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East Fishing Contest

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on Tue May 22, 2018 1:54 pm


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on Tue May 22, 2018 2:56 pm

". . . ZUZU I SWEAR TO GOD i WILL TOSS YOU IN NEXT!" She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She had pushed off from the shore with only a single oar. She didn't realize two would have made her life that much simpler. The boat was wooden, old, aged and worn. It was free to use, and that was enough for her to be satisfied.

"Squee?" the animal beckoned almost to be thrown overboard. There was a bucket of insects and worms as well as weird smaller animals. She had taken to eat a few of them, and spiting out what she did not like into the waters.

"No!" she pulled the half eaten fish from her pet only to throw it back into the bucket of rot and bait. "We got shit to do." She lifted another bottle to her lips as she continued to sail deeper into the lake. If she was going to play by their rules, she was going to do it drunk as could be.

She grabbed a few worms and insects and piled them onto a few hooks. She didn't have time to wait. She had several rods ready to be cast. And they would all be cast at once. . .  

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#3Constantine Librorum 

on Tue May 22, 2018 8:33 pm

Teiho stumbled over to the river, vaguely remembering that he had signed up for some contest. He had almost overslept but thankfully Quami was far more organized than his adopted father was for the moment. Scratching his ass at the thought of wrangling a fish from the rather peaceful waters, Teiho would shrug before stepping into one of the provided rafts. Looking about the boat for his equipment, he’d grab the oar and shove off from shore, the waters accepting his passage with little more than a mediocre jostle. He’d hum a jaunty little fisherman’s tune, the boat rocking to and fro as he paddled out into the still waters.

Getting about to a spot where he could stop, he could see that there was at least one other out on the river itself. It wasn’t someone he knew so calling out to them wasn’t something he’d do at that moment, instead taking it upon himself to bait the line before tossing it out into the river and leaning the rod itself up against the inside of the boat. He’d test it to make sure that the line wouldn’t tug the rod out of the boat before leaning back in the raft and pulling out his flask of Blue Fire. Shrugging at the easy contest, he’d gripe over the fact he hadn’t brought a hat with him so he couldn’t take a nap throughout the whole ordeal. Ah well, nothing gained, nothing lost.


on Thu May 24, 2018 10:28 am

Fishing was a sport that Odin had actually tried before, it was how he had met Konstantin and, by extension, how he had later become his best man at the wedding. Fishing held a, strangely, special place in the place where a heart would usually be for the Lich, and so he was more than happy to sign up for the contest when he heard it was happening. He had learn the 'art of fishing' from a man named Tim in Hargeon: arguably the capital of fishing in Fiore due to its coastal nature. Odin would happily grab a rod and jump on one of the rafts to make his way out to see, not afraid of the water despite being literal bone that would cause him to sink as a corpse if he did fall.

Despite this being a contest to do with the flower festival, Odin had decided not to wear his mask, and was showing his skeletal form. Glancing over at the other vessels on the sea this day, he would recognise the one known as Teiho: the man from Seven that Odin had met in his pub stall. If the wanderer had looked over at Odin, the Lich would raise an hand in greeting, otherwise he would prepare himself for the fishing contest.


on Thu May 24, 2018 5:13 pm

Apparently Chad was taking part in some weird fishing contest that he did not quite remember signing up for. He probably did it when he was drunk or something, but regardless of that, he decided to participate anyways. He had not really done much at the festival so far, so this would at least give him some form of entertainment. Of course, since he was at a festival he had taken it upon himself to get wasted before actually showing up to the fishing event. This resulted in him stumbling about as he made his way to the rickety old boat he had rented just for this occasion. He was aware that he stood out given his outlandish monk attire and bald head, but as he was used to such things, and weird looks people gave him as he drunkenly traveled were just shrugged off.

After getting into his boat, Chad pushed off into the water and took a look at the other competitors. It was an odd assortment of people, and in his drunken state, he thought he might actually be hallucinating when he saw them. There was some weird cat girl, some exotic looking guy, and what seemed to be the physical manifestation of death in the form of a skeleton. The last one kind of threw him off, especially when he seemed to be friendly with the exotic fellow, but Chad just decided that he shouldn't make weird assumptions. He proceeded to prepare his fishing rod and threw out his line into the water.


on Fri May 25, 2018 8:43 am

. . . Several bottles later she would find herself in her desired spot. She would begin to whip and throw the lines in every which direction. She didn't know what kind of fish were in the lake, but she intended to catch them all.

She dropped another empty bottle to the floor of her small rotten boat as she stood in the boat watching over the lines. To her, it was like being in her own spider web. The question was where was her prey going to appear first? She already knew someone was going to make a bite, soon enough.

She was determined to win this day and walk away with the largest fish. She didn't know what the prize was, or even if there was one. To her it didn't matter. Even bragging rights was good enough. To prove to these strange mortals that she had done more with less, would be enough to make her satisfied. If she had lost, then there was nothing to lose. After all, she had never fished before, only with the tips of the man who had let her take the old boat out.

"Let's get momma a big one!" she said, waiting for the first bite.

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on Fri May 25, 2018 8:43 am

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#8Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 27, 2018 6:22 am

The day passed by slowly for Teiho. A yawn and a scratch of the behind marking what felt like the ninth hour of the day that he had spent on this god forsaken boat. He was certain that at some point fish were supposed to start fucking with the bait and hooks that he was using to capture them. Of course he could probably just be doing the whole thing wrong, he was also certain that fishing was supposed to be some active activity and that treating it passively was for the ‘pros’. Eh what did he know about fishing, he was a traveler. He caught his fish either with his bare hands or a spear. This hobby shit was for the birds.

Leaning back on the boat, he could feel the few nibblers biting at the bait, some of them even knocking into the boat accidentally like the dumbasses they were. He was tempted to just start snatching them out of the water but apparently that was cheating or something of the matter. Another yawn and another scratch and he had rolled onto his side. The uncomfortable wood digging into him at various angles that he could tell wouldn’t be good for his spine later on in life. God he wanted this contest to be over already. Why did he sign up for this stupid thing.


on Sun May 27, 2018 6:22 am

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on Mon May 28, 2018 7:33 am

Odin sat on his boat by himself, using the ridiculous tactics for fishing that his 'mentor', Tim, had taught both he and Kon in Hargeon many months ago. Despite looking like the one person least likely to have any knowledge about it, Odin imagined he was probably the only one to have actually fished out of the four gathered on the sea today, mostly out of the statistical likelihood of anyone having actually fished before being surprisingly low. Issue was that now the Lich had to prove that he was the best fisherman in Orchidia today.

There were fishes of all shapes and sizes in the water today, some large, some small. It was likely that the bigger the fish, the higher the points for catching it. Moving his body in an ironic stretching motion, Odin would cast his line across the water, and wait patiently for some kind of bite. Whatever happened now, he'd just have to hope that he got a good amount of points. He wanted to win after all, but if he didn't he supposed that he'd just blame Tim for his poor teachings.

Come on, be the rod, be the fish. Envision catching the fish, and so it shall appear. If he was bullshitting me I'm going to find him.


on Mon May 28, 2018 7:33 am

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on Mon May 28, 2018 10:37 am

While Chad waited for fish to bite at his rod, time flowed by at what seemed like a snail's pace. He had been standing there on his rickety old rented shitty boat for an eternity before anything had happened. While waiting he had decided to look around at the other competitors, only to find that they were as bored as he was. It seemed that whoever had organized this event failed to realize how mind numbingly shitty it was. They probably did not care that much though given the circumstances.

At this point all Chad wanted to do is be done with it. He continued to wait for something to happen but alas, while some other folks were catching fish, he didnt seem to that have that much luck. He tried to change the bait a few times, and after a few attempts at that, he manged to catch fishes of some sort. Due to some magical fuckery he wasnt really able to tell what he had caught, but after the event was over he would probably be able to. Regardless of such things he continued to catch fish until the allotted time was over, hopefully allowing for him to win something.


on Mon May 28, 2018 10:37 am

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on Mon May 28, 2018 11:31 pm

It wasn't much, but it was enough to feed her and her lover for the next few days. She would stay indoors and enjoy her meal and prepare it as planned.

She reeled in all of her catches to count and tally them up. Perhaps she could take home the prize, and if not, then she would have a well meal.

"Three salmon and . . . two shrimp?" she pulled up the lines and threw them in the boat letting her pet clean them off. She sighed and lifted another bottle to her lips before downing it like it was air. She tossed the bottle in the boat before pushing away with an oar and went to shore. She would use the rest of what remained of her conscious sober mind, only to float to the center of the lake. It was then that she would pass out and fall asleep.

It's not like anyone needed her anywhere else, right?

". . ?" Zuzu would remain where she was, holding the shrimp in her mouth as she cocked her head to observe her master. Why did Nameless seem so carefree now? What had changed about their world?

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#15Constantine Librorum 

on Thu May 31, 2018 7:14 pm

It took a few minutes for the nibbles to start coming in, the bobbing of his fishing rods alerting him to something far more interesting than the tan that he didn’t need becoming more prominent. The little biters seemed to be in a frenzy all of a sudden, something his alcohol addled mind didn’t quite understand but he knew for a fact that they weren't meant to be rocking his boat as well. Grabbing the edges, he cursed in a foreign language and looked about for some sort of queue on whatever the hell was going on, but considering no one else seemed freaked out over the event, he’d let it slide for now and consider it all part of the game.

Grabbing the lines one by one, he would pull the fish into the boat. Each one flopping about as if their life literally depended on it as they struggled to get back into their home. Sadly the boat had curved up edges so no amount of flopping would have gotten them back into the waters below. Grinning at his haul, Teiho would sit back in his boat before grabbing the oars and directing himself back toward shore. It seemed like today was going to be a good day after all. He had gotten a free meal to bring back to Ianthe and Quami!


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on Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:03 pm

It didn't take long before Odin started to receive bites from the fish, swimm8ng around minding their own business. It was actually rather sad, as the fish hadn't done anything wrong and didnt deserve such painful deaths. They were literally being suffocated for a prize, brutally murdered for human beings to either enjoy as a meal or, worse even, throw them back in to be caught by others. Odin didn't need food either, which made his moral dilemma all the more bleak. He didn't need to eat the fish, this was all simply because he wished to. He wanted to win this challenge, and was willing to kill anyone, human or fish, to do that.

Unfortunately, despite catching the most impressive fish of the people gathered, Odin did not win the contest. He caught an impressive fish initially, but then only managed to catch small fry. An initial surge of points, only to fall as more consistent fishermen received more points. Glad he'd caught the highest but disappointed at his loss, Odin wouldn't say a word to Teiho, or any of the other two gathered in nearby. He'd simply take his fish and make his way back to his stall. Maybe he could cook some up and give them to Nastasya. He didn't even know if she liked fish.


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#17Akira Shimada 

on Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:17 pm

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