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Sakura Swiss Miss | Chris | Festival

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Default on Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:42 am

The moon shone bright, but the lanterns shone brighter. It didn't take Shinko long to wear the yukata she just bought with a lady she just met earlier; the soft cloth made Shinko feel comfortable, and indeed, she felt the festive atmosphere she wanted to feel since then.

With a candy apple in her hand, she takes small bites as she wanders off alone, pushing herself unto the crowd. She knew that this festival is magical, and she remembered what she liked doing when she was a child; dancing around with magical sticks and pretending to be her favorite magical girl. Shinko did have an interest with magical girls, and until now, she grew to like playing with her own magic. But she is still unaware of her emotional, and magical capacity, but this naive Shinko will continue to be naive until someone removes that trait from her. But her optimism will keep her happy, regards of who she will meet, and who she will pay farewell to.

She wanders to a lone rode where the scenery had stared looking like the Inari Shrine, and the lanterns are the only thing making this place feel lively. The cold atmosphere made it seem dead and haunted, by Shinko's liveliness won't become dead soon enough. She looks at the statues that were supposed to scare the little children off, but unlike them, Shinko liked how these scary statues looked. Touching the not-allowed-to-be-touched and walking in restricted areas, the naive Shinko is naive of not being allowed to walk in this area.

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