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Writing by the River [w/Aleksandr also Open]

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#1Theo Kaguya 

on Wed May 30, 2018 12:27 am

Being by the river was just what he needed to get his creative juices goes as he sat next to the river and started jotting down notes about the first few chapters of his book and so far it's turning out really well Oh man I can't wait to show Alice the first few chapters when its all done! she had only seen his disorganized notes for his book but with the pace that he was going chapter one would be done in a few more hours.

His hand started to hurt with the amount of paper that he went through from just the first chapter of the book. "This is going to my best work!!" he shouted jumping for joy forgetting that the river was right next to him and little to say he fell in. After falling into the river he quickly got out and laid on the rocks next to his work Guess I got a bit too excited, he thought as the warmth of sun hit his back and dry him off slowly. TK soon got up and took off his damp clothes and placed them on some rocks to dry a bit faster leaving him in his boxers Okay time to get back to writing, as he got back to writing the young knight felt that creative drive start slow down.

#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

on Wed May 30, 2018 1:09 am

Aleksandr had been in Orchidia for quite a few days now and had mostly just been busy with his brother's wedding. He hadn't done anything notable other than that. When the last time he had visited Orchidia, while he the chance to, he hadn't done a whole lot of exploring. He hadn't even properly checked out the river, which was like the only thing he remembered about Orchidia. He asked around for a route to the river bank because he had no idea. When he reached the river bank, he saw a boy sitting a little away from him in boxers, and the first thought that came to his mind was 'Is he homeless?' but he suppressed his urge to ask that. 

He sat down under a tree, a few meters away from the boy, and lit a cigarette. He didn't say anything. He could see clothes on a rock, so he assumed that maybe he had fallen into the river and was drying his clothes. He saw that the boy was writing something, and that piqued his interest. "What are you writing?" he asked him and leaned back a little more, and crushed the cigarette, out of decency.

#3Theo Kaguya 

on Wed May 30, 2018 2:12 pm

While he tried to finish writing the words seem to cut themselves off before he could finish writing them down. But TK did his best to try and get every last bit of it onto the paper before giving up for the day I'm so close to finishing...just a bit more and thennn done! with that, the first chapter had been made the only thing that was left was to start on chapter two and name it. With the first chapter completed, he had a prototype to show Alice when he saw her again which was hopefully soon. Birds flew by picking up fish from the river and flying off while he paused to give his hand a chance to rest.

"AAAAA! I was on a roll with this and now its gone" he nearly fell into the river again from frustration if he had not moved himself to the side. He looked to see a fellow Rune Knight that looked familiar, could he have seen him at the wedding? "Hello comrade my name is T.K." he completely forgot that he was in his boxers as he reached his hand out for a handshake. It seemed like the more he adventured around the more guilds he saw even if most of them were from the Knights.

#4Aleksandr Sokolov 

on Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:18 pm

'Overexcited.' Aleksandr thought to himself. Before long, the kid noticed him and offered a handshake, calling him 'comrade.' Mutual respect is nice. He did think that he had seen 'T.K.' at the wedding. He shook hands with him firmly and then leaned back on the tree again. "Uhm, I feel I've seen you before somewhere. Were you at Konstantin's wedding, Konstantin Sokolov? I'm Aleksandr, by the way. Aleksandr Sokolov. I'm the unknown brother." He said and waited intently for an answer. It would feel good knowing that he might make a friend in someone that is from the council, except for his family.

He started observing the fishes in the water while waiting for an answer and watched the flow of the water. Maybe he should do it more often. Sometimes it was nice watching nature. Of course, that wouldn't stop him from eating animals. Hypocrisy was as much a part of him, as it was of other humans. He accepted it as a part of him, and probably a damn important one. T.K. had a book. Aleksandr was wondering what it was about, like was it a diary? or was he working on something? He had asked before, but the kid didn't answer. He found it amusing after figuring out that T and K are the initials of the kid and chuckled a little.

#5Theo Kaguya 

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:28 pm

"Oh, I didn't know he had a brother! Who's older, I think he's older?" Never would he think that Konstantin had a brother or any siblings for that matter. Part of him questioned it didn't seem like they could be related in the slightest but then again the same could be said about Isabella and him Something seems different than about him even we just meat I feel like he's a big softy, he was hardly ever wrong when it came to tell how people are. His clothes looked dry enough to put on so he put them back on and checked placed his wallet and keys back in his pockets.

Now that he's fully clothed he gathered his papers and looked over them "What's it like having Mr. Konstantin as a brother, do you guys fight a lot?" a fair question to ask as he and Isabella hardly ever fought over things besides what to have for dinner but that was normal. A small part of him wanted to see if they have the same mindset when it came to fighting but at the same time getting shot again is not something he would like to do at the moment."Sorry if it seems like a lot of questions, please feel free to ask me some." it was nice being able to get to know some of the other knights theirs down time.

#6Aleksandr Sokolov 

on Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:29 pm

"Yeah you're right, he's older," Aleksandr replied to him. He was kind of impressed with T.K. guessing who was older out of the two cause they didn't have much of an age difference between them. He noticed that T.K. was one of the Knights as well as he had seen the tattoo on his chest. 'Twas a small world. While he couldn't put his finger on what were the exact circumstances under which he had seen T.K., it didn't matter much. Maybe he'd ask him about it later. T.K. then put on his clothes and Alek was kind of relieved, as it would feel much more like a civilized conversation now.

T.K. asked him how it was like having Konstantin as a brother, oh well. Maybe he should just tell the truth now. It did make him laugh. "Forget fighting, we hadn't even talked in over a year before the wedding came along. It was Alice that I happened to get in contact with and well, that's how I got invited." he said, laughing. T.K. then apologized for 'if it seems like a lot of questions' and there was only one answer to that. "No, it's fine really," he said to him and then as T.K. hadn't answered this earlier, he asked again "Actually, what are you writing?"

#7Theo Kaguya 

on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:06 pm

His eyes lit up with excitement from being right that's so cool it must be cool to have an older brother he thought but it was still shocking to learn he was Kon's brother it just seemed too bizarre. "I have an older sister but I kinda lost her, she's not dead or anything I just don't know her location..." maybe they had more in common than they knew as hey talked some birds landed on his shoulders and didn't even notice them. I wonder where Isabella is right not? Oh, man, is she gonna hear it when I see her again. the thought of having an older brother came and went as it seemed fun in theory.

TK was a little shocked that he asked about his work but how could he dein him he actually has some solid work instead of his notes, "The name still needs work but if you want, chapter one is 90% done here." without even thinking he pulled out his notepad waiting for Aleksandr's thoughts of the chapter. The chapter was about twenty pages or so and each page was filled with everything that he thought should be in the first chapter, at this point he was only thinking of all the possibilities of Aleksandr's reaction.

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