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Eyes that See [Social: Vivianna & Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Social on Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:16 pm

Still surprised by the talent that Vivianna had showed her as well as the show up from Persephone's nemisis last week, Phoebe was a bit lost. It was not directions or actually future references, but she was mostly waiting for things that might happen. As she knew Victor was here she had to keep herself on her toes to expect to bump into him again, but as he had talked in riddles and the like she was almost sure that it would all be fine and he would stay as far away from her as she was staying away from him.

There was perhaps a mistake she had made with Michelle but at this piont it didn't matter, she would get there, she only needed to figure things out with her family, if her father would accept Silver more than just the words he had given than perhaps, she could just get her father so far as to embrace him, to not be left alone in this world, if only she could find his sister Mei, it would be more perfect. But she had enough to worry about, she clenched her hands, holding a part of her jeans as she walked on, it was a bit of a grey day today. It wasn't cold, neither was it raining, it was simply a sky full of clouds but no one seemed to make it rain.

Her feet, in her dark blue wedges carried her towards the tarot stand, she had no idea if Vivianna was there or if she had stopped her business but it was the truth that at this point Vivianna knew her the best, she didn't hide Persephone really but she didn't tell if it wasn't necessary and at this point only Victor knew as well as Michelle of course and Esperia, but the first and the last both knew their take-over abilities as they had the same, that also counted for Xandra but they only exchanged names and were waiting for a better talk when the knight had time. But Vivianna, she had even spoken to Persephone as the Goddess had showed herself. Perhaps there was something that Phoebe needed.

#2Vivianna Mystcreek 

Social on Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:47 pm

Her hands moved gracefully, with full stops between each line as she made a decision. A sketch there, and then stop, the pencil would then gently shift its position to a different part of the small page and then begin scratching again. On her face, a smile; a gentle one, but one that also showed how focused she was. She closed her eyes tightly, as if to rest them for a few seconds and then with the pencil tucked in between her index and middle finger, grasped the edge of the bench she was sitting on and leaned on it. There was a small notebook on her other hand, her thumb tucked on the spine between the two pages to keep it open. Her head slowly fell on her shoulder of the arm she was leaning on and her eyes danced on the sketch for a few moments.

It was a sketch of a man, tall and muscular, a big smile and a flat-cap. His hands were tucked in his pockets, and he seemed to be wearing a shirt made out of a semi-thick material. On the other side were small notes written in her rather ugly handwriting. Her index moved on the text as if to feel them like braille, with her gaze still fixated on the notes.

"Who are you, I wonder."

That was the text written there, but Vivianna had also uttered the same words, softly. The small breeze caressed her chin and she leaned back, closing the notebook and placing it in her small bag. She was sitting diagonally across her old tarot stall, however that place was now empty. Its been a couple of days since she had closed it down, perhaps two, or maybe three. She smiled looking there, remembering the variety of people she got to meet. She twirled her pencil between her fingers and fell into thought as she bit the end of it.

The quiet moment was taken away when she heard some footsteps. Raising her head, she saw a familiar figure coming closer. While she was dumbfounded at first, she quickly realized who she was. A fiery ember placed itself on her heart and she raised from her seat, not knowing why. It was... them. Even in her thoughts could she say "her;" or a single name. As her first customer approached, she stools still, her hands clenched in front of her, a curious look in her eyes. It was highly probable that she was just passing by, so worst case, she could act like she was leaving already. She felt awkward, but her gut feeling told her that she was right.
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#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

Social on Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:10 am

In a crowd full of people, still the ones you knew stood out, no matter if they had brilliant hair colours or not, it didn't matter, as her lilac eyes swept over the empty tarot stall, she realized that it meant closed business. After perhaps an exploding cup and more energy on reading other people's energy and future, it would have been enough. Phoebe had no idea if Vivianna had meant it as business or something to do for fun. But it felt as if someone looked at her and as she stopped walking to look at the closed stand, she turned to look at the person she was still searching for; Vivianna.

Her face, which had been neutral and perhaps a sign of disappointment when she noticed the stand, gave a happier expression now. It seemed that Vivianna was just waiting for her or just leaving, how much did Tarot readers know about the future? Was it dumb to find the reader because she felt so damn lonely and caught up in this plan that Persephone called the game of life? "Hi Vivianna, I hope I don't bother you or so. I just felt the need to talk to someone." or perhaps it was Persephone that wanted more advice from the reader because of bumping into Lucifer. After all it was Vivianna who had predicted that to possible happen, not with the words Lucifer or the demon of pride but that didn't matter because it had happened as Persephone had interpreted and if they had not had a reading here from Vivianna, even if it could be difficult for a Goddess, they were prepared to bump into Lucifer.

What Phoebe wasn't prepared for was that it was Victor. Victor Garrett was the vessel for Lucifer, it did explain a few run away scenarios in her mind and she thought she had made a mistake by telling Michelle the true as she ran off after that but it was Victor.

#4Vivianna Mystcreek 

Social on Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:30 pm

With her being noticed, Vivianna felt her body become stone-like. However, when she saw the expression on Phoebe's face, she relaxed her posture and exhaled. Looks like she was right by standing up. A howling breeze played out as they stood there. Vivianna tried to get a reading on Phoebe's face, however couldn't do much so. She caught a glimpse of a happy expression on her face, but she couldn't be sure. Vivi felt a bit faint.

With Phoebe saying that she wanted someone to talk to, Vivianna smiled. She gently sat back down on the bench and then patted next to her as to invite her. She could tell that Phoebe could use some talking from her tone, but she wondered if it was her, or Persephone who needed to talk. Remembering their past encounter and how the whole appearance has shifted, Vivianna guessed that she was talking to someone human. Thinking about these things had made her realize how much she wanted to ask about her condition and magic. Life was different for all mages, sure; sometimes their magic reflected more than the element they control but a fundamental part of them.

In Phoebe's case, how deeper would that concept go? Vivianna tilted her head to look at her with the same smile. For some reason, she felt very cordial towards her, especially when she said that she needed someone to talk to. Could she talk to Persephone anytime she wanted? That must've been the case. Then would that mean that Phoebe sought human interaction? That made Vivianna's heartache. Human interaction. She shook her head very slightly to release any unhappy thoughts. Red or ink blood, she must do anything she could.

"We can go somewhere if you want, I just like these gray skies and would rather see them," Vivianna said. "What do you want to talk about?"
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#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

Social on Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:15 am

Phoebe felt a slight bit guilty for using Vivianna as her talkactive friend, after all, they barely knew Vivianna. They as in herself and Persephone, the two had a reading, telling slight bits and such about themselves. Phoebe simply wondered if she would ever know someone as a friend that wouldn't be a bad thing because at this point, there wasn't much that Phoebe considered a friend. Most betrayed her or left her alone so that was a thing, now they were playing a game where they didn't need anyone but the other but it made her feel alone, she missed human beings who would understand even the most pity situations for a human being because a Goddess was of course above that and Phoebe didn't feel the need to always ask and consult about that with Persephone as she wouldn't seem to understand.

At least it seemed that she wasn't bothering Vivianna which was also a relieve. "Well at the lake, there is a good spot to see the sky as well as have a quiet moment. If you don't mind that is, to be honest it is quite beautiful there too." She leaned a bit forward then backward on her toes as she had no idea how to give herself a stance. "But please if I bother you, tell me so, I really don't want to do that." and if Persephone had her own vessel and would stand next to Phoebe, she would now roll her eyes. How would they ever rule the Underworld with such a polite person.

She would wait for Vivianna's reply or else sit down, if they would move to her spot to the lake, she wouldn't say much yet to Vivianna but simply guide her to the spot underneath the trees, where the roots had formed quite comfortable seats and they would sit closely to the lake. "I want to thank you, from us both for the reading, last week we bumped into the guy that Persephone was afraid off." She fumbled with her hair, now they could handle Lucifer or so she thought with Persephone her thoughts, but she wasn't sure if she could handle Victor.

#6Vivianna Mystcreek 

Social on Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:18 am

Vivianna was still looking at Phoebe, trying to catch every single bit of emotion from her to see what was going on. She was one of the most interesting people she'd ever met during her relatively short life. Another breeze blew past them both. Vivianna got up again hearing Phoebe's place suggestion.

"Okay, lake sounds good."

She smiled and nodded at Phoebe and started to walk towards her. When she heard of Phoebe's worries about bothering her, she didn't say anything but walk towards her. She leaned in forward with a child-like, warm smile and looked at her face directly with bright eyes. "Of course not," Vivianna said. "There wasn't anything that I was doing, besides I am quite curious about you and Persephone." Saying this, she stood straight and allowed Phoebe to lead the way.

The woman was quite silent during the walk. However, Vivianna was smiling the whole time. She didn't know what it was that got her to feel so harmonized; so peaceful; was it the fact that someone had decided to confide in her? Was it that she was looked for? Was it that her reading was enjoyed by someone? Was it that even with a goddess with her, Phoebe demonstrated traits of humanity Vivianna liked so much? Her hand itched to take out her pen and notebook to note everything about her.

However, Vivianna was capable of feeling both things at once. She, thinking, quickened her pace to walk next to Phoebe, looking at her. She then looked down and cupped her hands as if holding a small orb within it that she wanted to hide and closed her eyes very briefly. Molding her mana from solar plexus to her hands, she created a glowing butterfly out of lime-colored ink and opened her hands. The small butterfly gently fluttered and landed on Phoebe's temple, standing there like a beautiful hair accessory, gently moving its wings, ever so slowly. "You're pretty," Vivianna said with a very soft tone. She then looked directly in front of her as she continued to walk. "Don't get so down," she said. "You have a goddess with you, who feels like she might be the reason here, but even then, you have a goddess within you," she said with her hands at her back. She wanted to encourage her and hoped that she did a good job of it.

Now with the lake in their vision, she turned to Phoebe. "I will sit and go wherever you want."
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#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

Social on Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:07 am

Phoebe was glad that Vivianna agreed, she didn't want to drag the reader off while she was okay with being here, especially because it was Phoebe that came to her, the thing was that not everyone had to hear her. The last time she went to this spot she met Esperia and talked about the Take Over idea, as she was holding on to the Demon soul of the nature deity. She wondered if Persephone was actually honest with her but she could barely have her own thoughts for herself. As she had been dropped like a bag of unnecessary grain or whatever you wanted to call it, Phoebe was thinking she was making the wrong decisions left and right and that every time she was closer to someone, perhaps considering it a starting friendship, she was dropped again and wandering around to find the person, to not be alone but Fiore had not shown much friendliness to her, her destiny was apparently not with the people she met before.

She brought Vivianna to the point where she sat down using the roots as a seat and looked shortly at Vivianna before looking over the water, curious about her and Persephone. For a lot of people it was still Phoebe only but Persephone was infiltrating in her life, at this point she believed that five others knew about her and that she had mentioned it without much words towards Silver. Phoebe looked at her reflection to see the butterfly better than she could before, she had seen something in the corner of her eye but that was about it. She brushed her hair behind her ear and smiled at her reflection, "Looks nice enough." The Goddess muttered in the back of her mind and Phoebe liked it and didn't think she needed to say more about that. She had heard the compliment but she had not known what to say, she wanted to be more like Vivianna though that was a selfish thought as she didn't know if something might trouble the reader.

"I just think I made a mistake." not only to open up her soul and body to the Goddess but in general with talking to Michelle about it all, "Apparently it's dangerous to talk about the soul within me. Persephone cannot use the power she would have if she had her own body and now Lucifer is here, her nemesis that you mentioned. I feel like so much pressure is around me and.." She felt so damn alone. She couldn't form words without choking on her tears. She wasn't allowed to cry because she was not alone.

#8Vivianna Mystcreek 

Social on Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:38 am

Vivianna silently followed her to the point she wanted to seat. When they arrived there, Vivianna gazed at the lake. It looked so pristine with the gray clouds above. She looked at the rippling water, dark green and grayish. It was no doubt a wonderful sight.

A sound took her attention. Phoebe had apparently sat down on some roots. Seeing that, she made her way next to her and sat down. When she turned to look at her, Vivianna smiled. When she turned around to face the lake, so did she. Vivianna was amused as Phoebe looked at her reflection to see the butterfly better. It was a gesture that Vivianna felt like she had to do. Hoping that she liked it, given that she didn't say anything, Vivianna sat quietly and gave Phoebe the space she needed.

Being an oracle, well, if she could be called as one, wasn't just about looking into people's futures. It was listening to their worries and problems, each divination session wasn't just a journey to the future, but to the world inside the questioner as well. Over the times of her sharing this hobby, she had grown accustomed to people telling her about many things. Perhaps her quiet nature, people had found her to be easy to vent to. She played with her fingers during the small moment of silence. There was something else and she knew that very well. Stories. It was their stories that Vivianna was so interested in. She wanted to be friendly to people, sure, however, this primal desire to learn their stories was something she could never quench.

She listened to Phoebe, looking at the lake, and sometimes her. Trying to catch every single word she could and understand them. "Lucifer," she said after Phoebe stopped. The name was familiar, but she couldn't put a name on it. She turned to Phoebe and was about to ask when she saw that she was on the verge of crying. Blood rushed to Vivianna's face. "O-oh my... Phoebe..." she mumbled. Her heart ached. She raised her hand but was unsure of if the woman would appreciate touch at that moment. Not knowing what to do and feeling a bit panicked, she placed her hand on her shoulder. Vivianna felt as if she was somber right now, it wasn't going to help Phoebe at all. She gathered her courage and patted Phoebe's shoulder as gentle as a feather touching a skin.

"I am a collector of stories," Vivianna said after staying silent for a while. "No story I hear escapes me, secrets are safe with me," she said. She wanted to make sure Phoebe knew that it was okay to talk to her. "I assume Lucifer is someone like Persephone, a deity within flesh," she said, also trying to understand the situation herself. She pulled her hand back and placed them on her lap. Her face expressed worry. Nemesis, shes thought. Her reading, the tea one... Were they talking about that? She gulped. Just how serious was this? "Phoebe," Vivianna said, her wording soft, her tone confident and her desire of hearing more strong, "Who... is Lucifer's host?"
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#9Phoebe Rainsworth 

Social on Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:05 am

As she sat, a lot of emotions watched over her. She didn't want to confide into Vivianna, mostly because there was no one to trust, not because of Persephone, Vivianna already knew. The reason why she would not want to talk about Vivianna was because she would leave her. Just like everyone else would, like everyone else already did. No one needed Phoebe Rainsworth for anything but their own pleasure until that moment was gone and perhaps... Perhaps Persephone was not an exception.

Did anyone really cared what Phoebe felt? She wondered herself, Persephone kept quiet, was that already a no? Phoebe bit her lip softly, she wouldn't cry, she shouldn't cry and most of all, her heart made a little jump when Vivianna said her name, it felt like someone did care but she barely knew Vivianna and vice versa and.. She took a deep breath and tried to get herself to stop wimpering, she was pathetic at this point, how would she ever get on with holding a soul like the Goddess she had to sort of raise.

She was at least glad that Vivianna told her that it was all a secret, that nothing would escape her and that Persephone's secret meant to be included to that and that she could talk but only her lips, heart and mind didn't all work the same. She nodded though, she could do that much, Lucifer was a deity. She took a gulp of air as Vivianna her next question rang into the air, Lucifer's host. "Victor." she said, her voice almost dying at only saying his name, "We met, several months ago, I believe before he got Lucifer his soul." And because of that, because of their actions, their stupidity, their what would you call it? Enjoyment? She killed a man.

#10Vivianna Mystcreek 

Social on Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:52 pm

Such emotions from a human being made Vivianna slightly despise herself. With a sad face, she watched Phoebe trying to grasp at air to bring out words. Her heart ached for her. It was a humbling experience to be confided in. However, there was another question about the situation, or perhaps a truth that was akin to fridge, suspended horror; one that would shake you to your core when you realized of it's existence:

Phoebe had sought Vivianna out. Vivianna, a tarot stall vendor who, while did have a moment with her, was still relatively a stranger. If Phoebe came to someone like her, someone she had just met, then it showed how alone she felt. Vivianna couldn't be hundred percent sure about this of course. It could be simply that she liked her, or that the reading had made Phoebe think Vivianna understood people better. But the more the witch looked at Phoebe, how she was barely keeping her emotions snide her, the more she felt like her assumption was correct.

Vivianna had to stay quiet for a second to digest this truth she had realized. While a part of it didn't want that to be true, her inner world had already taken it as fact. "Victor, you say," Vivianna said almost whispering. "Sounds like he is... important," she added. That didn't mean that he was a kind person or someone that Phoebe liked, but someone that had quite a bit of an effect on her story. Her story, Phoebe's story, a human's story that wouldn't be determined by someone else. Unlike Vivianna's herself. She started to play with her thumbs.

"Tell me about this Victor," she said. "Did he do something to you? Or was it Lucifer?" Vivianna had more questions, but it was probably best to give Phoebe some space and try to crack her open with some simple questions. If she felt comfortable, she would talk about these things herself. Vivianna felt a different sense of understanding for the girl, the feeling of loneliness, one that she might've been projecting. She wanted to make her happy, but she didn't know whether those were her true feelings, or if she wanted to make herself happy.
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#11Phoebe Rainsworth 

Social on Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:09 am

Everything felt going from bad to worse. She kept reminding herself that she didn't know Vivianna and that it could be the same as always, on one hand that made it good because she wouldn't be informed about her own breaking point or anything else but she needed someone again at some point and Vivianna had made an impression, she wanted to be her friend. She looked up at the sky and took another deep breath to get rid of the tears that were on the verge of showing but she didn't want that. There were no tears for this game, there was no space for this game to give her any more pity than she needed.

Victor's name did hurt, saying it, hearing someone else say it, to remember his acting, that he was Lucifer or Michelle. Not that she hated Michelle but it was a mistake to tell her about Lucifer and Persephone and perhaps that's why Persephone didn't talk to her, she made a mistake in this game and it might set up a wrong area or chapter and that would be the worst as she was working so hard for it. She took a second deep breath and touched her lips softly with the tips of her right hand fingers. She still didn't know if it was Persephone her childish character moment or that it was her own indulgement of fun, or simply being brave enough for a part of an adventure. She was not really good at that before and she felt that she was sinking back to the point where she wouldn't be good in it again.

"I met Victor in a bar in Hargeon." It felt so strange to talk about him while everything in herself said she didn't want to talk about him and yet, she did. "He invited me on a job and there was a whole chain of it. I don't know really what he thought or what happened, I think even one day a job was set up as a date. He brought food, we went out to play a game of pool after that. I couldn't tell him about Persephone but he seemed to know, as you noticed our eye colours change and he saw that. We.." She looked at her hands, fingers linked into each other to not get to the point of pulling or twisting something from her clothing, "We ehm, we kissed, we made fun of jobs that were probably not all ethical right, we had to trail a man.." she started to shiver, her voice no longer strong anymore, "I accidentally let the man fall down a shaft and he died." At this point, she didn't care if Vivianna let her be arrested, it was a black spot on her clean soul that she couldn't take.

Persephone however was furious with anger that Phoebe told anyone their little secret, not even Victor would be that dumb.

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