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Hey Sister Sister, Where have You Gone? [Open to 1]

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Hey Sister Sister, Where have You Gone? [Open to 1] Empty on Thu May 24, 2018 8:32 am

Audrey Namatzu

Audrey Namatzu

The two of them had been in this town for a while, but only now had taken the time to go out to enjoy it. It was nightfall and the festival was as lively as it was before. Audrey had bought a kimono the day before, but had been hiding for the most of the festival. Tonight she would wander, as her sister was no longer in her sights.

"... ee?" Snowy looked up to her handler, as if trying to read her mind.

"She was here Snowy, I just know it. But we can't see her anymore. So we gotta find her." Audrey knew her sister was around, and had been watching her for the most part from the inn they were staying at. But it had been a few days since her white haired sibling was in her sights. Either she left or... no. She didn't leave. She was around here still, somewhere.

". . . like hide and seek!" she said the words as she looked over to see a few of the game booths. She could easily have asked for help, but it was not something she wanted help for. She wanted to help her sister alone.

Or so be it, capture her.

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