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Small Elven Kingdom [Festival: Invite]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

on Fri May 25, 2018 2:53 am

She wouldn't get used to seeing so many humans and possible other beings around, she wasn't exactly sure what to think as her mind would go in loops, trying to find the auburn haired elves that she was looking for. Daughter of the King's Guard, it didn't matter, she wouldn't be able to keep her polite demeanor if she thought in that way. She was Sorcha Donovan, twenty years old and that was about it. She shook her long hair, which was connected by braids and kept her face free from any locks. She looked around to see what she could do but in the end just headed over to grab a bottle of something to drink, preferably simple water but they would add fresh fruit and she was okay with that.

After that she simply walked on to see most of Orchidia's festival as well as the lake that was there and see the beauty that the green town was, she quite liked it here and she would have to find a good place to sit and simply look at the people, she had brought her notepad with her so she could draw, she found a tree that had a low hanging branch that she could climb up and sit a bit higher, so that was the best thing to do, she would have no one walking over her and thus sit in no one their way. She would see clearly over the part of the festival that she was closer to but not hear too much of the noise as the tree stood next to the lake. She would simply watch first and keep the notepad in her satchel.

#2Zyra Elroth 

on Sun May 27, 2018 6:57 am

'Oh oh oh!' Zyra exclaimed as her eyes widened. She walked in place with her hands held at her chest as she beamed. Her eyes darted between the figure she had just spotted and the dark-haired elf who had pretty much agreed to be her knight in shining armor. 'Keryth!' she squealed, marching in place even faster as excitement took hold of her. The elfling's long lavender hair was tied up in a high pony and swayed with vigor as she swiveled her head to maintain sight of the woman she'd seen and try to get her partner to notice her too. 'You won't believe it! I... I think I saw another ELF!' she said, now talking even louder than her usual.

Little did she know, that it was very likely that Keryth wanted to steer clear of any other elves, considering Zyra's status. In her mind, she had perfected her disguise and absolutely she trusted her own skills. Alas, if he had reservations it probably wasn't about her appearance, more about her demeanor and her loose tongue. It didn't really matter, because Zyra wasn't a very patient girl, now that she'd declared the existence of this other elf, it was time to take matters into her own hands and get some introductions out of the way. The Elroth definitely did not give her partner a chance to stop her, as she dove into the crowd towards where she had spotted that elf. Soon, the lavender-haired girl found herself in a clearing, with seemingly no one around. 'Strange! I swear I thought she'd be right here.' the girl muttered pouting, standing under the very tree that her target had climbed.

#3Keryth Torvan 

on Sun May 27, 2018 7:32 am

Keryth had finally agreed to go on this ‘tour’ of the festival with Zyra. She had been going around the entire region, noting down the stalls that she wished to visit and things that she wished to buy. Most of them were worthless junk, but he kept that opinion to himself. At least, she didn’t ask for anything spectacularly expensive; not that he could say no even she did. Thankfully, he had swindled enough people to have a comfortable living through the rest of the festival.

The dark-haired elf walked beside his princess, smiling and nodding at every appropriate moment to make sure she believed he was as interested in everything that she was. He had to admit some of the attractions at the festival were cool. But most of them were about colourful flowers and he didn’t care much for that. Things were going smoothly until he spotted another elf amidst the crowd. He knew this was inevitable, but he had had the fortune to avoid most of his kind at the festival so far. Most of the time, he had steered the elven princess away from them so that neither party witnesses the other. This time, however, it was too late. Before he could convince her to take a different turn or look elsewhere, Zyra had already spotted the elf.

There really was nothing Keryth could do as Zyra ran into the crowds towards where she thought this elf was. Groaning inwardly, he swiftly untucked his rogue rags so that it covered the golden dagger at his hip and also pulled the hood up. Hopefully, the hood will cover his elven ears and his unusual dark hair would make this elf assume he was human. The last thing he wanted was walk straight into one of the guards sent to capture them.

“Hey! Wait,” he yelled, as he ran after Zyra towards the clearing. While Zyra seemed lost and didn’t realize where Sorcha was, Keryth could see her sitting up at the tree as he was still several feet away from them. Worried that the princess might get jumped, he picked up the pace and spoke out loud. “Hello there!” he said, looking up at the tree branch where Sorcha sat. He did that mostly because he wanted to warn Zyra of her presence.

#4Sorcha Donovan 

on Sun May 27, 2018 8:13 am

The crowd was a bit too much, too marry, to happy, it wasn't that she didn't want people to be happy but most of the time it also made them very loud and that was, again too much, and too much of anything was still too much. So she had climbed up in a tree to get some air and to draw the sight of the lake and the people, now that she was further away it would be easier to draw, she was pretty okay with the surroundings, people, that was not her best quality of her drawings. Even if she had decided to watch first she had already taken the pencil out of her satchel and twirled it around her fingers, looking further into the distance than what was near her, so a hello there, almost made her drop her pencil but she caught it back in time with her left hand and looked at the person that greeted her. She noticed in the corner of her eye someone else, not clearly visible as the other person was almost directly underneath the branch on which she was sitting but she had seen something. "Greetings." she said to the stranger, she wasn't surprised by randomly saying hello. She got up and decided that it was posssibly politer to talk if she stood on the ground, so she jumped down to the branch underneath her and made sure she saw the (she believed it was a girl) other person with her long lilac hair before jumping down.

But that's when she noticed that the other one was an elf too, she had not seen any elves but the one in Magnolia forest and he was changed by a nymph or something like that was what he said, so she narrowed her eyes, the girl looked in one way or another familiar, would that mean she was really an elf, no magic involved. This made it that she didn't want to say anything, not answering questions she didn't want to answer to people that didn't belong in her realm.

#5Zyra Elroth 

on Sun May 27, 2018 8:38 am

Obviously, despite hearing the warning from her friend, she didn't really heed it. She was too happy to have spotted another of her kind, it felt like eons since she last saw an elf that wasn't Keryth or her reflection. Pretty as those two sights maybe, they were really not cutting it in terms of diversity. Eventually, once she had lost the elf she'd been chasing, without ever intending it to be that way, she stood under the tree, one hand on her hip and the other wrapped around her abdomen as she folded over for a brief second to catch her breath. Keryth had finally managed to catch up with her too and Zyra spoke too soon. 'I think I los-' her words were cut by the greeting her partner issued. She stood up straight and looked at him confused, his gaze wasn't on her, not that it would make sense for him to greet Zyra that way unless he was trying to be funny.

The mystery cleared itself up when she heard a response from above her. Zyra's heart skipped a beat though, rarely does one expect someone to hear someone talking from above them. 'Oh! Scared me the-' she started as the fellow female elf slipped off the branch and landed very close to where Zyra had been. The interrupted elf leaped a few feet away in anticipation of the woman's jump. 'You could've landed on me!' she exclaimed, with a slightly accusatory tone as she now clutched her chest. 'Anyhow, doesn't matter... Who are you? What brings you to the realm of men?' Zyra asked curiously, perhaps her tone was a little interrogatory, but that wasn't her intention. Her free hand grabbed a strand of hair and twirled it.

#6Keryth Torvan 

on Sun May 27, 2018 9:08 am

Of course! His hello did everything else other than what he intended it for. It managed to startle the one on the tree and Zyra was completely confused by it. It was only when the girl jumped down did the lavender-haired elf notice her presence. The sudden jump did get Keryth on the edge, however. For a moment, he presumed the elf was there to take Zyra away and his hand inched towards his daggers. But, the smart thief was not one to over react. He knew there was no way Zyra would be harmed; so, there was nothing to worry even if this was a guard sent to catch them. He realized there was no need to assume the worst and act pre-emptively; not until the third one had made her intention clear.

So, he walked briskly towards the two as Zyra bombarded Sorcha with a bunch of questions, in her usual authoritative tone. As the princess never took that tone with Keryth, he always felt the need to steer her away from being tactless to others. Not that he cared for the people, but he surely didn’t want them to hate him. It was bad for business. He looked wide-eyed at Zyra, shook his head and turned towards the auburn-haired older elf. “Sorry if we interrupted you,” he said, smiling softly. If the girl really did not wish to interact with anyone and was only talking to them out of politeness, then it would be better if they all went on their own way. Lesser the time they spent together, lesser the chances of their true identities being revealed.

#7Sorcha Donovan 

on Sun May 27, 2018 9:18 am

Politeness, that's all why she got down, she stared from one to the other and especially at the lilac haired elf, the one that looked familiar but well she might just look like someone she had once known, she couldn't remember any elves with that perculiar kind of hair colour, which hopefully was hair dye because imagine.. "But I didn't." she mumbled as the girl exclaimed that she could have landed on top of her, as if that would happen, did she forget the swiftness through which they move, as if they were leaves, light dancing around. It was obvious she wouldn't fall on top of her nor jump on her.

Apart from that there was no politeness in asking her these questions with such authority, which authority did she have, especially as she called it herself in the land of men. So she turned to her male companion, "Not really, I was just here to enjoy a bit of the piece that the crowd over there doesn't offer." she said friendly back to him before turning her amber eyes back towards the girl, it was of course very rude to not answer any questions and she had told many of her missing family but she didn't want to be shunned away by her own species, "As for why I am here, I would like to learn more about just our own." She eyed her shortly before giving an answer to the official first question she had asked, "And my name is Sorcha, I'm from the Donovan clan." she decided to say to at least give them something to reply to, perhaps this girl might know some of her family and would clear up the questions she had in her own mind and with that she could learn if they were like her; born elf. She believed so with the way the girl spoke but she wouldn't make that mistake again immediately.

#8Zyra Elroth 

on Sun May 27, 2018 10:38 am

His second warning came as a gesture, which this time, she understood and did respond too. She nodded gently, to depict her agreement. Often, Zyra forgot she was on the run, unfortunately as much as she would like to meet more elves, it was probably dangerous to give any information regarding her real self. That included the authoritative tone she found herself using, even amidst just other humans. She cleared her throat and paused, allowing the woman to actually respond. The young elf missed the mumble the auburn haired elf uttered, perhaps for the best, Zyra could get cheeky sometimes... It really wasn't wise to let the interaction slide down that route.

It was apparent that Keryth was intending to cut things short, but Zyra wasn't done just yet, this could be fun. If the woman had any insight on the Elroth's true identity she could have already taken steps accordingly. 'You're bored of the humans already? I still find them quite interesting to watch.' the elfling responded, cocking her head just a little bit, barely even realizing that she'd just acted as though the humans were nothing more than specimens for her amusement. She looked up at the specks of the blue sky and the liquid gold from the sun, that fell from between the carpet of leaves overhead as their fellow acquaintance went onto introduce herself.

That name... Donovan, definitely sounded familiar. Zyra's brows furrowed as she tried to focus on her memories to try and figure out from where. She did make out a sort of unsavory feeling when she heard the name, probably someone related to something official. The Elroth would have to be on her guard after all. 'I see... Nice to meet you Sorcha of the Donovan clan.' she responded, as she tried to think of names she could use instead of her own as an introduction.  

#9Keryth Torvan 

on Sun May 27, 2018 11:12 am

Keryth eased up a bit when he saw that his subtle warnings had finally reached Zyra. The fact that Sorcha hadn’t pounced on them immediately also helped. In fact, she was rather polite and friendly when she responded. The thief hoped nothing would happen to change that. As much as he hated his kind, he did miss them, and seeing one apart from Zyra did tickle his sense of belonging and kinship. Still, he didn’t trust her enough to pull his hood down and confirm that he too was an elf. However, from the way Zyra spoke about humans, it would probably be already apparent he wasn’t one.

“Nice to meet you, Sorcha,” he said, when the auburn-haired elf introduced herself. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of the Donovan clan or the fact that one of them was a royal guard. For if he did, he would have found an excuse to bolt from there immediately with the princess. Now, all he had to worry about was to ensure Zyra did not give up their actual names. So, before she could, he took control of the situation. “I’m Alfred and she is Shyael,” he said, pointing first to himself and then at Zyra.

The dark-haired elf smartly chose a human name for himself and gave Zyra his aunt’s name. As for the clan, he reckoned he was better off not bringing it up as it was a rather difficult thing to lie about. He couldn’t make up a clan name and if he picked some random clan, chances are, this elf might know someone in that clan and they wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation without blowing the cover. So, it was best to avoid it unless asked pointedly.

#10Sorcha Donovan 

on Sun May 27, 2018 11:21 am

She had to be polite, she had to give her mind the seconds it needed to form thoughts before speaking her mind in the blunt way that elves could do when they were among each other. Why would an elf speak like that about human beings when her companion was one, was he like a slave? She did doubt that because he seemed to be more the one in charge than the carefree one on her outher side. It was a long time ago that she spoke to other elves, as her father kept her mostly hidden, ashamed that there was a girl in the family and as he didn't teach her magic and defensive possibilities it took a while before he was less ashamed of her. If they were familiar with the Donovan clan, they would perhaps be surprised if they would hear that her father was Giomanach, because he never told anyone, so she believed, that he had a daughter.

But she was Sorcha, middle child and only daughter of Moire and Giomanach. It was a shame but right now she was with her uncle and out in the real world, even if her history would dislike any other species in general and have her too obsessed about the nature as it should be properly handled, that's why she couldn't wrap her head around the duo but than it clicked, it was of course an assumption but she could understand, she ran away because she fell in love with a human? Wasn't she a bit young for that though? It would be too rude to ask but she had to make sure that they knew that their secret no matter what it was, would be save with her. "I'm not bored of humans, they are very interesting, they have perculiar ideas and perks but that doesn't pull me away from them. It has been a long time that I have been in contact with others, I'm more of a loner isn't that what they call it." She looked from one at the other, "I don't have anyone to guide me, guard me or tell me what to do, so pardon my curiousity but as you seem to be hiding something, I won't ask what it is, I just want to make sure I will not be a threat." She didn't doubt their names, she believed in the none lying ability her mother taught her. But either her assumption was right or there was something else why a human and a elf would travel together, it was probably a facade the way she spoke about human beings, to avoid that, as elves weren't that fan of human beings or were that lies from her father again? To prevent her from running away?

While she had been the most loyal to her whole family to her clan.

#11Sorcha Donovan 

on Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:53 pm

Perhaps it was best to leave it at that. She looked at him shortly again, she had no idea what it was but her mind liked to keep the thoughts of romance. A human and an elf, it would make the most sense to her as well. Perhaps that was also why she recognized the lilac haired elf, it was just a feeling of familiarism and not really existing. When she was home, when everything was still perfect or well better than it was now for her family, she had not had much interaction with other elves. Her father was a proud man, a proud father of two sons.. oh and he had a daughter and here she was. Looking for him. It was perhaps a bit pathetic but Sorcha did not want to think about it in general.

"It was very nice to see someone like well like me for a while and good luck to the both of you." She actually did not know why she said that, it was probably the atmosphere that was buzzing in their little bubble of solitude? Silence? Anything really. She made her way away from them, which was strange as she was approached by them, so perhaps she was very rude but she got a strange vibe and not connecting it to them, she connected it to herself, what if she was around an elf too long and would get into this sort of depression because she was alone. She idd not want that.


#12Zyra Elroth 

on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:25 am

Zyra played along with Keryth's directives, finding it a little hard not to chortle at the strange human name he picked for himself. She quite liked the sound of Shyael though, not as much as her own name, but she could play the part. She made note to ask Keryth if there was any significance to the names he had picked. The young elven princess had to admit that he was rather good when put on the spot. She beamed at him and the other elf, itching to talk about home. But when the female noticed bought up the possibility that they were hiding something, Zyra felt like she wasn't acting well enough.

She cleared her throat, but let the silence hang after the lady assured them that their secret, whatever it was would be safe with her. She ran her fingers through her lavender her, tempted yet again to reveal her heritage, simply to have someone bow to her... It'd been so long since she'd been treated like royalty, Sorcha sure would honor her princess, wouldn't she? It was meaningless to expect such gestures from Keryth, they were way past the formalities, and from him, she definitely preferred it so. The uncomfortable silence hung for long enough, that Sorcha just quietly took her leave. Zyra cleared her throat yet again, deciding to continue on the other way, assuming that is what Keryth would want, given his very formal and hooded approach to the situation of running into one of their own kind...


#13Keryth Torvan 

on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:16 pm

The unease Keryth had felt at the start had begun to fade away as seconds passed by. There was a sharp sting when Sorcha mentioned how she had no one to guide her amidst the humans; so much that he was even considering pulling his hood down and revealing that he too was an elf. He thought maybe knowing that there were far more elves in the land of humans would make her feel a little better. But that thought was shut down as soon as it came to surface. He had to smack himself mentally to remember that the two were running away from the elves and leaving any trail was extremely dangerous.

Thankfully, as he was having the debate in his head, Sorcha decided to take her leave and that made his decision a lot easier. He simply nodded with a smile as they parted ways. Phew! Not more than a month away from home and Keryth was learning just how difficult the life of a vigilante could be. However, if this was the price he had to pay to achieve fame and fortune, then he was more than willing to embrace it. If anything, he felt this gave him all the more reason to become a nobility, when he could do whatever he pleased, took whatever he wished, and never hide from the world for it. With another encounter behind him that only bolstered his obsession, the dark-haired elf followed his princess as she trotted away from the clearing.


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