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Knight of Swords [Private]

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Knight of Swords [Private] Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 8:54 am

Barry had found himself in the presence of change yet again, he was told that he was in control of his own destiny by the woman of the tarot, but her prediction scared him greatly. He remembered he had the woman's cards, "Oops." he smacked himself in the head and pulled the cards out of the sash around his waist. The two cards were more radiant than he remembered, Six Swords and his Ace of Swords. He looked at them both closely, almost feeling a deep connection with them. It was hard for him to comprehend but he felt as if they both explained his situation better than any.

"I should give theses back to her." he cleared his throat, "Yeah, that's a good idea." his smile was small, but he'd be happy to see the soft Spoken woman again, though maybe he could take some time to enjoy a snack before he went. Walking up to an ice cream stand he looked at the flavors and thought for a moment before picking two cones for himself. Strawberry and chocolate in one hand double scooped and vanilla and Strawberry in the other, so much cream!

"Now to find that lady." he licked his chocolate cone first and hummed as he looked for the stall.

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Vivianna Mystcreek
Stretching, Vivianna gave one last look at her stall. The sun had started it's descent and the sky had worn a wonderful orange color. With a smile and a full pouch of jewels, she started to slowly walk on the grassy streets of Orchidia. Despite being summer, the approaching evening had blessed the streets with a nice breeze. On shoulder hanged a small leather beige bag, inside which she had her decks. On her hand was a paper bag in which she had her tea urn and other things she had brought to the stall with her. During her first reading a glass had broken and cut her hand a bit. Looking at it now, she was glad the cuts were unnoticeable.

Her walk came to a halt when she recognized a person. It was the funky man with the funky hair, who had taken some of her cards. With a worried face, she approached him and tapped him on the shoulder should he had not noticed her coming closer. "Sorry," she'd say to him. "Do you still want to keep the cards or...?"

Standing still with her hands behind her, she tilted her head to inspect the man better. He could keep them if he wished, but Vivianna was also curious why he had taken them in the first place.
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Knight of Swords [Private] Empty on Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:45 pm

Oh, the problems dwelling on Barry's mind. They were so foolish and petty. Here he was, he was supposed to be just another mage, but he couldn't resist the urge to call himself a knight. That blonde's reading made him want to be more. He was sick and tired of being weak and he wanted to help people. If he wasn't strong as she said he would only be a victim of his own sorrow. There was so much more to him than that and she helped him see that. If he didn't fix himself and determine what plagued him he would fall victim to the growing monster of being nothing more than just another mage, knight, and man. To be just those things again, he didn't want that.

Whilst he looked down at the cards he felt a light finger tap him on his shoulder. His initial reaction was to look back, but instead, he paused just half way and spoke, "Yes?" after muttering the word he looked back at her, the blonde from the stall. It was her fault he was feeling so odd, he felt like his purpose in life was becoming more apparent but at the cost of his smile. Or so he had thought, just as he saw her his lips stretched into a wide grin as he stared at her a moment. He wouldn't move, he wouldn't speak or even break gaze.

Standing upright he looked down at the blonde fortune teller and wore a cheerful grin. "It's you again." her words about the cards did not fall on deaf ears, he knew full well that they were hers and he had stolen them. But he had only stolen them for this moment to happen. For her to come back to him. He would never reveal why, but he wanted her to find him again so he could do more than give the cards back. There was much on his mind and the main thought was a proper apology.

With his other hand, he'd rummage in his sash for a moment, he had put the cards in here somewhere. He remembered sliding them into the sash not long ago after examining them. Firstly he would hand her the ones he had in hand, but there was one more. It was somewhere in there, he just had to dig for it, there was no way it fell out.

"You're probably wondering why I took your cards." he spoke as he looked, "Well I wanted to thank you for the reading, and when I say thank you I really mean it." he would look up at her from his search, "Because of what you told me I know what I want to be and what I need to do to become it." he looked back down at the sash and dug around in it again.

"I know that you gave a lot of readings and you've received a lot of thanks, but you've done something great for me." he would gasp and reach into his undershirt, remembering that was where he slid this specific card in there as it felt like it was special. It seemed he had taken three instead of two. The ace of swords, it gleamed in the light as he smiled down at the car, "I learned that I have to do more to be a hero, I can never give up and I can't keep looking back at who I was, when I hear cries for help I have to become the knight I was meant to be and become the hero I dream to be.. So sorry for taking your card, but I felt like I needed to register what your reading meant some more" he handed her the card.

She probably didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but the words felt so right when he said them he couldn't help but smile. He just wanted to be the guy, the biggest hero in Fiore. "Oh would you look at that," as he held out the card he had peaked at his feet, his ice cream had fallen and was in a finely melted mess, "Say, how about we get some ice cream? We can talk some more." he stuck up his right thumb and pointed back at the ice cream cart, "I'll get you a scoop or four if you can handle it." he wore a wide, childish grin as he teased mildly hoping she wasn't angry.

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Vivianna Mystcreek
A breeze moved the locks of hair she had down to her right. She lifted one her hands and gently held the side of her hair, her nails dug into it a tiny bit and moved it back. One of her hands was still in front of her, one of them was at the side of his head, pulling the hair away from her face. Her gaze was on the ground. As the man spoke, she had remained silent, tried her best to not make eye contact. Just looking on the ground, the scratches left by people's shoes, bugs, small pieces of paper that flew around, tiny clusters of holes left by bugs and more, she looked at every single one of them. When the man asked for ice cream, the breeze also stopped, so she placed both of her hands in front of her again.

"I'm Vivi," she spoke. Her tone was monotone. She then reached and took the cards from him. Ace of Swords and the Knight. "This is a lot of swords," she said, almost whispering. "Wasn't there also a third card?" she asked, hoping to also get that one back.

"You are an interesting man," said Vivi. "It feels as if you are not really you." She didn't know what she was saying, however, with full confidence, she took a step towards the man, didn't break her gaze, and stood very close to him. Her chin up, her eyes looking straight at him. She wasn't smiling. "Let me see now..." she whispered and placed a hand on the man's cheek. "You feel like a door," she said. "A vessel, only to be used during ritual practices." She turned her hand and with the back of it, gently caressed the man. A desire for heroism. A desire for knowing yourself. A desire to perhaps even save yourself? All of these traits reminded of her of one thing: A Protagonist. Her gaze swayed up and down, her gaze more piercing than before.

She had blended the line between being playful and being serious. Her body was on auto control. "Do you accept everything that path might bring?" she asked. Her manner of speaking was much closer to her usual self now. She smiled and let go of the man's face and walked backward away from him. She bowed. "My apologies, I am an avid reader of literature, and I quickly categorize people on roles when I meet them. It's rare for me to meet a protagonist, so when I do, I kinda lose myself."

After her explanation, with graceful moments she placed the cards she took from him to her old deck. One was still missing. She then placed her hands behind herk and smiled at the man. "I will get ice-cream with you if you tell me your name."
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“I’m-" he spoke up when she mentioned her name, bowing to her with a smile. This was some ground, she didn’t seem all that interested in speaking to him and probably just wanted her card back, but at least she spoke up and that was positive in his book. She mentioned a third card, he reached in his sash and snapped his fingers, “Right!” he nodded, reaching into his undershirt he handed her the last of the cards. That should have been all of them.

Soon, a compliment came from her lips, or maybe it was just a deduction? Either way he’d smile and scratch the back of his head with a goofy grin, “Thank you! You’re really interesting too!” soon though his smile would be replaced with a puzzled expression, “I’m not me?” he blinked to himself and tried to understand her words. He couldn’t have been someone else if he was still just Barry. He placed one of his hands on his chest, just over his heart. Could he be someone else maybe? Was she from his past? She could have very well been someone he knew before the war. That was a strong possibility, but he didn’t remember a thing about her in that case. This of course, tied into the injury he suffered and well before he got his magic.

While he thought about her words he would find the woman closing the distance between the two of them, her gaze wouldn’t break and he felt his heart sink in his chest. Her bashfulness had turned into full on confidence and it was sort of intimidating but also alluring. One of her small, dainty hands had found his cheek. His own hand had inched a tad to touch hers, but instead, he kept it on his chest.

The words she spoke now were even more confusing. She called him a door, a vessel and- And now she was caressing him and admittedly he enjoyed the soft touch, his face slightly heating up at the touch. The bridge of his nose had turned red, his heart was racing. For a moment he thought she was going to slap him and the odds of that happening had made him excited for some strange reason.

She asked him a question and he had a ready answer, “Yes, thought it might be hard... I want to accept everything that comes my way.” his confidence was radiating around his form as he smiled widely, “No need to apologize, it’s not often anyone takes an interest in me.” his smile was wide and goofy. Holding out an arm to her he showed the manners he did have.

“My name is Fenrir. It is a pleasure to meet you Viv.”

Wait... Did she just call him a protagonist? Maybe he could be a hero!

Upon giving her his arm he’d walk back to the ice cream stand and ordered two cones one for him in strawberry and the other being whatever she wanted. Upon getting them he’d guide her down the road back to the festival.

“So, Viv, tell me, what brings you out here? Like, to Fiore. You chasing a dream?”

It was a random question, but he felt it to be a good ice breaker.

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Vivianna Mystcreek
The man's arm being thick was only gaze from Vivianna. "What a huge posture," she said. "Can you walk through doors like that? Can you be sneaky?" she asked and cackled. Wrapping her own arms around the man's, her expression was confident. The questions of the man regarding what she meant would have to be forgotten for now. It was something he had to understand himself.

Arriving at the stand, Vivianna quickly asked for the mint one. Each time she took a lick from the ice-cream, she would slightly turn her head away from the man, feeling that the sense of coming in eye contact with someone while eating ice-cream was an easy-bought one-way ticket to awkward town. Walking on the grassy streets of Orchidia, Vivianna stood silent until Fenrir asked a question. "Why I'm here?" she repeated.

Fenrir probably didn't know the weight between that question; the weight it had for Vivianna. She touched her forehead a little and then started to think. "Sorry, just a little headache," she said. "I'm here to become an author. What about you?"

Vivianna looked away with cold eyes for a few seconds as she started to think about why she was here. It wasn't a why, but how she was brought here, or better, made. Someone like Fenrir would have a childhood, someone like Kurdran would have a childhood, someone like that Phoebe would have a childhood but... she didn't. She listened to Fenrir's answer.
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