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Granny-Sitting [Quest | Aleksandr]

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Granny-Sitting [Quest | Aleksandr] Empty on Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:08 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
[Last Night]

Aleksandr had decided to go down to Enil's bar, who was an old acquaintance of him. He had met him the last time he had been in Orchidia, which was months ago and he wasn't sure the man would remember him. Coincidentally, Mitya was there too and was on one of his 'usual' rants that Aleksandr had seen an example of the last time around. This time, it was about his mother. "Oh, you don't know nothing." Mitya babbled on about his mother to Enil, while Aleksandr and the other customers watched, some of them amused, some disgusted. As for Aleksandr, it was a mixture of pity and amusement. "She might not care about her well-being, but I do. I want her to move to a retirement home so they can take care of her. The level of care that I can't give her, but she? She doesn't give a single fuck about what I think." Mitya said to Enil, chugging on his beer, and it was evident that he was very drunk. Aleksandr listened intently to the Brunet, curious more about when his drunken rant was going to come to an end. He did pity the brunet a little bit, but it was nothing compared to how amused he was from this story. He was laughing at the cost of the man's daily life. 

Enil was not affected much by the rant, as could be seen by his uninterested expression, but Mitya didn't care. The only emotion he felt, as it seemed, was apathy. But again, these were pretty regular, so maybe he had gotten used to them and now had become meaningless to him. Aleksandr could only wonder. "...and now? She does not have a caretaker tomorrow and guess what? It's the weekend! I can't afford to take the day off now, can I? But I'm afraid she might end up killing herself." Mitya's rant turned into a half-sob towards the end. A voice spoke out from the small crowd "Hey man if you're so concerned about her health and well-being then why can't you just take a day off and look after her?" the masculine voice said. "Nobody asked for your opinion!" Mitya screamed at the male. The crowd and Aleksandr himself roared with laughter. Not much later did he figure out that it could be a potential petty job opportunity for him. Aleksandr spoke out from the crowd "Uh, dude if you want I can take care of her for the day." he blurted out. The crowd turned to look at him, and as did Mitya. "You will?" the brunet said. 

"Yeah, sure, why not?" Aleksandr replied with a faint smile. "Oh, thank you so much, you're a lifesaver!" Mitya shouted out at him, and Aleksandr just awkwardly raised his eyebrows and shrugged with the faint smile still present. Mitya then gave him his address and went out. Aleksandr had a few drinks and then went back to his room. 

[Today Morning]

About an hour earlier than Mitya's bar would open, Aleksandr went down to the address he had given him last night. While he didn't trust the man much, considering he was drunk but he went with it since there wasn't any other choice. He went up the stairs, onto the floor Mitya had written on the small piece of paper and started searching for his apartment. Not long after, he found it and knocked twice on the door. It was Mitya that answered the door, visibly hungover from last night, and also a little smelly. He said "Oh, you're here." which meant that he remembered Aleksandr, which was good. He didn't want any awkward situations. 

"Mom, this is Aleksandr. Aleksandr, this is my mother." Mitya rambled. His mother, or Rynah as Aleksandr would later come to know, said: "Hello, My name is Rynah." she smiled. Aleksandr smiled back. Mitya scoffed a little. "Aleksandr will be staying with you today." Rynah surveyed Aleksandr keenly, and then, a little annoyed, said: "You know I can take care of myself." and Mitya placed a hand on his mouth and slowly chuckled. "Yeah, okay," he whispered to Aleksandr.  Aleksandr just stood there, looking at the mother and son, confused as to what to do. "What are you waiting for, my lad? Come in now." Mitya said to him, amused. Aleksandr walked in. "Well, I gotta go. Bye mom, bye Aleksandr!" Mitya said and walked out the door. Aleksandr closed the door, and then sat down, not having done this before. Rynah looked at Aleksandr intently, then sat down at the dinner table, bored. She picked up some wool from the table and started knitting. Aleksandr watched, however with an unconcerned look. "When he was a baby, I took care of him all the time. Now look at him, can't afford a day to take care of his mother. I sacrificed my career for him." Rynah whined. Aleksandr, now a little interested, listened keenly. "He wants me to go those damned old age homes." she continued. Aleksandr asked her "So, what did you work as?" She, without looking up replied "I worked as a cashier in a restaurant, earned enough to get through my daily life. Then he and his father came into my life, and it all went away." she whined on about her past life more, and Aleksandr listened to it keenly and genuinely interested. 

For the next couple of hours, she solved crossword puzzles, reminisced about her past, whined some more and did some more knitting. She got the idea of baking cookies, she assured Aleksandr that the cookies were fabulous and he didn't mind. He decided to watch her while she did it, just in case, and she didn't have a care in the world. She whipped up the dough very quickly and mixed in some blue crystals, which were her 'secret ingredient.' so he could only wonder what they were. Of course, he had to take them out of the over which was fine by him. She gave him one to taste, and they were as she had said 'fabulous'. "These are fabulous, really," Aleksandr said to her while still chewing. "Careful now, you might choke on them if you talk while chewing," she said, somewhat concerned. He felt a surge of energy go through his body, but he still didn't know what the ingredient was. Not much happened for the rest of the day, and when Mitya arrived, Aleksandr said goodbye, took his reward and went home.


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