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Strawberry Honey Bee | Phoebe | Festival

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on Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:19 am

Shinko slams both doors open and runs outside, but she had to walk back in to close and lock her doors so she wouldn't leave it open again, then she continued to skip outside's humid temperature. It's somewhat cold, and she had to wear a sweater over the same kind of clothes she wore everyday. Meeting her required amount of nature she needs to see everyday, she slows down to take a breathe, watching people prepare for tonight. She sees the lanterns hanged in the trees and wonders what they would look like at night. She sees the vendors preparing ingredients and wonders what their products taste later on. Shinko is always excited for everything, and everything might end up being a disappointment later on. Hopefully, today won't feed her disappointments for dinner later.

She leans on a cherry tree and reads the symbols written on each paper that is hanged on it's branches. Some lead to good luck, some lead to love, most leading to having a bright future. Shinko wonders if her future would be as bright as what these charms are telling her, and even wonders if she would meet someone nice as much as how these fortune is telling everyone who reads it. Shinko takes a bite on an apple that she has been holding since breakfast time, that she forgot to eat and forgot to put down because of excitement. She was shocked when she took a bite, as she wasn't aware that she was holding anything. She kept this shock to herself, and continuous to chew her food. She had nothing better to do anyways.

#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:40 pm

She was the daughter of a merchant, or more like a store owner, her home town which was Orchidia was still her favourite place in whole Fiore but it became a bit bored, with no enthusiastic home coming and most of all a quite disappointed travel through the town considering friendships that she had wanted to make. Or well perhaps friendship was a strong word but she had basically seen no one around for a long time and it felt that people were running away mostly when she tried even here. Here where Phoebe was mostly home to everything, people seemed to have disappeared. She was thank god never alone and thus loneliness would never again get the better hand of her.

She had finished helping up the little stall that her father had and surprisingly today her sister would keep an eye on the shop so Phoebe could do what she wanted. Which made it that early in this morning Phoebe had no idea what she would do, she had no idea if there was any entertainment going on and she had just finished breakfast so she wasn't looking for something to eat or drink in particular. She decided that just stretching her legs would be fine enough and perhaps she would meet someone nice today and she would see how it goes, she wanted to go to the tree with charms or actually the Goddess that she shared her body with wanted that. She wanted to find the tarot reader from before. Phoebe herself wondered as well how Vivianna was doing.

But at this point she simply walked to the tree and looked up, what would her future tell her, apart from the reading she had before, she was playing a game to get better into the game of life, but soon they would finish the first part of the game and step into the second where she would need no one and would avoid someone at all costs again. She looked down from the tree and noticed someone eating an apple, her hair was a very pretty colour that Phoebe had not seen yet before.


on Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:34 pm

There are more charms Shinko still hasn't seen, and she challenged herself to read all of them. There are a lot of words that seem unfamiliar to her, and a lot more that made no sense of what use. These charms made her feel magical, yet she is still doubting whether to believe that these would increase her luck, or even decrease the level of disappointments everyday. But her optimistic nature made her continue to hope for the good things in life, not bothering about most of the downsides.

At some point, she felt a presence from a mage. Though this world is filled with more mages than people without magic, this presence reminded her of her grandmother, whom died as a mage of old age. She looks calmly in all directions, continuing on biting unto her apple, until she finds a woman whom she caught catching a glimpse of her, then looking at the charms that was hanging from her ears. Shinko focused on the earrings of the woman, and she was curious and guessed that the woman was rich. It reminded her of the golden earrings her mother gave her as a child that she never wore, as she did not have her ears pierced until the age of fourteen.

She bit unto her apple once more, then she approached the woman who was quite shorter than her, tapped her shoulder and pointed up, continuing on eating the apple her other hand is holding. "Do you believe in those?" she asked, chewing a bit. "I wanna write my own, too. But I don't know where and how too." Before she could even finish her last sentence, she was distracted by her own aspects. "Hey! You're really pretty and you look rich!" she shouted, and complimented, in a childish tone of voice, "You're from here, aren't you?" she smiles at her, not worrying in how she speaks, though hoping the other would communicate as well.

#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:54 am

She wasn't sure what to say or even to interact at all, at this point it had only backfired to her in a way that people seemed to forget her and so on and it only ripped her more apart. She was a creature, a being that liked interaction with others. The near future or perhaps a bit of a distance would bring a change to that and she couldn't wait for that to happen as it saved her soul a bit. For as far as she was aware of Persephone her own thoughts and happenings, Phoebe was sure she could deal with that. After all Persephone had shared her plan with her.

Her eyes looked at the girl with the pretty cotton candy coloured hair before letting her eyes glide back to the charms, was it a bit pathetic to make one? Perhaps but if it worked like Vivianna her tarot reading than perhaps it was worth it as well. What was her plan? What was happening for part two of the game of life? She needed to get her hands on the idea of the abilities that she needed to master. After her fire adventures a week ago, she needed to get more magical potential as well and most of all, she needed to get better with her spells, to figure out to really embrace the power that Perse was giving her.

She was a bit lost in thoughts in the thoughs of the plans they had, for her half-brother and for the rest of the world. she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to look at the girl, she had just looked at. She turned her lilac eyes shortly back to the charm tree before looking at the girl again, "I don't know, it's always worth to try I believe." She tried to say it with a casual shrug, there was no harm in trying after all, she understood that most of those magics only worked if you truly believed but she was not a disbeliever either. "I do believe you can make a charm at the Orchidian church."

She got a little blush on her cheeks when the enthusiastic person called her pretty and something about rich, well all the money she had made for herself that was for sure. "Ah yes, I'm from Orchidia." She wouldn't consider herself rich but touched her earring, they were from an expensive fashion brand, perhaps that was why people thought that but she liked beauty and wanted clothing that showed that with good quality.


on Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:00 am

With food still in Shinko's mouth, she really had to show her excitement. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "You must've been here for long, amiright?” After her last bite, the lanterns had already started lighting up and the sun seems to set faster. Amazed by this, Shinko’s eyes looked so happy that you could almost see the Milky Way in her eyes. Because of the scenery she finds utterly pretty, she suddenly thought of food. She always kept in her mind that festivals always have food, especially sweets; it’s like a rule she thought of since she was a child. She clasped her hands in excitement and looked at the woman once more. “What do you want to eat? I’ll treat you!” she offered with joy, as if they’ve been friends for long.

Then she caught a glimpse of people wearing yukata and candy apples in their hands, which gave Shinko an idea of what she wanted to eat. “Ah! I remember I have to buy a yukata just now, too!” she told herself, in front of the lady. For it not to be awkward; with her fingers touching the opposites, she looked at the lady with the pretty, golden earrings, “You must look really good in a yukata! Let’s choose a pretty color for you!” Lightly pulling her sleeve and dragging her in a nearby yukata shop, where they sell kitsune and onigiri masks, and of course, yukata. Having Shinko’s finger under her mouth, she thought of a good color for the lady.

What would this nice lady wear? She would ask herself, until she realizes that she still doesn’t know the name of this lady, so she looked at her with a shocked look and she covered her mouth, as if she saw a ghost or a demon. “My name is Shinko, by the way! I’m so rude, I forgot I haven’t introduced yet!” with quite the loud voice, Shinko said, offering her right hand for an introduction shake.

#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:28 am

Phoebe couldn't imagine someone being so enthusiastic though she had met Sage lately and he had been like that too, she had not been able to refuse him as he offered her food, she tried but she couldn't and Shinko, whose name at that point was still unknown to Phoebe, was reminding her of the Rune Knight elf. She wasn't sure what must have meant that she had been here for long, Orchidia was her home so technically yes she had been here since birth, only travelled last year to get to know more of Fiore and to find her mother, which was an impossible task as she had died in Shin when she was around sixteen she believed, which explained why her mother had simply abandoned her. She wondered if she could just skip that question as she wasn't really sure what she meant, but that seemed to be easier than she thought as the girl seemed to be enthusiastic about other things.

"Oh, ehm." she wasn't entirely sure, she didn't eat much here, she ate at home, she had some cupcakes here. But before she could really figure out an answer, the girl came with the idea to buy a yukata. Another thing that wasn't typical Fiore and thus Phoebe had not really been worried about it and more focused on her own dresses, skirts and blouses than buying something you can only wear once a year if the festival kept going around for anual festivities now. "That sounds lovely." she did answer this time, let's just go with the flow and see how it would go for the yukata fitting, she wasn't opposite it. She was dragged along and shook her head lightly with a smile on her lips, as they arrived in the store, she looked around, all those fabric looked wonderful.

When the girl looked at her again as if she saw a ghost, she couldn't help but laugh when she was done talking, the enthusiasm was surely contagious, "I'm Phoebe nice to meet you." she answered the girl with a handshake and couldn't help but still chuckle a little, "You seem to know a lot about yukata so you are the expert here."


on Tue Jun 05, 2018 4:05 am

“Phoebe, huh? That sounds really nice!” Shinko clasped her hands to the side, leaning her head to the same direction. Then her face turned a bit surprised and awkward, “Your name, I mean, it sounds nice!” she added, followed by a small chuckle she put as she looks around, tapping her finger with the other, hoping nobody sees how embarrassing she looked. When she looked at a certain direction, a shiny dangling caught her attention. When Shinko looked at the bigger picture, the color of a yukata made her feel inspired, and she knew this one would look great on Phoebe.

She touched the cloth, and it was softer than her pillows. “Oh, and I’m not an expert in yukata, hehe…” she blushed a bit, chuckling afterwards. “I just want to feel the festival atmosphere, now that it’s my first time in Orchidia!” Then she took the yukata that she saw and removed it from the hanger, she showed it to Phoebe. “Try it out, I’m sure this will look good on you!” she smiled, offering it to Phoebe, becoming unaware of how she is acting; but even if she is aware, she wouldn’t mind it much.

Shinko thought of what she said earlier about being in Orchidia for the first time, and she thought of her parents. She was sure that they would get mad at her, running away without them knowing the reason. Outside, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and will bloom more before this festival ends. Then she remembered the first festival she encountered, including the cherry blossoms and the charms. And she indeed, truly missed those days when she isn’t aware that she is capable of magic.

#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:24 am

Phoebe didn't know why but Shinko made her mood at least ten times better, she sort of represented the innocence of a child as well as the enthusiasm and she could really appreciate that in the dark days of the game that were coming. It was perhaps a bit sad to call her life a game but that's how it was better to endure than anything else. Persephone and Phoebe had a goal and to be fair even with Lucifer around, Perse was happy to be in a place where nature had taken the sides of the world back that she was rather calm. Of course they were very aware of Lucifer whom the Goddess described as her nemisis and Phoebe was very well aware that it was Victor and at this point she believed she really disliked Victor.

As she started to hate most people that simply abandoned her. She followed Shinko around as she seemed to dance through the shop and Phoebe called her the expert. She giggled a little, "I was never really interested in a yukata." She did wonder how it looked though, being originally from Orchidia, didn't mean anything, the festival was based on something from a foreign country and again; she wasn't one that bought something for an occassion that was only once a year, if Orchidia decided again to hold it annual, she couldn't remember the previous year.

Phoebe looked at the yukata, how did you wear such a thing? Well she understood that the first part would simply be wrapped around her body but how did you call it a sash? She felt a blush creep up on her cheeks, she didn't like not knowing, it might be coming off as ignorant. She took the Yukata from Shinko and checked the fabric which was surprisingly very soft for a outdoor clothing piece, it was for festivals right? She looked around to see what was the best place to try it on, if they had changing rooms or anything so she could be very careful with the fabric, she loved the pink, purple colour of the yukata, it looked bright and would bring out her own lilac eye colour. "I have no idea how to do this. Let's do it together, do you see one you like, Shinko?" She decided was a better approach.


on Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:50 am

Shinko found this lady lost in thought, yet she could quickly find the path back to reality after a second. Shinko wondered if she has ever questioned things in life, such as her past, and family. Though she felt a little bad on herself when she realized that she mostly contemplates on the comics she read, than ever being useful to her own household.

As she noticed that Phoebe is rather a skilled adventurer, she wondered if she would ever be as good as her. Phoebe's limbs looked strong, and she was fit. With a bit of sarcasm, Shinko told herself that she needed to lose a bit of weight; maybe she could finally look like a heroine, fit for her own story.

Phoebe told her lack of interest in yukata, and Shinko's mood suddenly became brighter. "Well, I only learned this from books and comics!" she waved her hand in disagreement, yet nothing to disagree on. "I love reading fantasy novels, especially the ones with pictures!" She shared a bit, showing interest in what she calls 'manga', books with mostly pictures, that are starting to make quite the impact nowadays. "Speaking of those books, there's this character that really looks like you! You both have pretty hair and pretty faces, but she's a pirate and an assassin! I would love a signature from you if you are a pirate, too!"

As soon as Phoebe offered to help each other with the Yukata, Shinko was already holding a light, pink and white piece, with orange koi designs on the bottom part of it. She chuckled, and knew that she was doing well in communicating with others. Shinko clasped her hands. "Hehe..." she laughed in a dead tone, then this tone became very lively when she added--"I don't know how to wear this as well!" Such blissful ignorance. She pointed at a lady in the counter, greeting everyone that comes in the shop, "Let's ask her, I'm sure she knows!"

#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:55 am

When Shinko mentioned books and comics, Phoebe noticed how much she had lost herself in thoughts and not given the girl any attention, which must be very rude and she didn't want to be. She had just been very careful not to get hurt, not again and again, it would be a shame every time that it happened and she didn't feel the need to have her heart rip open again, a heart was a heavy burden in her case. If she was more like the Goddess, it would all be much easier. "Oh I love books." She had not read much comics but not because she disliked them, She wouldn't say that over something she barely tried, it was because books were easier to get her hands on as her father sold them.

"Fantasies are wonderful," it is mostly what she liked to read as well but she actually did have a real favourite genre, "I haven't read much comics, my father brings in books for the shop and I tend to read them after I bought them of course." else it sounded like she read them and then let the shop sell them. She blushed a little, not really well with compliments even though she loved them, "A pirate?" that didn't even sound like a bad life, she surely thought herself to be too nice to be a pirate but to travel the world on a ship, only Persephone didn't seem to like the idea of leaving most of her nature behind, although she didn't minded wild life, she was more earth centered than water. She laughed a little about the signature, "If only I was a pirate, her life must be much more interesting than mine." although she had quite the happenings happen to her and how many people could say they shared a body with a Goddess.

To which came the point that she was holding the white, pink, purple with clouds yukata and had no idea how it worked and suggested to do it together, as Shink found one, that really was beautiful too, she laughed a little when her new friend admitted that she didn't know how to wear this as well, but pointed out the lady that welcomed them before, "That sounds like a very good idea."


on Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:36 am

Agreeing with Shinko's plan, Shinko approached the lady first, asking for guidance on how to wear a yukata; since neither of Shinko and Phoebe knows how to wear one. The lady happily helped, taking Shinko first in the fitting area. In a room, you hide yourself with a vibrant, pink-colored curtain; and the mirror sticked to the wall is very clean, Shinko thought that she might want to clean her own room sometimes, too. But laziness always get the hang of her.

Knowing that Phoebe also liked reading fictions, Shinko was overwhelmed in a welcoming atmosphere. She finally believed that she isn't the only one obsessed with fantasy... or at least, liked fantasizing as well. Shinko lived her whole life under massive fantasy, and adventuring away from reality. At a young age, she thought magic was just special effects, made to satisfy the young lady. She did not learn more of this power until she finally grew to get out of (some of) her shells.

The lady was dressing her up, and she thought that the yukata fits her. Then the lady was tying a huge ribbon on her back, and Shinko knew that they made a good choice asking someone for help; Shinko wasn't very fond of making ribbons. When the outfit was completed, the lady tied Shinko's hair up and attached a pink-colored flower, of it's name Shinko wasn't aware of. She got out of the fitting closet with joy, leaping out with arms in plane, "How do I look?" she smiles out, and stops in front of Phoebe and points at the fitting room, moving quickly. "Your turn! I'm excited to see how you look like!"

#12Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:17 am

She didn't know why, normally she was very open about things and she wouldn't see trouble in stepping over to the possible owner of the store. The fabrics, the yukata were all so beautiful that she almost regret not looking at it before, after all Phoebe loved things that were pretty. She walked with them till the bench that stood there for the probably tired boyfriend or friend that would sit and watch. She only remained standing and stared at the pink curtain which fun enough seemed to fit Shinko too, everything seemed to be so vibrant around her that Phoebe felt horrible for being so moody lately and meeting her at this point. But it felt that at least a bit of those worries fell from her shoulders and she could enjoy this.

Phoebe lost in thoughts abit again this time considering how she could make up with Shinko looked up as she heard the curtain made the swishing sound from opening and she stared at Shinko, the lady even did her hair, how splendid. She really hoped she liked the yukata because even if she didn't, she couldn't walk out of that without paying and get back in her own clothing. "It looks very beautiful on you. I hope I get that as well." she said with a warm smile on her lips as she passed the enthusiastic girl to walk over to the lady, who she gave a short nod with her head as a greeting and stepped into the changing room to get the same treatment as Shinko had.

Instead of having her hair fixed last, the lady did it first, since it would perhaps be in the way as they would dress her and she managed to get all Phoebe her long raven black hair together in a bun and just as with Shinko, she added some flowers before helping her in the white and purple/pink yukata. She looked at herself and felt that the sash or ribbon as it looked like was too tight around her twig like body but she wasn't going to complain, she looked really skinny now. Soon enough the curtains were already opened and she looked at Shinko with a shy smile, she felt like she was killing a tradition that wasn't hers. "What a festival this will be." But actually, she didn't mind at all at this point. Shinko her enthusiasm was definitely something Phoebe needed.


on Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:16 am

She chuckled with shyness when Phoebe complimented her, saying that the yukata looked good on her. Often seeing herself as unattractive, Shinko did not know how to react. She tried to frown, but that would make her seem rude and if she denied, it would make her seem like she was humble boasting. Instead of the two, she smiled; "Thank you, you're pretty, too!" giving the complement back to Phoebe while waving her hand to bid a short farewell, and she soon entered the fitting room.

Shinko was sitting on the benches right outside of the fitting room, waiting for them to finish. She couldn't help but to notice the couples laughing around with food in their hands; it made her hungry. And she also noticed that she also wanted a boyfriend, too, the ones that look like her favorite characters from a book or comic. Phoebe and her yukata could take a while, so Shinko walked off the get herself some food.

There were numerous stalls, too, but one of the stalls that caught Shinko's attention were the cherry blossom honey. Those were pretty rare, too; she remembered that her mother used to mix it with some sugar and honey, then she would apply it to her face for an organic face moisturizer. She bought a jar, and it was only as big as her hand; pretty small though. The next stall was Shinko's favorite part, magical charms. Though these won't really make magic or enhance your power, the pastel and galaxy colors really made it seem magical. There were hearts and shooting stars, shone bright by the golden paint around it. Shinko thought of buying one for her and Phoebe, it would make a good, matching friendship keychains for a friend she just met.

#14Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:45 am

She wasn't really nervous, she thought of herself of too much and she just wanted to enjoy a moment of not doing that. Of being carefree like Shinko did, of just enjoying little things and the like, how else would she survive. When she looked at her reflection, her hair, her lila eyes, with perhaps a shade of green, only because she would see the Goddess whose soul she hosted in her own reflection. Persephone was taller than her and only a soft little shadow in the mirror, her bright red hair and a grin staring at her, but Phoebe was everything but happy. Her heart captured by the difficulty of the path ahead, of what Vivianna had told her before and of seeing Victor, she didn't know why it hurt so much. She blamed it on being a blabbermouth against Michelle but she wasn't sure if that really mattered.  

She felt like not herself as she looked at the reflection, and as the lady was done, she simply noted that she needed a minute. If only she was a pirate, that would be great, something to do all the time, some great adventures, your heart belonging to the sea and no one else. She shook her head lightly, not wanting to mess up the idea of her hair what the kind lady had just fixed. "I'm done." but when she stepped out Shinko wasn't there.


on Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:43 pm

Light pink, light purple, and white glitter. They specify what was in the keychains, and Shinko was happy that she chose two stars that would hopefully shine with the stars. A few more hours until midnight, until the fireworks start, and maybe Shinko and her new friend could bid farewells.

Holding the stars in her hands, she went back to the yukata shop and she saw Phoebe, who seems like she just got out. Startled by this, she ran, even almost tripping. When she was close to Phoebe, she tapped her shoulder and raised her hand that was holding the stars.

"Hey hey!" she greeted, wavering her hand up in the air. She felt like she was holding the whole galaxy in her hand, though she wanted it to shine more. "The purple one's for you!" she exclaimed, her voice becoming louder. Then she looked at Phoebe, who the lady dressed up, and noticed how she looked like royalty. The fine, yukata, joining with Phoebe's golden accessories. Then she thought that maybe stars won't fit Phoebe, but either the moon or the sun. But it's too late to retrieve what she gave.

Upset about the matte, silicon accessories, Shinko tapped the air and started to write, the finger leaves trails of light in the directions she write unto.

'For the starring nights, Shinko transfers her will unto these stars through her finger. From the light, down below, shine bright!'

Then she tapped both stars; and through mana, these lifeless stars started to shine as if they were real stars.

#16Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:49 am

Her lilac eyes tried to find Shinko but it was quite empty in this part of the shop until quickly enough Shinko showed up. Phoebe was rather surprised to see that she came through the outside door and again her tense shoulders relaxed as Shinko seemed to be still her enthusiastic self, okay, that was probably less bad than her brain immediately implied. She took a deep breath and took what Shinko offered her and she smiled again, it was alright, it was fine.

She looked at the purple star and was surprised too that her new friend, was it too early to call her friend, already bought her something. Should she buy something for Shinko, she absolutely didn't mind that idea. "That's so sweet, thank you." She said with a smile and she looked amazed when it seemed that Shinko used magic. Persephone even went that far as to defend herself, which wasn't visible but simply something that the Goddess did in the back of Phoebe her mind, "Wauw, that was pretty." she stared at the star. That was a real fun idea of magic, all she could do was make the world shift about because of nature. She wasn't strong enough to get everything of Persephone her power.

Phoebe couldn't keep her eyes of the star, "An interesting magic you have." she muttered, she mostly kept Persephone a secret and said she was a nature mage, in case Shinko would ask, that would be the answer. "Shall we enjoy the festival?" She actually looked forward to the festival in this yukata, for now, she wouldn't know if she bumped into someone she didn't want to see and she wasn't sure if it was fun to see that particular person when she was dressed very impractical. "Do you want something to drink or something to eat perhaps? I could treat you." Even though Shinko had said before that she would buy it, Phoebe already got this star, she could do something in return.


on Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:30 am

As Shinko was discharged from her cautious thoughts and more aspired by the verbal energy that came from Phoebe, she smiled. It has always been only the verbal and the verbose to only satisfy Shinko's energy. She was happy that Phoebe enjoyed her gift. But to others, they'll think Phoebe was being plain and blunt, faking her appreciation. Shinko, appearing like she has 'kalopsia', sees everything in the optimistic path.

Phoebe stared at the star, but Shinko was the one being pleased more. She used her own magic to please herself, but it has always been this way. Even when trying to please her younger brother who never smiled and using her magic to give her light, Shinko has always been the happy one. "Hehe, thanks!" She scratched the back of her head while leaning over in Phoebe's direction. She opened Phoebe's palm, handed the star and forced Phoebe to accept it. "It will shine brighter later if it isn't exposed to the surrounding light right now!"

Phoebe complimented her magic, just like anyone would say. It has always been this way, but one thing different is that she never said anything like: "You should take magic school classes!", just like what anyone would've said. Though, Shinko shouldn't expect Phoebe to say something like that, to expect something from a higher ranked mage is what fools tend to do. Surely, Phoebe has seen better and stronger, bizarre magic that they use to protect others. But Shinko? Only protecting her own characters that will never, even ever, become true.

As soon as Phoebe offered food or a drink, Shinko's senses rang and all those negative thoughts deleted themselves from Shinko's mind, as if they were human DNA that slowly kills themselves the moment they grow, or like they jumped on a [RESET] button on purpose. That said, Shinko clapped her hands, "Yes!" she shouted, and her eyes lit up. "I forgot I was hungry, thanks for reminding me! Hehe!"

#18Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:06 am

The little star soothed Phoebe so much, the idea that she was liked by someone without spilling her heart content first and well everything with that, she did not really believed in friendship anymore or friendly things, until Shinko, Vivianna and later even Ri. It was a start that she welcomed with open arms, Persephone however simply let it be but had Phoebe prepared. Soon enough the battle would come, the last part of the first chapter of the Game of Life as Vivianna for saw in the cards. "It is so beautiful." Phoebe could not help but mutter again as she finally tore her eyes away from the little star and looked at Shinko again. She closed the palm of her hand tightly as to not lose it when she finally understood that Shinko did really give it. "You are a very generous person Shinko." the raven haired mage said.

She giggled when Shinko seemed to get back to the idea that she was hungry, "Let's find something good in that case." she herself wouldn't mind to eat something as well. She paid for her yukata and even though it took a few steps to get used to the walking, she would manage soon enough and entered the festival again. It was total nonsense but it felt so different in the yukata than her normal clothing. People looked at her, smiled at her and Shinko as if it was really important to wear it, and she noticed it more then before, the other people in yukata or kimono and it felt just right. How had she missed it before, all those days at the festival, behind the stall of her father, she had no idea. "Any idea what you want to eat?"


on Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:15 am

Shinko was hungry, yes she was. She forgot about this, yes she did. But when Phoebe asked her what to eat... does she know what she wanted? No, she didn't. Shinko can't see the trees in the forest, neither the food in her hunger. She feels like she wants meat, but that's all to meet. "Ah... I don't know, hehe..." she muttered with a pout as she taps index fingers.

A bulb lit above her head and gave her an idea... literally. Turns out, more and more lanterns have started to glow tonight; soon, the fireworks will come after. And it did, gave her an idea, literally. She softly hit her fist in her other hand and pointed up, "Candy apples!" she exclaimed, "It's perfect for the festive nights!" she added with a smile.

Her sweet tooth is starting to show up more and more. Hopefully, she doesn't end up wanting more sugar the moment she takes a bite. Candy apples are delicious by nature, even without it being caramelized. On the other side of the food stalls, there are different kinds of sweets and festive drinks. Shinko pointed towards that side with her thumb. "There are other kinds of food there, too!"

#20Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:05 am

Phoebe looked at Shinko, it was probably a special way that she looked at her. That is, not seeing if there were issues or anything that would bother Shinko, after all they only met today and Phoebe wanted to enjoy that. Shinko was an example of what Phoebe viewed as carefree and she wanted to be like that for today. It was a difficult thing to do when the Goddess of Nature was in the back of your mind trying to make the decisions for you and so on. She understand that what Persephone wanted was only out of a well how to say it; consideration of the world. The Queen of the underworld must know far more than Phoebe would ever know. She looked at the pink haired girl who seemed to think, with a cute pout on her face.

She bit her lip not to chuckle too loudly, as Shinko looked like she was thinking and from Phoebe her perspective it looked like the lights above Shinko her head popped up and she got an idea, only she remained a bit quite for a few more seconds until she came with candy apples. To be fair, Phoebe never tried them because they looked ridiculous to eat, but that would be a thing to worry about in the past and in the future, right now she was carefree. "I never had one, so it sounds like a good idea." She wonder what kind of flavours there would be. She looked at the fireworks that were shortly starting. She wasn't a fan but that was because it was based on fire magic and she had not such great memories, although they were mostly from the Goddess.

Phoebe followed Shinko and looked around at the candy. She wasn't really a sweet tooth but she also did not mind it. She was just very aware of that she wanted to stay in the good shape that she was now, her figure that is, her magic could use a boost. "Well I can try a candy apple, would you want the apple caramilized?" she asked as she had offered to pay after Shinko had given her the pretty star.

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