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Re: The Dice Game Item Change Rule & Past Reserved Win Should Be Honored

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on Sun May 13, 2018 7:56 am

Augusta Rhines
Referring only to the changes with regards to the retroactive wins and the apparent issue that people seem to make it out to be.

TL:DR at bottom.

To provide context:

Jyu - Today at 9:51 AM
@here Since we are treating a scooped character as a new character, please note the following things: Dice Game can be played in the same month with your scooped character if you have enough posts, Activity Checks start at 1 again for the scooped character, and last but not least customs won on the main do not transfer to the scooped character but may be traded in for experience.

This refers only to those who had won an item prior to the implementation of this rule on 5/13/18. If you won after that, the rule should be applied to you. But if you won before this happened, it very likely still should apply.

As a party affected by this, I am concerned, not just in the trend I have noticed over the past several days regarding random changes to the site following an action I've taken, but because of the retroactive application of it.

Included here are every instance of the Dice Game topic in which a user won a Custom Rare or Unique, and whether they claimed it for their character and had the item created, exchanged it, or reserved it.

Of the list, 3 of them (Houren, Alice, and Barry) have had their items made for that respective character. 3 of them (Akira, Akira, Alisa) had them exchanged for experience or stats. 3 of them (Kerii, Sage, Nameless) did not yet have their items created but they did not express intent to reserve the item for a future character, implying that they will apply it to those respective characters. 1 character (Varian) indicated that they might be interested in applying to a scooped character but did not make explicit intent to or not, and therefore I would include him with the Nameless, Sage, and Kerii group. Only 1 person posted that they won an item and explicitly wanted it applied directly to the character that they are scooping into. Me.

I am the only person, out of 12 people who have won a unique rare or custom prior to the rule change posted today that had reserved - with full intentions - having the item applied to the scooped character. Some have exchanged it for stats or exp, others got their items. Some might want to go ahead and apply their item to a scoop, but they did not make it clear.

They were not explicit.

You do not see anywhere in Nameless's claim for the item that they want it applied to an alt or a scooped character. And therefore it should not be extended to them and in that case, IF it were to be, then maybe, MAYBE, only Experience.

For them, it's "I won an item, but I haven't gotten the item yet, so I guess I'll apply it to a different character because I suppose so."

For me, it's "I won the item with the expressed desire and intention to use it towards a scooped character. This is a known fact and the item and request were approved with this in mind."

Now, I've said I agree with this moving forward. People should not be able to sit and wait until the TS happens, whether it's a month, 2 months, whatever, or even just build up Customs and then scoop right into things down the line, but at the very least honor the lone instance in where, "Hey, this person wanted to apply their Unique Custom a Scooped Character, and it was approved, and there was no issue at the time", so just proceed with it. The other four, if they want to apply it, let them have experience, because they were not explicit and the lone party who gave consideration towards that should not be held at fault for the lack of thought given to the rest of those who won something.

TL:DR - Only I reserved an actual item. 4 people have items won that are outstanding but they did not indicate if they were going to reserve them or not. Give them only experience because they did not specify this and should not have the benefit of retroactively claiming it beforehand. I should because I had at the time of my claiming it, made sure that it was known and apparent that I would be applying it to a scooped character and there was no change of decision based on a sudden rule implementation.

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on Sun May 13, 2018 9:05 am

Iím responding cause I have some knowledge.

Kerii wonít be returning to the site for a very long time, possibly ever

I talked to some of the staff about giving varianís role (my old main) to Pyre. Iím also a bit confused if that means Iím getting it or not, or if itís being replaced with exp.

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on Sun May 13, 2018 3:37 pm

Augusta Rhines
This can be archived.

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on Sun May 13, 2018 6:08 pm

I was actually talking to staff about my custom and was told to wait for Jyu to claim it.

Idk why my custom was singled out but ight.

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on Mon May 14, 2018 2:49 am

Adelaide Sokolov
This line of questioning has been solved.

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