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I See Skies of Grey [Social||Open||Festival]

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I See Skies of Grey [Social||Open||Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:19 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe didn't think the healer would be able to fix the muscle pain that came by straining her body by using too much magic at once. She wasn't sure what to think about it and perhaps she would ask him as soon as Ri was done to just be a hundred percent certain about it. She nodded, "I will be here." She said with a soft smile, it would be nice for him to get rid of the splinters, blisters, anything that the fire could have given him. She would sit on the grass hill again, pulling her legs up and wrapping her arms around it and looking at the lake, smiling warmly at the fire flies that were dancing over the water. It felt a bit like a strain to sit like this but the best way to fight the pain and strains was to simply walk and move as normal. Her lilac eyes travelled from the lake towards Ri to see how he was doing and she leaned with her cheek on her knees and kept her eyes on him and the healer. She followed him with her eyes as he was done and came to sit again next to her.

"I think that walking would be alright for my muscles. I just want to ask the healer to be sure." she said and she waited a short while before getting up and walking towards the healer who could give her a bit of a pain relieve and it would now only be a nagging feeling and she smiled happily at Ri, "Apparently he could do something." She shrugged a little to her own stupidity. As she remained standing she asked if Ri wouldn't mind walking with her now and if they would she wouldn't know what to say or else she would sit next to him waiting for him to say something.

She looked up in surprise to what he had to see and her lilac eyes a bit bigger because she wondered where this conversation was going towards. She nodded slowly though to confirm the statement. She opened her mouth in surprise to form a silent o, which was considered quite rude if she wouldn't say something soon, words were suddenly difficult to form, "That's wonderful!" She grinned now that finally the words sank in her mind. "I don't have much plans either yet but it surely is nice to have someone along side." She wondered if she should tell about Persephone, but the Goddess shut her mouth.

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I See Skies of Grey [Social||Open||Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:01 am

Ri Brighte



He only nodded with a smile once the girl finally decided to try her luck with the healer. And, what do you know? It actually worked. Now, he was glad that she won't be in pain, while they walked along the lake. When she made her proposition, he quickly stood, and, with the same smile as before, began slowly walking forwards. Not because he couldn't walk faster- actually, most told him that his steps were quite big- but because he wished to not make the other mage run after him.

Her next words caught him slightly off-guard, though. He didn't actually expect for the girl to "take him in", so easily. He was a stranger after all, and from what he knew, you weren't supposed to trust strangers. Then again, Ri trusted most of the strangers he met. He just wished that the feelings could be returned.

"It is? I mean- Damn, sorry. I didn't mean it to sound that way. What I meant was-" He paused, starting to gesture while speaking. It didn't seem like he was making any definitive shapes, he was just moving his hands, so that he'd get more of an "oomph" to his words, "I didn't expect you to accept so easily."

A grin replaced his smile, before he walked forwards, ahead of her, only to then turn himself towards her, so that he was looking at the mage, and walking backwards. He was, of course, unaware of what was going on behind him, but he doubted that there'll be much problems. Most were sitting in one place, getting healed, or above, having fun in what remained of the festival. It was late, that was true, but now was when people found they had the best fun.

"So, miss..." Another pause, with him trying to think of something smart to call her. He could just call her Phoebe, like the girl introduced herself as, but he could also play it a bit-tad better and find something funny- Aaaand the pause was too long. He'd better speak now, or doom himself to a night of awkwardness, the girl probably thinking that he'd forgotten her name.

In hopes of not getting to that situation, he just sighed, "I was trying to think of something funny, I swear I know your name." and decided to go honest with it.

"So, miss Phoebe." He finally spoke, returning to his place beside her, now facing the road, and lowering his chances of bumping into someone- or something, "What do you plan to do after this whole ordeal is over? You don't want to go home, right? Are you going to stay at an inn?"

Pocketing his hands, he looked towards her, pure curiosity written on his face.

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I See Skies of Grey [Social||Open||Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:32 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
It was a game and yet she was truly happy that someone offered to travel with her, she did not even reconsider too much and simply accept, telling Ri that she also had no real plans to go somewhere but she would let him know or would simply figure it out later. She glanced from time to time to Ri to see a reaction, it took a while or well not even that long before he showed her a reaction to her own exclamation of a wonderful idea. She raised her eyebrow in her own surprise but at least she believed she made a good decision, it would be more fun from now on. Persephone, the Goddess in the back of her mind was only not so sure about this whole ordeal but then again she had other plans that were unknown yet still towards Phoebe and thus she couldn't say much about that yet.

She looked up from where she was walking, as she did not feel like falling, she had mostly looked at Ri for a reaction or elsewhere she placed her feet one after another but at this point, Ri was walking in front of her, at least his grin was saying a lot right now. Traveling sure was more fun when you had a travel companion. "Well it might be a quick decision but I look forward to no longer travel alone." It did not mean after all that she could not do things on her own. It at least meant you had a friend in the towns wherever you were.

Her eyes glanced at the people having a sort of party on the place a bit above them, she turned back to Ri with another questioned look when he called her miss and waited, to which she giggled as he honestly told her that he tried to find something, mentioning her name shortly after that to prove his point. He asked her a question that she was not sure how to answer, "Even if I don't like it, he is still my father and for as long as I am here, I don't really want to leave his side, no matter how much of a bad news carrier I have been. I should return too, he might be worried." Especially because she believed he and Mary would have gone there and they might be looking for her, "Let's meet here, again soon." She asked rhetorically and she waited for an answer from Ri before she left.


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I See Skies of Grey [Social||Open||Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:57 pm

Ri Brighte



Her words only made him happier, honestly. Finally, he won't travel alone. Not that he minded it. But, as the girl thought, it was always more fun to travel with people. To be able to share whatever you're doing and saying with other people- and not seem like a complete madman when he was talking with himself. Hey- He likes doing it. Mainly because it helped him think.

Her thoughts on her father didn't surprise him much. She should get along with her father. They should understand each other. The fact that she said those words gave him slight hope that they'll get along. He wanted people to get along the way him and his own father did. But, even he knew that sometimes that wasn't possible, and so, he was happy that the girl was still trying.

He opened his mouth, to try and warn her that if he didn't share her will to get along, that she shouldn't bother with it, but quickly closed it to allow her to speak instead of him. At her last words before their departure, Ri could only wander. Did she mean that she wanted for them to meet? Did it mean the opposite? The fact that she didn't actually give a definitive date made him slightly paranoid, but he didn't think much of it.

If the girl didn't want to speak with him anymore he'd see it as a pity, but he'd understand her feelings, and leave her be.

But, if they were to meet again, he'd be quite happy to speak, and tell stories, just as they did this night.

From there, Ri left for home, now seeing the damage that his clothes had taken from the fire. His pants were un-usable from now on, apparently.


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