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Bachelor-ette [Leo, Kyo & Naomi | Invite]

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Bachelor-ette [Leo, Kyo & Naomi | Invite] Empty on Tue May 22, 2018 10:13 am

Naomi Hisoka
Apparently, it was imperative that the Neko couple went out for a party before they tied the knot. But here was the catch… This party had to be separate for the two. One where the men got Kyo drunk, and the other where the ladies gossiped with Naomi. It all sounded great. Only problem was… The girl has got no real friends. She was sure her partner wouldn’t have a problem amassing a huge crowd for his party. As much as she hated it, that realization brought a tinge of jealousy. Gulping it down, she had kissed the man farewell for the evening and sent him away to his party, lying to him that she has got plenty of people coming for hers.

Well… It wasn’t a complete lie. The auburn-furred Neko did try. She had called all her alleged acquaintances and all of them said the same thing; that they would try to make it. In addition, she had also pinned an invitation at the Fairy Tail guild hall. So… Maybe someone from the guild might come, even though she hadn’t had any outstanding interactions with any of the members. Her hopes were a little too optimistic, and she knew it.

Nevertheless, in case someone did make it, she didn’t want the ‘party’ to be a dud. So, she cleaned up the large tent that she rented at the festival, put on music, got drinks and snacks… Almost everything that any average party would have. Now, it was time to sit back and have a good evening, even if it was just by herself. Pouring herself some red wine, the graceful Neko danced slowly to the gentle music in the background as she took sips from her glass.

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Bachelor-ette [Leo, Kyo & Naomi | Invite] Empty on Tue May 22, 2018 10:37 am

Kyo Hisoka
'Love you, babe. Missing you already, I'll see you very soon!' Kyo said and smiled at his lover as she rose on her tiptoes to kiss him. His well manicured eyebrow rose a little when he noticed that she wasn't accompanying him out... The man was well aware that this was all for the sake of appearances, Naomi had lost too much, she'd lost everyone when her village was attacked and ravaged by demons. He wished there wasn't this checklist that the two had to abide by, just to get to spend their lives together.

Alas, even declining to have his bachlor party, wouldn't work. Naomi would burden herself with unnecessary guilt, believe that her circumstances became a reason for Kyo to be deprived of an essential experience. It was stupid really, it wasn't like she chose to not have anyone to celebrate with, but he knew her too well. So, Kyo played along and he took it upon himself to gather a nice sizable crowd so that both of them could just do this whole bachlor-bachlorette thing together, rules be damned.

They had a tent on the far side of the festival, quite far from the main attraction and much closer to the forest. Naomi liked the silence, she liked being closer to where her home had once been and Kyo respected that. He didn't mind having to take a longer stroll to reach the cluster of stalls. Being on the edges also meant they had a lot more place to set up things for just themselves, the vast expanse that stretched between their tent and the darker deeper areas of the forest, could be used for whatever exploit they came up with.

Determined, the man had donned the golden-feathered cape that he'd in fact made for Naomi (he had to make her another duller, royal-purple cloak because apparently she didn't want to gather too much attention). He was bare-chested and wore a lose grey palazzo with tight boots. His sense of fashion was unique to say the least, but it served its purpose, which was to get heads turning. He made his way to the busier areas keeping his eyes peeled for anyone who'd like to have some fun.

He spotted a slightly inebriated bunch of people and swiftly, but quietly sidled up to them hoping to eavesdrop on what they were lacking, so he could promise to provide it at their little bachlor-ette.

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Bachelor-ette [Leo, Kyo & Naomi | Invite] Empty on Tue May 22, 2018 12:49 pm

Leo Darwin
Leo caught wind of the party not long after. Leo, having absolutely no clue about thinks like this just went with the flow. He hadn't meet many other Fairy Tail members so he saw this as a chance to get to know plenty. Plus, even if he only met one of two, It would be fine to him.

Leo shrugged, taking the poster thinking he might need proof of being invited. From afar he could see the tent lighting up the small part of the festival. "This must be it." Leo smiled to himself as he began walking over. It could be like anything, quiet and peaceful, or even loud and cheerful. He also didn't want to interrupt it, in case it was suppose to be calm so he tried to contain his excitement.

As he neared the tent it became increasingly harder to hold down his excitement. He Lifted part of the tent to let himself in. He glanced around, be glad he did announce his arrival yet. He cleared his throat, glancing around. He wasn't sure who to talk too, despite there not being many people here. "Um... Hey I'm Leo from Fairy Tail. Am I in the right place?" He held up the poster, hoping it might help whoever responded in telling him if he was.

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André Nakhodka
His steps slow, André held his head as he walked through the darkened streets of the festival place. His mind still wandered on that small encounter he had with that woman, who was she? all that happened was a measly bump, exchange of apologies, but something about her wouldn't leave his head. He was no longer sure if the headache was caused by the fight he had gotten himself in, or that woman.

Despite not being a big fan of it, he saw a stand that seemed to have some alcoholic beverages on it. Approaching with half closed eyes and a sigh, he sat down and looked eye to eye with whoever it was that was tending the stand. "Whisky please," he told him with his dulcet voice. Holding the edge of the stand, he leaned back on his stool to look at the streets once again. There surely wasn't the crowd he first saw when he came here, nor the cool atmosphere when he was there in the morning. He scratched his left shoulder with his right hand.

Opening his bag of jewels while gazing around, he counted how much he had and decided to be frugal for a while. The whisky was relatively expensive, but he really just needed to dunk one down. Getting a glass with two cubes of ice in it, he swirled it around once, the ice clinking on the edges of the glass was a pleasant sound that reminded him of winter.

He sure wanted winter back.

He asked for a napkin and some water, dipping the napkin into the water glass, he started to clean the dirtiest part of his beige linen shirt. It wasn't the best idea to wear something thick like that in such warm weather. Caring about nothing but taking the dirt off, he didn't care about the water marks he'd leave on his clothes. They'd dry fast enough anyway. He sipped his whisky and ate a handful of the peanuts provided.

When the first peanut fell to his stomach, it rumbled. With a neutral expression, André tried to remind himself that he had food in his room. It was then he had noticed the bare-chested man with ears akin to Requiem, whom she met earlier. Curious as to why he wanted, he leaned on the counter while scratching his right ear. He took off his flat cap to let his short hair breathe, and probably looked at the man too much for comfort.
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Bachelor-ette [Leo, Kyo & Naomi | Invite] Empty on Fri May 25, 2018 4:09 am

Naomi Hisoka
No one came to a party on time—another etiquette that Naomi couldn’t fathom. But it had been almost an hour since the supposed start of the gathering and still, there was no one but the Neko in the large tent. Maybe she had gone overboard with renting such a huge place. After all, she knew there wasn’t going to be a huge crowd. At least it makes Kyo think there is actually going to be a party here, she thought, completely unaware that her partner was a lot more perceptive than she had imagined.

The girl had already downed two glasses of wine and was on her third by the time Leo entered the tent. She was a little tipsy and both volume and genre of the music had turned from gentle to blasting. The inebriated state and the fact that she thought she was all alone had given her enough courage to attempt crazy dance moves.

With the music being so loud, Naomi could barely hear Leo clearing his throat. She finally did notice him, but that was only when her eyes flitted past the entrance as she twirled. Even though her eyes registered the young man’s presence, her brain was a bit slower to come to the realization. When she finally did, her eyes went wide, and her face went red in embarrassment. How long has she been dancing there, oblivious to him?

She immediately stopped, and the sudden hasty movement only made her trip on her own legs and fall down. Thankfully, her glass was near empty and she still had the reflexes to catch it before it crashed down. Smiling embarrassedly at Leo, she picked herself up quickly and apologized. “I’m so sorry!” she yelled over the loud music, before turning the volume down. “Welcome! I’m Naomi,” she said, smiling and extending her hand.

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Kyo Hisoka
The group he stopped by was already way too drunk to make for a fun crowd at the party, it seemed they'd already reached the peak of their frivolity they'd add nothing to the bachlor-ette. Though Kyo was just a tad crestfallen, he wasn't the sort to give up so easily. The various stalls serving alcoholic beverages would still be the best bet to find some people. He strolled down the street, keeping his eyes peeled for possible victims he could lure.

Upon running into a second group, he chuckled and approached them with enough carelessness to feign drunkenness on his part. Gently slapping one of the guys on the backs he swiftly stated. 'Man, I don't know where you guys are coming from, but there is an amazing party happening in one of the tents by the fringe.' he added a dramatic hiccup to punctuate his sentence. He had roped in a couple of girls who quickly asked him a few more questions about the precise location. 'That's where I'm coming from!' he confirmed with an exclamation. After a little bit of small talk he had them convinced and they began retracing the steps he'd just taken through the cluster of tents, they'd get there eventually... He hoped they didn't lose their way in their state.

Now he continued through the thinning crowd, and his ears twitched at the gentle clink of ice-cubes in a glass. Widening his eyes, he swooped in towards the open bar and noticed a lone man sitting there struggling with a stain on his shirt or something, apparently. 'Eh mate! Let it go!' Kyo said, grinning holding out his arms to indicate his bare-chest. 'Just go skin and bones like me, clothes are for weaklings.' he playfully added, attempting to lighten the mood, steal away the heaviness that reeked from the man, perhaps it was just in the Hisoka's head. 'You look like you need to be dragged...' he paused and flicked a few peanuts from the container. He then dropped his voice, and scanned the area for the stall owner shiftily before softly adding '...Elswhere... Am I right?' the neko asked, while allowing his furry ears to dance on his head in a far-fetched attempt to break the ice and keep things jovial. 'I know just the place!' the neko finished, with a gleam of a smile.

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Leo Darwin
Leo smiled widely at the woman who greeted him, she seemed quite nice. Although she wasn't completely sober he thought it would be polite to at least try to get to know them, after all that's why he came to this party anyway. Leo grabbed her hand, shaking it gently. "Nice to meet you!" he said with a huge grin.

He took one last look around at the party. Although drinking and dancing typically wasn't his thing, he didn't mind it at all. It was a great chance for him to meet someone new, and even better yet, someone from Fairy Tail!

"This is a wonderful party you have ma'am." However, he had no idea how to continue the conversation or how he would fit into this party. He hadn't ever drunken much before, and all the parties he's been to before weren't so focused on the dancing party.

Finally he thought of something that might be acceptable to continue the conversation. "Do you have parties like this often? I've always wanted to meet new people around here." Leo spoke light heartedly and joyfully, hoping it was appropriate for the tone of the party.

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André Nakhodka
With the man revealing his bare chest, André couldn't help but feel his face get red. This bold behavior shouldn't have been something he didn't expected, so he decided to blame the drink for it.

To let it all out bare huh, he thought. That was one thing he could do. Seeing that the man himself was in a playful mood, André pondered if he was drunk. He had a hard time looking at his eyes, for his ears and bare chest kept stealing his gaze. "Will probably need more drinks for that, friend," he told him with a sly smile. With a circular motion, he made his glass dance once more, watching the liquid inside it. He downed the remaining as he heard the man once more, and watched him take some peanuts.

He was offered to go somewhere, and while he couldn't lie that it was a very sudden offer, he also felt inclined to accept it. But what if he was attacked, what if he was mugged? Losing the small remaining of the jewels inside his bag wouldn't be the most exciting event. So thinking very carefully, he took a few peanuts and threw them all into his mouth and got up from his stool. Slowly walked towards the man and sat somewhere closer to him. "Yeah, okay," he said smiling. He seemed to be in a dilemma between getting another drink or just following the man. He decided that he had enough for now. "When and where are we going then," he asked, leaning on the counter with both of his arms crossed and placed his head on them. "No worries, I'm not tired," he mumbled. But his low alcohol tolerance had reared its head.

At the very end, despite his worries, his desire for human, or cat-human, interaction won.
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Bachelor-ette [Leo, Kyo & Naomi | Invite] Empty on Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:23 am

Naomi Hisoka
Thankfully, her awkward fall wasn’t laughed at and the newcomer shook her hand with a grin after she picked herself up. While she was usually guarded, her current state left her reciprocating the grin with an even wider one, completely uninhibited by the usual questions of who this person might be. “Thank you!” she said when the young man said she had a nice party going on. He was obviously being polite, but she appreciated that very much. Picking up a glass, she offered it to Leo and then pointed at the assortment of bottles that lay neatly on the large table in the middle of the tent. “Please help yourself,” she said, smiling. There were some snacks to accompany the drinks for those inclined.

The auburn-furred Neko couldn’t help but chuckle a bit loudly when Leo asked if she held parties like this often. “No… This is the first time,” she said, scratching her ears softly. “And it’s because I’m getting married soon,” she added, emphasizing the fact that parties for her are that much rarer. When Leo said he enjoyed meeting new people, Naomi raised her eyebrows and suggested he meet her fiancé. “You really should stick around until Kyo’s return in that case. He is really big on social gatherings,” she said, but then realized that statement could be misinterpreted as her not wanting to talk to him anymore, which wasn’t how she intended it. So, she stuck around and asked if he wanted play games.

“Would you like to play darts?” she asked, picking up a feathered dart and offering it to Leo. With a smile, she added, “Every time we miss, we take a shot.” She pointed to the small shot glasses on the side and the large jar of tequila, winking at the man.

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Kyo Hisoka
While the man often broke eye-contact, Kyo fearlessly peered into his face as he waited for a confirmation. He noticed the flush and the way the man's gaze kept flitting to the neko's form. He was ok with this, the soon to be Hisoka was very used to the eyeballs, he always colored it to be admiration. He chuckled jovially and shamelessly said 'Like what you see?' pausing just a little for effect he added 'Don't worry... everybody does!' he finished with a wink and a soft bang of the fist on the table, to indicate that in his mind the deal was sealed.

The verbal agreement on his part sparked a fire of joy in Kyo's heart. 'Yeah? yeah? You're going to have so much fun!' the man exclaimed in an attempt to hype up his little gathering. He too picked out a few more peanuts, instead of just channeling them all into his maw he threw them into the air and caught them with his teeth one by one, rather extravagantly, his golden feathery cape fluttering and glittering with every move. It may have enticed the guy, or perhaps he was considering it anyways, since he shuffled along closer to the neko, asking him when they're going to get a move on.

'Right away!' Kyo exclaimed, twirling on his stool to slip off it. 'I'm glad you're not tired, because before we reach our destination, we have a little mission on our way...' Kyo continued. He cleared his throat, hoping that the process of trying to collect more people for the gathering wasn't going to turn the man away. The truth was, while the man never admitted so to himself, but he too didn't really have friends... only fans. He'd never stuck around in a location long enough for him to make lasting bonds, he was too flippant with himself and even more with his relationships... Definitely wasn't a good idea to call his exes to this bachelor-ette.

'We have to collect more people to take to this party with us, larger the crowd, more the fun.' He said, simply at first. He then almost guiltily rubbed his guilty ears, flattening them on his head as he pondered for a moment about letting this guy know the reasons for all this. Kyo decided to be honest, but he'd tell the story his way. He cleared his throat and swiveled on his heel before singing loud and clear, maybe that too, would serve as an attraction towards more people. 'Let me lead you... To celebrate a woman of wonder...' he sang. He hummed, composing the melody on the go, something he was rather talented with as he swooped out of the shack and onto the street, his voice growing a little louder. 'And her union with the collector of stories...'

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André Nakhodka
The comments of the man, coupled with the nice weather out, all felt too dreamy to André. Akin to a dreamy visage perhaps even. The man's comment on how he was allowed to look made André cock his eyebrow with a cheeky smile. His gaze would then drift as he had to remember if he was too... open in his gaze. Soon however, his attention would fully be given to the man.

With his husky figure, the man didn't seem to be opposed to expressing himself fully. André liked that. Body language was something he himself used a lot, however, he was definitely lacking in the vocal compartment. Hearing him speak about where they are going and a supposed mission, André straightened himself up and got up from where he was sitting. Looking at the night sky, he seemed to have drifted off. "No time to waste then," he said with a gentle tone.

In the swirling streets of Orchidia, among the festival stalls lights and many people in kimonos, André followed him. "I'm André," he'd say. He didn't know what he wanted with his introduction. From the sound of it, he was being taken to a party. Would this man, presumably the host, completely ignore him and mingle with the crowd that probably waited for them? Would André find people he could talk to? All of these questions danced around his brain for a while, and then quickly dispersed as his focus was once again given to the man himself.

Collecting people, more people to be truthful. André scratched his chin, and then his finger would find its usual spot of above his upper lip, scratching the empty spot as his eyes seemed a tad bit worried. "Not the best at talking, but I'll try."

The man's last words caught the most of his attention. Collector of stories... He didn't care about the wonderful woman part as much as he wish he did, for the story part had completely overtaken him. He felt his ink-blood boil deep within. "Stories? I like stories," he would say, his words very quick, his posture straight and his gaze almost piercing. "Who is this collector of stories, is it you?"
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