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Granny Sitting [Quest: Asura & Sorcha]

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Asura & Sorcha] Empty on Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:08 am

Sorcha Donovan
There wasn't much to do, the whole ordeal of picking out fish, taking flowers was not something Sorcha liked to do. Although she had said to the dwarf that she was different, she really did doubt it. The fact was that she was not that different, she simply didn't understand why you had to take something from nature to be able to do enjoy it. Why not simply stare at it, sketch it, paint it, memorize it, anything. This is why the auburn haired elf had left the premises of said particular festival.

She stood in front of a board of quests, how easy that the citizens of Orchidia made one to simply find jobs. Now she had done two particularly strange ones, without using this board. A welcome comittee for this town, which had learned her a lot, hence why she found this as she still kept a flyer for herself. She sighed deeply as she tried to figure out which job she would take, there were not really particular ones that she thought were good, what was a pizza? If only she had some people to explain all these human things to her but at this point she only knew elves, dwarfs and one human being who she had not seen on this festival.

It was a bit of a shame though, she trailed her eyes over the list again, how about helping an old lady through the day? That couldn't be bad?

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Asura & Sorcha] Empty on Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:15 am

Asura Nightshade
It had been a few days since Asura had come to Orchidia. She had met with Alice as soon as she had arrived and the two were set to depart to Baska, sometime, within the next few days while she took care of her business. Until then, she had time to spare so may as well take up some jobs while in Orchidia. At that moment, she held in her hand, a flyer for some granny sitting job. Apparently, someone's mother who was rather, old kept forgetting things so Asura had to go and take care of her for the day. Seemed simple enough. She wondered if she would be alone today. That was fine but having a companion may perhaps, be a good idea.

The blonde reached the apartments where the old woman supposedly, resided and stood there, waiting for her client. It was a man named Mitya. And as far as she knew, his mother's name was Rynah. Asura stood there for a while until a man, who seemed rather tipsy with the way he was stumbling while he was walking approached her.

"Ah, you must be here for my mother!" Asura could make out that this was Mitya and seeing his condition, it was no wonder that he needed someone to take care of his mother. Asura nodded in reply and Mitya just waved lightly at her a bit. "Okay, well, I think someone else is supposed to come to. Let's just wait and then I'll tell you what you need to do. Not that you don'y already know." Asura merely nodded yet again. So, there was someone else, huh.

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Asura & Sorcha] Empty on Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:30 am

Sorcha Donovan
Stranger things had happened to the elf, Sorcha stood in front of the quest board one minute and the next some guy had ticked on her shoulder and invited her to help him take care of his mother. He explained that his mother got quite forgetful from time to time which had some drastic problems as consequences and she looked surprised when he explained the oven caught on fire once and so on. Sorcha simply nodded as the man didnít even introduced himself but explained he was looking for two girls, why not guys? To help him take care of his mother. It didnít sound that bad, perhaps what dull but as Sorcha was a person that liked observing human beings, she accepted. He gave her a little scrap of paper and ran off because the other girl was probably there already and he didnít want to push Sorcha, whose name he didnít know to run. As she had not introduced herself, and shook her head, she made her way to the direction of the letter that the man had given her. It might be a trap of some sorts. But she would see when she arrived.

It was a bit of an embarrassing thing that Sorcha first got lost but she had never been at the apartments near Orchidia, so that made a lot of sense. She noticed the man she had seen before and a blonde woman. As he waved to her, she came over and he ushered them inside to explain their job. He needed to work and the problem was that his mother was forgetful, they didnít even need to entertain her, but keep an eye on her that she wouldnít make any dangerous mistakes. After that he quickly hurried of after trying to introduce them, which didnít work as he didnít ask names. So when he pointed at her, Sorcha simply said her name, so she would now also know her partnerís name. She gave her a short smile and watched Mitya his mother, Rynah sit down again


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Granny Sitting [Quest: Asura & Sorcha] Empty on Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:40 am

Sorcha Donovan
It was a bit of a shame that in the end, Sorcha was alone, she had no idea where the blonde had gone off too but there might be other appointments that were more important than taking care of an old woman, Sorcha could imagine that as well. She could use the amount of jewels that Mitya had offered her and even if she was more of a person that would sit from a distance and watch, she could do that with Rynah more or less as well, the elderly woman would sit down and knit. Or according to the magazine next to the chair that was what it was called, she did not know it, she had never seen her mother or aunt do so, so it made it an interesting feast to watch. Her almond shaped eyes tried to understand and in the end, Rynah noticed and explained a little how it worked. Getting a little stool for Sorcha to sit next to her instead of opposite. Rynah was the first person she met that did not look at her with a strange look because she was an elf. Perhaps it was because the elderly woman did not see it so well and yet, on the other hand, she saw enough to be able to knit and see that Sorcha was interested.

She wanted to teach Sorcha but the elf refused that and said she rather looked on to see what Rynah was doing and the elderly lady was okay with that. She wanted first to bake cookies so Sorcha would have something to eat while she was watching and while Sorcha told the lady again and again that it was no need, Rynah ignored her this time and stood up to go to the kitchen and fix the cookie dough, she offered the spoon to Sorcha who gave her an easy smile and washed it when Rynah had her back towards her instead of licking it off, she was not familiar with that style and she did not like the idea of it as well. She made sure there was a timer on the oven as she found it, mostly because of what Mitya explained to her when she came here.

She would sit with Rynah again on the little stool, which felt a bit strange with her long legs, but nothing she could not handle. She watched and kept her ears up as to make sure she would hear the timer even if Rynah kept talking about how it worked and what she had made with knitting in her life. Rynah seemed to be so lost in making the knitting pattern that she did not even respond to the timer and Sorcha went into the kitchen to fix it. When she finally had found a way to get the tray out of the oven, Rynah walked in with an "Oh dear" which was fine and she offered Sorcha a cookie, they were the best when they were still a bit warm. She felt a surge go through her body as soon as she nibbled on a bit, she had seen the ingredients that Rynah used but not knowing a blue crystal like substance, she understood now.


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