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The Time is Now

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The Time is Now  Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 9:51 am

Leo Darwin
The Time is Now

Leo started off the day like any other. By having no idea or clue of what to do with his time. So, just after getting dressed and ready for the day, he started walking around.

He wasn't sure what to look for, or how he should go about his day, so he just enjoyed himself. He spent most of his time just focusing on the breeze. He loved the feeling of the cool air all around him. It was uplifting, and made him feel free. It was also surreal for him. Everything and everyone around him felt the same feeling. They all need air to breath as well, meaning they should all be treated equally.

As his mind started to slip, he was no longer content with just focusing on the air. So he continued to walk around, enjoying the sites and views that the streets of Orchidia offered. Each place felt like a new adventure, even if it was only just for a moment. He began to imagine how each one of the buildings came to be. He filled his mind with great stories, leading to even greater heroes. He imagined that everything had a story to tell, and it was up to his imagination to tell them.

His final stop lead him to a bench. He first watched it. It didn't seem special, but his mind lead him to think it was. Maybe it was built for a great king, made to last forever. Maybe it was the centerpiece of a great war, untouched by all. He examined it's details before finally sitting down. "Wow... This place really is amazing..." It wasn't his perfect day, but he still enjoyed it. It wasn't over, so he hoped with all his heart he might be able to meet at least one person.

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The Time is Now  Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 4:34 pm

Leo Darwin
Leo however, wasn't content with just waiting for any random person to come to him. No, he was more of a go getter. Leo quickly jumped back to his feet. He now thought it was up to destiny to lead him to where he wanted to be. Not long after his stomach began to speak. No, not litterly. It just began to rumble and growl, making Leo feel beyond hungry. He had overheard earlier about the flower festival happening outside of town, so he knew exactly where to go.

Leo began sprinting off into the direction of excitement and laughter, it had to be the festival. However, unfortunately for Leo it was much farther then he thought it was. He was left running for a lot longer then he should have on an empty stomach.

When Leo had finally made it, he had to catch his breath. He stood there for what felt like forever trying to gather himself. He finally stood up straight, one booth catching his eye instantly. He walked over to it with purpose, staring at the man running it intensely. "Two cups of noodles please."

The man looked at Leo curiously. "You here with someone else?" Leo shook his head, feeling his stomach growl again. "Just extremely hungry..." The man smiled, handing him the two cups. "Let them heat for a bit before you eat them." Leo nodded, paying the man and telling him to keep the change.

Leo walked around for a bit longer while the noodles heated. Just as they finished, he opened the lid to the cup. The savory aroma filled is nostrils he couldn't wait any longer, so he devoured both cups. He had forgotten to enjoy his food, and got plenty of looks from people around him.

As day turned into evening, all of Leo's attention was drawn to the sunset. He walked to a near by hill, sitting down. He adjusted his positions until he was perfectly comfortable. Leo stared at the sunset, letting his mind fill in the blanks for him.

It was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen. It was just one of the many things he loved about nature. As the sun started to kiss the horizon, Leo thought back to his family. He thought about his family, and just how badly they'd want to see this as well. He smiled to himself, remembering old times when his younger self, his mother, and his father would all get together for one reason only. To watch the sunset as a family.

He began tearing up as he thought more and more about his mom. More then anything in this moment, he wanted to be with her. He hoped and prayed with all of his being for his mom to be able to see the same sunset. Because, even though they were apart, it would mean that she was alive. She just waiting for Leo to find her, and Leo couldn't wait until that day.

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