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Walking Against the Tide.(Open)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

on Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:20 am

When life slowly drifts away a pace that in his mind he could not measure it slowly grades the mind away into a state that could be quite dangerous, In one way or another something could happen with Regis while he roamed the land alone.

He had his still partly shattered mind focusing on something he he wanted to find some one, His apparent sister. He has a few questions he wanted answered he wanted to know more for he did not remember at all, Regis wanted proof her words where true, like everything could easily be taken either as a lie or partly true, so his goal was now to figuring out the truth.

Some how in some manner, Regis slowly managed his way here slowly making his way to this place he did not find a sign or anything he just knew groups of people where around him.

He would be slowly walking towards the Festival quietly, slowly, curiously looking upon the people. In his dragging mind he wanted to think she was here some were, Regis felt it for some reason this was as much. His mind was fixated on finding her just for that answer.

Just wanted answers, Regis wanted many things at this point: His mind to be whole, The answers his questions, To learn to be normal again. He mind fell into that circle of broken thoughts that looped slowly in his mind, That burned his thoughts slowly that made him the dangerous person he could most likely be.

He was walking against the group of people before him, He could not hear them and there problems of him bumping into Regis while he walked into them. For the moment he could not see them, his thoughts had not caught up yet to that.

Was the help he gotten already fading away? did he need to seek out Phoebe again? Did he need to have that fix again? Regis slowly Regis started to feel mad about it but why he got bitter and mad about it he did not understand himself but it was on his mind for the moment while few people around him started to slowly appearing before him like it was something he had not expected.

Looking upon the people he did not see anyone with blue hair and blue eyes that fitted what he was looking for, Looking at the sea of people in front of him with they bumping into to him because he had stopped moving.

But something looking upon what was in front, something caught his mind for the moment A woman with light purple and purple eyes, looking even in shade of the helmet he felt like he knew this woman from his gaze looking upon him. Why did he feel like he knew this woman some one too old to be some one to be known to him so he thought. After all his did not remember what his wife looks like, But it would leave him with that burning question while he looked and stared for the very moment.

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