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Aoi Mitsurugi's Sheet

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#1Aoi Mitsurugi 

on Sat May 26, 2018 9:59 pm


Aoi Mitsurugi



Name: Aoi Mitsurugi

Age: Twenty-Two

Birthdate: Nov. 3, X763

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Sexuality: Pansexual

Class: Berserker

Rank: C-Rank

Faction: Rune Knight

Faceclaim: Riko Sakurauchi - Love Live Sunshine!!

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 133 lbs

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Amber

Appearance: Broad, but girly in preference~


Let's all be friends! <3

Justice: Well, to preserve law and order, protect and serve, and helping others! That's the justice she knows and wants to preserve.

Making Friends:It's always been a wonderful thing for her to try and make some friends. Be they normal civilian people or those within the Knights, she's always wanting more friends.…

Climbing the Ranks: It's more of a goal than a like, but the like of the challenge to push her way to the top, or even within the highest of order and rank is all she's wanted since she was able to join the Rune Knights.

Criminal: A typical dislike of a person whom deals with this kind of thing, but hers is nothing that isn't more than a normal dislike. Nothing that would make her extra angered or cause her to do something she normally wouldn't do, however she isn't above a harsh reprimand if need be.

Involving the Innocent: This is a very well rounded thing if the thought if given. At the basic understanding, the dislike of involving the innocent begins with hostage situations. Using people for financial gain such as selling into slavery, etc. However, one of her most disliked parts of this is the act of informants or baiting out criminals with innocent people. To make someone else do your dirty work seems more of a dangerous action and could cause more major consequences than one could think.

Peace: More of the hippie sense from the looks, the idea of peace has always been something that Aoi has looked for in her life. Be it from simplistic things to more complicated and arduous types is something more to be followed. Essentially, this is the kind of peace that can only be absolved over time and she will do it all or at least make the endeavor to do the best that she can before she is dead.

Betrayal: The thought of ever being betrayed by her actions, in other words being manipulated into thinking she was doing the right thing when in fact it was the opposite, or being led out in a mission to only be ambushed and attacked makes her vigilant at times when she is given orders from someone new.

Enslavement: The idea of being claimed like property, ordered around, forced to do anothers bidding and being stripped of all rights and freedoms is a frightening thing. Though it boosts her goals of putting an end to it, it never stops her from thinking at times what would happen should she lose the next fight, be double crossed by an ally, or being jumped as a target.

Being Overwhelmed by her Magic: Though her magic at times seems very calm, she is very much afraid of losing her self control and the magic becoming unstable.


No Perks

Apex Calamity

Magic Element: None

Magic Description: Apex Calamity is a magic granted to the user by the overwhelming release of emotion. The creation of Apex Calamity is using welled up emotions with the inner strengths of the human body's structure, working to improve what's already there while still being able to level a playing field. The user goes on using this magic with their handicaps or history in place as a reminder to what they're fighting for.

This magic is a very simple one in the ways that it works. It functions like a make magic in the sense that it allows things to be forged like weapons and shields, but is much more prone to a close combat sort of prowess due to the specifics of the users condition. The source of their magic is using built up inside from years of aggression and frustrations, there's more in putting a stronger force behind it by using more anger than already built up into their magic. Fortunately, this does not limit them to being able to use their magic without being angry, nor does it increase in power because of it.

Offensive Spell Price 1x
Self-Buff Strength Spell Price 1x
Self-Buff Endurance Spell Price 2x
Supplementary Spell Price 2x






The Mitsurugi family has always been a dutiful household when they had their own problems. They have never been one to really bother trying to go out of their way in the past, however they never ventured to the wrong side of the law either. Owning a small business inside the town of Era for generations, they were rather law abidding people who minded their own business and helped when any chance arrived. As the years progressed, their store began to flourish and as such, their lifestyles had done the same. Moving up the social ladder, they started to become much more prim in some ways, but retaining the more common, casual ways as they felt their comfort to be in. With this bustling business, the social ladder began to expand as more upper class folk invited them to places, helping and giving ways to improve everything from business to customer satisfaction.

This was the world from which Aoi became born into. The older middle child of four, she was the eldest of the sisters, but second in line to an older brother of hers. As she was raised, she was treated much like a princess and practically dressed like one as well. Very ladylike in her rearing, she had learned a lot of things by her parents, but also trough observation of just being around her parents store. About the time she was in the height of her childhood, nearing teenage years, she had been taught how to run the store, how basic things worked so that should anything happen to her, they could be able to do normal jobs without feeling as though the upper tiers of society didn't make them seem entitled and beneath them to do simple labor. Everything seemed to be fine in the way they had gone through their business over the next few years. Opening a second store on the other side and placing the eldest brother in charge of it. As the business grew even more, there came a grim time just around the corner.

It was during one of the little gatherings of people that Aoi's father had been approached by a business man while the small red head was in attendance with him for a change. He wanted to offer the father a chance to expand his business to other towns. At first, he turned him down and didn't wish to do anything yet. He spent his life continuining a family legacy and he didn't want to ruin that over some shady man. The stranger offered more enticing deals in front of Aoi herself and still the father refused. Even at her age, there was something that even Aoi didn't like about this man, but she kept her mouth shut and let her father continue his denial in hopes he could give up and get over with it. Then came along a sudden offer, one that struck two different reactions in the pair of Mitsurugi's. The father; he smiled and asked for more information on his proposal. Aoi, on the other hand... she wanted to tell him not to. He was on the verge of getting him to leave, but here he was walking off. Her mouth agape, she continued to try and say something, but she felt out of place to do so. Sitting back, she just.. sat there. Let the two adults conduct business before he left with a slip of paper being placed in his suit pocket.

The next day shook the foundation of the Mitsurugi family forever.

As the family came in to get the store opened, they immediately noticed something off. The doors opened and they looked around their store-- nothing. The walls, the floors, ceilings. Every inch was stripped and cleaned out from the building. Everyone stood in shock, running around frantically before footsteps aside from their own entered. Immediately, Aoi and her father picked out the face as he laid a smug smirk. He explained that he was given full rights to the store and as such, he took everything and essentially was pushing the family out of business. Horrified, he had several random thug looking men enter and force them all out. Given enough time to go home, the anger brewed in everyone. People blaming one another until it came time. Aoi kept her own anger from that previous day in not only from her father, but from herself. Suddenly, the little red head fired off with no holding back. She laid him out about his mistake and when all was said and done, a black mist like aura had covered her hands. All without realizing it, a hidden potential of magic brewed inside of her that her large loss of temper awakened. Immediately, her idea came to gain revenge... but she couldn't do that. She couldn't be one to go out and try to get to someone and then do what? It wasn't anything she could do, but she instead took this opportunity to get away from her family.

Spending time with her mothers side of grandparents, they too had this ability of magic that seemed to skip over a generation or just never was awakened. They helped her along to pushing her limits to feel the ends of her abilities, while at the same time helping her to control it. However, she was warned that her magic was able to spiral out of control if she hadn't gained control of herself and kept a lid on it. In fact, once she was of age, Aoi was taken to Era again, enlisting into the Rune Knights to achieve her own goals. She'd put the past behind her, her family aside, and was focusing on her until she had the stability to them to help, if they were able to...







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Friend/Knight in Arms

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