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West Fishing Contest

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on Tue May 22, 2018 1:53 pm


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on Wed May 23, 2018 2:18 pm



After this festival had been started a few days ago Noel decided to check out what else there was to offer. A fishing event was going to start, so he signed up. His dad used to take him fishing, and from what he could remember it was an interesting experience. Cooking up frozen hotdogs on makeshift campfires. It wasn't too exciting, but Noel suspected that relaxing was the key to finding pleasure in fishing. So now, since he's grown up to be an adult - he's been seeking that comfort of relaxation again.

An afternoon of fishing seemed like a good way to go on about that. The sun was shining when he picked up his fishing rod. A compact backpack carried most of his important stuff, like bait for the fishes, frozen hotdogs, and a makeshift cooking plate. He also had his other fishing equipment, a simple pocket knife along with a few fish hooks he kept as reserve. Knowing that the fish sometimes swallow the hook made it awkward to retrieve the hook sometimes. His height made him quite intimidating for many people. The contest was quite simple, he had to catch the most impressive fishes that were swimming around. Nothing a task that Noel couldn't handle, he figured as he sat down in one of the designated spots. Nobody else had seemed to enter his zone yet. From this point onwards, he'd be ready to start fishing. 


on Wed May 23, 2018 2:52 pm

Oh boy… The first contest. Barry had completely forgot about it and had planned to bail out, though just as he was leaving he had heard of the potential prizes and stayed put for the time being. The crowd was drawn to a lake and Barry was drawn to the far edge of the water away from the other participants as he sat crossed legged at the shore. This was way too early to be fishing, but alas it was too early to pull out so he’d just have to keep to himself and catch something to eat at least.

Cupping a cheek with his hand he watched the water, he had already retrieved his fishing pole and didn’t choose much in the way of bait besides a lone worm. If he ran out of bait he’d have to bail on the competition sooner or later. Scratching his cheek he’d wait for the start of festivities so he could get on with his day and maybe catch a nap. A nice long nap and maybe a nice cup of noodles for all of his troubles. Yeah, that’d be great, but before he could get his nap he had to wait for the contest to be over.

#4Fiammetta Barone 

on Thu May 24, 2018 6:59 am

Even the Titaness Fiammetta Barone could understand some of the appeals of fishing. She wasn't usually one for relaxing, just sitting around doing jack all and being alone with your thoughts or some crap. It was instead the idea of temporary solitude, focused on a single and fruitful task, that made Fia willing to give it a try. It certainly seemed a lot more rewarding than meditation or what have you. The bounty was far more tangible, and potentially delicious.

Of course, the concept of a competition that was attached to the activity also enticed the Barone lass. So, with so many reasons to partake, Fia set out while the sun was still shining to try her hand at this solitary activity. The girl retrieved her rod, some bait and some hooks, not bothering with anything else before heading out to her spot. Some others were already looking to get started at the competition, so Fia moved post-haste to nab a decent spot. Once she was content with where she was, Fia sat down, gazing into the water before as she blocked the sun with the hand not holding the rod. It was a nice little opportunity to do nothing at all, and one she wouldn't waste as she waited until she was ready to begin.


on Thu May 24, 2018 7:21 am

Ianthe would be the last in her group to arrive though there were many other people around all preparing for this fishing contest. She hardly fished, didn't really know how but she had gotten the gist of it when she practiced some before the contest. She was nervous and it wasn't because of the task at hand but it was because of the amount of people around and more so she really wanted to win. She brought a box with some live bait and another smaller box with a few other things of importance to this contest.

A good friend of hers helped prepare the boxes so she would only be able to rely on her skill and maybe some luck. He even provided her with her own rod. The rod itself was top notch, or so she was told. Finding a solid spot among her group she placed her items close to her on the ground and decided she would stand for this. All her focus was on winning and she felt that she could. Looking over she only noticed one person out of the bunch in her group. It was Barry and it was a surprise to see him there but she couldn't focus on that right now.


on Thu May 24, 2018 9:10 am

Barry enjoyed the sounds of silence that came with fishing, it was a joyous almost buzzing silence that was interrupted by none but the gentle caress of the waves on the shore. How delightful it was to be enjoying such marvelous sun as well. Oh nature, how loving you are. To think such a wonderful day was possible. What could possibly go wrong? Absolutely nothing could have ruined another wonderful day made by the maker. Unless of course someone ruined the festivities by jumping the gun early. That said soon he would toss out his line and watched as the crystalline strand of fishing line into the water with a gentle flick of the wrist. This contest was just about done now, he was the king of fishing a though he preferred to dive on in and wrestle some fish out of the water this was good too.

He watched the line drift into the water, "I hope I catch a tuna or three." he licked his lips and giddly bounced up and down. How amazing it was to be fishing on a day that felt made just for him. It paid to be Barry, it really did he was just a great guy.


on Thu May 24, 2018 9:10 am

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on Thu May 24, 2018 1:02 pm



Noel spread his focus around the area. Wondering who these other opponents could be. Studying their behavior wasn't too feasible, given the amount of people that had joined. But within his own zone that didn't prove to be an issue. Before the signal was given that the contest was going to start, he started talking to two of the women who joined his zone as well. It wasn't small talk, but more like a friendly hello and a wave of the arm. The other man in his zone seemed too tense, he didn't seem too inviting; Noel made note of this. It seemed like he cared about winning more than having fun.


He spoke to the two women that stood a few meters away from him.

"I'm Noel, it's nice to meet you. I'm from Lamia Scale, what about you two?"

"Good luck in the contest."

Not very much later the starting signal was shown, Noel threw his rod elegantly into the water, expecting to catch nothing but old boots, bicycles, and maybe even a washing machine. His lucks during events such as these wasn't existent. He'd won a few times, but only if the contest solely relied on his dedication and skill, instead of what destiny gave him. He reeled in every time he felt the nibble on the fish hook.


on Thu May 24, 2018 1:02 pm

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#10Fiammetta Barone 

on Fri May 25, 2018 6:54 am

As Fia basked in the sunlight, she stretched herself just to limber up in case she got a feisty catch. Resting her rod against the ground, she brought an arm across herself as she glanced around, seeing that quite a few others had gathered around to fish as well. Part of Fia wanted to fire herself up into the competitive spirit, but really, she was enjoying not giving too much to embrace that. One of the guys coming over to fish gave a generic greeting, so the Titaness returned it in kind.

"Name's Fia, nice meetin' ya." She uttered simply in return, not bothering to mention any kind of affiliation. She could very well have said she was a Rune Knight, but it wasn't really relevant or truthful. Fia was on her way out, after all. Only thing stopping her was not wanting to fuck about with paperwork during this nice relaxing festival. So, until then, best not misleadingly label herself as one of them.

The older man wished them good luck, and Fia just nodded in his direction. "Likewise" She huffed, cracking her neck as starting signal was given, and the contest began. Wasn't much to it, aside from luck, but Fia still gave it her best crack. She'd cast her line, wait something to bite, then reel it in to see what she ended up with. A process that would be rinsed and repeated, the yields naturally varied, but hopefully mostly on the good side.


on Fri May 25, 2018 6:54 am

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on Fri May 25, 2018 4:15 pm

She was really nervous so nervous in fact that she was getting hungry. She could smell the food in the area. They were still on festival grounds so of course venders would be here selling to onlookers. She wished she would have eaten before participating but it was too late for that now. Her nerves were set ablaze and Ianthe could only take a few deep breaths in order to calm herself. She was going to be fine she told herself, it was just a contest it was nice to win but try to have fun. The little pep talk she mentally gave herself allowed her to muster up enough courage to grab some bait and place it on the hook. She almost didn't notice the " hello " being thrown her way from another participant.

" Oh hello. Nice to meet you Noel. I'm Ianthe and I'm not apart of a guild. Not yet anyway. Well good luck to you as well. "

The small talk was nice it made her feel even more comfortable. With her bait on her hook she took one more deep breath and with all the strength she could muster she let of fishing pole do it's work. Her arm went back and she flicked her wrist, listening to the line of fly out over the water landing perfectly. The moment of truth was now, let's see how many this rookie could catch.


on Fri May 25, 2018 4:15 pm

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on Sun May 27, 2018 4:55 pm



Noel hadn't won, he peeked over what the other contestants had catched. Better fish than him, sadly. He didn't care enough to waste more of his energy. He reeled in his hook and collected his items again. The rod he had brought was sort of special. He could collapse the top parts quite easily, allowing it to put it on the side of his backpack. It was still early in the afternoon. The sun wasn't that warm, which meant that Noel wasn't going to find shelter in a hurry. He could take his time and visit the petal festival some more.

After packing up his stuff he headed into town. His score slip was still with him, should he receive any prizes. He headed towards the nearest diner and got some brunch. Nothing like a high tea, but slightly filling so he could continue the day. He ran by the grocery store as well, he'd run out of cigarettes. After doing his basic chores for the day, he returned to his home and sat in a hammock for the longer part of the day. He hadn't quite figured out what to do next. Maybe set a pot of coffee and do some evening reading, or maybe something else like enjoying his girlfriends company.

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#15Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue May 29, 2018 6:35 am

It would seem lady luck was on Fia's side today, as she ended up doing comparatively well in the fishing festival. She didn't yet know how well everyone else had gone, but she was personally satisfied with the fish she'd caught, and a quick glance at the other contestants revealed some weren't quite as pleased. With a bit of smug self-satisfaction, Fia packed up everything she'd brought, and set off to collect her prizes as well as return the rod.

Once she'd shown her score and been rewarded for her efforts and luck, Fiammetta would head out from the fishing spot, off to meet up with her fiance. Overall, she'd enjoyed the experience for what it was. Though doing decently in it was rewarding enough in itself, she also thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of fishing, the sheer calm that came with doing nothing at all and just letting nature do as it pleased. She ought to go fishing with Baldo and some of the other orphans some time, she figured. But that could wait til a different time, after the flower festival. For now, she'd return to the main grounds, ready to meet up with her lover and decide how else they would spend the peaceful and uneventful days ahead. This festival was a break from all the annoyances in their worlds, and damned if Fia wasn't going to continue enjoying it.


Roll 1: 99 - 10 Points
Roll 2: 45 - 2 Points
Roll 3: 73 - 5 Points
Roll 4: 78 - 5 Points
Roll 5: 18 - 1 Points

Total: 23 Points



on Wed May 30, 2018 5:36 pm

She was all that confident about her skills and it showed in her fishing. A day worth of practice just wasn't enough as she pulled fish after fish only to end up with those worth two points in the contest. When it was all said and done she laid out her catches and counted them out, writing down her score and handing it in to whoever it was suppose to go to. She glanced over at the other participants and she saw that she came in dead last compared to them and what they had caught. A part of her was very sad but she had fun and this only made her want to practice fishing on her own time, give her something else to do in life now that she knew about it.

Packing up her things she congratulated everyone in her group and held no hard feelings for losing. She could certainly go for a drink now though and wondered If Constantine was around to join her. She was sure to catch up with him and Quami for that matter. She smiled as she thought about them both and the feeling of defeat in this competition faded away as she thought of something better than winning.

Fish Caught/Score:

Roll#1: 47 - 2 points
Roll#2: 42 - 2 points
Roll#3: 64 - 2 points
Roll#4: 43 - 2 points
Roll#5: 43 - 2 points

Overall: 10 points



on Thu May 31, 2018 6:20 am

Congratulations, Fiammetta Barone has won 500 points.

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