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Chocolate Sprinkles and Flower Petals [Festival | Notte]

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Chocolate Sprinkles and Flower Petals [Festival | Notte] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 11:21 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Now not everything had gone well on this festival, she bumped into someone she definitely didn't like, "You do...", do not.. and so on that discussion went on with Phoebe which could also be turned around on her side with this mysterious human, scratch that demonic being within that person. Why did take over magics exist and why did those souls date each other? Only made things more confusing. As well as having a half brother that had been a secret and that she told her family about like days ago, week perhaps. And basically being ingored by her family, all a wonderful thing for the black haired girl.

She could definitely use something fun, so she was walking to a stand that had send fliers around all day that they were having a sort of cupcake contest, it wasn't to actually try and see who could eat the most but if you could catch the right flavour, they didn't seem to want to stuff people with too many and actually Phoebe could use some chocolate for that matter, and happy people, laughing, good music, she looked really much forward to that. It couldn't be all to difficult.

She arrived at the stand that was more towards the water, a clear view of the river with their ducks, little fish and dragon flies in all sort of colorus. The stand was rather cute, the stools and tables looked like mushrooms in different colours and most tables were already taken, it would be hard to find a table for her alone as she wasn't sure if she could socialize rather well, perhaps it was a good thing though, to talk to someone. She found an empty seat and table closer to the river and sat down, looking at all the laughing and happy faces, people seemed to have come with friends, almost already drunk, but also parents with their children and for the first time, Phoebe wished Silver was here, he was already a better sibling than Mary was.

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Chocolate Sprinkles and Flower Petals [Festival | Notte] Empty on Sat May 19, 2018 11:38 am

Notte Giornata
Everything was looking bright at the moment life was pretty good, Being his usual bored self Notte had to find something to do, Also in Notte's nature he was always hungry, Now cooking was a good hobby for Notte as it satisfied both of these conditions, but only a few other things satisfied these things. Simply strolling around aimlessly throughout the festival something made his double take, a contest. A cupcake tasting contest. This was something he'd never seen before, a cupcake eating contest sure but a tasting one? Shrugging his shoulders he told himself Why not

He walked up to the booth and signed up for the contest thinking it should be fun little thing to do; Problem is Notte didn't really know much about sweets his forte was savoury dishes but he guessed this would be good practice he might even make a few new friends like he did in the last competition. After signing up he went to the waiting area to socialise a bit Notte liked talking to people but wasn't the most social person in the world so he needed some initiative to actually go speak to someone. So he picked up a petal from the floor and placed it on the tip of his finger and it began to spin, he wondered what kinda person that the petal would stop on, eventually stopping at a black haired girl sitting by herself on a table. Instantly walking up to the table just in case his confidence failed him, he placed the petal on the table and sat down. "Ever heard of a cupcake tasting contest?"

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Chocolate Sprinkles and Flower Petals [Festival | Notte] Empty on Sat May 19, 2018 12:32 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
She was bored, swirling the water in her glass around, even though it wasn't made of glass it was of plastic, easier to clean up if people did end up littering, which would piss of Persephone so badly that sometimes Phoebe picked up a cup or a box of a burger and still threw it away. But she wasn't really all too happy about doing that as it felt dirty for herself. So she didn't do anything about it for a while but now she was waiting for this cupcake tasting contest to begin, she could use some sugar and good things for a while. Well good sugar that is, and it was fun to see people happy and excited. She looked at someone who walked over to her and placed a petal on the table, "That's great." Persephone said because well Nature and flower was her things.

"Not really but it sounds like fun. Better than stuffing so many cupcakes in your mouth, which would have me knocked out of the competition in round one." she said with a bright smile because it wasn't that she found it disgusting, she wasn't fan either, she laughed a little and she would be fine but it was nice that someone joined her table, "Please take a seat if you want. I'm Phoebe, nice to meet you."

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Chocolate Sprinkles and Flower Petals [Festival | Notte] Empty on Sat May 19, 2018 12:58 pm

Notte Giornata
Taking a seat, He exclaimed "Well while stuffing your mouth with food senseless until you pass out isn't one of my favourite activities I can't say I've never done it before..." Notte chuckled a bit before putting his hand out to shake Phoebes hand "Ay Phoebe is a cute name! Name's Notte nice to meet you too! i'll gladly take a seat thank you Getting comfortable he started to make small talk until the contest. "So what brings you here? Personally, this is my first time being in Orchidia and actually, this is my first time at the festival so since this one was on when I got here I thought why not, but after spending a few days here it's gotten pretty boring, but i guess the only thing that's kept me here is the amazing views of Spring I guess, flowers and nature are amazing they can take you in so easily and by the time you realise where and when you are it's already been a few days!" Notte cracked a smile as he pulled out a bottle of water and took a sip. It was nearly time for the contest to start.

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Chocolate Sprinkles and Flower Petals [Festival | Notte] Empty on Mon May 21, 2018 7:48 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She laughed a little when Notte said he did have a food contest before, "I'm sure I would never win, if there was a match before hand so it would be all sensational with the best eaters, I wouldn't make the cut." She never actually ate much cupcakes, she had a few in Magnolia with that shop but that was about it. Neither muffins for that matter. She smiled happily when he said she had a cute name, everyone liked to hear that, so that was no problem, so his name was Notte, she would try to remember that. It wouldn't be that difficult, she didn't seem to meet much new people anyway and before that she was good with names.

She listened to him as he asked her a question but immediately told his own version, which she had no problem with. "I'm from Orchidia, so I knew the festival would be around now and returned home." With another proper reason but those were family issues, she wouldn't talk about that to others at this point, only to Persephone but the Goddess was a part of her so that only made sense. She couldn't imagine people didn't like Orchidia, "Perhaps it gets a bit dull as it takes so long and most activities are repeated, but it's a nice place to meet new people and hang out with people you met before." She said with a smile, "Or try cupcakes."

In the end it was too difficult for Phoebe to simply guess flavours, vanilla and strawberry were easy of course but as soon as they worked on fruits like passion fruit and the like, things she wasn't familiar with, she lost but that didn't matter as she loved the afternoon anyway.



Sorry needed a slot, feel free to ask me for another topic at some point :)

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