apologetically, "I can assure you it's not mine either.", she couldn't help look over to the cat, which she assumed belonged to neither of them as well, "..Something else that isn't ours..."

As she looked around almost absently, Alisa scratched her not so dishevelled hair, ignoring the modicum of disapproving side glances she got from few other guests. No doubt a sight like the two of them was hardly uncommon in a sleazy motel such as this.

"First, let's grab some coffee... We need about as much wakefulness as we can afford.", she'd suggest, quickly trudging over to the breakfast table and filling up a mug. She'd fill one for Alice too if she wanted it, and taking a seat at the nearest empty table.

Strength is also Beauty

"Love blooms brightest in spring~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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