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It's All Fur You! [Name/Aoi]

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It's All Fur You! [Name/Aoi] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 30, 2018 3:15 pm

Aoi Mitsurugi
A low, growling sigh left as she listened to the way that the nameless neko had come to explain. The way she said, she refused to believe what she said as she had no show that she was wrong, so what was she to believe that a stranger was correct when she was there for the event? "And you have no proof either that you're right? So don't try and preach to me like you're a god trying to over me revenge or something like that." Her position began to shift a little as she fixed herself back up and listened to her continue on for a little longer before she chose to answer back again. Instead of speaking at first, she decided to think about it, only to let out a small sigh. "Perhaps you're right, but you're also wrong to assume you know people as well. Society is much to random to ever predict everything to happen or that has happened to affect everyone... No matter that, a past shapes us to who we are. It doesn't label us unless we want it to. If someone's past has made them change, there should never be a reason to let them change."

For the first time in the last couple moments, she smiled and nodded. It seemed without directly going to the same point, they'd come to an agreeable position. "And the same to you, ma'am." A pair of plates suddenly made a light thud on the counter as their meal had been placed before them. Spinning around to face the freshly cooked dish, she smiled again and picked up the utensils placed with it and began to eat.

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It's All Fur You! [Name/Aoi] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 30, 2018 3:32 pm

Mortals were always so easily angered by the simplest of things. The weakest things cut the deepest wounds; words. Nothing she said was based on truth, but speculation. Perhaps wrongfully, but anyone could do so, and to misplace anger was equally as wrong. Perhaps now was the time.

"My people were murdered in cold blood. There is not a single survivor of my clan." She would speak, hoping to make her point clear, "The man who led the attack was killed this year, but it won't bring any of my people back. While what he did was evil, he also was a hero in other lands. He took down a village that aided in wars and fought to whatever side employed them." she continued, only to sigh, "Guess what I'm saying is: Darkness cannot exist without the light. With great evil comes great good. You cannot have one without the other." But it would seem that they would come to terms and their words were in the end, as meaningless as they started,

The food would be presented before them, and the girl would take her tools in hand. Nameless would stare down at the meal, curious. "Can you explain. . . what this is?" she would say, "Do I use the knife and prong for this?"

Of course, she had never eaten real food before. At least not anything she didn't eat with her hands and kill herself.

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Neko Queen

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It's All Fur You! [Name/Aoi] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:19 am

Aoi Mitsurugi
If it wasn't already Aoi's slight self control already starting to kick in to calm her frustrated thoughts from kicking around the proverbial can, then certainly it fell right into the confession that the nameless Neko had brought to her attention rather abruptly. Her former angered to expressionless face had turned down to one of slight shock, but nothing that she wanted to end up trying to worry anyone else around them with it. As she listened to the story on about the one who killed everyone she'd known, there was a part of th red haired girl who felt a little like the one who killed them all had gotten what they deserved, but logically she knew it wasn't the way things were supposed to know. Though... it got her thinking about how she would react if she found someone who killed everyone she knew. Nothing good could come of it, but it wouldn't stop her from probably doing it out of a loss of control over her anger. Thankfully, it just wasn't something she had to worry about... At least that she knew of.

Rubbing the back of her head as she'd started to take what the neko said and replayed the ideal in her head a few times, it did make much more sense once she played the thought a little further into it than she had needed to. "'War is a fickle bitch' is something I was taught. It's not something that we can really control. If a reason is just in some eyes, those who take actions are heroes... Sadly this is just something more psychological than it is anything." With a soft sigh, she looked over to her food and then to the neko's matching plate as she seemed to be rather... lost on what it was that they were going to eat. The Rune Knight smiled and took a pair of chopsticks, picking up one piece and popping it into her mouth. After a moment to chew it up and swallow, her cheeks blushed and she giggled happily. "My gosh~ So goooood!" She squealed, looking over again and pointing to the wrapped pieces. "Baaasically, it's like an alternative to Sushi. It's salmon and a few meek spices that bring out this really special flavoring. It can be finger food if you choose, but I was raised to eat with either chopsticks or utensils, so it's just a personal choice preference." Really, they were mostly utensil food, but she didn't think it mattered here.

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