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Going with the flow [Social; vivianna]

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Going with the flow [Social; vivianna] Empty on Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:39 am

Kurdran Briggs
The results of the fishing contest. The results were shown on a big board for each sector. However, those results proceeded to point at a little bit of a weird sight of a wet dwarf with his hair down like a cowl, in one hand a rod with big salmon and couple of trouts, and in the other, a bucket with small fish that could outright just be called "snacks". However, Kurdran ignored the minor chuckles, and laughed aloud, lifting his finger up. "And that`s how ye do it, ye flowerpickers, hehe!" He was like a barrel of pride and happiness himself...

...Until he looked at the big board and saw some other familiar names in the list of victors. Those people seemed to have a lot bigger scores than him... And one name especially caught his eye: "Esperia". "Pfeh, bloody succubus cheating again..." Who was he to mock what those freaks were into. Besides, with the huge difference between his and her scores, it was VERY obvious she had cheated. From the other names, "Fiammetta" rang a bell again... and he had this brief moment where it felt like pieces were coming together... Fia, Esperia... Why did they feel so connected... Well, one was a friendly drunk pal, and the other was a cocky princess with a slutty demon inhabiting her plank flat sex appeal... what was the connection there? He was about to come to a simple conclusion with his memories, as his eyes widened...

Only for him to notice "the oracle". The lady who had given him her bucket of bait sized fishes. He had offered her a meal of the fish he had caught, and she had declined. At the time he didn`t know whether he should have felt insulted. He wanted to celebrate his victory! And that was kind of hard to do alone. However, she had seemed kind of mellow about it. So mellow in fact, that she had GIVEN him her fishies. And now she was just walking away, without any interest in the competition whatsoever.

...Maybe he had gone a bit in her face about the fact that he beat her prophecy so throughoutly? Thinking on it some more, he proceeded to groan...

And charged towards the lady with the bucket and fishes in hand. "Hey you! You sure you don`t wanna eat these fishies?! I am a pretty decent cook!" he felt this need of making himself look a bit better in her eyes for whatever reason. For now, it was propably just intuition.

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Going with the flow [Social; vivianna] Empty on Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:12 pm

Vivianna Mystcreek
Stretching, Vivianna looked at the sky as she walked. The fishing experience had left her a bit of a finger pain and some warm feelings. Not thinking more about it since she didn't expect a lot to begin with, she had given away her bucket of fish to the dwarf who seemed to be delighted to have gotten the bigger fish and made her leave. She didn't think more on it afterwards. A man wearing a flat cap hat caught her attention for a single second.

However, while she wasn't thinking about the fish, she had dreamt of some sweets. Strawberry cake sounded well at that moment, so her eyes started to scan around for a cafe or a pastry shop. At worst, she could take it with her to her room. However, things seemed to have taken the choice to go differently.

Hearing heavy pattering and water sounds behind her, she turned to see the same dwarf. Feeling flustered with his sudden appearance, her tongue kinda fell in a knot. Another offer? Ah, the offer for the fish. Vivianna felt a bit panicked and stuttered. Looking at the water swishing around, she felt an impulse to hold it so that the fish wouldn't fall out of it. "C-careful now," she muttered. She then turned her wary eyes to the dwarf himself. Was there something he wanted? Unsure, but kinda happy that someone had run after her to ask her for some dinner, she smiled. "Have we exchanged names? I'm Vivianna." she asked and said while trying to remember how his reading had gone off. "You seem awfully determined to let me taste your fish," she said, chuckling.
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Going with the flow [Social; vivianna] Empty on Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:03 am

Kurdran Briggs
He luckily got her attention pretty easily, compared to his usual efforts. Though annoyingly enough, she didn`t seem exactly hyped to have a meal with him now either. Actually, she seemed more scared about the bucket sloshing about. "Och... Sorry. Fish are propably a bit better as belly fillers than hats, hehe." Gotta remember with these dang fancy ladies. They don`t like handling their fish with bare hands.

"Me name`s Kurdran Briggs. Should be easy enough to remember." He proceeded to shrug as well as he could with two already filled hands. "So yers is Vivianna, huh?" He rubbed his beard a bit as he glared at her in a thoughtful manner. Uptill now, he had pretty much called her "an oracle". Thats what he usually called different kinds of predictors. Also, It was a way shorter name than what she had given... bah. "It`s a fitting name I suppose. A bit long for me taste though." Finally found out what she was actually called and already about to insult an oracle for giggles? That´s just outright rude. He was here to make her feel better, not to taunt her.

Though he had to wonder about it, since she happily just chuckled at his initiative.  "Well ye know. I just thought that ye lost, so I wondered if ye would like to share the victors spoils, "good food, good mood" after all!" The old dwarven saying had proven itself time and time again true in his head. It was a well meaning thought that`s for sure, albeit the way he worded it was almost indirect bragging. He pulled his rod forward, and pushed the big trio of salmon almost in her face. They were all the length of his mohawk down to the last strands of his beard. "I am a big eater, but even I can`t eat this big of a meal in one go. These beauties would propably rot before I was finished with em."

He pulled them back towards himself. "Besides, ye didn`t tell me if ye predicted the result correctly." He looked very intrigued. "It`s bloody brave of ye to take part in a competition like that, if ye knew the result in advance... Or was it some kind of lottery card? Wheel of fort tuna or something?" The dwarf pretty much shone curiousness. His mind had switched topic completely into knowing more about her "predicting magic tricks".

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Vivianna Mystcreek
"Yes, I am Vivianna," she said with the same content expression. When the dwarf mentioned it's length, she chuckles once more, "Call me Vivi then, or Vi." While she stood there, she felt a bit awkward. The dwarf appearance was rather sudden, but then again, Kurdran seemed to be fond of appearing out of nowhere. She wondered if the same could be said for everyone before the dwarf spoke of his intentions: Some kind of feast. Vivianna's eyebrow cocked as she still had her smile, but it didn't seem as just warm as before, but rather playful too now. "Still on that?" she asked, listening to him. When he pulled that big fish however, she couldn't help but lose her posture, "A-agh.." she mumbled with the long fish right in her face. The smell wasn't the most pleasant. Stepping to the side and staying rather diagonally to Kurdran now with an expression of discomfort, but still with a smile, she tried to find words to speak.

Maybe, it wouldn't be so bad to go along with him. Vivianna did like fish after all, and she felt a needless desire to be not as lady-like she probably gave the assumption of. The problem here that she was always written as one. Sighing, and trying to find courage, she began to speak.

"Okay, Kurdran," she said and opened her eyes which she had closed so tightly. "Oh, the competition?" she said with a rather dazzled expression. "I just joined it for fun, well, I did pick a random card from my deck, but it didn't really give me anything of value," she said smiling once more. For a brief second she looked up right as she tried to remember which card she had picked. She would forget them so easily... "It's not really brave," she said going back to her old happy expression. "I didn't have much expectations to begin with."

A different side of her had wanted to be out for so long that she couldn't ponder on the dwarf's mistake except for a chuckle. She would love to correct him, but her heart was already racing. She stood up right and with closed eyes tied her hair to a bun very quickly. When she re-opened her eyes, they probably didn't radiate their usual light. "Kurdran," she said with a soft tone. "Do you like riddles?" she asked. "If you can solve my riddle, then I will gladly try out your cooking," she said. Her tone was akin to a whisper, but everyone could tell that she was still the same kind girl.
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Going with the flow [Social; vivianna] Empty on Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:39 am

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdrans head rose upwards, as he thought for a moment about the suggested nicknames, only to scoff reluctantly. "Pfeh, I prefer using a full name. It`s more respecful that way, ye know!" Besides, a full name was usually way more badass sounding than something like "Vivi". Kurdran himself liked his own name, because whenever he said it there was some power behind it... or atleast there was in his head. He told it to people so often, that they were bound to remember it later too. "So, long or not, I shall call ye Vivianna!"

Overall, the ladies face was starting become quite a point of hilarity in the dwarves eyes. "Come on now, Ye never seen a salmon before?! This stuffs called a delicacy back home! They put such a fight, that getting the bigger buggers from the rivers a battle in and of itself!" He laughed, loudly, as he placed the bucket down on the ground, only so he could slap his knee. As much as he wanted to give Vivianna respect, it was hard, when the poor lady seemed outright mortified from the sight of simple fish! "Though no worries, these fishes are already down for the count! They won`t get ye wet anytime soon!"

The ladies sudden approval of his invite mildly skipped his ears, as she immediately proceeded to tell about her prediction for the competition... only for Kurdran to visibly stumble backwards a bit from  astonishment! "Yer saying ye just came just for shits and giggles!?" Kurdran could agree joining for fun, but he atleast knew how to fish proper! The lady in front of him had pretty much walked right in without almost any prior knowledge of it, and taken it all in stride. Kurdran himself would have propably died from embarrassment if he had gotten the same kind of fish she had! (not that it was possible, no sirree)

"Don`t sell yerself short lassie!" He gave her a quick encouraging pat on her lower back. "There is nothing braver than diving into trouble with nothing to back ye up!" That sort of thing happened quite often in dwarven legends. Although, most of the actually cool ones survived the endeavor... "Nothing bad in having a bit of guts." He slapped his belly. Thats what he had a ton of.

However, what the lady did next had him just very confused. She seemingly stood up only to fix her hair up in a ball behind it, like a dull bump on the back of her scalp... Well, guess everybody had their own preferred hairstyle, he wondered, as he ruffled his own mohawk a bit with his now free hand. The lady proceeded to almost whisper a suggestion towards him, which Kurdran had only a simple answer to.

"DO I!?"

Of course he loved riddles! They were pretty much short stories that you needed to understand yourself! "Oh, it`s on! Though don`t expect me to be an easy target, I`ve heard ton of em when I was a wee lad!" Albeit, he rarely if ever actually answered them correctly...

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Vivianna stood still for a while and then started laughing. She had not expected that kind of reaction from Kurdran. He loved riddles, and she felt a heavy weight lift off her chest. She was so worried of being seen weird, strange. She was scared that this toughened dwarf would have no time for riddles. Well, thinking about that, she slowly stopped her laugh as she wiped a tear of her left eye.

"Thank you Kurdran, I'm sorry if I seemed weird, I just really like mysteries," Vivianna explained herself. She then looked around and then with her eyes focused on a spot, smiled. She started to walk there and beckoned Kurdran to follow with her finger. She wanted to get out of the street and enter an alleyway. "I will take your offer whether you get it right or not," she spoke with a grin. Her whole body showed excitement. "I just didn't get to do this in so long! Thank you Kurds." She quickly closed her mouth with her fingers. In her excitement, she had given him a nickname, right after he said that he didn't like them. "A-ah, sorry Kurdran. Got excited there, heh."

If the dwarf would follow and they would be in the alleyway, she would turn around to face him, with some distance between them, close her eyes, focus and then open her palm. A bright red orb of ink would be created there. She would then, still thinking of her message, throw it towards Kurdran. The orb, before even hitting him, would expand into words. Walls of text were standing between them, and Vivi could only see Kurdran through the spaces between lines and words.

"A man, entering his own room, was found dead the next morning."

"It appears that he had been strangled, losing any evidence of suicide."

"The door, which had been locked and chained from within, was still like that when the body was found."

"The room had no windows, and only a ventilation vent that still had its bolts attached."

"With true speak, I will say that the man was killed by a non-mage."

"When the police broke into the room, they found no trace of a killer."

"With true speak, I will say that it wasn't suicide."

"With true speak, I will say that there were no traps."

"Then, how did the killer escape?"

Vivianna clenched her hands in front of her. This probably wasn't the kind of riddle Kurdran was expecting. Her heart beating, she looked at Kurdran behind the words with a shy, smiling face. "S-sorry, its a bit long," she said.

If the dwarf didn't follow her to the alleyway, she would use smaller words and fonts where they were initially starting, and her behavior would be the same.

Author's Note:
Name: Author's Note
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Phantasmagoria
Type: Supplementary
Element: Water
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: Vivianna thinks of a message and opens her hand as if they are holding an orb. A sphere of ink with the color Vivianna wants is created within her grip which Vivianna can shoot to anyone that is within five meters of her. The ink will form a wall of text in front of them that contains her message. The text will look distorted to anyone else than the target. Vivianna can change the color, opacity, font and size of the message at will, before shooting.
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Kurdran Briggs
Vivianna started laughing right after Kurdran had expressed his liking of riddles. "What? What did I say?" It`s not like liking riddles was specifically silly. Though her quick explanation gave some light to the situation. Mysteries, huh? Like murder mysteries and thieveries? Guess that made sense for a riddler. Albeit, when he was beckoned to come to an empty creepy alley with her, Kurdran couldn`t help but feel this wiggle in his spine. "Bloody hell, Have I shoved me nose in one of em bad deals again?" He thought in his head. However, he atleast assumed that a simple oracle like this would be easy enough to overpower if things got too dicey... if he could somehow keep the fish in one piece.

Though admittedly, the more she heard of her after that thought, kind of made him feel stupid for feeling paranoid. She just seemed so outwardly giddy to tell him, what she had in her mind, that it was kind of impossible not to be smiling with her. "Good. Thinking makes me atleast hungry!" And since this girl was so desperately happy to get her story out of her gut, it must be a good one! Although when she called him Kurds, his head tipped to the side, with a minor sigh. "Eh, I`ve been called worse. Now whats the story?" Since Kurdran was usually the guy to throw insults and taunts about, He didn`t seem to mind too much about being called names himself yet. Besides, he hadn`t exactly earned a big name to himself yet compared to her with her predictive magics.

Kurdran stared sort of impatiently, waiting for her to tell the story herself. However, instead, she generated this red flowing ball of some kind of liquid. Of course the first thought that came into the dwarves head was "Is that blood magics?!" Nah, it didn`t exactly smell like blood. Whatever it was, she was cumulating it for a while... until she pitched it in his direction. "Gah!" He flinched a bit, as the red ball seemingly opened into letters and words. "...W-Well... this sure sets up the mood." She knew magic befitting a storyteller, that`s for sure.

He read the thing carefully. They were pretty simple sentences thankfully, mostly spelling out details of this mystery she had cooked up, even outright telling which sentences were true. The obvious thought was how bad conditions the murdered guy lived in. Even his small room in Oak had better living space. Admittedly, that was not the point of the thing.

"Maybe the murderer was a ghost... Or he just ate some nasty beastie accidentally..." He mumbled briefly, as he roused up and shook his hands in front of him. "T-Thats not me answer, just thinking out loud!" Not surprisingly, Kurdran usually had a hard time keeping things in his mind.

The dwarf rubbed his scalp ferociously, trying to gather up things he knew. "Police didn`t find anything, as usual... not a mage... no killing himself... eugh..." He was visibly becoming a bit redder. You could see little sparks of electricity coursing through his hair, as he continued rubbing it. He really was no good at stuff where he needed to piece things together. He was used to the more simple stuff, which just tried to trick you into thinking something else.

However, through frustrated effort, he finally came up with something. He turned towards Vivianna, as he groaned. "It`s a confusing thing alright, but I think I got it." He straightened up his mohawk a bit. "Yer saying the police didn`t see any killer? But ye didn`t say the guy was alone in the room!" He paced about the thin alley. "If the vent was still screwed on the inside, then the murderer must have come from outside... and maybe he screwed the vent back up! But why would the police not find him inside then?"

He pointed triumphantly at Vivianna with his epiphany. "It`s because the murderer was a policeman... or dressed as one!" His eyes were soon filled with his familiar confusion. "...That`s the reason why he got out maybe... guards must have ignored him when he just gave em the basic info..." There was uncertainty in his voice, as he looked at Vivianna through the blood red text. "Was I right? Or did ye fool me?"

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Vivianna watched Kurdran's reasoning with wide open eyes. Her heart was still beating. Everything here was important. She did think however, maybe she needed to give him more clues. Maybe more information regarding what didn't happen. The answer to her riddle was relatively simple. She didn't want to steal much of the dwarf's time. This little game she loved, she always felt like to others,  it was just silly. And maybe it was. When the dwarf started to pace around and make many assumptions, Vivianna imagined a battlefield. Or perhaps more fitting, an army of mages against a single, huge barrier. The barrier was her riddle, the constant cracks at the riddle, were the army of mages.

Kurdran's first attempts made her heart sink, however, when he quickly said he was just thinking out loud, she beamed with a smile again. "I know a story," she said. "A story of a regular girl with the desire for vengeance, who uses shadows and traps and illusions to make everyone think she is an endless witch." She closed her eyes for a second.

For this was her story in the book she came from.

"She committed murders that seemed to be impossible for humans, and when the riddles weren't solved, it was eternally thought that the murderer was magical force, but it wasn't."

She opened her eyes and smiled.

"So whenever you cannot solve a riddle, a witch somewhere starts living behind the unsolved answer, probably cackling."

With Kurdran's final attempt, a gust of wind with a great sense of timing, blew past Kurdran, as if his finger pointing summoned it and washed over Vivianna, her bun gave way and flocks of her golden hair slightly fell like feathers on her shoulders. Her eyes were closed. Without saying anything, she bowed down. Her eyes were full of tears, but they would only be there momentarily. " When she got back up, she removed the words from air. "Sorry Kurdran, that wasn't the answer, but it was a really good one." She said. "Even if the murderer dressed like a policeman, the door was locked from within when other people arrived. He would still be suspected, for they needed to break the chain with a chain cutter to enter the room," she continued. "The answer is, the murderer hid somewhere within the room after killing the victim. When the police opened the door, he slid outside. It was a true closed room per say, even the killer had to wait for it to be broken."

She walked towards him and put her hands on her hips. "Thanks Kurdran," she said again. "Let's go taste those fishies, but since you did this for me, if there is anything you want to do, It's only fair I oblige." After saying that, she went a little red and looked away. "W-within reason of course."
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Going with the flow [Social; vivianna] Empty on Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:35 am

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdrans planning for an answer to the riddle posed towards him was given another little roadblock, that made it real hard to concentrate. Vivianna started telling a little story in the middle of his befuddlement, which outright made Kurdran stop thinking about the answer for a moment, and just listen to her story in wide-eyed curiousity. He had not heard this one before, and taking that this a problem he often had... "Man, no wonder I keep getting a headache when I try to think things through..." Guess it was that witches fault he was having such troubles now. "Wonder if I could get the dang lady to stop messing with me for a moment..." He mumbled, as he returned to the topic he was supposed to be finding an answer to.

And with his answer being followed by such fierce winds, that it blew the "fair maidens" hair open in presumed shock, He couldn`t help but feel like he had hit the jackpot once again, with the gods outright needing to announce it! "HAH, I knew it! Told ya I am a master at this!" Although when he saw her outright tear up, he remembered again what he was supposed to be doing. "Hey now uhm, its not exactly that bad to lose... I am just kind of on a winning streak now, which I can`t stop..." However, soon she proceeded to just stand up.

And revealed how he was actually wrong. "Wha!?" His mood immediately shifted from apologetic to outright astounded. She proceeded to explain the right answer to him... and Kurdran was all red again. "Buh buh but! That...! ThatS uh...! Thats uh!!!" His hands ruffled his head even more furiously than before, with lightning gathering in it... until with a loud *POP!* and a flash of light His mohawk exploded into a huge round sponge like afro, as he shouted loudly:


He fell over, completely defeated, with the bucket he had pulled with him about spilling its water and little fishes onto the ground. He wouldn`t have possibly considered an assassin so uncouth to be so scared, as to not face the police in some fashion! He was clearly disgruntled, as he lifted himself into a sitting position, with his afro as wide as ever, as Vivianna walked up to him with her arms on her hips, telling how fun it was to do this. "Pfeh, atleast me version would have ended in a cool chase..." He did chuckle a little. Atleast it was an interesting thing to read and hear.

He stood back up... Luckily his own salmons and the trouts were fine, though looking down at the bucket, he kind of just shrugged. "Eh, thats more like bait either way." Vivianna proceeded to tell him, that she would comply to whatever he wanted now, as thanks for hearing her story...

Which Kurdran proceeded to follow up with walking right in front of her, and poking her in the stomach with his fishing rod in hand. "Well then, in that case, Yer gonna spend the rest of this day with me, including the eating and preparation of these fishes!" However, right after this moderately serious sentence he rubbed his hands together, and looked excitedly into her eyes. "AND... we are gonna exchange stories! Ye gotta have more than this one right? Besides, I wanna tell you a riddle too after all! I would feel bad if I didn`t give you anything back!" Man, it was such a long time since he had met a proper storyteller! There was a clear difference with exchanging rumours, and actually

And with that said, He proceeded to grab her hand pretty roughly, as he pulled her along, seemingly out of the festival and more back towards the lake with the trees. It was clear the guy didn`t mean to cook his fish at one of the stalls.

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Kurdran's reaction to the answer had left her a little baffled, but she had quickly laughed at the situation. Thinking about it, it wouldn't be surprising that a dwarf like him would find such a killer wussy. When the small bucket of fish fell down, Vivianna instinctively wanted to get to them, however, the feral cats in the alleyway had already pounced on the small fishes, pouncing away with them. "Well, at least they will be full with it," she said, feeling kinda bad for the aquatic creatures. Being poked with the fishing rod, she felt ticklish and tried to sway it away. "Ha! Ah! Kurdran that tickles!" she snickered. Spending rest of the say with the dwarf wouldn't be bad at all. For a second she drifted into thoughts.

With that, her hand was grasped; tightly, and she was being dragged by the dwarf.  At first, her mind drew a blank, for it had happened so quickly. Kurdran had gone on and on about sharing stories, how he also wanted to tell her a riddle too! Vivianna, still with a baffled look, was following the dwarf. Sooner or later, she realized the situation, the words of the dwarf finally made sense to her and she felt a sense of happiness she hadn't in a long time. "Y-you want... more stories?" she asked with a very low voice, tears were already quietly dripping down her face. "You really like riddles too," she added. Her eyes were glistening, and disappearing among the crowd with the little man, she had her eyes only on him, as if the festival crowd, at that moment, didn't even exist.

She started to think, which stories she had, but more than that, she was curious about Kurdran's stories. Even more than that, she was curious about his story. Looking at the afro'd hair of the dwarf, she smiled and started to look in front of her to see where they were going. Unconsciously, she grasped the hand of the dwarf tighter. Today would be a good day.

When they arrived at the place Kurdran wanted to go, Vivianna would look around and think about the environment they were in and make some mental notes. It was important to tell stories of that were fitting to the atmosphere after all. If they weren't sitting down, she would offer to do so. With that settled, she would make sure to ask him: "Tell me the stories of your people, Kurdran. If I know better, I'd like to weave a tale about them as well," she said. Her main goal was Kurdran's own story, but there was no harm in exchanging more non-personal stories first.

Was there?
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Kurdran Briggs
At this point, Kurdran was excited and hungry enough to not notice, how the poor lady he was dragging along was reacting to all the things he had been saying. He kept up decently quick pace, as the rod in his hands waggled against the slight pressure of air smacking against it. As a sight, it was almost like an insanely hairy child pulling his mother around to show her something cool he had seen, which garnered quite a giggle from the other festival visitors.

Soon enough, they reached the place which Kurdran wanted to go to. Unsurprisingly, it was the beach they had been at before. Since the competition was over, most of the people had already left for their own celebrations, besides some stragglers, who seemingly wanted similar calm place as Kurdran was looking for... as much as he was the on to usually ruin it.

"Alrighteh!" he huffed and puffed a bit. He had kept his pace up through the whole trip. He stuck his Rod into the sand, as it tipped forward a bit from the weight of the fishes on it. Then, he weirdly proceeded to stuff his hand into his hair... "Eh?" He only now realized what shape his hairdo was in. "Man, the shock ye gave me must have been worse than I thought!" However, he seemingly proceeded to grab something inside it... as he pulled out a seemingly tiny bit dirty kimono, as he ruffled most of the dust and hairs off of it. "Ye can wait here, I`ll go grab some sticks and what not..."

At this point he realized Vivianna had already taken a seat on the sand and was already ready for a storytime on his behalf...  "Och... Patience. I gotta put the fire up and what not... for atmosphere ye know! ...AND the fish!" Bloody hell. Kurdran typically had to get people excited first, before he would get to tell his stories. "Besides, if I`m gonna lay em all out, we are gonna be here till tomorrow. So gotta get comfortable! This ladies excitement to come up with a story about HIS stories instead made him pick up the pace drastically, as he gently just put the kimono on the ground, sprinted over to the trees, his eyes hounding for sticks and branches, as they piled up into his hugging arms. Soon enough, he returned, and put most of the sticks into a decently sized pile, while keeping a pile of the longer ones next to himself.

"Okay..." He looked at the different things bundled around. "Now, we should be ready!" He rubbed his hands together, from which he transitioned to rubbing his hair. This time, there was no anguish of worry on his face. "What would ye like to hear? Godly mishaps, Adventurous scuffles, Dwarven determination?" He chuckled, as there was once again tiny bits of lightning moving through his hair. It was seemingly getting smaller and smaller, with the rough combing he was giving to it with his hands.

"Oh, but first! a dwarven riddle!" With one final swipe of his hands, his hair had once again become a nice long mohawk, worthy of a dwarf like himself. The lightning crackled inside the hairdo, as he excitedly laughed, only to transition into mischievous smile. "Yer planning to do yer evening businesses. Ye know, boil yer dinner, light the candle so ye can see yer daily earnings, and warm up the water in yer bath." He pointed at her. "Each of these things need you to light up a fire so you can do em." Kurdran seemingly stopped to think for a minute, before he gave another look at her. He didn`t wanna give any hints. "So, the question is... what should ye light up first, to make sure ye always start the right way?" Kurdran was clearly giggling to himself. He was planning something.

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Vivianna had already gained an expression of child-like wonder, excited for the opportunity she was given. Her heartbeat was akin to the fluttering wings of a butterfly. The dwarf expressed his desire to light the fire, and start cooking the fishes. Vivianna, in her excitement, had forgotten about their dinner plan. her stomach grumbled, to response she blushed and covered her belly. "Witches need to eat too, you know," she said afterwards, cackling. She was getting comfortable.

"Wish I could help you with the fire, but..." she said as she twirled her finger which left a trail of ink behind it. "My magic is water based, and I suppose yours is lightning, don't shock me now," she continued, chuckling. Excited and agreeing with Kurdran regarding how atmospheric the fire would be, the dwarf had left to gather some sticks to make a fire. Vivianna raised her hand behind him, but he had already left. Feeling a bit bad that she wasn't helping him, she twirled her thumbs again, and wore a worried expression. However, when she looked at the glistening sea and the sky slowly turning orange, those feelings melted away. The twilight was approaching. The twilight, where riddles and mysteries came alive; where one could see something that was out of their world.

Feeling lightheaded, she laid down on the ground. Her eyes scanned the sky. Raising her hand and using her finger like the finest of quills, she started to draw small birds and critters. Each of them jumped around her, flew high, but quickly disappeared.

When she heard Kurdran approaching, she raised herself and dusted her hair. "I'm letting go today," she said, looking at the sea. She had even considered going to her home to change into her swim-wear, but her regular clothing would suffice for now. She watched Kurdran place down the sticks, and sat up, her legs crossed, a bit of sand on her hair, skin and clothes, her left eye closed, smiling. Her hair wavered in the wind. She was ready. She opened her left eye and focused on the dwarf. "Start wherever you are comfortable, but I think I'm more interested in... non-heroic, non-evil; daily events if that makes sense. Might not sound exciting but..." she trailed off. Apparently, the first thing on the list was a riddle!

Vivianna smiled, and carefully listened.

"Hmm..." she mumbled. After thinking for a few seconds, she started to think there had to be a trick. "Light my candle... I mean, if I don't, I will stumble around right? And I can use the candle to light anything else by using only one match, or... whatever tool dwarven people use. But it feels so simple... Is the trick the fact that I already lit the candle?" she tilted her hand, her eyes were on the pile of sticks between them. "Here now..." she mumbled. "You got me, I think," she said chuckling. "I will light the candle first."
but who was candle??
Come, try and remember.

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Kurdran Briggs
Even with brief showings he had received, Kurdran couldn`t help but be outright fascinated by Viviannas magic. She was seemingly drawing all kinds of little critters that fluttered about... When he got closer, she just said something about "letting go". Did she wink at him? "Eh, I am gonna keep me hair up now meself. Don`t want it accidentally burning." He had pretty much just cleaned it at the very same beach, although briefly. Getting it dirty again was kind of a waste of a bath.

Hearing the ladies preferences in stories, there was a bit of a dissapointed nod on Kurdrans face. Those were the best kind of stories, why wouldn`t she wanna hear them!? "Ech, alright. may as well...  But now, answer ME riddle!" he patted his thighs, as his hair continued crackling. He was so excited to see if the girl would fall for it. There was a minor flinch at a certain word... but as she stated that she chose to light the candle, he grabbed his belly and laughed, falling on his back. "Hehehe! Ye fell for it! Ye said it but ye fell for it either way!"

he stood back up, as he brushed his electric hairdo with his palms one more time. "Ye see, if ye wanna even get to lighting up the others...!" Suddenly, the hair on his arms electrified as well, as he pushed them into the pile of sticks. "Ye gotta light up, what yer using to light the things up first!" The brief minimal strikes of lighting in his hands struck against the branches, as they set aflame. He proceeded to throw some more smaller sticks on them, as the fire slowly grew into a comfy campfire.

"One of em riddles the older dwarves tended to tell us younger ones to get us to think outside the box." He seemed to be reminiscing a bit. "We dwarves have such a good memory you see, that things like this tend to spread for a long time. Its easy to start trends with us if we like ye!" He chuckled. Admittedly, compared to a regular dwarf, he was still quite young and impressionable, so this might just relate to him.

He proceeded to grab his fish from the fishing pole, as he placed them on his kimono. "We are also propably the most work based folk. If we choose to do something, ain`t nothing but forces of nature or gods getting us out of doing it." He put his hands in his pants, as he pulled out something resembling a salt and pepper shaker, and started sprinkling them on the fishes. "Of course, for dat reason, we ain`t exactly the most social. Apparently even our king scoffs at the extra work he gets occasionally. I`ve heard he even kicked out some shopkeeps for making him think of something else than politics for a moment.... Though that`s just a rumor, I admit." He had never seen the king in person himself after all.

He proceeded to flip the fish, and spiced them up from the other side as well. "Apparently, me mom and dad met by accident, with their jobs colliding. Ye know, a miner and a blacksmith, stuff like this happens all the time..." Then he picked up one of the longer sticks, as he speared one of the salmon on it. "Me dad accidentally brough some copper ore instead of iron, and me mum was pissed. Told him he sucked at his job. But me dad, he was the sort who wanted to one up people on their insults!" He speared the other Salmon as well. "So, next time he brought a full LOAD of copper ore and dumped it all on her toes!" He laughed smacking his belly. "After that, they just kept meeting each other more and more awkwardly..."

He lifted up the sticks with the salmon and stuck them at a safe distance from the flames, but at a close enough distance for them to actually warm up. "Oh yeah, which one are ye taking?"

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Sitting in a neutral state, with close attention to the dwarf to hear the answer to the riddle, her shoulders sloped down and she leaned closer and closer, with a childish look of focus on her face before Kurdran started to laugh and fell on his back. In shock, but smiling with a gaping mouth, "What? What did I fall for!" she asked, her expression was a mix of both joy and confusion. "Tell me!" she said chuckling. She loved being got, in a sense. It was a different experience being at the other end of it. When Kurdran finally said the answer, Vivianna let her head down in front of her, her hair flowing down, hiding her face. Suddenly, she started moving her knees of her crossed legs up and down with her hands tucked in the middle of her legs and started laughing. "Ooooh! I can't believe I didn't think of that with being so close!" she said.

She watched Kurdran prepare the fishes with a great degree of expertise. The fire was slowly growing bigger, at some point, the dwarf had salt and pepper shakers in his hand. Vivianna was watching everything in awe and found it hard to focus both on the dwarf's face as she listened to his words and then the actions he was doing. "Gods' sake," she whispered. "How many times have you done this Kurdran?" she asked finally.

She listened to the man talk about his people. She was fascinated. It felt so... different. Looking towards the town, she imagined all the people living separately, all the different guilds there were. Hearing such a big community was akin to a dream. "That all sounds... awfully nice," she commented. Her favorite part was probably how Kurdran's parents had met. She couldn't help but cackle loudly when Kurdran was telling the story. At first, she would try to cover her mouth and slow herself down, feeling shy; but sooner than later, she would let all the lady-like facades down. It felt refreshing. "Though I must ask..." she said, "With such a community, how did the dwarves not get seriously social?" she asked. It almost sounded like in a dwarf community, everyone would know each other.

When asked which fish she was taking, she smiled "Well, you are the cook, I'll trust your skills," she said and just went for the closest fish to her. Touching the fish to her lips, feeling it's warmth, blowing on it till she got a bit light-headed, she took a bite and with her ring finger wiped the corner of her mouth as she chewed on. "Mm.." she said with a full mouth, "This.. this is good," she managed to let out. She cursed her small mouth. Swallowing, "Kurdran, this is fantastic," she said. "I am not a gourmet, but the taste and texture... they all seem well."

Taking another bite, she inched closer, "There is one dwarf story I know," she said. "I think I read it or heard it somewhere, don't remember. But it's more like a dwarf legend: The legend of the zombie fisherdwarf, you know it?" she said with raised eyebrows as she bit in the fish again. Nodding at how tasty the fish was, she took a napkin out of her small handbag finally with her other hand and wiped her mouth and right hand. Sure she was letting go, but there was a limit to how sloppy she could get.

"The story goes, as follows. Several dwarfs leave to make an outpost away from their city, inside some hills close to the river. They set up a fishery to get some fishes, with a fisher dwarf who is great at fishing. However, they don't know that the area they are in is cursed. A red fog approaches from the mountains and descents unto the sole dwarf who is outside, the fisherdwarf. As the fog leaves, the fisherdwarf's appearance changes into one of a zombie, with his flesh rotten and red. However, he doesn't notice and just continues fishing.

When he makes his way to the outpost to deliver the fish he caught, he sees how others are so scared of him and weird enough, he feels a tremendous fear towards them as well! Dropping the fish on the ground, at the gate of their outpost, he runs back to the fishery. The rest of the dwarves get the fish inside, not knowing who delivered it, but thank him and the gods anyway. Every day, the zombie dwarf would try to deliver his game to the others, get scared at the gate, drop it and run away. Slowly he became a legendary figure inside their outpost, with children telling stories of a dwarf man by the lake, that you can only see during misty days..."

She inhaled when she finished the story. "Sadly doesn't give a lot of insight to the dwarven culture, but I had always liked it. If you have any similar stories I'd love to hear them," Vivianna said, taking another bite of her fish.
it really is a story i heard btw lmao
Come, try and remember.

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Kurdran Briggs
Viviannas reaction to falling for his riddle couldn`t have been much better! The mood for the situation was already reaching pretty good heights even without the food accompanying them! Mild pride rose into his chest as she praised his cooking. "It`s called adapting to a situation and hunting basics! Ye gotta know how to survive outside if ye wanna be manly, hehe!" ...Also, as much as he mocked orchidea, it had really good fish compared to his standard fare.

Vivianna listened intently to everything he told her during the cooking process, as she gave a look towards the town, clearly comparing it to the big dwarven cities. In Kurdrans mind, it was clearly superior... even if he himself had not visited them too often either. Even with his parents having lived there, They had joined a caravan before he himself had been born. Most of his knowledge about the place was based around his parents stories, and very brief visits of selling whatever they had and leaving again. Clearly more adventurous life, but he clearly longed to see it proper one day.

He flinched a bit at the sudden question he got. "Oh, well... That`s very simple." He tapped on the side of his head with his index finger. "I told ye we have good memory right? Well, we also hold a lot of grudges." He visibly shrugged. "We don`t exactly like it when people try to steal our stuff, or stick their noses in places they don`t belong." He widened his hands to the sides in a manner of "it was this big". "and ye should see the kings book! They say it`s the size of a dwarf! Full of everything whatever some kingdom has done that he may not like."

He gasped a bit, as he noticed his fish was almost smoked, as he quickly grabbed it just in time and took his first bite. Crunchy and classic snack although very simple! The size of the salmon clearly helped out though. "Sadly, all of em little mistakes pile up. That`s how I *scronch* got meshelf in drouble..." Luckily the meal was decent for both of them. His mood didn`t go down whatsoever.

He visibly perked up though, as it was Viviannas turn to tell a story! "Dwarf legend!? Go on! Let me have it!" So, dwarf stories were told in the human communities? This ghost guy had to be some bigshot! He took a comfy position, with crossed legs, and kept on munching on his crunchy salmon, as before she started, she took a napkin and cleaned her lips... It seemed kind of extra for him. Its not like she was finished with the fish yet. "No need to be all proper with me! Go wild if ye want!"

However, instead of a heroic story, it was more of a ghost story. Kurdran sat there silently, concentrating on the girls tiniest movements, as she told a story of mysterious red mist, that turned a poor dwarf into a zombie... and when he returned home, every time his former pals were more scared of him than welcoming, as he dropped them what he had caught... He couldn`t help but feel his hairs lifting up a tiny bit.

"...Man, that`s a sad thing to be remembered for. Sleeping on the job, and ending up a zombie..." He nodded his head from side to the side. Not exactly legendary, more unfortunate. "Well, atleast he continued doing what he wanted I suppose... Though, I presume he would have preferred not to be dead." He chuckled... luckily the fishing competition was during the day. "Wonder what the red mist was about though..." Must have been a lich or something, those things were proper jerks.

Then it was his turn. He rubbed his head, as he chomped a bit of fish again. "Righto! Now get ready for the story of... The cave of echoes!" He outright stood up, as he walked around the flame.

"We dwarves have always been folks to live a bit in the dark. We don`t fear deep places of the earth. BUT! We never know what kind of beasties are in there." He moved his hands about the campfire. "However, there was this one mine, where dwarves kept vanishing. Nobody knew why, mostly dwarven curiosity possibly. Rumour even started that there was an outright weird song of groans and mumbles that invited you to come forward and take a rest... Some called it the "Song of the lyncheon"."

"Dwarves kept going in week by week. Some came out awfully befuddled yet alright... They told them that it felt like the cave vibrated every step of the way, and the groans were always getting a tiny bit louder. The more dwarves got out, the more they told of a big beast chasing em. And eventually... the groans could be heard outside." He let out a bit of a moan of his own. "Thus, the dwarves were bewildered. They wanted to kill it before it would kill them. So, they gathered a group of brave people, and ran in weapons held high...!" He raised his hand, as he swung it downwards. "...There was a giant roar, and the cave collapsed in on itself, trapping the poor peeps inside."

He sat back down. "Eventually they dug it open, and found out that the cave was just full of the sort of materials that bounce sounds about... which made the place very dangerous when ye got a bit too loud. They made a killing apparently out of those stones." He suddenly grinned. "Yet, they still say the beast lives in the mine to this day! As the moans still keep coming out, inviting them for a lyncheon and to nap just for a moment..."

He took a big bite of his fish. "I remember actually shaking meself when I heard that one the first time!" He scrubbed his arm. it was awkward yeah. "But enough about us dwarves fer now... Ye got any legends based around stars? I know we tend to name em for the silliest of things." He looked intrigued to hear human opinion on them first.

Inspiration for the story provided by...:

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Vivianna nodded as she took another hearty bite of her fish. "Yeah, I sure am not being proper today," she said while chuckling. "You have this aura about you that makes me relax Kurdran."

Sitting while she listened to Kurdran, she nodded. The story she heard and told surely had some sad aspects. "But at the same time," she started to talk. "Something about the fact that he kept delivering the fish, and the people seeing him as a ghastly, benevolent figure is magical," she said. "I mean, it is horrible for him but..." she trailed off. It was very easy for Vivianna to forget the line between reality and fantasy. It was best to shut up before she offended someone. She shook her head and nibbled her fish, sitting upright with a smile when Kurdran was about to begin his story. She quickly looked around and didn't see any shops. She was feeling thirsty.

Just being out of her stall, she remembered the tea urn she had with her. From one of the paper bags she had, she took it out. Filling it with the last bit of water she had, she placed it on the campfire with some green tea. "Please, go on now," she said. "I am making us some green tea, hope you like it."

Kurdran's tale was... great. It was exactly the kind of story Vivianna liked. Something being misunderstood, giving it a power it would never have. "Look at that..." she mumbled. "They thought of some materials as a monster, and then, they really became one," she said. "Don't you agree?" she said, looking straight at Kurdran with a curious, yet blank expression. "When something unknown is assumed, it becomes what it has been assumed," she said. She tried to find better words to explain what she meant, but they all fell flat. "Ah... nevermind," she said and took another bite of her fish. There sadly wasn't much left.

Hearing Kurdran's request of hearing a tale about the starts, she started to think. "Well, there is something that I read in a book, but it was a fiction so it wasn't a myth or something," she began to explain. "However, since the basic idea behind a lot of constellations is that they are of historical figures given space in the heavenly sky, the story I read also felt fitting."

"According to the story, the constellations are independent of the concept of time; well, the perceived time by the sentient beings like humans and dwarves. In fact, they are collections of memories, reflecting all the timelines history could have. As stories are told and then forgotten, stars form new constellations that reflect that story." She took a breath to remember. "For example, a constellation we see, let's say the Virgo, can be the legendary hero Ava'Deen of the elves, but a different incarnation of her where instead of saving the forests with an army of stags, she benevolently tries to stop the volcano herself by throwing herself in it, making her a Martyr, which the sign is known for," Vivianna explained. She took a few seconds of silence to let all that sink in because she was starting to confuse herself as well.

"Legends are told so often, so differently, so many times. A hero's tale twists and turns within each culture, with their own beliefs, tales and such. Remember how I said what assumed unless observed becomes the truth? It's like that. The universe, being a vast emptiness that is shaped with the collective cognition of sentient beings, reflects these stories; but all of their versions." She tilted her head, hoping she was explaining it well.

"In a way, legends are forgotten and rewritten each time they are told. And stars are the real lorekeepers of the entire existence, so they say."

Taking the last bite of her fish, she struck the stick next to her and leaned back, smiling. "I don't know much about the stars myself sadly, but I would like to hear what dwarves think."
how will the stars remember you?
Come, try and remember.

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Kurdran Briggs
This was propably the first time, besides Lilja, where someone actually felt relaxed with Kurdran around. And taking that he had pretty much invited her, He couldn`t help but swell up with pride again. Of course she was relaxed. It was him being the host!

Kurdran was a bit thoughtful, as vivianna gave her own opinion on the story she had given... It was certainly one way to look at it. But in Kurdrans mind, it was still clearly more sad than glorious. The man died and became a feared creature, who was still admired. He was completely clueless about people respecting him. How would that be a good thing? His head nodded a bit to the side, as she shook her head, and proceeded to make them tea. "Pfeh, I`ll try it. If only we had some coffee beans... That`s the stuff for when you wanna stay awake." Kurdran, as to be expected, was not exactly a tea drinking man, with the main image of its drinkers being elves, which he didn`t like. However, with Vivianna offering it, He accepted it with surprising courtesy. Even the power of excitement over these stories had their limit on keeping him up.

Her comments on his own story had him chuckling. "Well, if we dwarves think there is trouble, we are usually BRAVE and STRONG enough to handle it!" He briefly flexed in viviannas direction proudly. "Usually it works, and if it doesn`t, its propably simple enough to fix." and typically, the ones who returned were seen as sort of heroes for simply their bravery. However, her words about "things becoming what they`re thought to be" lingered in his mind. What did she mean by that?

He noticed her fish was slowly running out. He grabbed the two trouts still hanging from the rod, and speared them, as he put them closer to the flame, throwing some more sticks into it. Right after, with realization, that it was Viviannas turn to tell a story, he laid down. "Gonna relax meself a bit, since we aint doing ghost stories no more, hehe!"

Since Kurdran wasn`t exactly booksmart, hearing that her next thing was from a book didn`t weaken his excitement one bit. It started simple enough, with humans pretty much having a similar thing to dwarves, with constellations talking about legendary figures.

But as it went on, more and more did it resonate within Kurdran. According to Vivianna, the stars embodied the memories and stories told, even when the stories themselves died. The stars formed with each new story... and slowly changed the thing they signified. Yet, the person the stars were for always had a heroic image left behind... And the story of an elven martyr of all thing made the previous story sink in. "So yer saying..." he rolled onto his back. His mind was trying to comprehend all these thoughts that were coming into his head. "To be remembered forever... you need to become a star?" For Kurdran, this thought had him outright shaking. It seemed so much bigger than him... Yet, the thought of your memory never dying, your glory only being amplified as time went on, even after you died, ever changing and evolving...

"Cognitive what now?" Admittedly, some of it was way too big for his dwarven brain to handle. However, He smiled, as he tried to see some stars in the reddening sky. "I like this way of thought... I like it a lot." He mumbled.

It was Kurdrans turn again. He sighed. "Well, it is pretty similar to yer line of thought. Ye know, the stars represent specific figures in history." His fingers traced along the sky, as he suddenly lifted his index finger. "But usually, it implies that the star is created during the stories and remains as this sort of beacon for the future generations." He lifted himself up into a sitting position. "Fer example. Ye`ve propably seen this humongous star near Scorpio? That stars name is "Ragnars gaze". He was a dwarven king from many dwarven generations ago apparently." He pointed towards the sky in the stars general direction.

"The dwarves used to be split into different clans, and challenged each other into different kinds of games to determine which had the most power. This one year, it was about kicking the ball as far as you could." He stood up, seemingly forming the ball in his hands. "However, when it came to one-eyed Ragnars turn, the other clans replaced his ball with a giant rock, which broke his toes upon contact." He kicked the sand. "The laughter of everybody and the disrespect made him snap. As he grew in size somehow... Grabbed the ball and threw it into the heavens!" He swung his arm copying the motion.

"And the rock is still there... Ragnars eye still judges, that we always follow, and respect the rules." He sat down, as he gazed in the stars direction, like a naive child who believed every word of it. "I wanna be like those folks... Be remembered and respected fer what I do..." The trouts were starting to smoke a bit next to the flames.

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Laughing as the dwarf man flexed before him, Vivianna tilted her head to look at him once more before telling her story about the stars. After she finished, her gaze had been stuck on the sky for a while. Hearing Kurdran and slowly turning to face him, she relatively understood the effect she had made in him. To be remembered, did it really required being a star?

“Well, I don’t think it requires you to be a star,” she started to talk. “After all, these are just stories, whether they are true or not will be hard to be understood.” She watched the new fishes on the flame and decided to check the tea urn she had placed on the fire. It was almost done. Carefully rebalancing it, she turned to Kurdran again. “Being remembered can be done so with books too, I believe. Effects you leave on people, how they speak of you, how they feel when your name is mentioned, what you changed in their life too--” she said and cut off her sentence like it hadn’t been finished. She looked at the flames for a long time and started to make shaped in the sand before starting to talk again. “Well… this brings us to the question of how you want to be remembered I think. Is leaving an emotional impact on someone or people in general, like a sapling, that will change their life -hopefully- for the better without your name being mentioned a lot enough? Or would you rather be talked about like a hero?”

She leaned back on her hands and watched the sky. The stars were slowly showing themselves. Vivianna smiled. When Kurdran said that he liked that way of thought, she nodded with the same relaxed and happy expression. “Yeah, I do too. To remember someone with a lot of their aspects; not just one…”

She then started to look at him directly to hear him better, for he had started to talk about dwarven belief regarding stars. It was pretty similar, but instead of constellations, it seemed to be about single stars directly. She thought that it made more sense that way. Ragnar’s tale was a bit sad one. “Aw..” she said instinctively regarding the broken toes of the man. “That’s horrible.” As the story continued, however, hearing his amazing feat regarding throwing that ball into the heavens Vivianna felt invigorated. “That shows em!” she expressed and chuckled. Checking her tea again, she took the cups from her bag and placed some in the cups. The hot green liquid swirled within the white porcelain cups, releasing a scent ever so dear to the woman and gently placed one near Kurdran.

“Nothing stops you, I believe,” she responded to the man. “But… How would you want to be remembered Kurdran? What would you want people to say about you?”
how will the stars remember you?
Come, try and remember.

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran flashed a little bit betrayed look in Viviannas direction. This face of lowered eyebrows and tired gaze, combined with a bulging lower lip. He believed most of the things he was telling, aside from little bit flashier language used for some of them. Hearing that she doubted the stories a bit was almost insulting. "Pfeh. Ye don`t really get it do ye?" He turned his back towards her, as he scratched the side of his belly. "Anybody can write a book, and leave a mark. But that mark is pretty much just a pile of firewood!" He emphasized his point, by throwing some sticks in the flames again.

"Whilst a good story keeps branching forward WITHOUT needing a bundle of papers!" ...Admittedly, this small outburst was not because of her being rude. Kurdran was just the kind of dwarf who didn`t read too much things, much preferring to say things outloud if he felt like telling them. "Besides, a book will just gather dust. I can guarantee ye me mouth will never be dusty!"

...However, after listening to a bit more of her explanation, he nodded. "Oh, now I get it..." She was talking about leaving some sort of chronicle of your life behind. Albeit, Kurdran was a bit too young by dwarven standards for writing something like that yet.

However, the question that she posed was simple even for Kurdran to understand... but it made him visibly blink. Come to think of it, he had never actually thought about it like that. "Well... Th-thats simple! I uh...!" He proceeded to scratch his head, pressing his other thumb under his chin like a monkey, looking side to side. What DID he want to be remembered as? A big ol`war hero? A legendary adventurer? The best bar emptier in the whole word? A great leader of dwarven people!? All these ideas seemed so grand and worthy of sharing!

Yet none of them felt like a glove in his hand! The familiar sparks of electricity appeared in his hair again, as he flicked his head towards the skies. "Too many to choose!" He lowered his head down, as the sparks slowly subsided. "W-well, ye could say I ain`t picky... Although if I were to choose where to START from..."

He lifted his hands up wiggling his fingers hauntingly again. "I`d propably like to kill some big old menace. Something that is so clearly evil, Nobody would doubt me to be the good guy!" He chuckled. "I want people to praise me for what I do, whatever it is I do!" He was pretty honest about it. His dream was huge. Yet, it had a simple premise. He reached out to grab his crispy trout, almost shoving it into his mouth in one bite. "After all, that`s how people remember ye! Being good enough to be praised!

He looked towards vivianna. "How about ye? Ye got dreams like this?" His head nodded to the side. "Or have ye checked yer fortune for it already, hehe?

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Watching the dismissal of the dwarf, Vivianna didn’t feel an ounce of hurt despite the fact that her favorite subject was dismissed so easily. Instead, she tilted her head and tried to understand where the dwarf was coming from; to empathize with him as much as possible. Of course, without growing up in the same environment, same culture and more, such a feat would eventually be impossible. She took a sip of her tea. Tasty. She would, however, save her words for later.

After asking him how he wanted to be remembered, several ideas of her own future came to her head. Despite not exactly being one, she suffered from the common fault of humans which was losing focus while listening to someone. However, her nature quickly put an end to it and she brought her attention back to Kurdran, listening to every single syllable, better than ever this time. The questions had made some wheels in the man's brain turn, apparently.

When Kurdran finally finished talking, during which Vivianna was very attentive, she just raiser her palms facing him and stood still for a while.

"There are many ways to be remembered, isn't there?"

Separating her hands, a glowing white ink appeared in the space between. The blobs of ink made a small figure similar to Kurdran; a dwarven man with some fantastic hair, standing proudly with his chest puffed and his hands on his hips. Smaller blobs of ink made a crowd around him. Cheering him on. The dwarf then raised his foot and a head of a beast appeared there, the crowd cheering, even more, this time.

"A hero who slew a great beast; loved for his strength."

Bringing her hands together and re-opening them, she rearranged the scene. This time a lone dwarf, the same figure with Kurdran's hair from before, kneeled alone in a field of flowers. It looked like it had a cape of some short, or was wrapped in a blanket. The figure reached for a single flower in front of him and picked it up, smiling.

"A tender soul that taught his people to love and happiness; loved for his kindness."

Repeating the same motion, she rearranged the scene. This time, the dwarven figure was standing in front of a table, with others all around it, but sitting. Raising his hand, he stabbed the table and everyone in the room nodded. Proud, the figure looked around at others and started to listen to them.

"A strategist with the keenest mind; loved for his intelligence."

Repeating the same motion, she rearranged the scene for the last time. This time the dwarven man jumped to save a kid from the foot of a giant beast but got crushed himself. The kid ran away safely.

"A noble soul with no self; loved for his sacrifice."

Letting her hands go, the glowing ink slowly disappeared. Her expression was somber. She took another sip of her tea, but her hands were shaking a tiny amount. "Your story being a book doesn't mean it will be less remembered you know," she began to speak with a slight smile. "Someone can read it, learn from it, love you for it and then tell others about it. Be affected by it for the rest of their lives. If it's a book, then someone years later can pick it up and relight your memory. If it was just passed on as words, don't you think the story would be twisted eventually? Then only the stars would know the truth," she said with a calm tone. "That's what I think at least," she said with a broader smile and reached for the other fish on the fire. Twiddling the stick between her two hands, she looked down at the sands, then the beach itself.

"How I want to be remembered is... a bit more boring, I'd say," she said and paused. "I want to be an accomplished author, you see. I want to reach out to people with my words, to make them feel a whole array of emotions, to make them... to make them forget whatever it is that is making them sad if only for a few pages," Vivianna spoke, her eyes lost in her dream. "However, I am also a healer. Being remembered as a soul that helped prevent a great plague or an attack or... something would be nice too; in fact, I could be remembered as the woman that helped the brave dwarf that slew the dragon," she said chuckling. "Which means that I have a long path in front of me, I must train my arts and my magic. Thankfully, they are connected," she said and then took a bite of the trout, the taste immediately bringing a smile to her lips.

Breathing in and gathering her courage, she turned to Kurdran rather swiftly. She was excited to have come to this point. "How do your people, the ones back at home remember you; or well, think of you Kurdran?"
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Come, try and remember.

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Kurdran Briggs
After his momentary ranting, Kurdran reached out to grab his own cup of green tea, as he sniffed it, and
(a little bit reluctantly) sipped it. There was a minor *gulp*, as his face looked befuddled for a moment from the bitter taste. However, with occasional more common sips, he seemingly got used to the taste, taking even proper mouthfuls.

His attention was soon caught by the weird white liquid in-between Viviannas hands. "Another riddle?" No, it wasn`t. His eyes proceeded to stare at the little show that unfolded in front of his eyes: It was him! Proud, standing over something, as people cheered. "Don`t tell me... is it...!" And soon, a dead beasts head rose, as his leg was sitting on it, as she described the situation. "Yes! Exactly like that!" He stood up from excitement...

As the ink swirled again. Revealing another scene... that made his eyes go wide again, as he burst into short fit of laughter. "Hehehe, very funny. I ain`t that much of a hippie!" He still had too much warrior blood moving in him after all. Next scene showed a similar situation... but one that praised him seemingly for being smart. "Now that`s a bit more like it!"

Then came the final one... In which he saw presumably himself getting crushed under foot to save a little child. He was visibly silenced for a moment. He had actually forgotten how many of the dwarven stories ended. Although the kid would certainly tell the tale... it didn`t have him exactly as excited, as the other options did. He rubbed his beard, and took another sip of the tea to clear his head.

and this time, it was Kurdrans time to listen to her, as she proceeded to explain how a great book could start a story for somebody else, and how they could always return to the beginning of it to see how it all started... "I dunno... Like ye said, the stars would remember it. Although..." He couldn`t help but be intrigued by the idea of somebody being inspired to tell their own story by his tales. "Perhaps they ain`t so bad. But, Ye reading em outloud would propably be way more attention grabbing, kind of like yer magics, ye get me?" He certainly loved watching the visuals.

However, when she brought up the fact she was an author, Kurdran was clearly a bit shook. "Och, I-I`m sorry, I didn`t mean to insult ye!" It was certainly very different from his usual demeanor. However, as the lady went on, Kurdran couldn`t help but feel this weird amount of kinship. They both clearly enjoyed their listener giving some sort of reaction to whatever they told. And when she brought up healing the dwarf after his fight, He chuckled. "Heh, I wouldn`t mind, thats fer sure." Even Kurdran could see the connection, as an idea started swirling his head...

However, the question she asked next, knocked the thoughts out of him. He scoffed, as he turned his head away from the flames and onto the sand. "Ye should know... Ye told me They either hate me in secret, or outright lied to me." After his talk with Lilja, his image of his family back home was that of hateful liars. "...I hope they all don`t though..." He sighed loudly.

"Ye see, When I was a kid, ye know, 20 or so, I got to know some info on treasures of me clan..." His shoulders slumped. "Info which I often shared to get attention... I got messed often, proceeded to attack a guard of em cause they promised to tell me something of their own... and now I am here trying to reclaim em..." The mohawk outright fell sideways. It was still not exactly a thing he liked to talk about. But he was always open about whatever he spoke about.

"Been thinking I would go and tell em to go to heck... But me family`s there too. I can`t hate em... I have no clue which of em hate me... besides the boss..." His head was starting to fill up with unpleasant thoughts again. The hard ones. The things that he couldn`t drop.

He drank the last of his tea. "...although, I`ve met quite a few ladies after ye told me one would help me. You included actually." He scratched his head. "I just dunno which one of em actually is supposed to do it." It was a bit lighter thought. "Perhaps I just have that dwarven charm."

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Seeing her new friend shook after thinking that she felt insulted, Vivianna threw her hands in the air and waved them as if to say no. "No no no! Don't be sorry. I can't expect anyone to look at books the same way I do. You see, I have a very special connection with them," she explained, guilt welling up as she felt inconsiderate at choosing her words. "Haha," she chuckled. "You are a funny one Kurdran, I am sure you have that dwarven charm. I mean hey, I fell for it," she said giggling.

As Kurdran slowly started to tell his tale, Vivianna looked at the sea to visualize his story. Perhaps with that, she hoped to achieve a better understanding of his conditions. However, there was a forever-limit of her not being a dwarf, so she couldn't wrap her head around it as much as possible. The night was slowly covering the sky; they had spent quite a long time together now, so Vivianna felt a bit more courageous when she asked her next question. "That seems... awfully a lot for what you've done. You said yourself that you were young," which was another interesting point that his youth was 20, something that Vivianna decided to leave for later, "I suppose it is an honor thing then. By reclaiming, are you saying that they were taken somehow? Are you trying to find them?" she asked.

Remembering how she felt towards the community of dwarves as Kurdran firt told her, she felt horrible for someone who was grown in that community to be thrown out like that. "Ah Kurds..." she mumbled with a genuinely sad tone. However, the last thing this man needed was the pity, the witch thought, and quickly composed herself. "Maybe if you don't directly think about solving this issue but try to improve yourself and achieve great feats, they will take you back," she said. "I'm sorry for I don't know much but..." she trailed off. Feeling like a repeating broken record, she decided to just take a bite of her fish instead.


An idea flashed in her mind and a wide smile appeared on her face. Looking at Kurdran with wide eyes and a smile, too long for comfort probably, she reacher for her bag and took out her tarot box. Inside laid two seperate decks. One with the floral patterns that she mainly used, and one that was a side deck she owned before her newest one. She took the side deck to her hand.

"As... a thank you... for tonight," she said, her words seperated as she went card-by-card in the deck as if looking for a specific one, "I want you to... have something."

Finally, she found the card she was looking for and her eyes gleamed with joy. Turning to the man, she quitely reached with the card in her hand.

Going with the flow [Social; vivianna] RWS_Tarot_17_Star

"The Star, is a card of hope," she began to speak. "I can't remember if it was in your reading, but it comes right after The Tower card, a card of great and drastic change, usually one that is not welcomed and creates sadness," she continued. "Like how... you were exiled." Vivianna feared if exile was a strong word to use here, but tried to not think about it. "The Star, however, shows hope, joy and fulfillment that comes after such rubble. It shows how there is still a lot to do, and how a change; despite being unwelcomed, can create a lot more opportunities one never thought about. We were talking about stars too so it felt... kinda perfect that you should have this." She said, her smile warmer than ever before.

"Don't worry, it's from my side deck. I think of changing it anyway so I guess I'll save the cards for such occasions."
The Star!
Come, try and remember.

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Kurdran Briggs
Kurdrans eyes seemed to drift in the distance, as vivianna asked a bit more details about what he had just said. He had told this before to others... but this time he was completely sober. It was hard to dig through things without anything to cushion the blow even a little bit. "Well... I WAS 20 years old... I made the mistake multiple times... And they got tired of it after I actually hurt someone..." It had been about 2 years since he was kicked out... For a dwarf it was not a very long time, but the wound from it still felt like a painful scar.

"...The guys were thieves... stole the treasures in the night..." He punched the sand, as his face turned from sad to angry. "I wanna just pound their faces in for lying to me... And maybe they will take me back if I bring the treasures back..." He sighed... "Two years, and I`ve got nothing..." Currently that was his only job. and he was spending it how he wanted to spend it. But this failure loomed behind him like a giant ghost, reminding him of its presence whenever he dared to dwell on it.

There was a momentary respite, as he lifted his gaze. Maybe they would take him back if he was cool? But then it nodded back down. "...They would just mumble behind me back. The failure of a midget comes home to brag about how cool he is without paying anything back." He smiled... although it felt a bit fake. It was a silly sentence, but it was pretty much him insulting himself. "I know I wanna tell em exactly what I`ve seen..." He mumbled.

After that, this awkward silence lulled for a little bit. She just eating, and Kurdran just looking forward trying to gather his thoughts to feel proud again. His own trout had gone charred black, and overall the mood was a bit grumpy.

Until Vivianna started staring at him with a loud "Ah!" Kurdran stared back with wide eyes of befuddlement, as his eyebrows twisted in confusion. He even blinked a couple of times. "What? What!? Whatcha looking at? Me hair weird again?" He actually pressed his hand against his hairdo. Nope, this time it was still standing.

She proceeded to grab her card decks... Was she gonna make another prediction? In Kurdrans mind it felt sort of pointless. After all, he already knew what the future told... But instead, she pulled out a single card, smiling happily. It was a card of a naked lady pouring water in a pond and on the ground, as a giant star surrounded by many more shone behind her.

"The star?" He listened as she described what had happened to him, and told him about it. About it being full of hope, and a failure and end of something, was just the beginning of many new roads. Many new roads he could take. Many new stories he could experience. Many more people he could meet.

He grabbed the card, and stared at it, ignoring her minor worries. Although, the warm smile she gave off towards him really warmed him up from the inside, his mohawk rising up. His eyes were gleaming. He proceeded to stand up himself.

"Well, now I`ve got one start to me name atleast! Can`t be too bad, if that is the case!" This stout man laughed outloud, staring at the card. If he didn`t hit the giant star in the middle, he would just make one of the 6 smaller stars a bigger one! "Maybe I won`t go and tell em to heck off! I`ll just go and tell em what I`ve been doing! Somebodys bound to have a chuckle at em!" And to him, that was what he wanted as a storyteller.

Though, with the evening ending, and the fire of the camp slowly dwindling, he looked at vivianna, and back at the card. "Where will ye go next, if I may ask?" It was sad, but he could assume she was not from the north. They would need to go their separate ways. "Gotta prepare some new stories for the next time we meet!" he tapped his belly. "And also..." He leaned towards her with this weird gleam in his eyes.

"If ye need a main character for yer chronicles, I am yer man! Ye can heal me anytime ye want!" A final boastful laughter emerged from his gut. As he placed the card onto his belt. "That, or I can just give ye some chapters if ye ever need to fill it with some extras!" She did say, that a book would spread their fame further than ever. and with her at the helm of writing their stories...

Becoming a star perhaps wasn`t so far away!

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Kurdran’s reaction to the card has been extremely favorable by Vivianna. Seeing this slowly building fountain of emotion from the small man made her ecstatic, silently, of course. Studying the dwarf’s facial expressions carefully, she stood up, dusting off the sand from her clothes.

“That card is a card of bound, Kurdran,” she said, winking before starting to act like an evil witch. Vivianna cackled. “I am a witch after all, rather via an illusion or via truths. Those are left to question.” She looked up to the stars. “It will ensure that we will meet again. I shall prepare my stories as well! I will talk to you about the lonely gardener! The skeleton guard that protects the world! Much more!” She expressed.

The time of their separation lurked closer. Vivianna nodded to herself and began to clean up after herself. “We should clean this place. Wouldn’t wanna leave it like this,” she said as she picked her tea urn and walked towards the sea to clean it. Putting it to her bag, she offered to clean the campfire remains with Kurdran.

“I will be going towards my motel,” she said, describing the location. With that, she walked a couple of steps away from the man. She stopped, looked behind her and said

“That is just one star, you know. You gotta make a whole constellation!”

And with that, she disappeared into the streets.

Thank you for the fantastic thread!

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