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Decorative Party [Michelle & Victor Garrett]

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Decorative Party [Michelle & Victor Garrett] Empty on Thu May 31, 2018 1:35 pm

Michelle Hunter
For the first time since she met Benjamin, Michelle had argued with him and disobeyed his orders. And all that for the man she met barely a week ago. Her first assumption was that she was going crazy, especially after what happened with Fenrir at the Rune Knight quarters. She was giving in to her ‘emotions’—which of course she doesn’t possess—and forgetting her key goals. While she expected Benjamin to be very upset with her, he didn’t look all that surprised when she said she can’t stop training with Victor, let alone kill the man in his sleep.

The fact that Victor had not revealed his secret to her yet did irk her a bit, but she could understand why someone would try to avoid that conversation. Having part of a demon inside you was not something you bring up casually, until your trust the person. In any case, if the two decided to train together, he had to tell her sooner or later. So, she decided to wait patiently.

That day, as always, Michelle woke up early, knocked on Victor’s door to wake him up and headed to the nearest empty ground for the morning training. They had just arrived at Magnolia the previous day and had no particular mission in mind. Her self-given new mission, was to train Victor so that he was strong enough, both mentally and physically, to not lose himself to the demon. A rather futile one, but she doesn’t know that.


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Decorative Party [Michelle & Victor Garrett] Empty on Thu May 31, 2018 1:37 pm

Victor Garrett
Maybe it was his own charm, maybe it was the unceremoniously fallen angel's doing, but Victor really was very lucky when it came to willing partners. Upon making the decision to leave Crocus and head to Magnolia, he was convinced it would be time to bid farewell to the mysterious but easy going entity he'd met about a week ago. She was driven, she was fairly stronger, well definitely stronger than Victor had anticipated and seemed to have a good grasp of the town of Crocus. The blonde had assumed, given the chaos that the attack from Grimoire heart had thrown the capital into, she'd find to perhaps affiliate herself with others who were dying to climb the rungs of the ladder, make herself useful, with ease and milk the situation for what it was worth. That is what he'd have done and they seemed to be on the same wavelength about such things.

But to his surprise, she offered to join him on his journey. She even mentioned that they'd be training buddies, an offer he couldn't turn down, simply because in lieu of Lucifer holding onto the powers he was supposed to share, Victor needed to sharpen his basic combat skills, something that the dark-skinned woman could aid with tremendously. So here was, rolling out of bed after his personalized alarm clock beat the door and demanded his presence for training. After getting ready, he reached the grounds swiftly. 'What are we working on today?' he asked upon spotting the woman.


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Michelle Hunter
Michelle had already run five laps around the large ground by the time Victor arrived. “Morning slowpoke,” she said, grinning at him. “Since you took your own sweet time getting up and coming here, I think it is best we work on your speed for the next week. Maybe you will reach the training grounds on time then,” she added, as she began stretching. She expected him to start running too without her saying so; after all, he was smart enough to see the pattern. Once he had run the laps and joined her in the stretching, she would then go into the details of the training.

“Empty grounds are good and safe. But that’s not where you will be fighting or running under most circumstances. Today… We will race through the small alleyways,” she announced. The assassin didn’t want to go into any further details. She was sure the man would understand why. Anyone could run in a straight line like their back was set on fire. But… moving swiftly in a small crowded alley with hundreds of obstacles in front of them took some serious reflexes and speed. It is imperative that she taught him the subtle art of parkour and using the environment to his advantage, because that was the difference between winning and losing a fight in many cases.

When they were done stretching, she would rub her hands and grin at him. “Are you ready?” she asked, before running towards the closest alley.


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Victor Garrett
Had Lucifer not requested otherwise, Crocus was still the ideal place to be. While so far, Victor and the demon lord shared a relationship that was mutually respectful, the blonde could tell that the Lucifer was not shy of showing him who was boss, not through any extreme measures, but simply by dangling the possibilities of sharing his power, only to take away that possibility unless Victor agreed to collaborate. The demon wanted Victor's presence in Dahlia, a town notorious for its strange and questionable practices. Victor wasn't stupid enough to share that with Michelle, so instead he told her he intended on attending to business in Magnolia... lo and behold she followed suit. Now there he was an advantage to this, the demon knew he couldn't just take her to Dahlia until she proved trustworthy, so Victor bought himself some more time to negotiate, before just following Lucifer's orders.

Michelle didn't mince her words and Victor just rolled his eyes and folded his hands over his chest. 'Oh please, I'm still almost as fast as you.' he responded. 'Some people need to work harder, some people are just born with more raw... talent.' he retorted it wasn't even a lie, he believed in that. Not that he disregarded those that were more unfortunate and were still willing to work harder and not that he'd always do more to hone what he was gifted with. With that he quickly conducted his own warm up. Given his proclivity towards fire magic, usually, it took him lesser time to get the stiffness out of his muscles, the swiftly generated the heat required to limber up. Post the swift stretching she directed them back to the streets and laid out the task for today. Victor just smirked, it seemed easy enough. He'd been chased through crowds in Hargeon and he managed with relative ease. 'You're on.' he said simply.


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Michelle Hunter
The young woman retorted with a nasty scowl when Victor mentioned how some people are born with more raw talent than others. Such elitist attitude would do no good during a fight; it was the root cause of underestimating one’s opponent and thereby losing the fight. She might have to drill that into his head over the course of their training. “Keep thinking that and the ones with ‘no real talent’ will work hard and kick your ass,” she said, shaking her head.

Her scowl quickly changed to a grin when the blonde man accepted the challenge and followed her into the alley. “Good! Try to keep up,” she said bluntly before picking up the pace. It was just as she expected the alleys to be: crowded, narrow and with plenty of obstacles to either avoid or crash into. This was a cake-walk for the assassin as she had done this plenty of times before. She weaved her way through the crowd like a gentle breeze, and managed to do it without annoying any of the pedestrians. When you want to approach your target swiftly without them noticing, you had to also ensure no body near your target noticed you either; basic assassination skills. Michelle knew she didn’t have to spell out everything for Victor. He was smart enough to watch and learn; and competitive enough to learn it quickly.

As she turned a sharp corner right after sliding under a cart, she noticed an abnormally crowded street. Wondering what had caused such a large crowd to form there, she stopped in her tracks and looked in the direction for further clues.


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Victor Garrett
He had expected exactly the response that Michelle had offered, so he just shrugged and grinned. He had heard this countless times before, but he knew his potential and he knew he'd always have to train just a little bit to beat the try-harders. He scoffed at her words, as they set themselves up for the challenge. It wasn't that often that Victor paraded through such crowded streets. Running through them always gave the impression that he was trying to get away from something, while Hargeon had trained him in the art, he still preferred not to use it too often. Clearly, it seemed Michelle had far less aversion to such displays of... he liked to think, guilt.

He was more worried about her banging into people as she pulled off some sneaky moves, than he was about avoiding the people himself. Victor largely stuck to the edges of the street, narrowly avoiding those going in and out of shops. Nonetheless, the cart was an obstacle they both had to cross. The two had managed to slip through the crowd, almost toe to toe. Just as she slid under the cart, Victor leapt over it. The two earned a small spotlight.

There was a crowd that had accumulated, was setting up some sort of an event. He stopped running and grabbed Michi's wrist to still her too, with a sheepish expression he waved his hello. 'Any way we can help?' he asked, almost like he wanted to make up for them barging in.


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Michelle Hunter
Given her way, she would have quickly turned the other direction and continued with the training routine. Parties didn’t interest her. It would seem it caught Victor’s attention, however. He offered to help and was welcomed so eagerly by the crowd. Michelle looked past the crowd and at the counters that were being set up. The food looked delicious; far better than what they would get at the cheap motel. And the nobleman Medias was so generous that he not only offered pay for anyone who helped with the decorations, but also invited them to stay for the party and enjoy the buffet. The deal was too sweet to pass up on; but she surely could not admit that she was staying for the food, now could she?

So, instead, she disguised it into training. “Alright! How about we make this a little interesting? Let’s see who can put up the most number of decorations within the hour. The loser pays for the motel next week,” she said, winking at Victor. Whether he agreed to the challenge or not, the purple-haired assassin would run off to grab the balloons and being tying them up at high places. The crowd was extremely impressed with how swiftly she climbed buildings and then landed nimbly without a scratch on her. Having learnt to do such feats when no one was noticing, Michelle felt a little odd having an audience. But deep down, she appreciated and enjoyed the attention she was getting. Every once in a while, she would look towards Victor and goad him playfully. “Still on your feet? Impressive,” she said with a mocking expression of surprise.


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Decorative Party [Michelle & Victor Garrett] Empty on Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:03 pm

Victor Garrett
He narrowed her eyes and looked at her intently as she challenged him yet again. He really wasn't looking forward to bumbling about and tying balloons to lamp posts, this seemed like a great opportunity to make some connections. At the same time, he couldn't just turn down the chance to compete. 'How about we tweak that a little bit, to whoever entertains our lovely audience here the most?' he teased but she didn't even bother with the bargain and already dashed off.

Somehow she did incorporate his rendition of the challenge as she gracefully leapt around and efficiently tied off the balloons. He scoffed and offered a few women dealing with the food a radiant smirk before wrapping streamers around both his wrists, hands and then wove them about his fingers just to make sure he was carrying enough and he let the loose ends trail behind him. He then went streaking through the posts weaving the streamers through them and tossing them over the lines set up to hand the lights.

As he finished up, she casually threw in her taunt. He narrowed his eyes at her and allowed his smirk to widen. She had a point, her parkour had stolen as much attention from him as his bold antics had stolen from her. It was rare for him to find someone who could put money where their mouth was... She truly was skilled and perhaps, just perhaps he had something to learn after all.


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