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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.)

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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.) Empty on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:08 pm

What life and how it flows as the tides of an ocean, It was interesting rather plain in thought but made Waylon happy nonetheless even if his mind was and thoughts was bugging him about not wanting to be alone but dealing with it at the same time.

He took a bit of time to rest since he had traveled a fair way here to be here Waylon had found a place to sleep that evening to rest, It led to wonder when his traveling days would end, After all he thought that would had sooner with how he felt the way of everything was going at one point for him.

He had took the moment sun shine in quietly looking upon the water and the rising sun when he awake as people slowly return to the festival even if it was slow it was the peaceful moment Waylon enjoyed. He at least remembered to pack a kettle and some tea to drink he did not have much else he had food or drink wise at this point. It was thes settling morning with talking in the background of the early arrivals to the slow day it was almost like Waylon started to tune reality out of them.

He wondered what to do with his life and where it could go at this point, his mind tune out slowly made him slowly blocked out the sound of talking and just the sound of the wind and the water.

Slowly thinking of what things he could do, What else was left for him to do, where does he go from here? It was the never ending question he wanted the answered for a long time now for all it did was return over and over and return the slightly depressing thoughts he kept on his mind normally.

Continue exploring the place he had not? it was something he was unsure about doing he was unsure that when he would return to tell his tales. He would keep that promise even if it seemed like a highly unlikely to happen but that was his thoughts going against him again, for he believed he would not encounter that person again he believed he would but his mind was trying to tell him differently, Another part of that cycle he would be stuck in. Wondering when it would end for him for it felt draining.

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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.) Empty on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:34 pm

The day and time was new for Judina, Her mother who she arrived with had chosen to go spend sometime alone mentioning she felt rather exhausted and tired for such an outing, She had a feeling her mother felt a little overwhelmed with joining her daughter here and joining her on this festival and having seen Arisa as well, It seemed not only to overwhelm her but bring her a large amount of happiness maybe Judina would have to take it easy as well after all she had dealt with a lot as well herself.

He had a cup of green tea in a paper cup while she had came outside from where she was staying she had gotten her and her mother their own rooms to stay in during this festival, it was a lot earlier than she thought, Letting out a small sigh about it she took a sip of her tea. Realizing for once she did not want to stick to routine and just go for a walk while everything was opening.

She had a few things troubling her still, But she was trying to just get her mind off of it by doing her walk. Maybe it would put her mind at ease since for some reason she still feels something was a miss but what she could not put her mind or finger on exactly what it was, for Judina had so many things on her mind that it just seemed like it would slowly overpower her thoughts currently.

Even walking slower then normal while she was thinking and take a drink of her tea, the steaming coming off of it was relaxing to smell while was she was looking upon the water as well. Why did Judina allow her mind to be troubled so much by this? why else did she think of so many things, Why did she allow herself to take on so much? When did this cycle end for her? So many things for the moment she would just attempt to walk it off. So far her could feel her mind just settling that away while she walked, Evening avoiding the thought of when it would all return as well this walk would just be how she planned.

It allowed her to think of something different for once, maybe allow her ponder few other things, What her life could end up being following and allowed her just to allow fate to chose everything. She knew fate is also in the hands of the person as well but being unsure if how to balance both. Maybe few other things as well mostly not important enough to really recall in her mind.

The reflection of the water and seeing her face made he realize her worry did nothing to help herself in anyway the stress did not do her any good so she would stop walking and stand still to looking up the water and listen quietly to the moving water and wind.

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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.) Empty on Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:38 am

Walking he continued walking along the path he had started, His thoughts he did carry him forward for how lost he did feels at times, After all he had and would most likely spend this festival time alone as he had spend most of coming time he had. The cycle he was getting trapped into was something surely he had grown to fear but as well just accept as well. Knowing he shouldn't. Now days he had that peace of mind with in it for the moment but it always quickly cycle back into loneliness and being on his own, Wanting to not to be so and wishing to change to yet again not knowing how to fix it.

Waylon would slowly walk his way towards the a path he thought would be to a lake or some kind of water. A Path he would normally like to walk by he just liked to be the water and and relax his mind a bit more, I allowed him to piece together some other things he wondered to himself while he was walking around, He would consider where to start at the festival eventually when he did start walking around there.

Not realizing he turned away from the path too the festival when he walked towards the lake, But it felt a more fitting in his mind to do so, It felt a bit more wanted this possibly getting majorly uncomfortable being in large groups of people and being unsure of himself. He wanted to just have a straight forward and clear mind before going that far forward. the path he was on is pretty relaxing and quite settling it brought a small smile to his face, but it was a lot more empty then he thought but he did not know exactly how it all worked with festivals.

But walking along Waylon thought he saw some one while looking upon the water and the point it met the grass. He did not realize he was thinking of it but wanted to see the horizon. Did not also keep in mind he might have have missed the point of day he could see it the best, It would be find even if it wasn't the right time of the day for it but it was still a good idea in the end for him as well as enjoyable too.

While he started finding the point he wanted to go to view he slowly realized some one else was there, But seemed like however it might be some one he might even know for once in his life. He just could not place his finger on who it might be because anyone he knew that could fit that image in his mind, Waylon had not seemed in many years at this point and he was unsure if it could be them. So it was worth the risk of slowly walking towards where they where and check just in case he was curious.

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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.) Empty on Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:47 pm

Picking up the sounds of the foot steps, Judina looked towards it thinking maybe whoever it was would not be anyone she would expect for sure to be around after all it was a bit more of moment of was some one else new around wanting to relax and have peace of mind, Judina was more then willing to offer help. She did have a smile a small one with the thought about it after all her job was to help and for once maybe talking to some one else would do nicely, So she would prepare to come up with something to say to greet this person.

But when the pieces started going into place Judina thought she was dreaming this moment, That or she had died at some point and this was a part of the realities of death she faced now waiting for what was to come eventually from the fate of being dead. This must have been some kind of dream to her still, Or a nightmare too for this could change to something dangerous or she was about to die in said nightmare, Almost too good to be true. It still felt that unreal but real at the same time.

"Is that you Waylon?" Judina finally spoke for a moment thinking it was finally him it had been a long road leading up to this moment. So walking a bit more closer to look at this man or person who she thought it was. So far  she still thought some one could be messing with her but realized shortly after she was not being tricked by anyone and it was who she thought it was. It brought a peace of mind to her that she carried for all too long and knew she did not need to carry the trouble in her mind and heart.

It was the dawn to her mind that she realized it was him yet again, Her mind was not fooling her and this was reality and she was awake and not dead. For once not being able to hold her own emotions back, Greeted her brother by hugging him with out word and picking up slightly off of the ground."All of this time, I searched all over and did not think I would achieve in finding you when, I returned here." Judina mentioned to Waylon while he hugged her younger brother.

The quietly moment Judina almost wanted to cry but would make sure she wouldn't she was not going to allow herself to cry. However just enjoying the moment keep in the hug she had going and just having the moment of quiet with it."I doubted that would see you ever again, I have missed you so since I had left and return." Judina herself would mention in that she had kept herself busy and would easily mention that flaw with her she almost held, it was over now for the moment.

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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.) Empty on Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:17 pm

His curious mind seemed to lead him to something he did not expect to see or happen for a while. Waylon's mind did not realize what had happen he just felt some one hug him, It was his sister."Judi? I thought you chose to leave forever." Waylon mentioned just to himself for a moment but there was a feeling of emotion with him Waylon realized his family was more much closer then he first assumed and it seemed for once he felt a different kind of peace he did not have for a while a peace of the mind that one he thought was lost was still alive.

A hug would lead to Waylon doing the same with Judina the moment seemed cheesy to anyone else but it was something that had not happen in a while for either of them. His sister seemed to have changed much. it was one part of hope he held onto still that was true he could maybe sleepy a bit easier with how his mind tended to act. Maybe everything was okay with his family, maybe he did not need to worry about it, for once he could just go on his own with out anything else he needed to worry about.

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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.) Empty on Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:56 am

It seemed the moment that was needed between them both to just realize that moment was need after a while, Judina would at least manage to hold back the tears she felt she needed to cry."Yes, I might have but there is a fair amount I should tell you to keep you up to date on everything, I was more my desires for how long I was gone for all these years."After that mention like the carying sister she was she just quietly rubbed her brothers back, seeming for the moment it seemed with how Waylon's reaction was he was a bit more withdrawn then she had hoped for.

She would however not mention that it bugged her to see him that way, He was a live and well so she was a lot more glad with that."I would like you to join me for a few hours." She mentioned after the hug was over and she took a few step away from Waylon."I would like to talk to you about a few things that have happen, You have not seem like you have eaten in a while either I will get us something to eat as well."She had a feeling he would say yes. But nonetheless she started walking away a but slower then she normally would it was  a way to allow Waylon to keep up.

If Waylon did, Judina and him would have breakfast and Waylon would learn various things around on not only with his sister but with various other events that had happen.


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A Warms Day Reunion(Waylon Judina,Closed.) Empty on Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:35 am

Waylon's mind did space out slightly for a moment but he could however relax and have his mind return to normal. Maybe this moment was just something he forgot about everything that troubled his mind, with his mind letting go and settle into a peaceful state for the moment.

Quietly looking at his sister leaving and realize what kind of offer he got from his sister was something that would most likely make him feel better since it had been a while.

So Waylon followed his sister, since it was something he knew he should do and most likely. The walks the rest of the way was quiet like they both seemed to enjoy. Nothing else was really needed to be mentioned in this moment. It was just like past days by the lake.

All that was missing was his mother following not too far behind with his father and Regis and Arisa in the middle between. A part of him wished such days would return, Almost like he ran away from life most of the time and did not think it was problem, For the moment anyway thinking about the past kept him in a decent place forwards.

However the walk seemed shorter because of it and he went back to reality not too long after but felt happier about it, Judina seemed to have the plan all set out between everything that they would wanted up going to eat at and such so it was a bit less.

After sitting down Waylon would learn about what his sister has been doing and the smaller details, He would also learn what happen with Regis and everything else currently going on with that. It was a peaceful and rather nice breakfast even with the grim part of his older brother's reality being learnt to him. But with everyone in his family being mention they were alive and okay, Waylon seemed to be able to enjoy this situation until it's end.



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