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Parasitic Intervention [Lacie/Open]

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#26Lacie Eventide 

on Fri May 18, 2018 6:00 am

"Wonderful." She knew that she didn't like shadows, maybe it was just the idea of that she was a light mage but the fact that she was like afraid of what they could hide. She had pretty much other fears but this was mostly because she couldn't see well in the dark and she didn't like that. She shook her head softly, tried to remember if she not said her wonderful in a sarcastic tone because that was absolutely not the idea. She also didn't like how it was given to her but right, it didn't take anything from her own magic so that was fine, it only felt a bit strange. Lacie brushed the hair out of her face or well of the mask and quickly braided it while standing next to Tsukiko.

She tried not to take a step back now Tsukiko leaned into her but she was sure her eyes turned bigger, perhaps a bit scared for a second kiss and she tried to give this nervous giggle when it was about a flavour joke, like a mango smoothie, how fun. She also tried to realize still, with her bookmind what the insignia from Phantom Lord lookedl ike, she was sure she had seen it somewhere.

She looked around when Tsukiko describe the plan to her, "I think I remember the sign from somewhere when I was in oak." She wasn't only very sure about stepping up on a made up ladder and also she was wearing a dress with a good skirt for that. "Shall I paint?"


on Fri May 18, 2018 6:34 am


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"Mhmm~ That's fine, go ahead and give it your best drawing Lacie!" Tsukiko answered her with a smile as she raised a hand toward the girl. As if on cue the same black ribbon-like appendages started to grow from the sleeve of her robe, coiling around Lacie similar like a secure rope while several of the ribbons rose upwards toward the railing the banner was hung up on.

"I'm going to start pulling you up now, don't worry about falling, I'll make sure that won't happen." After Lacie gave her the signal that she was prepared Tsukiko started to pull her upwards, the ribbons pulling her higher and higher, almost like an elevator in a way, or one of those things cleaning men used to clean up windows at a higher floor from the outside.

"Phantom~ Phantom~ Phantom~ Phantom~ There be Phantom Lords~" Humming carefreely as she kept an eye on their surroundings the girl idly pondered about the nature of the name of the guild. If they were the Phantom Lord, did that mean all of them were males? Raising a hand to her chin she looked upwards to see how Lacie was doing, but judging from the view she got the girl got briefly distracted, her lips curving up into a smirk as she made a soft whistle. "Black and lacy fits her name well..."

Yet after a moment she glanced downwards and hummed softly. "Maybe I should buy underwear also someday, you never know if someone finds a means to extract me from Tsukiko, and leaving her naked would be quite a rude parting gift... Not that I want to be extracted, it's too fun in here~"

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on Fri May 18, 2018 8:42 am

Honor. Pleasure. Attachment. Those were all of the feelings she had learned to feel. They held no names to her, but she knew they were there. They effected her in ways she would not understand, not now at least. She was lost to this world, and far from her own humanity, if any neko could have it. She was the guardian of Majinoki, and she had failed her people, but Chisu Lau carried her burden. Perhaps in that life, maybe Nameless would have been born as a man. Just maybe. And maybe it would be all the difference. But she was a servant to her master, whoever it was. To this day and life, it was a singular woman and a singular scar. She would honor her daughter's choice and she would serve Phantom Lord as needed, after all, that was all she would come to know as her family. After all it was where the last Ranzu resided, for now at least.


"SHUT UP ZUZU I TOLD YOU WE'LL EAT AFTER I'M DONE!" She scolded her animal. She had begun to tug on her master's leg for the last hour or so. She hated these moments. Nameless had taken what felt like the entire day working on her painting. Zuzu know how much these moments meant. But she was hungry, and needed food NOW.

She threw her leg, tossing the animal on her back. "I'M ALMOST DONE YA LIL SHIT." She again yelled at the creature from the safety of the rooftop. Nameless had seen the morning sky and insisted on drawing it. She had taken her tools of choice to replicate this wonderful day. She smiled and marveled at her drawing.

"Fuck I forgot to draw the clouds. Oh well." she spoke, taking her drawing and folding it. She put it in her back pocket along with her crayons. It may not have been the best materials for a painting, but she didn't know any better, and nor did she care. The restaurant she went to had given her a whole assortment for free.

She sighed, and picked up her animal. She was planning to slide off a dumpster lid or something but something told her otherwise. The event of going to the Rune Knight station began to replay in her mind. Why was she targeted when she did nothing wrong? Was she being framed, or was it racism?

"Squee?" Zuzu asked again for food. Nameless sighed, tossing the animal off of the roof to land in a bush, only for her master to jump down to a tree branch then the ground.

Zuzu would give a look of major disapproval, only to jump to her master's side and walk just a step or so behind her master, starting at her feet as she would walk. Wherever it was going, there had to be food.

"No. I think . . . " something felt wrong, really wrong. "We need to see the monks today." she had to see them, maybe they could explain her feelings. Zuzu would give off another squeal, only to have Nameless tap her head lightly with her food. "And you need a bath, and maybe he'll have those cookies you like."

She would begin to walk to the entrance of the festival, making her way out to find the grand marble shrine. She should have destroyed it while she could, but maybe it had its use.

She would make her way past all of the people, or at least what would soon become a crowd. She had to meet with the monks, after all, they were dedicated to her own being, and they should at least have some answers as to why she was the way she was. No matter how many times she rose confused they-

"Yo, what the hell did I eat?" she stopped, looking at the entrance to the festival. It was early in the day so most of the people gathered inside at the booths setting up. There wasn't many to see what she was, nor deny it was happening. "Okay Zuzu you win, we definitely need to eat. I'm seeing shit." She turned around, thinking about going back into the festival. Zuzu instead would take her small white fluffy butt and continue to walk, even after Nameless decided otherwise.

"Ohh, you right. The shops are closed. We should at least get the cookies." she'd agree, but only after kneeling on the ground to grab hold of her vulpix's tail. "Zuzu, do you see the floating girl too." She would tell her animal, rather than ask it as a question. "I'm not getting arrested again. Let's watch."


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#29Lacie Eventide 

on Fri May 18, 2018 10:48 am

There was nothing more disturbing than getting a kiss what changed into a mask or being now held up by black ribbons that sort of stuck against the wall and let her float, not a very pleasant idea while wearing a dress. She had actually made the assumption that Tsukiko would make a pair of stairs out of the shadows but instead she did this. There was nothing much going on but she tried to memories, she checked the colours of the grafiti they had and luckily, they had purple. She tried to ignore Tsukiko downstairs or well beneath her. She actually had wanted to yell that she shouldn't look up but that was asking for it. Same as crying out to a person not to think about a pink elephant. Only were seeing her panties not imaginable, it was possible.

She tried to make the symbol of Phantom Lord as big as she could but first drew it small and lightly to make sure she remembered before finally making it. Now her booksmart and her memory at least did work together, which was already a lot nicer than not being able to do or think about anything at this point. It would be a shame if their plan was for nothing, not that Lacie thought it was a great plan or that it would work. "Finished." she called out.


on Fri May 18, 2018 11:11 am


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As Lacie finished the drawing of the symbol she commanded the shadows to haul the girl downwards, carefully and allowing her to land as the ribbons dissolved around her and the black mist withdrawn into the sleeves of her robe. "Let's see~" The girl mused softly, looking upwards as she pondered about the symbol. It was easy for her to memorize a detail like the look of the logo, and thanks to Lacie's efforts the first symbol had been painted, right smack dab in the middle of the entrance road to the festival grounds! "You're amazing Lacie! You should have become an artist!" The girl exclaimed with a grin as she turned her attention elsewhere for a moment. Grabbing a few of the spray cans she started to spray something on the ground right beneath the Phantom Lord logo:

"Hehe~ Looks cool right! Let's hope our little present captures their hearts~"

The girl declared with an innocent smile as a hand reached for Lacie's own and she attempted to guide her further along the street, blissfully unaware of the fact they were being trailed.

"Let's see~ Mhmm, OH!"

Noticing some fancy statue smackdab in the middle of a plaza the girl's lips curved up into a smirk as she gestured toward the statue. "Can you spray the logo of the Phantom Lord? Maybe on the statue's face~ then I spray this on his chest."

Poor girls, if only they realized the statue was much more important in value than one might imagine, but then again being a foreigner to Fiore had made her oblivious of the importance of this tall statue.

"I wonder how many we'll have to paint before we get their attention. But we got to be careful that we escape before some tin cans arrive to try to haul us off~ silly party poopers..."

The girl complained about the Rune Knights, a brief smirk lingering on her lips as she admired their work together.

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the abyss will also gaze into thee.

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on Fri May 18, 2018 11:52 am


"Hehe! Remember!"

"It is not the time to joke around, Les."

"You once stood in their shoes, remember?"

all of them judged the moment. Her body would echo in their movements just moments after. She looked up to see the mark that defaced the festival. Along with with the vandalism on the street itself. She moved as if she wanted to join them, but instead she was filled with anger. Anger. Hate. No, it was not anger she felt, it was something more. Their actions so ungracefully unaligned with her own desires. They would undo all that would be done.

"I'll kill them." Nameless thought to herself. She wanted nothing more than to be left alone, and here these children striped that away from her. She didn't know who they were, nor did she care. All of it was wrong. "I'll gut thei-"

"You will not." the voice of Chisu rang in, again as the voice of reason. "You will stop them before it gets worse. Then we will return home to Kanya."

She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Her own steps were silent thus far. It was why she had refused to wear shoes. Shoes... Shoes?

"You've got to fucking be kidding. . . " she looked down at her feet, only to find her own foot had left its mark on the ground, and in the paint. The red color had again stained her skin, a color she had taken far too much time to remove from herself.

She was not having it. It was all going wrong. She was getting blamed for foolish, mindless worms like these children. She was going to end it. If not with death, with force.

"You will not harm them." again, she ordered Nameless, as the very fabric of her instinct.

She would run, but not so much to make a sound. She was going to stop this chaos before it would become the mess she would have to clean up, again.

They were heading somewhere, to do something. And whatever it was, it was going to land on the girl who bore the mark visible for all of the world to see. Nameless bore her scar proudly, for it was more than just a stamp or a tattoo. To her, it was part of her life, even if she left them, she would always be a part of them.

With her feet moving viciously along the ground she would make her way to the girl in front. She looked like someone who had the power, and had to be more than just their lookout. She would dash towards her, shoving her, enough to move her, but not enough to make her fall. Nameless had it with taking the blame.

"Do you know, what the fuck you're doing?" she'd say it, if not for yourself for all of the people that the symbol represented. No, for all the people who represented the symbol. "Do you want to get killed?" Her white haired creature would stand between the girls, not to let them get to close, but enough to hear Nameless's words. She couldn't risk getting teamed up, and who knew what powers they both had together.

"Because what you're doing, is how people get killed."


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#32Lacie Eventide 

on Fri May 18, 2018 12:53 pm

Every viber of her being spoke about this being too much, yet it was the red head that had made the symbol after seeing it somewhere, not that she could remember, was it really in Oak? Wasn't it when she was captured by Alice and the like, she wasn't actual sure but at this point it didn't matter. She was glad to be back on the ground again, watched Tsukiko paint something that she didn't understand and simply waited for her well new friend to be done. She wasn't sure if she was okay with holding hands but if she had to make sure that Tsukiko would protect her in case of trouble, she better started to act like it and apart from that, she wasn't so sure if she dared to use her Dragon Slayer powers.

She simply let Tsukiko guide her to the statue she had in mind as Lacie remembered but when she was shoved by some stranger, the pressure on holding Tsukiko her hand only grew stronger but she couldn't help but let out a sarcastic laugh, "I thought you Phantom Lord beings didn't care, you sound like a coward." Which was a lot coming from Lacie but no one knew her so it was no wanm, she had wanted to join them and this was pathetic, "If this already kills you, you are doing something wrong. I have done worse than this and I am still alive and apart from that I know the lieutenant. We are all good." she let go of Tsukiko her hand and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She didn't like people that bothered her and who was she? A cop? She didn't look like one and her behaviour Lacie wasn't sure about Phantom Lord either.


on Fri May 18, 2018 1:02 pm


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Sometimes it's through an obstacle that you can get what you truly want. It reminded her of a certain saying that she had been told before, or perhaps it was the fact that it might have been more than just a saying... Perhaps it had been a memory? A hand raised toward her chest as she felt the distant thought resurface in her mind.

Sometimes in order to get what you want, you need to be willing to claim it by force.

That's right, there was no such thing as a world where everyone could get what they wanted, a world where everyone had their own happy ending, a world with only winners only existed in the stories told to children.

Perhaps it was for that reason the girl's reaction to this obstacle was initially different from what one might had expected. Despite the fact she had been standing at the statue and prepared for their next little agenda, the soundless dash of the Neko had gone by unnoticed. Not even the supernatural nature of her magic had been quick enough to react, and as the feline woman shoved her lightly, the spray cans in her hands clattering onto the ground with a soft ka-chin Tsukiko felt the black ribbons of her magic coil around her back to steady herself as she eyed the source of this disruption.

It was a young woman who held certain features that reminded her of a cat, perhaps one of the Neko people she had heard about before? However, when she was asked whether they knew what they were doing the girl looked at her. The white-haired lass her lips curved up into a smile as she raised a hand to her own chest, patting it lightly while exclaiming it confidently. "Of course we know what we're doing, this is all for the sake of calling out the Phantom Lord!"

The girl revealed her plan without a moment of hesitation, yet looking from the symbol at the banner they had painted earlier, and the Neko before them Tsukiko raised a hand to her cheek, the red markings pulsing weakly in between her fingers as she seemingly realized something. "The fact you recognize the symbol... Could you be a Phantom Lord Onee-chan?!"

There was no doubt about it, the way her eyes sparkled with childish excitement and she skipped a step closer, the words that followed made her tilt her head lightly to the side in confusion. "Nu-uh, not planning to get killed, nor will I let someone kill Lacie." The girl answered before continuing. "If you're a Phantom you're smart and strong enough not to get killed!"

However, what followed was clearly something entirely different from what she had anticipated. The scolding tone of the Neko made the girl's eyes narrow in a glare, her hands clenching into fists around the hold of the spray cans she was holding, only barely noticing that Lacie was holding her hand.

"Phantom Lords do whatever they want! They are the people who are truly free! The ones who do whatever they want and however they want it without fearing the consequences. A real Phantom Lord would be excited at this, so you're not a Phantom Lord, you're a plain old coward. A nagging OBAASAN!"

Poking out her tongue in a taunt the girl turned away from the Neko and nodded her head toward Lacie. "Let's leave Lacie before the grandma ruins our plan. We need to get the Phantom Lords their attention."

And as if on cue the girl started to dash deeper into the festival grounds, sure that Lacie would be following alongside her.

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on Fri May 18, 2018 1:17 pm


Children were so easily swayed with ideas. They would see and hear one thing, and out they would produce a completely different answer and outcome. They were the next line of life in the world. But as all life, they would come to an end. To people like Nameless, the lives they led, would only effect her in poor means. And as it stood, she was not going to stand for people ruining what they took so long to build.

"You have no idea what you're really doing then." She would say her words carefully, so even an infant would understand. "Why would anyone deface their OWN property?" It was an absurd thought, sure but it was the truth in one way or another.

To one, you could say Phantom Lord helped fund this festival and kept it in order by being the controlled chaos. To the other, one could say that they owned Fiore already. But to the last, to the truth that Nameless believed, was that Caesar and Lance were very much both alive, and it was in their unison that this whole festival was even allowed. To her it was the celebration to forget and forgive what happened in Crocus. But she would never find the truth, no one had told her.

"You two do not understand how much we've given up to get this far, and you children are getting in our way." Nameless spoke to them, like a mother yelling at her children. But she was reserved. Even if her words held anger, the feeling did not exist within her. It was all reactions to-

"Namey, take a breath." The voice of Les rang, and as such the puppet master obeyed. She halted her words, only to take in another breath.

Ah, yes. Much better.

"You do nyot understand your actions." she'd say again, "scratch that, you could never understand our actions." she spoke, must calmer than before, as if her mind had turned on a switch that was long left off.

"The consequence is that we're gonna have to clean up your litter, because you wanted attentiyan..." She again took a breath, trying not to laugh.

"Attenti... nyan. Seriously I wish I died instead." Nobonaga hated his existence, and with each passing day of residing in Nameless, seemed to be his own personal hell.

"This isn't how we get things done. We're phantoms. The point is to not be nyoticed until it's too late. . . " she waved her left hand towards them, as if dismissing them to go play with their friends. "Go. You'll quickly find everything has a consequence."


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