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Fish-tastic adventure [Taylor & Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat May 19, 2018 6:47 am

Sometimes things went exactly the way you want it and sometimes not at all. Even if it was written in the stars or in the cards, it had also been in the raven haired mage her mind. She knew that the game she was playing came with sacrifices and it sounded a lot more scary and dark than it originally was, the sacrifice would be that she would leave her family be and at some points during her stay with her father in Orchidia, she didn't care about that sacrifice. Where she had gone for at least six months, she hoped for a happy reunion when she arrived home. She had hoped for too much. Her father had been tired and overworked when she returned and had been happy, not overjoyed but asked her immediately to help.

She had immediately a fight with her younger sibling Mary who had not helped her father one bit. They had not been happy with her leaving but she had believed that Mary would at least work in the store, but of course not. She had run off every other day with another new boyfriend on Phoebe her lime green heels or any other pair of shoes that she could get her hands on in one of Phoebe her sets of clothing, weither it was a dress or a new t-shirt that would even look the same as Mary, it would be her own clothing. So that happy reunion had been falling apart when Phoebe took jewels for her ruined clothing. It was surprisingly she could still find good clothing but being away for months had given her some new items and some old items that she had kept with her on her travels.

She wore a light scarf around her hair, it was a bit of a salmon with orange colour that kept the long black hair out of her face and a white dress with orange and beige coloured flowers around her middle, but instead of wearing high heels, she wore white flats. She had been working this morning in the shop of her father but he had given her time off, he didn't like to see her at this point. Being the newsbreaker of her mother's death and that she had a love child with another man, made Phoebe not the most loved child in the family at the moment. She actually prefered that love child over anyone else at this point, they were pathetic even Persephone seemed to agree. But now they sat there, all alone for everyone that looked at them as the Goddess was but a being in her mind that shared Phoebe her body and mind with her. She had a pair of sunglasses on her nose to check the party around her, the festival even two weeks old seemed to be going on quite strong. She took a sip of her ice tea through a straw and waited, who knows what would happen today.


on Sat May 19, 2018 7:19 am

The Bringer Of Terror
Taylor blinked softly as she pushed another soft candy into her mouth. She was surprised to what she bit into over and over again, and each candy all had their own flavor. How could there possibly so many different tastes? It was a simple children's puzzle that she was struggling to put together in her mind as she walked. As she did so, there was someone who had caught her eye. It was a woman, just like any other, but her clothing choice... why? Some of it just didn't click and so much of the color white. It kind of hurt the woman's eyes and she decided to walk over to the woman and maybe chit-chat for a bit. This wasn't something that she would normally try to do, being a murderer and all, but something about her just seemed different, and for a fleeting moment, she thought that they could have some kind of fun together. Then again, she seemed more laid back and quiet, so who knows what could end up happening? She walked over to the woman, her thick pink tinted hair trailing behind her. "Why hello there!" she said directing her words to the woman in the white dress. Wait, what was she drinking? "Hehe, this is a bit odd, but I sort of wanted to know what you're drinking." She needed a way to start something, and asking about her drink was the first thing she could think of. Don't judge, she isn't the brightest crayon in the box, but her mind is constantly filled with many different ideas whether they be good or bad didn't matter.
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#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat May 19, 2018 7:33 am

It was boring, when she had not much friends, they already walked away from her or others that she tried to befriend knew about the Goddess and probably avoided her. And many more things, but it should be fine, part two of the game of life couldn't use any friends, they could use allies. People that she knew and could perhaps depend on if the question asked about it and if she could miss a few jewels to pay for it but at this point, it was perhaps smartest to just wait for it. To let herself get used to that part, but it felt strange to always be alone, no matter what Persephone said to her and even if she wasn't really alone as there was Persephone but, no one else saw her and all the discussions they had were either simply alone in her head or in front of a mirror where she could see Persephone soft reflection.

So she didn't expect someone to go all out in a "Why hello there" to her so it took a while before she reacted, alright not that long as it was a matter of seconds but long enough to wonder about it. She moved the sunglasses up on top of her head and stared at the stranger to which she was sure had never met before, "Oh this? It's home made ice tea." she pointed at the stand, they simply made a cold brew, added some hibiscus and peach and served it, "It's really tasty, you should try it. That is, if you like ice tea of course." Because else it might be a bit difficult to like something. She was never a fan of the peach flavour that was made, but this had natural peach and the hibiscus took the extreme flavour away and made it softer, and thus better.


on Sat May 19, 2018 9:42 am

The Bringer Of Terror
There was a thing called iced tea? It was quite strange to think about that, and how the names came to be, but she wasn't going to ponder on it for too long. "Iced tea? Huh, I've never had it before. Do you know where to get it? I'd now like to try it and seeing as you have some ya'know... I could only figure..." She trailed off. Maybe she really didn't know where to get it, and honestly, that wouldn't be too much of a problem. She wasn't that interested that she would go out herself, but if the girl knew where to get it then she would certainly go get some, as she wouldn't have to put effort into looking for it. "Also, I do really like your dress. Goes well with this time of the year," she said kindly, throwing up in her mind. Kind compliments weren't her forte, and saying that made her feel like complete garbage. What kind of person would she be if she went around saying nice things all the time and making everyone get the wrong idea of who she is? Certainly not the person she wanted to be, but hey, if it got her liked by the people and out of the radar of the Rune Knights, she would accept having to be that way. "Oh hehe, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Taylor, nice to meet you," she said with a warm smile.
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#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat May 19, 2018 10:33 am

Phoebe was surprised that the stranger never had ice tea before, she had been a fan for the drink for already a couple of years but Fiore was a versatile country which meant a lot of people that came from other spots and perhaps they didn't have ice tea every where, she wouldn't know as she had not been around the whole country yet. She wasn't sure if that would even happen yet. "Oh yes, I just took it, would you sit with me? I can get you a glass?" she said as she set up straight and took the sunglasses out of her hair and placed it on the table. She didn't mind to get something for the curious person, especially not after she complimented her dress.

"Thank you." she said enthusiastically and Persephone muttered something in the back of her mind about being too easy but they both knew the game and how they would have to play it to be able to reach chapter two or part two of this game and she better kept herself on her toes to play it right. So she was doing that and if the woman agreed, she seemed to be a bit older than Phoebe or perhaps the same age, she would stand up and walk back to the little stand that was visible from where she had been sitting to get the same sort of ice tea for Taylor, but before she would leave, she would introduce herself too. "I'm Phoebe, nice to meet you too."

After that and after making sure Taylor would be okay with it she would get the drink.


on Tue May 22, 2018 6:42 pm

The Bringer Of Terror
Taylor smiled at the woman. It seemed that she had made it, and it wasn't as hard as she had previously thought. This girl was too simple to realize what she was later going to do, but for now she would just have to play it cool and make sure that she didn't look suspicious in any way. "Oh that would be nice!" she replied to the woman's offer happily. It was nice of her to actually go get it for her, and really she had only expected for the lady to tell her where it was. Even though she would have gotten it herself if the opportunity was given, the woman she now knew as Phoebe would go get it for her, which wasn't something that would happen for her. She sat down and waited for the woman and the drink to come back, and there wasn't much that she could do but wait. Things were just going to be awkward for a few moments, and as she waited, the woman's name echoed throughout her mind. Phoebe was an interesting name, one she had never heard before. Could there be more people with the name Phoebe? Maybe, but for now she would just wait for the woman to return.
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#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu May 24, 2018 1:48 am

The stand was a light blue colour representing the sky and something else with the fish or something, hawai style they had said but Phoebe had no idea what that had meant so she had let it be. But she walked there again, it was a couple of tables away. Persephone muttered still about being too nice, that girl had easily get her own drink but Phoebe simply shrugged and said it was no trouble and that they could try and meet other people and meet future allies. She wondered if Xandra was here too, she still wanted to meet her new friend who seemed to have the lightning god in the back of her mind, how would that be? Compared to the stubborn Nature Goddess. Phoebe ordered the ice tea that she had just gotten and gave a compliment that it was really tasty and she took the glass carefully back towards the table where she had left Taylor.

She made sure to be careful and not to spill a drop, which wasn't that difficult but you would never know who would suddenly get off their chair without looking around. But she managed to not spill something on her own white dress and placed the cup on the table, "Here you go," the raven haired mage said as she went to sit down on her previous chair and took her glass back up to take a drink, "Did you come to Orchidia for the festival?" As almost everyone seemed to do and ask when she first met them. Notte did that, Sage and probably a few more that she couldn't recall right now.


on Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:37 am

The Bringer Of Terror
Taylor had only laughed in her own mind as she had waited for Pheobe to come back with the drink. She couldn’t believe she was hanging around someone for this long, as it wasn’t something that she would normally be doing. It wasn’t really something that she should be doing either. It was what it was though, and she couldn’t just get up and leave now, even she knew that that would be extremely rude. She had gone to go get her a drink, and if she had just walked off before she had come back, she might as well just never show her face to the woman again. Pheobe would probably be at the least irritated if someone she had tried to be nice to disappeared, so even though it was dangerous for her, she was going to stick around and see this little conversation through and try to not make too much a fool of herself like she normally seemed to do.

She had smile at the woman as she had brought her drink back, and picked it up soon after it had been put on the table. “Thank you! It looks very promising,” she would say to Pheobe before taking a small sip from the drink. Her face had shown signs of complete satisfaction, and even a bit of happiness at the same time. “It’s really good! I’ll be sure to get this again sometime. Thank you for showing this to me, I hadn’t expecting something so... different to taste so good,” she said right before she took another sip. She looked around for a moment to just admire all of the things going on at the festival. She was asked if the festival had brought her to Orchidia, and actually that wasn’t the case at all. She had heard that there were some criminal acts going on in Orchidia, and she wanted to get in on some of the action. Sadly, when she had arrived everything had already happened and the people ended up getting taken in by the Rune Knights. They weren’t very sneaky anyways, so she wasn’t down about being able to participate. She stays secret for a reason, and she wasn’t planning to get caught any time soon. “Well I guess it was just the sight of the flowers that brought me here, not really the festival.” She had to make up some sort of excuse, and that seemed like the most reliable out of them all at that moment.
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#9Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:42 am

Something so easy and yet so strange, ice tea. To cool of your tea, give it a different flavour with the hibiscus flower and the lemon and still it was satisfying. Phoebe didn't know how people ever figured it out but that's the remarkable things about accidents, they brought new answers. But she was glad that Taylor seemed to like it, than at least it brought something nice to her day today. It would else become rather boring. After all, there might be a Goddess in her mind but in bodies she was still alone. Who knew what a simple conversation could lead to. She turned her eyes to the grey blue lake and wasn't sure what to think about it or what to do with it. She simply looked around. She turned to look back at Tayler as she answered Phoebe her question if she came here for the festival, "Oh yes, Orchidia is beautiful during this season. It was a good stop on your travels." it was an assumption but everyone travelled someone where, how else would you reach a place.

She wasn't sure how long she would be able to stay here because it was getting slightly depressing. All the things that were happening and going on with her game. But that didn't matter at this point she was having a not so meaninful conversation with a girl about ice tea and her town. As she turned her eyes from the lake to the people sitting here, she noticed a man. There were a lot of people but they were all sitting, talking, laughing, enjoying the festival and there was this one man. He was standing, looking at faces and when he got closer to someone he shook his head as if that person was not the right one.

Actually she was rather curious to what this man wanted and why he needed a capable person for it. She looked at Taylor, she might have arrived not long ago, she wondered if the man would ask either of them.

She didn't feel to wait for that, what if it had something to do with Lucifer, Persephone didnt'trust it for a second, so she got up, she had just finished her ice tea, "It was nice meeting you Taylor, who knows, perhaps we meet each other again, I hope you enjoy Orchidia, I'm sorry, I have to go, my father owns a store and I need to help." It wasn't a really need to, it was a try to, to get the better bond that they had and Phoebe destroyed because.. well being the bad news deliverer.


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