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Riverside Spirit | Quest | Solo

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on Mon May 21, 2018 7:57 am

Shinko had received the reward from Dex a day ago for helping him out with his investigation, and she was already left satisfied after everything that happened, although she was not expecting more. Shinko stretched her arms the moment she woke up and felt the need to do it; she slept in an inn near a hospital temporarily, only to guard Dex’ fainted soul when the force had made him lost consciousness. Shinko folded the sheets and kept the room clean; though she would just leave the room messy if she was to sleep in the mansion of her family, but she had her own will to leave a certain place clean.

As she went out, Dacol Lubex had already greeted her. “Hey, good morning!” he greeted, and Shinko had the confidence inside her again to see someone who looks like a character from her favorite manga. “Good morning Kayu—I mean, Dacol!” she greeted back, showing a pleasured and excited feeling. “What are you doing here today?” she wondered, having her doing a small ‘salute’ pose. Dacol cleared his throat and coughed on his fist, “It’s just about the strange entity you guys saw in the river yesterday. You in or are you in?” he smiled at her with a thumb up. “I’m in!” she joyfully replied. Dacol nodded at her and walked away, “Meet me at the river.” he said as he continues walking away, waving his hand.

Shinko prepared herself, walking back to her home first to take a bath, fix her hair and apply makeup. Her clothes are neat and her room… not so neat. But she told herself to clean it later, like what she said the other day, and the last week. Shinko usually ends up procrastinating and rushing when there’s a visitor, but she had no worries because she knew that no one will visit her today.

She met Dacol Lubex in the Orchidia River before sunset, and there was Shinko, who was joyfully skipping and excited to investigate more information… and also being with someone who looks like a character from a certain comic. She saw Dacol from afar, who was gazing away with his arms crossed and his foot, tapping the ground. Shinko shouted his name as she runs towards him, waving her hand as she greets him. She jumps with her arms wide open, “Oh, Shinko… there you are!” Dacol said, ignoring Shinko’s ‘magnificent’ jump and leaving her to fall on her face. Dacol walks away, making a hand sign. “Come one, we got some work to do!”

Shinko stands up, first on her fists, almost crying. “Is this the feeling of being rejected by your senpai?!” she talks to herself, dramatically wiping her tears off. She jumped up and ran to Dacol as if she didn’t get hurt. Almost stumbling, her feet grew tired and her knees are starting to get a bright, red color, from hitting the ground. She wipes the sweat off of her forehead and proceeds to her investigation.



on Wed May 30, 2018 4:54 am

Shinko looked at the place where the glowing ball was supposed to be in, but what she saw wasn’t what she was expecting. The ball seems to be distorted at first, until she came closer to see that the glowing entity resembles a child, and it continues to glow even after Shinko’s presence. “Woah! That looks cool!” she claps her hands like a child, having an amazed look on her face. She was still quite far from the entity while being cautious if what happened to the other guy will happen to her as well; until she felt something so soothing, and gentle. Shinko responds with a curious and quite sleepy feeling; guessing that this was safe, she drew near to the entity.

“Hey, what are you trying to do?” asks Dacol, and Shinko waves back. “This thing is calling me! I’ll be back in a while!” Then she watches her steps and the land under is quite wet, but that wasn’t her main focus. She calmly smiles, almost touching the entity that has started talking to Shinko, and only Shinko, and the words cannot be heard by the others. It would appear as if Shinko was talking to herself. “It’s a spirit.” Shinko tells Dacol, “Spirit of whom?” Dacol asks, and the replies of the spirit could not be heard by anyone else, but Shinko fully understood what the spirit is talking to her. “Just continue talking to it.” Dacol told Shinko with quite the frightened face, his arms crossed. Shinko looked back at the spirit and stares at it with a focused face.

“It said it’s a spirit of someone who passed away long ago, this entity is formed by mana.” Shinko explains, and then continues listening to what the entity has to say, she notices that the more she talks to it, the more she feels tired, as if her mana was being sapped away. Suddenly, Shinko’s expression changes and becomes more serious and curious. “What?” asks Dacol, leaning towards Shinko, his hands on his knees that are slightly bended. Shinko nods, her hand under her lip. Then she touches her head with the same hand and squints her eyes due to a mild headache. “It’s saying something about danger nearby.” Then she started sighing deeply. “Finding someone it loves, something. This thing has better romance than I do!” she complains, her expression looking cartoony and sad.

Shinko hears the spirit with a clear voice, “I’ll meet you after a day.” She felt the cold air hit her ear, as if it whispered to her. When she looked back, the entity had already faded away. It made her think that the entity had finally gone to sleep. Shinko’s headache had suddenly worsened, making her fall to the ground with her hand still supporting her head; Dacol had already finished taking notes when this happened. He carries Shinko, causing her to fangirl on the inside, then brings her to a nearby hospital. “Contact Inspector Nilan if you see the entity again, it seems dangerous.” He told her, though Shinko did not hear it very well because she was too busy jumping on clouds on her happy daydream.


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