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Central Fishing Contest

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A soft chuckle escaped Asmodeus' lips at the remark given by the sculptress, her lips curving up into a playful smile while she answered Alisa with that sweet and playful tone of hers that was flavored with just a little bit of mischief. "You know me too well my dear Alisa~"

However, it was at that moment her fishing rod had started to tug rather strongly, leading the demon lord to nod lightly toward her companion. "Sebastian, prepare the buckets please~"

Hearing her words the demonic butler bowed lightly in affirmation while answering her politely. "As you wish Master." At first, it seemed that things were going rather well for several of the larger aquatic denizen of the lake had decided to grace her with their presence, yet as their conversation continued Asmodeus mused softly. "Please Alisa~ All I'm doing is merely giving the fish an invitation, I haven't even used any magic, now that would be unfair... even if an underwater party like that would be quite entertaining~"

A soft snicker followed it was true. Despite the fact she had not yet used any of her magical abilities, it seemed her presence alone already had a certain impact on the environment. "I'm glad that you understand Hatsu~ Considering Fia is the only 'family' our dear Espy has left, I can understand why she desires to stay at her side."

A soft hum followed when all of a sudden the surface of the water near their side of the lake started to bubble and stir, making Asmodeus eagerly lean forward. "Oh mai~ Are we about to see a Kraken?!" Yet it appeared that the visitor they were about to receive was a bit more... modest in size compared to a kraken. A large crocodile had started to splash out of the water, seemingly snagged onto her lure and after a moment as it reached the shore it suddenly turned toward the one who had fished her up!

"You certainly are a fancy one, not a kraken but..." The crocodile gazed up at her, and for a moment it looked like it might had tried to snap its jaws at her in any moment when suddenly the demon lord hummed cheerfully. "Aren't you a cutie?" The crocodile suddenly stopped, its entire body giving a light spasm, when suddenly it started to use its tail to stand upright, almost like some sort of creature you'd only find in a cartoon!

"How peculiar..." Sebastian added with a whisper as he spotted the blush of the crocodile as Asmodeus ran a hand along the creature's stomach. "Well my dear Crocolicious, it's time we take our catch to be counted by the tournament staff."

The crocodile snapped its jaws again, bouncing a few times while Asmodeus hummed happily. "Of course you'll be accompanying us~ you're a part of our seafaring crew, well at least I doubt crocodiles taste good."

The crocodile nodded its head a few times in agreement while Asmodeus turned toward the others "Now if you'll excuse me~ I think I'll go and hand in my catch before I give Espy control again~"

And with those words, the temptress started to walk away, the demonic butler carrying her fish and the eagerly bouncing crocodile following in her wake!

Fishing Results:
100 > 20
84 > 5
4 > 1
97 > 10
57 > 2
Total: 38 Points
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More so than any salacious comeback from the Demon Lord, Tsuru's comment earned a hearty laughter from the tall woman, who merely tucked a lock behind her ear and sassily replied, "No, I'm quite certain you have to be a succubus for that~"

And while she most certainly need not activate a single spell, that lust inducing aura of hers could arguably be called one. No matter; in the end Alisa would much rather entertain herself at the demoness' expense than actually, seriously expect her to fish like the average person. It took a diamond will to properly endure this influence, though Alisa's power compared to Asmodeus' vessel no doubt played a part in this... And allowed her to actually appreciate the demoness' beauty without falling prey to her bewitching charm, a feat not many could claim.

Ultimately, she used this resistence to instead bargain with the demon, ensuring she kept her hands of Esperia as much as possible - at least no more than she already had - that way allowing her cute little junior the time she needed to perhaps become strong enough to resist Asmodeus' influence as well.

More importantly, Alisa's lack of luck at this round of fishing allowed her to take her sweet time musing on the path that brought them all here together, and what roads they may take in the future. Though not exactly unlucky either, the present left her wanting in bountiful presents... At least something to compete with Asmodeus' catches, which seemed to be getting bigger by the second:

"Oh...? How in the world did you find a crocodile here?", she inquired, raising brow betraying her bewilderment. Yet with her own fish not growing any bigger, this contest looked pretty much set. For all her pride, Alisa could recognize when she'd lost, and merely shrugged, shaking her head, "Well, it appears this is my loss. Don't worry though, I'll make sure to win the rematch~"


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With a bucket ready right by her side, Snowflake immediately began to fetch the ones that she’d caught earlier, discarding the smaller fishes as she had no use of them. She’d tip the brim of her straw hat once again, as she glanced around her while she tossed in her rod again into the water. She was clearly dissatisfied with what she’d collected, though she didn’t have much of a choice. Hesitantly, the woman took a peek upon the other contestants’ buckets and somehow, they seemed to be catching the best ones—well, at least better than average. A sigh escaped her lips, wondering if she was the only unlucky participant in this competition.

Discouraged, the snowy maiden leaned onto the palm of her free hand, her elbow supported by her knee. She didn’t have high hopes from the beginning, nevertheless, the only thing that mattered to her was simply to have fun, which she did to an extent. It seemed that she’d picked up a new hobby as well, though she doubted she would be very committed to the activity itself. Minutes plodded by and she’d only realise that she was at a great disadvantage in this competition and her chances of winning were decreasing every passing moment.

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Not too long after the start of the contest, it became quite apparent that Haru was nowhere close to winning it. It didn’t bother him much, for he didn’t join in hoping to beat the competition. After all, it was his first time fishing and he did far better than he expected, considering. The healer scratched his head and chuckled when Alisa laughed at his question. He was really hoping she would say the whispering technique would work for him too; especially because it did wonders for Esperia, as she caught a crocodile. Alas! It seemed it was a special power that only she could employ.

In any case, he had accomplished his objective and he was happy with that. Having shown to the organizer that he was capable of catching more fish than any normal contender and flashing him those occasional smug smirks was enough of a satisfaction for the day. With his bucket empty until the end, he lost patience sooner than most and couldn’t wait to leave. “Well, I’m out!” he resigned, getting off the rock he had sat for far too long and stretching. “Lovely seeing you both. Hope we meet again,” he said to the young ladies from Blue Pegasus before picking up his empty bucket and other fishing equipment he had borrowed for the occasion. “That’s enough killing today,” he said, turning towards Akira and picking up her bucket, indicating the end of her fishing excursion too.


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Akira Shimada

Tsuru had taken lead in keeping the exchange of pleasantries intact. From the little that she witnessed, it seemed he and Alisa would get along too. That wasn't surprising, between the two Knights she was definitely harder to please... since the crystal mage had already leaped over that hurdle, the healer wasn't likely to be a challenge. Although, Aki was still a little on the edge about the friendship with this demon lord... Broad minded or not everyone knew demons usually came with their own agendas, this could still be dangerous. But now was hardly the time to dwell on it, neither did she want to, it could very well just be her own scars... After all the demon-slayer had been possessed by a demon and she had managed to keep it at bay, though that had ended rather badly.

She shook her head in an attempt to clear her mind. Her focus shifted back to the competition, her wayward thoughts had definitely caused her fishing expedition to suffer. She noticed the sad collection of stream creatures she'd plucked out of the water in an absent-minded manner. Perhaps it was for the best, it would've taken a miraculous force of nature to let Akira walk away with any prize. The lunar mage had next to no experience with this fishing business and since she was technically supposed to be monitoring the tournament, winning it would be bad for appearances.  

Nonetheless, the more immature aspect of her was rather cross and perhaps even a little petulant. She scrunched her nose and pouted just for a brief moment. In the wake of defeat, Akira briefly assumed the sour-grapes attitude. Alisa displayed much grace in her defeat, which made Aki's eyes go wide and pushed the young girl to follow suit. With a huff she managed a weak smile at the girl who was possessed by the demon as she walked away with her male escort, a bucket chock full of her catch and a crocodile that was probably worth enough for her to be declared the winner.

Akira reached for her own bucket and noticed that Tsuru had already taken matters into his own hands. She nodded, as he betrayed concern over all the dead fish... He really needed to toughen up... But she no longer believed that with as much vigor. It was his kindness she found attractive after all, perhaps even his fresh perspective and naiveness. She agreed and didn't argue with the healer, Akira didn't really have a chance even if she stayed back to try some more. The competition was nearly at its end anyways. 'We best go report that everything went smoothly...' Akira said, with a little hesitance since she wasn't sure if she believed her own final verdict. 'I too, do hope we run into each other again.' she added before bidding the crystal mage farewell.

Fishes caught:
12: 1; 18: 1; 20: 1, 90: 5; 61: 2
Total: 10  

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She should’ve expected the outcome of the competition from the beginning—that her chances were little, considering how horrible her luck was. ”Humph,” she closed her eyes and jutted her chin out in disappointment with her arms folded across her chest. Though it was quite a bummer that Snowflake was to walk away from the contest without any prize in her hands—certainly, she wasn’t going to let something so trivial get to her for so long. She’d collect a couple more fishes from the water, in which they didn’t turn out as big as she wanted. Tossing them into the basket, she noticed how she’d gathered quite an ample amount of fishes. Half of them could be used for dinner, and the other half would be a snack for her pet dragon, Draco.

It would be her first visit to her companion in a while, and she was certain that her pet dragon might have already been craving to see his owner. Pets do want attention, after all. She’d watch the fishes flop inside the basket before securing with a lid. The competition was concluded by a final announcement of the winner and the majority of the participants were already on their way back home. The contest was a disappointment for her, but at least she got something out of this event; a treat for herself and her dragon and a little bit of fun, which could actually make up for her loss in this challenge.  

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Akira Shimada
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