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Pub Life [Teiho]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Sun May 13, 2018 5:18 pm


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On the lone corner of the bar sat a woman. Like many in the festival clad in a theme fitting Kimono, holding an equally fitting sakazuki. After so long of drinking Sake under flowering trees, Alisa wanted nothing more than to try something different, if only in essence... She could accept drinking from a sake cup so long as she could have something else in the cup. Something like a gin and tonic perhaps?

And so far, she'd found none but this bar capable of catering to her needs, and there she reclined on a cozy bunch of pillows, curious eyes red as wine taking in every inch of her quaint, but mostly pleasant, well decorated surroundings.

"So this is what people come here to do, huh...", she noted, raising the cup to her lips, eyes settling on a pair of men sitting a couple meters away from her, staring each other down as they tried drinking each other under the table. Both of them wobbly in their chair, occasionally even threatening to fall off. When one of them actually did, the winner stood up and cheered for his victory, only to fall down face first in the process. Alisa giggled, and took another long sip, "Lightweights~"

Some others picked a different sort of poison, smoking whatever in long pipes, equally eastern in design. That on the other hand, didn't really tempt her either. For now anyway... With the night still young, she had plenty of time to figure what to do later, and perhaps who to meet. None of the revelers here truly caught her eye for whatever reason, nor did she spot any of her closer friends and acquaintances... Defenitely none of those who might join her for more than a couple of drinks without making a mess of themselves. Such is life for a northern woman with a family history of heavy drinking, drinking alone on a cool night of spring...

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#2Constantine Librorum 

on Sun May 13, 2018 10:05 pm

Drunk couldn’t describe Teiho as he stumbled through the busy festival streets. His discussion with Odin the previous day had left him feeling much better than he had felt in a long time and thus deserved an afterparty of sorts for the occasion. Of course for Teiho this meant even more drinking which then eventually lead to a rather rowdy bar fight and the subsequent removal of himself and several other patrons. The whole affair was rather humorous to Odin himself since none of his wares were destroyed, but the fact of the matter was that it was placed on Teiho’s tab, a tab that he didn’t know he had somehow racked up over the course of the evening. Said information proceeded to depress the young man so hard that he was driven to drinking even more to drown out his sorrows.

That lead to today. Drunk, yet somehow clean due to returning to his hotel room at some point during the evening. He wore his normal festival wear of a gray graphic tee and cargo shorts. This time accompanied by a baseball cap, a pair of tan boat shoes and a pair of orange shades to hide the glassy look in his eyes. He held his bottle of liquor by the neck, somehow careful enough not to spill it, but careless enough to swirl it about to the point that it splashed on passing people. It was amazing that he had made it that far really, but all in all he still wasn’t as drunk as he could possibly be. No that would come in a minute as he stepped inside of the nearest bar to himself.

Drunkenly peering through the fog and haze of cigarette and weed smoke, Teiho would judge the vibe of the establishment and place it along the lines of something that a college student would sit in on a friday evening with friends. Scoffing at that thought and the light weight idiots that populated such establishments, he’d notice a peculiar sight. Sitting by herself, almost secluded behind a wall of gray smoke and body odor was a young woman. He could tell that she was inherently beautiful like Ianthe was and definitely was just as endowed as the young Savannah girl. However unlike his current squeeze, this young woman had fair skin similar to those of Pergrande or Sin. Fiore also had a sizeable fair skinned population but not many were of this tone.

A loopy grin crossed his face as he stumbled over to her table, not necessarily in the mood, but interested in the prospect of sitting with someone who looked so out of place like himself. Giving himself permission to sit down, he would knock the bottle back as he sat down, tipping the contents into his mouth and down his throat. Finishing his swig a few moments later, he’d let out a heavy sigh before giving the young woman a stupid and silly grin, “ So what has you sitting all by yourself in a dark corner?” His question was stupid and vaguely rude considering he didn’t introduce himself, but he was far past manners with how drunk he was so those things didn’t even remotely cross his mind as he swayed to and fro.

#3Alisa Vollan 

on Mon May 14, 2018 12:09 am


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She clearly felt lacking of somebody to drink with... Though the elegance of a woman getting herself wasted was arguable at best, getting drunk by herself was just depressing, plain and simple. Even at an envoiroment like this, she'd much prefer to share a bottle with another than simply downing it alone, and perhaps that interest too had her looking around for someone who might fill in that gap. Naturally, she noted the dark, silver haired male walking into the bar, and when he walked over to her with that drunken grin, she merely returned a smile when their eyes crossed.

While her smooth alabaster skin scarcely marked the statuesque woman as a foreigner straight away, it indeed hinted something beyond the average Fiorian. After all, Alisa traced her paternal ancestry to immigrants from Iceberg, from whom she'd inherted her adaptability to cold and comparative intolerance to heat... As much as she wanted to deny it, the sheer volumes of sunscreen she needed during her beloved summertime spoke for themselves.

Just as he himself noticed about her, she too noticed about him.

His skin a far darker shade than any Fiorian native, he immediately stood out as a foreigner, perhaps from Savannah or Desierto. The only foreigner from desierto she'd ever met was far lighter than him though, but for all she knew Marina could be the exception and not him. At the same time, his choice of hairstyle of wardrobe alone displayed a lack of care for the festival's unspoken dress code, all in all carrying himself as a guy who liked doing things his way. A first impression Alisa defenitely respected, but how well would the man himself measure up to it?

Accustomed to being approached by drunken men (and sober men for that matter), Alisa nonetheless had no interest in a third suitor, not with her mind preoccupied with one woman and another woman preoccupied with her. She was, however, on the look out for a drinking buddy, though this guy seemed like he'd gotten far too big a head start. No matter, she could always catch up:

"Haven't you noticed? Best view on the house.", flashing that cool, elegant smile, Alisa nodded towards the center of the room. If he hadn't noticed, he would once he sat down: From this corner he could comfortably kick back and enjoy the entertaining sight unfolding all around them. From the lightweights trying to act tough, to simply others far drunker than themselves simply making merry. And better yet, they sat far away enough from the mess that they could actually hear each other. Alisa herself betrayed little signs of inebriation save for a faint reddening of her cheeks, seeking his gaze with a tinge of curiosity, keeping her wits about her as she smirked, "I'd invite you to join me, but you've already made yourself at home~"

As he finished what remained of his bottle, she couldn't help but match him, finishing the last of her own in that wide, less-than-practical sake cup, sighing softly as that burning sensation made its way down her throat. When a little droplet slipped down the corner of her mouth, dropping down into her cleavage, she realized she much rather have a proper glass; hell, even a bottle like he had would be preferable. As they both finished their respective drinks, she'd remember she didn't actually have a name to go with his face, and offer a hand in greeting proper:

"Alisa.", spoke the tall woman in her throaty voice, formally introducing herself, her idle hand calling over a waitress immediately after.

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#4Constantine Librorum 

on Mon May 14, 2018 4:02 am

The woman was obviously too beautiful for her own good. Thankfully for Constantine he was a rather traditional gentleman so he had no intentions of courting yet another maiden, but that didn’t stop him from admiring the merchandise as it were. Up close she was almost flawless, a product of superb genetics and good bodily care. It almost made him wonder why she decided that drinking was a hobby that she should take up, but then he remembered that beautiful women tended to have rather self destructive hobbies so he mentally let the whole issue go.

He’d let off a chuckle at the woman’s response, his eyes panning the parlor and was immediately not impressed with lack of tolerance among the patrons. “This is why I avoided higher education. Everyone wants to have the big boy drinks but none of them has a big boy liver”. Waving the bartender over, he’d notice that aside from the slight dusting of red on her cheeks, the woman looked sober for the most part. A clear contrast to his swaying form but he also knew he was nowhere near blackout levels. The visit to Odin’s the previous night had completely revamped his tolerance to alcohol and thus he was merely buzzed. Now that he thought about it, he should probably learn drunken boxing with how much he consumed. He could probably become proficient in it.

The woman commented on him inviting himself into her presence which he technically did, but he felt little to no remorse. Solitude was for the lonely, or something like that. He was actually too drunk to remember all of those old proverbs. Rolling his head like it was a ball towards her direction, he would give her the loopiest of grins before letting off a hiccup of beer and humor. “Home is where the house is, and my house is empty”.

He was now not making any sort of sense as he bartender approached, pen and pad already out to take down their orders. Teiho would slide himself so that he was facing forward and towards the woman, adopting a prim and proper posture that was a stark contrast to his previously lackadaisical and laid back position. Silly grin still on his face however, he’d eye the woman as she finished her cup and let off an even larger predatory smile. This woman wanted to drink hm? “Let’s start off with a couple of rounds of your finest before we move on to the harder drinks. I need something to bring me down so I can properly enjoy the company I happened to stumble across”.

The waiter would nod and walk away with his order as Teiho struggled to ignore the stray droplet of liquid that disappeared into Alisa’s bosom. The woman’s name was definitely foreign for Fiore so at least she matched her appearance. Easing up on the grin and returning her look with a more sedated smile he would reply with a simple, “Teiho. Pleasure’s mine. I hope you don’t mind me getting us a few more drinks. It’s not often I find a woman who can hold her drink. I think I may be a bit selfish and ask if you’d allow me to join you for just a bit longer”. His entire demeanor seemed to give an entire one eighty in how he acted and talked to the woman. It wasn’t as if he had become serious, but definitely far less goofy than his previously heavily intoxicated self had acted.

#5Kurdran Briggs 

on Mon May 14, 2018 8:19 pm

...Kurdran had noticed a certain pattern at this point about his visit to the festival. He felt like every day he ended up drinking himself to the ground, getting hurt so badly that he fainted, or outright fallen asleep from anger and alcohol induced stupor. And it all for sure was for one reason and one reason only. Alcohol was cheap here. He could afford drinking a lot, and with the tarot card reading still haunting his mind, it was enough of an encouragement to drink some more.

Admittedly, the stuff in Orchidea had been pretty much dishwater in quality compared to the things he had drank in the bars of oak. Heck, there was a stall FROM Oak, that sold the beer, so it was not like he was having some kind of nostalgic hate burning inside of him or anything. It was all true! It honestly had his hair standing on end. How could more orchidean water make him feel better and ignore the looming threat at home when even the better drink had not knocked him out hard enough?

He sighed... That fricking prediction had made him literally think too much on things. Atleast when he was with Lilja, He had someone to pat the bad feeling away and drown him in beer... he pulled on his striped kimono, which was sitting over his shoulder, in annoyance, as he suddenly stopped, like he had an epiphany!

Perhaps that was it! He just needed proper drinking company again! Like that swearing almost-a-dwarf-herself brunette from the other day! Sadly, he didn`t exactly know where she had gone after he got the daylights punched out of him... He scratched his belly. Wonder who the heck had punched him? the guy had to have some guts indeed. He had to just hope Fia had gotten SOME kind of revenge on the guy for doing it to her dear drinking pal...

“This is why I avoided higher education. Everyone wants to have the big boy drinks but none of them has a big boy liver.”

"Hm?" He heard somebody ranting about people not being able to keep their drinks in themselves. He walked backwards a bit, and looked into the bar he had walked past in his thoughts. "...Pfeh. Well, may as well." There seemed to be atleast someone in the mood for some rough drinking... Hopefully the dude was open to having some company and listening to some rants. He pulled his dark blue pants up tiny bit, and proceeded to enter the place.

As he walked in, the guy and the gal at one side of the bar immediately caught his eye. Mostly because the boy was chocolate brown and had similar hairstyle to his. Though positively for Kurdrans pride...

Kurdrans was clearly taller!

The duo was clearly ordering some drinks, as they had this waiter jotting down notes. It seemed like the guy was trying to charm the clearly beautiful boobie lady, with these silly movements of his head, like that of a rooster. He chuckled. It was quite a sight, that`s for sure. Before the waiter walked away, Kurdran pulled on his fancy shirt, getting a bit of a nasty look from the guy. "One of the same thing as those two lovebirds. I`ll pay for mine though, hehe!" The waiter would strut away freed from the dwarves short grab.

However, the dwarf himself strutted towards one of the tables quite quickly, lifted a chair from it, and carried it over, placing it rather loudly right next to the fellow mohawk wearer. "Heard you were looking for a guy with a gut for drinks!" he looked at the guy with a wide and hairy smile, as he threw his kimono on the chair, and hopped on it. "With the drinks like they are here, I should be able to provide one, hehe! Once drank a dwarven princess under the table after all!" Self proclaimed princess, by him himself, but the proud taunt did it`s job.

"Also, pleasure to meet ye too! Kurdran, Kurdran Briggs!" He stretched his hand over the table uncouthly, almost laying on it, waiting for the lady to shake it.

#6Alisa Vollan 

on Tue May 15, 2018 12:16 am


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A woman as vain as Alisa hardly minded being admired, quite the opposite. She herself cared little if other saw her as shallow - and granted they had a very good reason too - as she placed a far too great emphasis on how things looked. Devoting the bulk of her time to fitness, all of that effort resulted in the looks she had now; the ensuing pride in her appearance came naturally. As charming as the guy before her may look however, she currently had far greater interest in the topic presently debated:

"And harsh mistresses like whiskey will only teach them the hard way.", added Alisa, shrugging as she laid back on her lounge chair, shaking her head disapprovingly as she looked over yet another pair who'd just drunken themselves into a stupor, "Not like they'd ever learn one way or another..."
For Alisa, getting too intoxicated often proved more hazardous to those around her than herself. Especially if they too were drunk. Fortunately for her immediate surroundings, the amount needed to get her well and truly wasted would send an ordinary person to an early grave, and she got away with an inebriated glee. In a festival where the sake flowed like water, reaching that state became surprisingly easy, and socially acceptable to boot: She could laze around under the flowering trees with her partners and beautiful sights to entertain her, and simply await for a wide variety of people to run into her...

Not to mention all the new acquaintances like the one before her, a man who despite his present condition seemed all but eager to accompany Alisa for more. Alisa raised a hand to her mouth as they shared a lighthearted chuckle, but before long they all but stared each other down: Indeed, the two of them all but stared each other down, as if wondering if the other had any substance behind the flair.

She met his gaze without flinching, defiantly narrowing her eyes, red like the wine on some patrons' glasses. With the kind of confidence both exuded, they were obviously headed for something far stronger than the average wine.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere~ But i'll take you up on that offer.", smirking, she wriggled a finger before sitting upright, straightening out her kimono and leaning in, "I cannot promise you quality, but as you've seen already... This place has enough quantity to go around."

Soon, she had a name to go with the face. Teiho... Truly his name and drunken mood were the only aspects of him matching this hour in the festival, and she couldn't help but wonder if his travels hadn't taken him far eastwards at one point or another:

"Lovely to meet you, Teiho~", one could wonder how many drinks she could knock back while still retaining this cool, elegant composure. And the answer was... A lot... Depending on the beverage naturally. Thus, she rested her cheek on one hand, tilting her head slightly, "By all means; drinking alone feels... so dreadfully dull, wouldn't you agree?"

That was, until someone else joined on their intoduction. Had he caught their names too? Hopefully. Alisa turned to the side and came face to face with a redheaded dwarf with a mohawk. In the end, the woman had drunk enough to barely betray any surprise; extending him her welcoming smile:

"Delightful to meet you as well Kurdan~.", she greeted, giggling gracefully as she looked at the new arrival and his boisterous announcement. Despite the rugged appearance, she immediately noticed he must go to great lengths in tending to his hair... Probably far more than herself. Food for thought, defenitely.

Uncle Gottfrid often said how it wasn't really a drinking party unless you had a at least one dwarf... From a man who drunk like a thirsty stallion after a draining run under the scorching midday sun; that ought say something about the dwarven liver. As the tough master who first beat her into shape and made her a fighter, Alisa still held a measure of doubt, as to whether her current self could possibly drink him under the table. Sure, she had the edge in youth and probably fitness too... But if she were to win, she'd probably do so on a technicality, keeping her composure long enough for the bartender to cut off the boisterous veteran before he incited a bar fight.
Outside of her dad and uncle, she'd met very little people who could keep up... Baron passed out quickly enough, Xandra almost did too. How well would they fare, as she looked between the two of them, sitting upright properly, if only to measure who among the three would be the first to fall face first on the table:

"So...", curiosity drove her to let them ask for the first round, wondering what they might pick, excluding but a single item, "Pick your poison boys. Anything but Sake works for me."

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#7Constantine Librorum 

on Wed May 16, 2018 4:11 am

Quick note, Teiho technically has twists now IC but I’ll let it slide since the hair comparisons could eventually lead to some funny jokes so it’s w.e.

Well it seemed they had a party!

The sound of one of the wooden chairs smacking against the tiled floor almost startled Teiho as he drunkenly peered over the high wood of the table to see what could’ve caused such a racket. He was well awarded for his query only moments later as the form of a Dwarf appeared in the seat, the smart man barely stood taller than his adopted son Quami, but his hair. His hair was definitely top notch quality. The short man definitely took good care of his hair, the spiky gelled follicles stood proudly atop his rough and haggard dome. His hair recieved more life and care than his face did, but then once again, he was a dwarf. That’s just what they did.

Drunkenly flaring up his own mohawk in silent protest to the man’s appearance, he knew for a fact that his own hairstyle was quite fabulous in how tall, proud and full it was. His beautifully taken care of ash white hair stood without issue in defiance to the man’s more forced brutality. It almost made Teiho want to make a quick quip at the mans expense, but he had offered company and conversation, so Teiho would stay his tongue until both were at least as drunk as he was.

Returning his attention back to Alisa after the man introduced himself as Kurdan, he’d let off a boisterous laugh at her previous statement on the whisky. The laughter was at least a minute late in reality, but as they sat there introducing themselves, the current situation in the bar only devolved further proving both of their points. “It seems as if these pups couldn’t hold a glass of water, let alone a man’s drink. Where do they find these children that think they can handle a heavy concoction?

It was amazing how little he slurred when he spoke considering how much he had been drinking ever since he arrived. Though he would admit, most of the lagers here outside of the honey mead he had consumed at Odin’s bar tasted like pig swill. He’d regard Kurdan once more before pulling from his own personal stash, having refilled it from the other day with more of Iceberg’s Blue Fire, “So aside from the festival, what’s a Dwarf doing in Fiore. You folk rarely leave the mountains these days. Don’t tell me you lot are running out of ale? That’d be a shame really. Best brewmasters were always Dwarven”.

#8Kurdran Briggs 

on Wed May 16, 2018 12:45 pm

Kurdran could feel the full pressure of both of the "fellow alcoholics" staring at him all sorts of intrigued. So much so, that the lady seemed to completely ignore his extended offer for handshake. Well, technically these two had been seemingly drinking for a while now, both of them having this jolly bright blush like that of a pigskin going already. At this point, going overtly official was propably pointless. He proceeded to just pull himself back on his seat, with his feet dangling off the edge, and his toes scraping against the floor. "Kind of sad to be a latecomer though... Might not be an exactly balanced drinking session!" He said boastfully. These people should know it was all in good fun. Besides, he did have kind of a point.

As he turned to look towards "Teiho" (he heard his name in passing as he had walked to grab the chair), The guy suddenly started laughing. "whatcha laughing at?" Since attention had been on him for a while, Kurdran thought he was laughing at him in some form... However, hearing the true reason, he couldn`t help but laugh loudly with him. "Oh believe ye me, I know where! Right here from orchidea!" He pressed his index finger against the table. "Compared to Oaken drinks, orchidean stuff may as well be dishwater!"

A strong opinion again, but all true in his head. "wonder if it`s cause they make it from just flowers and fruits..."

Seemingly, the lady was ready to start the drinking, as she outright encouraged them to "pick their poison". Kurdran felt pretty enthusiastic himself. "Eh, no alcoholic drink is THAT bad. Atleast the ones I`ve chugged." He had never drank this "Sake", she was speaking about after all. He scrubbed his mohawk a little bit in thought. "I did order what that guy was having from that waiter you guys had here, but..." If this truly was a "somewhat romantic" thing between them, the drink must be lousy.

"I think I`ll take something proper and weighty on the side! A big ol`beer in a big mug! A BEAR toppler!" That is how he liked his drinks after all. Relatively simple in how they worked, but formidable to take down. The bear toppler was just that: A huge mug of dark brown liquid with a huge soft cushion of bubbles on top. He motioned his arms in the air just like a bear preparing to slam its paw on the table, with a big grin. "Some say that drink has really toppled a bear once. Though I doubt any of us would lose to one, right?" He tapped his belly. there was clearly enough space for multiple drinks of that caliber.

The next question aimed in his direction came from Teiho himself, as he pulled out his own little bottle of something, which had Kurdran all sorts of curious. Kurdran proceeded to give him a bit of a mean look though, when he dared to even imply that dwarves are running out of alcohol. "Look, if that happened, the whole of dwarven race propably wouldn`t even exist anymore!" This semi serious sounding sentence was ironically followed by him just chuckling to himself. "Though can`t blame ye I guess. Most of us ain`t exactly social like that..." Heck, his own family pretty much just wandered from node to node by themselves... He almost didn`t even remember the last time he had visited a dwarven city.

"I miself am here cause of this crazy guy from Baska. Told me how good and attention grabbing I looked, So he pushed this thing on me." He tapped his Kimono, which he was sitting on. It was a tiny bit dirty. "Didn`t seem to take note of our big waistline though... It`s annoyingly tight to wear when I try to drink or eat. Feels like I am stuffed in a sausage while wearing it." Kurdrans head went to its side, As the mohawk followed the motion like a huge brush. "But eh. Its literally just me walking about being meself. So why am I complaining, right?" He lifted his arms as he shrugged.

However, he proceeded to lean forward on the table again, as she looked at the lady and her tankers... Honestly, with his posture, they were a bit in the way of him looking the girl straight in the eyes. "So, ye just gonna follow me lead, or ye gonna take something fancier?" She looked like the kind of girl who would enjoy a simple romantic glass of wine. "You guys have started already, So I can just catch-up with a bigger drink, if that even matters." Fair offer in his mind. It would be more fun, if they all stayed in the competition for same amount of time after all.

#9Alisa Vollan 

on Thu May 17, 2018 12:33 am


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Most of the half conscious drunkards did indeed hold a mug filled with a familiar yellow beverage. Their drink of choice, but hardly something the tall woman would bother with:

"I'd be hard pressed to call any of that 'beer'; but so long as the kids keep ordering, I guess we'll keep getting misleading advertisment.", Alisa laughed proudly, but finally sighed, resigned. Kurdan's appearance had Alisa longing for a real beer, the kind dwarves made as easily as breathing, the kind she only seldom had the pleasure of bringing to her plush lips. With so high a respect for the dwarven ale, Alisa's eyes widened slightly at her new drinking buddy's seeming lack of standards, "Some of them are pretty bad...", she added, her smile fading into a hint of uneasy reluctance. But that happens when you brew things haphazardly and think you can call it a beverage in the end. Brewing too was a form of art, one Dwarven tradition had honed to near perfection.  But the same love of drinking that lead them to create the very best also prevented them from shying away from anything that got them drunk. In the end, she let out a graceful laughter at his statement, raising a hand over her mouth, "Ufufu~... You can make pretty good absinthe just from leaves and flowers, mind you. Quite frankly, I'd recommend it you're looking for a strong, quality Orchidian beverage."
Sadly, dwarves didn't seem fond of the weather in Fiore, or perhaps the people. Perhaps a bit of both, as the dwarf before them not only acknowledged his race's reclusive nature; but their fondness for mountains indirectly. For many people, a stereotype, but for Kurdan, Illumi's honest truth. Even if the dwarven cities had their cellars full, finding a proper dwarven brew took hard work and a lot of patience, even Alisa only happened upon such a precious commodity once in a blue moon:

"I sure hope not... The world would mourn such a loss for decades to come.", resting one arm behind the back of her chair, Alisa turned to face the shorter man, properly seeking his gaze as he spun his vivid tale. Quite a few giggles escaped her every so often, no doubt hinting at the statuesque artist's yet faint drunken haze, "Indeed... Those sound exactly like the kind of sorrows a few pints could easily drown~"

But Teiho soon unveiled an even rarer treasure, one more deserving of that blue tier of uniqueness. When a drunken man reaches for his pocket, nearby drinkers can't help keep their eyes peeled. Alisa, it appeared, proved no exception to this tried and tested wisdom:

"Oho... Is that symbol what I think it is...?", she inquired, crossing her legs as she leaned in for a closer look; after which her eyes trailed upwards into his', visibly interested, resting her elbow on her knee and chin on her palm "Now where in the world would you acquire something like that~?"

She'd only seen that bottle a scarce few times, few enough to count them with the fingers in one hand, but having tried it once ensured she'd remember it. Though not particularly expensive, an imported brew like that really didn't sell well in Fiore. The few Fiorians brave enough try it usually got a painful enough hangover not to go near it a second time, and as a result, not many merchants bothered keeping it in stock. Alisa wouldn't either had she not seen those bottles both at her own house, and her uncle's.

If not for those two Icebergan brothers and her own ties to them, Alisa wouldn't even recognize it, after all, it lacked the same flair as the typical, widely praised Fiorian wine. But unless Teiho's giving mood had him offer her a glass of that nectar, she'd wait for the order he'd just placed, wondering just how well they'd live up to his request:

"We've already ordered for ourselves, but personally I've no idea what passes for 'finest' around here~", quipped the sculptress, chuckling as she flipped her hair and lazily leaned back, resting her arms on either side, "Depending on what we get, you could very well feel tempted to join us."

And it appeared that may indeed prove true soon enough. When the waiter returned, he brough with him a bottle of 40 year old Caldwell, a strong, fortified wine made in southwestern Fiore. Sweeter than the average wine and boasting a distinct golden brown color, this kind of beverage did indeed live up to the title of finest in the house.

"Oh my... Color me impressed.", said Alisa, a visibly appreciating glimmer in her eyes clearly showing her approval. As waiter put down three glasses, she looked at her two drinking buddies, wondering if they'd show the same interest as herself... And wondering how long it'd take them to compare who had the biggest mohawk, "So... What say you~?"

For the average, casual drinker, a simple glass of this wine was enough to get you drunk... But between the tree of them, a single bottle should be a mere appetizer. A hugely expensive appetizer, but an appetizer nonetheless.

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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#10Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:09 pm


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As they drunk the night away, Alisa couldn't help but wonder where might they end up... And more importantly, when... Neither of the to gave any quarter, boasting the kind of resistance to put any of the other hopeful drinkers to shame. After all, drunkards came and went (and few among them left on their own two feet), while the trio kept drinking at their own pace, completely oblivious to their surroundings beyond a certain point.

Both of the boys had quite a head start over her, but Alisa caught up to them quickly enough, especially once she got to the point of ordering herself a bottle of absinthe. If anyone doubted a brewer's ability to make strong, quality sprits, that green, almost hallucinogenic beverage would inevitably change their minds, at least, assuming either of them remembered this night tomorrow morning.

It took a lot for Alisa to get truly drunk, and far more than that to make her forget a whole evening. She scarcely remembered having any such nights in a long time, with Alice's bachelorette party standing out like a sore thumb, as the only real exception that proves the rule. No doubt she'd have another one of those if she intended to drink the night away, until she had drunk these guys under the table...


Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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