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Different peas in a pod [Open/Social]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

Social on Fri May 25, 2018 2:21 am

Had Sorcha known that there was a flower festival, she might not have showed up. The idea that her brothers were here, was not so appealing, she might have stayed longer in Baska in that case but right now she was here and she was tired of walking around and trying to find answers that were so difficult to find, she got a few hints and she was still very grateful about that but it didn't mean that the search was easier, actually it got a bit more difficult as she had to find her parents who were separated from her brothers.

But that didn't mean to not enjoy something as a flower festival, they seemed to be everywhere, all different sorts of flowers that originally didn't even belong here she believed. She walked around in her travelling gear, only left the cloak back at the inn that she had found, which had been a difficulty but now she understood with so many people around. It looked nice, shame for all the flowers that were taken out of the ground to serve as a short moment of decoration but she shouldn't be all so negative. She stood in a small man made plaza, looking around what she should do.

#2Daiko Flayme 

Social on Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:28 am

At the flower festival, Daiko kept his daily plans ongoing for as long as possible. The hunting contest was coming up any time now… he had to be prepared for any type of prey. Whether if it was flying or walking, on four or on its stomach, underground or underwater, the Fire Wizard brought upon himself the difficulties of these biomes in order to expect their outcomes. What if he was caught underwater whilst chasing a fish? That would prove badly for him as he couldn’t exactly breathe underwater… that was why he also practicated his fire magic to be able to increase his body temperature high enough to vaporize water around him in order to make a sort of ‘empty space’ for him to catch any piece of air available… but that was a mere theory for now.

From atop the manmade plaza, a pheasant flew by with grace only to be stabbed by a hidden arrow. People from below had a good chance to spot it, and a few actually did. What they didn’t see coming was the retreat of the killed prey as its body suddenly darted backwards from its flying direction as if the arrow pulled it towards the shrubbery. Whatever that was, people were getting a little paranoid - were pheasants beginning to get possessed?

An in that same shrubbery, Daiko was preparing some pheasant cooked over his own magic, revealing the thin rope of silk and web attached to the arrow. Coda would be by his side and nibble on the delicious pheasant too, enjoying their successful catch.

#3Sorcha Donovan 

Social on Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:50 pm

The auburn haired elf ignored most human beings, for it were those people that could annoy her the most. It wasn't exactly fair because she liked to look at people, observe, see what they do and sometimes draw them but she didn't like to be the centre of their attention. Her long hair swayed a little in the wind but because it was braided in the style of the Donovan clan, her pointy ears were easily spotted as well as the sharp structure of her face with her jaw line and cheek bones. She had her eyes on everything else that wasn't her, she was simply looking for something that was fun or interesting to put time in it as she was a person that didn't like to waste time. Mostly she would figure out to make something better than just sitting around, hence the observation and the like.

To be fair she didn't consider much a waste of time. She noticed the pheasant, she didn't pay much attention to it as it wasn't that special for her, some people more freaked out by the hidden arrow, what she considered magic or simply a small object that was hard to spot for human eye or the uninterested but they freaked as the pheasant moved to a specific spot and everyone seemed to avoid that place, which only made it more interesting for the elf to get there, it would at least be least crowded. And if it was a hunter, she was glad to see someone that lived like the old ways instead of raising and brining everything to slaughter which wasn't the ways of nature.

She walked towards the shrubbery and found a young man and his companion, she got her small thin lips curled in a little smile too, "Ah so the pheasants aren't going crazy and fly backwards." she said with a little chuckle to make sure that the person knew she wasn't a thread. Most of all she would first of all be considered a fan, "Can I sit with you two?" also acknowledging the companion that was by his side.

#4Daiko Flayme 

Social Yesterday at 8:46 am

Despite having chosen quite a peaceful and isolated opening in the shrubbery where people were often likely to pass by without noticing his presence, the fire boy’s little trick managed to catch the attention of some people. Before picking up his knife and beginning to cut the head and feathers off, he heard footsteps that revealed a brunette lady with… with… quite the ears. That was a first time that he had seen anyone with those ears - not having noticed it back at Crocus - but they reminded him of… well, bat ears? Were they bat ears? Or were they the ears of some other specie? N-Nevermind, she seemed interested in whatever trick he just threw out, so he had to pay his manners.

“O-Oh, well… most pheasants aren’t able to fly, even,” he replied with a soft laugh, “Take a seat. I’m preparing lunch.” With that said, a small collection of branches would be lit up with his fingers, sparking glows before forming a brilliant bonfire that filled approximately 25 cm in diameters. His stomach growled a little, and Coda was already pecking on the prey.

“You don’t seem familiar around here. Are you enjoying the festival?” he stated to the elven girl. It was a question worth asking now that it was his first time meeting her and talking with her.

#5Sorcha Donovan 

Social Today at 2:22 am

She didn't know why it was so interesting to her, probably as she had thought before because most people didn't use hunting anymore, they simply bought their food, meat and so on. Now Sorcha as a elf was a nature lover but that didn't mean that she had no respect for hunting, it was something mostly necessary to survive. She didn't eat meat here in the human world because of the reason that people played the hunting game unfair, if she would, she would hunt for it herself like the elves did before, in her own town. "Most fly shortly to get away from well the hunters. But that doesn't matter, people don't suspect them to even fly backwards." And she bet most people didn't see or watched details and thus missed the idea of the arrow with the little thread.

She was glad to hear that she could sit with them and her amber eyes darted towards the companion that was with this hunter. "You are not a type to simply buy your food?" She asked, more out of curiousity for what she had seen now. Also because he seemed to make the fire with just his own hands, he must be a fire mage? She wasn't much of a fan but that had nothing to do with this guy, it was just something that she had not seen often in her own community. "Oh I didn't know there was a festival, I came from Oak and heard about it in Baska, as I'm looking for my family, I thought they might be here." It was not bad to say a little, but as little as possible, after telling Juan and Diana it was perhaps better to keep it to herself.

It did gave her some answers but not much, it made her even go more crazy. "Pardon my manners. I'm Sorcha and you are?" which was also intruding, after all it was her that joined their lunch.

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