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#1Azalea Setsuna 

on Fri May 25, 2018 1:41 pm


Name: ???

Age: 23 (x763)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Class: Adventurer

Race: ???

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Tongue, Black

Face: ???


Height: ???

Weight: ???

Hair: Bone White

Eyes: ???

Overall: Like all Setsuna, Avril has lost all of the pigment in her hair, leaving it a near white color. She is rather slender like the rest of those of the shared name, and is fit for the most part. Her attire is mostly, if not always dark in color, often being black. She is commonly seen within shadows or dark corners of rooms as far from human contact as needed. She will not interact with people unless necessary for her task, missions, or needs. She is not afraid to show skin, but often covers up as much as her fund will allow.

Extra: AN/A


Personality: Most of the time, Avril is a very neutral individual. Her emotions are very much kept in check, allowing logic to dictate her actions rather than personal feelings in most cases. The fact that she lived in isolation by her own choice for most of her life has only exacerbated this, making it very hard for her to connect with and befriend others. She is silent for the most part, only speaking when she needs to; due to her lack of social experience, however, she tends to be extremely blunt with no tact. This can drive various people away, only helping to solidify her solitary existence.

Her isolation, coupled with her lack of tact and neutral behavior, often leads people to believe that she has no emotions. In reality, however, the exact opposite is true. Avril is an extreme empath, whose demeanor and emotions are extremely impacted by the emotions of the people around her. Avril went into isolation in order to minimize the effects that other people had on her, and to learn to control the outbursts that other people cause in her. She has come far in her training, to the point that most outbursts will not break her emotionless facade, but the breaking point is certainly still reachable, and has been reached since her reintroduction into the world.

One thing to note about Avril is that, despite her instability, she is extremely loyal to any friends she would happen to make. She loves having human company over in her isolated island, as long as it comes in single members; she has been known to take care of isolated individuals who wash up on the shores until somebody comes to get them. When a full crew of men arrives, however, she often loses her cool and has an outburst, driving the intruders away from the island. She has forced away countless pirates who sought to ransack the island, earning her the title of ‘The Elusive Reflection’ from the astounded invaders.

Despite her issues with controlling her emotions, Avril is a very capable individual when it comes to strategy. Her abilities and her own physical frailness lend themselves very well towards a cunning, trickster-style way of fighting; her opinions of fighting reflect this as well, seeing a battlefield as more of a puzzle than a fight. Her emotionless persona has only strengthened those ideas; since she has trained herself to be mostly logical, she approaches almost everything with a problem-solving mentality. At the same time, however, this leaves her open to sudden shifts in the battlefield; the arrival of reinforcements or a sudden change in the battlefield’s terrain/weather can often throw her off. Due to this, she is extremely effective in smaller skirmishes, but she should not be trusted to lead larger groups.


  • Majinoki: It's the name of the village she had devoted her live to protect. Having the village now fallen, she devotes herself to the sole survivors of the massacre.
  • Order: She will do anything to maintain order, including slaying her own allies.


  • Non-Believers: As a follower of Majinoki, she is devoted to three gods. She will strike down all in hre path who do not follow the righteous path of her leader.
  • Rune Knights: Every run-in with the knights had led her to believe they are corrupt an disorderly.


  • Honor: She will do anything to please her god. She will gladly lay her life on the line to bring her wishes to life.


  • Demons:She knows of their power, and would not dare challenge them unless her success is sure.
  • Vampires: Like Demons, she fears their power under night, however, should it be the day, she will have her fears but will find it easier to face them.


Magic Name: Setsuna's Pride

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Setsuna's Pride  is the offspring magic to Spirit of the Manji. This magic is focused around protecting the caster and others. This magic was first prototyped by a mindless man, and later taken and manifested into what it is today. The user is able to embrace the protective powers of this magic.


History: Having being born to the country of Fiore, Avril has seen the corruption, war and the plague it has brought about the land. She wants nothing more than to restore the order to the land by any means necessary.

Risen Life
The Manji clan have been known to tether themselves to a spirit plane, exiting their body.
Often times this is to contact the deity that is known as "No-Name" or commonly referred to as "Nameless." It is regarded that those of the true Manji Bloodline can collect souls that were offered to the great god, with a price however. These souls are either offered, or collected by the same family.

Sometimes souls or spirits from this plane of existence try to free themselves, attempting to inhabit the body of those who prayed at the shrine to meet the deity. Most cases it lasts no more than a few seconds, with the longest issue recorded being over a minute and a half. However, some followers get greedy and attempt to return an offered soul back to the realm of the living.

Ivory Bloodline
The Setsuna are a special case. They are often people who have given up their lives to the church and cult following at an attempt for a new life to start fresh, or are the unlucky few to be taken for experimentation. Whatever their origins, when awoken, they carry no memories of their former existence, and are given a name at rebirth.

They are nothing more than brainwashed zombies with no attachment to their own lives. They know they are temporary, and will do their best to ensure those who leave a legacy, will remain to ensure their survival.

Avril had awoken long before her siblings with nothing more than the desire to serve and clean the mess that was left behind. She had long wandered Fiore for the last few years but has learned of the change in her life. She no longer acknowledges her former surname but instead assumes any forgotten identity of someones's life she had taken. She has been reduced to nothing more than a mercenary for hire. Risen from her own ashes, she goes by Avril Sanguine

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