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Sights of Distraction.(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Default on Tue May 22, 2018 4:24 pm

It was a way of passing time at this time at this point for her, to distract the mind from various things on her mind and busy with other small things for the moment. But also wondered why she she continued to just roam around here, all it did was just continue her thoughts of disliking people and groups of them even more.

So to distract the mind she would actually be seriously looking upon the stalls and what people were selling to get the itch off of her mind the thoughts she normally knew it was good to hide away such things, it would only cause problems not only for her but for other people as well.

Even then distractions would hopefully do her good to actually try to not given into the horrible thoughts she carried that she wanted to do on other people. Out of spite, rage various buried past she had with in until some one knew who she was and remembered who she was for sure she would never mention it to anyone again. But until that vary time arrived she would have to toy not only with her own thoughts, But her own desires and problems.

In the end she needed to think about how she wanted to look and what exactly she was looking for objects where nice but she in the end never felt the need for the material, So whatever she was shopping her she would learn over time at this point.

But the single problem still rises slow with Priscilla while she roamed quietly, the one she always avoids, even avoiding for just the few moments. Continuing walking upon the people the she thought slowly and realize, one thing in her mind slowly kept going into such a the thought.

Maybe just maybe she could just maybe, break the neck of one of the stall owners, not only that just maybe even make a knife and quietly tear a person into pieces and leave it open to all for see, The display of violence to such a degree then just no other reason to just feel the relief of such problems to just be gone, to rid the aggression built with in her that always slowly builds up at vastly random points of her day or if lucky months, But anything to rid the overly dangerous desire for such events in her mind.

Her only purple eye focusing on various necklaces that where made by a peaceful looking goldsmith, why such a person would go here and why not just make a shop was something she wondered. All of varying stones, gems and even neatly polished rocks that were not as costly for people to buy if they really wanted, something Priscilla could find a bit admirable of this goldsmith. With that she would slowly travel to the next stall and the person who would selling items.

While she slowly walked to the next one she felt her hands twitch for one simple moment, Fighting such a feeling always became harder for her, she knew it lingered even if she did not think about it.

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#2Nastasya Crowe 

Default on Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:39 am

Even if she was a barmaid now for one of the most busy pub here, Lilja wondered where she would spend her money on but she rather just not spend money on all the stuff that was sold on the festival, it wasn't worth it. But at this point in her life, with her amnesia that didn't seem to go away, nothing seemed to be worth it. All she wanted was her life back, she wanted to carry the name that didn't feel like her own; Nastasya.

She had no idea what this amnesia had triggered, why it happened and so on, it didn't seem that Odin or Caius knew either. But her former partners in crime seemed to be busy as well and she didn't feel like bothering them as answers didn't come only. She stared at the gems that the goldsmith was selling, one as blue as ice, it reminded her of something and she wanted to have it, it lay perfectly on the edge of the stall, very easy to nick if only she would distract the goldsmith. Which was easy, the brutal honest man seemed to be so proud of his work, she had looked at the stone for seconds, not giving the man the idea she liked it and stared at other items and asked him how he got time for all that sort of things and if he had a business card or address if she could visit him later, as she had such a small time to watch the festival at all.

Which was a lie, she had here around since about day one. And thank god she had Kurdran around and the bar else she would already have died from the boredom. So she listened to the explanation and turned her wrist and held on to the blue stone, dropping it in her pocket very casually. When she was done talking to the smith, she walked away with some address that she didn't try to remember and she hoped on to the rest, she wasn't aware if someone saw her nick the gem, but she walked on to sit a bit away from the stalls to look at the icey blue colour, it reminded her of Victoire, but she didn't know why and tried very hard to remember.

If only this festival wasn't so damn boring.

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

Default on Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:01 am

Slowly the sound of people talking to themselves finally started to drown out her thoughts for the moment. For the moment the desire and thoughts had passed beyond the burning and continued need to just kill some one. It seemed some one who was talking to the goldsmith she seemed like a normal lady asking about a a gem of sort which was also the point that broke her thought.

But it just means she could do something that just wasn't kill. She would look upon the various gems and stones around there were few that caught her interest. Only really some blood stones in which was a bit something she could take into account of wanting only because of the long tales she heard that blood stone did to help people with a lot of negatives in life or so that is how the story is. She would consider the risk of it depending on the price but she did not want to ask for the moment she wanted to look at more things.

There was not much that her eye really felt like was anything that good for her to buy or want. But a blood stone necklace was still a lot more interesting, But that could also be in the name of that over anything else.

So it left her to wonder what to do in such situation does she really want such a that gem just so far over a name of the gem it might not be worth it, So she would continue looking around. This one for a moment, wondered what was upon the next stalls while she wondered if it would be worth it, As well as if she had would have the money for such things the down side for her giving what a lot of things she had.

So she had to think about how to what else to do while she checked what she had left, which thinking it how it seemed for her, adding it up she did not have the money for anything at this stand if she did not want to starve for a fair at least a day or two.

she would slowly weight out her options on what to do for the moment. While she looked upon the other stall she would consider how badly she would want something that was just more of material then needed, After all Priscilla never really kept or wanted material objects.

She would slowly pace around while she thought and made her choices. She wanted to be clear about it. But also not paying attention to if she would run into anyone else or not while she was pacing around she did not care if she was out of anyone single persons way or not it was nothing important to her. To her, she wanted to control the thoughts of wanting material things over what was needed to live, keeping the thought of maybe if needed he may have to give into such things she avoided doing to if she wanted to do both.

#4Nastasya Crowe 

Default on Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:36 am

She thanked the smith for his information and wondered if it was okay to visit him later, something she wouldn't do but now that she got the gem it was a lot better. As she turned her back to the smith, this grin spread on her lips, she noticed the woman she had seen previously next to her with the stall and she wondered how much more fun it would be to simply show someone that she got one of those gems. So she walked a few steps towards the woman and took out the gems, "Shame, how something so beautiful can be so expensive." She let her red eyes look at her, "If only people knew other ways to get what they wanted."

Perhaps it was simply because she was bored for too long and had not get to a point of being able to do anything else but being bored, serving drinks, waiting for four of her friends to show up at moments that made her no longer bored. It was kind of pathetic. But than again that was her life right now, Lilja her life and now she realized how much more fun Nastasya would probably be and that she couldn't wait for her memories back. She was waiting, it wouldn't take long for a smith to figure out something was missing, especially not because they were only so many gems with that colour.

1. 2. 3.

"Hey stop the thief."

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

Default on Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:07 am

Her tuned out mind seemed to snap back rather quickly with such a a sound of something being a miss. With that however she was pretty interested in these turn of events, It would work in her favor. But he would have to leave herself to the thought of between making this worst or helping.

It was an interesting debate in her mind really it seemed to allow her to slowly think about it really, did she owe anything to this goldsmith? Would this goldsmith do anything aside form thank her in return and leave it at that, It wasn't in something she would think was any good for her.

Keeping in her mind how life worked with her the reason why she was how she was now because she helped the people who steal and various other wrong deeds and she got paid back with favors. they either honored said favor, avoided and never spoke to her again or she killed them. All three were positive in her mind in which Priscilla did not mind keeping in her thought.

So in turn Priscilla would take this moment to check if anyone else would start a chase or anything about it, With only her single eye so far has not seen any one moving or really doing anything else so she figured would she would quietly as quietly as she could be act like she would chase after whomever it was who took some it but not to take them, To help them get away and stop anyone who tried to stop them from getting away.

She would see if they would play the game of favor for favor if not, Priscilla wouldn't have second thoughts about turning away from her starting goal and giving the jewel thief up, dangerous and cruel yes but Priscilla often mention ed she is either simple and easy to deal with or a nightmare, But in turn it was also how she would have to deal with people as well, It was a never ending game or favor and choosing weather to keep them or be forgotten much like she normally intended.

So it seemed a moment after mentioned of it to her Priscilla would like she would be off to chase them, But would quickly make herself out of sight because being a mage like her based off of shadows she would know how to avoid sight while she looked for said person, In her mind while trying to find to them she would hoped the person would notice it would make the chase more fun until she could get them alone to talk to them.

She would attempt to try not to smile or seem too serious if anything she could easily be mistaken for the thief herself since she ran off not too long after hearing the words of something being stolen so this would work both in the thief's favor as well if they thought it was her.

Only time, fate and other people would be the judging factor in this situation and event, It was the small rush she lived for sometimes in which would could easily admit too as long with her tiny murder habit, But that would not be mentioned until or unless needed.

#6Nastasya Crowe 

Default Yesterday at 12:38 pm

There were many things that could go through someone's head when you heard: Hey, stop the thief. In Lilja her case it wasn't that much, the thrill of the party simply started. Her life had been a bit dull, serving people the best beer in Orchidia, simply staring and catering at a wedding, not the best thing to do. It was rather dull and at this moment, she could rather start to run off but that would be rather boring, especially because she didn't get into action, the goldsmith doubt for a second that she was the person that stole the ice blue gem, apart from that because no one was reaction and only looking daft at the goldsmith that yelled the command, no one seemed to be able to pinpoint who the culprit was.

Why Lilja had spoken to the woman now standing next to her, was because she had seen how she had looked at the blood red gems. "How about we share the burden, we can grab the gems you like because at this point the goldsmith isn't there, what you think?" It was a risk she was willing to take, in case this person was a goody goody, she could still teleport away, it was going to be difficult but she was sure she would be good enough and she remembered the looks of the pub very well, perhaps Odin wouldn't be happy with her but still. She could always go back to Oak in that case.

Perhaps she got the wrong person though as the strangers looked at her strange, damn, she had to pay better attention. She looked over her shoulder and wondered if she could mess up the crowd and end back up at the stall to take some more. She actually didn't need that but only the ice blue gem she had now, reminding her of Victoire. She started to walk a little faster, the goldsmith wasn't an idiot. She had to run and disappear, if she could teleport, she had a back up plan, how could she get so fast in the pub and serve people, there would be a dobbelganger. But first; she would have to get out of here and she started to walk faster until she dashed away.

#7Priscilla Ivalice 

Default Today at 6:19 am

It just seemed as she suggested that Priscilla could no longer help hiding that slightly devilish smile."Oh my quite the risk taker you are."She mentioned but that smile was gone as quickly as it game because Priscilla did not seemed to really play around much for a moment until it become a game of getting what she wanted, Personally she was a bit more taken back by it but it did not show. It was a rare that some one would work and want to give her something in return, It was an interesting twist maybe Priscilla had some one more interesting and different to with work for the moment.

Her tone and mannerism would change now."I can admit fully now since, You are strange to offer such a thing."You could hear her slight chuckle but that moment of worry seemed like it could be over. Priscilla did not loom over her or anything else Priscilla in fact turned around to look around all of them." Generally I would have just helped you get away and it would not have a been a problem."Priscilla mentioned and then said."But I shall agree to your offer, I only really want just one stone my self."Priscilla would not mention what one.

Crossing her arms and with that only one eye looked at her and said."What exactly do you want do you think I need to do for my part of the deal?"Priscilla asked Priscilla would not mention her options, Murder? fight some one? use magic and just sneak her way from shadows to do so, All were such options she could think up, Then again these ladies both did not know the extent to one another powers.

She would only just keep this blood stone even if the stories they told or the legends blood stones where true, yes she had to get one by wrong means, Priscilla did not personally care how she get one, this favorable exchange would work out so far for the moment but until and it all worked out. After all it would not be the first time some one said one thing and did another on her when that happen Priscilla was less reasonable, So far she did not think this would happen.

"No one else followed me my dear, as long as we are not too loud no one will hear us."
Priscilla mentioned. After all most people just saw her go, That was it, Unless it changed otherwise she would assumed she was the only one who followed."If needed I can lead them away as well. I have my ways."It was to sweeten the deal mostly but was welling to even more of a distraction a bit more if needed since most likely people would most likely to either stand there and watch or some one would try and be a hero she had options for both, It was like Priscilla already coming with more ideas to do then speaking of them.

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