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Free Ballin' [Ianthe]

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on Sat May 12, 2018 9:35 am

Barry sat at his fruit stand in the middle of the festival. He cleared his throat and thought about all of the fruit he was selling. "I got nanas, avacados, this purple stuff." he picked up a egg plant, "This may not all be fruit. Maybe it's like an extra veiny fruit." he tapped his chin with the egg plant. "No, no, it has to be that other thing, the gross thing. A ve- vegata- Vegeta... Vegetable." he nodded "Nasty freaking vegetable." he tossed it over his shoulder.

This was sort of odd, he didn't know what to do for his new produce, he needed to divide them up and have himself some new inventory maybe he could do it by like color or maybe he could do it by seed count but then he'd have to cut them open... He could eat what he didn't not cut open.

"What a genius you are Fen." he smiled to himself, he took one of every fruit starting with the most sacred: The banana.

He peeled the banana and broken it open. "So yummy," he bit into the yellow flesh of the fruit and checked for seeds. Nothing new here. "Hey you, come eat this and tell me how many seeds are in it."


on Sat May 12, 2018 9:48 am

Ianthe strolled around the festival grounds with nothing really to do besides look at the flowers. With all the activities around she was sure to find something to do. " I think there maybe too many things to do.. I can't pick. " Her words slipped out in a whisper of her native tongue. She was lost in the sea of people but she didn't mind it. Picking flowers as she moved along she didn't notice the eggplant that fell near her foot but she did notice the man yelling at her to eat something. Ianthe had to look around to make sure he was talking to her but she realized she was the only one who paid attention to what he said.

Walking over to the man Ianthe would eye all the fruit in front of her. " I don't think I can tell you how many seeds are in the fruit..I'm not hungry right now and that might take a long time." Ianthe would cross her arms over her bountiful bosom and tilt her head in a slightly questionable way. " What kind of fruits are you selling anyway? And why do you need to know how many seeds are in that fruit?.


on Sat May 12, 2018 9:55 am

Barry when he received a better look had come to realize that this woman's noodles were, they were MASSIVE. By the gods, death, and the infinity gauntlet her noodles must have been the biggest he had ever seen next to well, Asmo. But Asmo lacked a few key things that this woman had, this lady had some nice size, probably a warrior, and chocolatey skin. By the infinity gauntlet was she neat.

"Oh my Kamigod me, I mean shit. You uh, you've got. An eye for fine noodles, I mean produce! Produce is what I sell and what you see before you are the fruits and vegetables of my labors on the farm." He nodded assuredly, "Yes, I am selling many fruits from these Bananas to apples, to uh." he looked down. "Melons, ripe, ripe melons." he turned his back to her and picked up a large pair.

"I need to know because I am organizing them, but I don't know if I want to do color or something else, I figured Seed count would work. And you aren't hungry? Are you sure? I can feed ya I got all kinds of fruits here." he really wanted a glass of milk right now and he had no idea why.

"Would you like some fruit? Free of charge for when you do get hungry"


on Sat May 12, 2018 10:12 am

Free fruit was always nice but the way this man wanted to sort his produce was madness. Sorting by seeds would destroy the fruit in question because one would have to go through the fruit to see the seed inside. That would destroy the fruit, no one would want to buy produce that had been tampered with, and this man would lose more money than he knew. Ianthe placed a worried look on her face as she let her arms drop to her side. " If you go looking into the fruit for the seeds then you'll destroy your produce. That's not the way to organize. Maybe you should try doing it by type of fruit. The apples with the apples, the melons with the melons. That way people know what fruit they are looking at when they do buy it and a bonus no produce gets harmed. It was a pretty solid idea she had to admit that even to herself. She was so into the idea that she almost forgot that she had been offered free fruit. " Oh and yes I would still love some free fruit. " Of course she was going to say yes. Fruit was food and she wasn't one to pass up food.


on Sat May 12, 2018 10:20 am

Milk was on his mind, no matter how much he tried to think about the subject at hand he would soon find himself getting thirsty yet again. He could feel his lips as a light breeze brushed against his dry, chapped, bare lips. He could sense the lack of moisture collecting on them as he imagined drinking for ounce after ounce of the glorious white liquid with a smile on his face. He could feel it already, the serene white and right grace rolling down the sides of his lips as he cried tears of joy as his body was nourished properly.

His lips were dry, the skin of them like the landscape of a desert island, cracked and tough from the lack of moisture. He needed them to grow big and strong, he needed something to wet them properly. Without a second thought, his tongue protruded from his lips and graved his top lip, the pink piece of flesh gently teasing the meat of his lips with an agonizingly slow drag. It was a slow, fluid, sensual motion as he wet his aching lips and fulfiled his desires by giving them a proper licking.

"Oh right, right," his tongue went back into his mouth as he looked at her, "You've got good ideas, here have some melons" he handed them to her, "Just hold them like..." he raised them, "Right here'

Miss wong had it goin' on, "So, what's your name and can I slurp some noodles."


on Sat May 12, 2018 10:44 am

Taking the melons Ianthe realized what a mistake that was. These things were freaking heavy. What kind of mutated melons were these? She struggled to hold them up as instructed and after a bit she gave up and placed the round melons back on the fruit stand. Now Ianthe was a strong gal, years of slavery will do that to a person but those melons felt like holding one hundred ton weights. " First, those melons are absolutely heavy, what are you using to grow those things? Second, my name is Ianthe and I don't have any noodles to slurp. But I know a place where they do have some pretty great noodles that we can go to.. I mean once you are done taking care of your fruit stand Pushing a stray lock of her rich brown hair behind her ear Ianthe shifted her body to a more comfortable standing position. She would be more comfortable not wearing this Kimono that hugged her curves but made it nearly impossible to move the way she wanted. The kimono was beautiful in it's own right, donning a light pink base with intricate design of birds and flowers in a wonderful mix of gold and green. She didn't know how much longer she would keep this thing on before changing into something far more comfortable and to her taste.


on Sat May 12, 2018 10:57 am

Barry had a fever and the only prescription was this woman! On a serious note, he also wanted some cow juice. Now, this was a very interesting display. She couldn't lift the melons, though they were as light as apples to the Lycan. With a smile, he'd help her put them back on their rack and smirked to himself when she mentioned that she did not have any noodles to slurp, oh how wrong she was. She had more than enough one would probably get overfed from slurping down those beasts. "My name is Barry, nice to meet you Ianthe." his words were warm as he offered a bow, "That is a very nice uh, kim- kimon you got on I haven't seen many that pretty. But hey yeah! Let's get something to eat together!"

The idea sounded amazing to him, he could go for some noodles, though they weren't exactly the type he was referring to he was just happy to get a bite to eat outside of eating fruit. "The stand should be fine, the old guy who owns it should be back any minute now let's get going! the sooner I slurp your noodles the sooner I can get back to work." he dusted his hands.

"So you from these parts?"


on Sat May 12, 2018 11:09 am

She smiled at his compliment on her Kimono, it was nice to get some recognition since this thing was hugging her tighter than a grandmother who hadn't seen her grandchildren in " ages ". She would lead the way to the noodle shop which wasn't too far from the festival grounds themselves. The warm weather was just perfect for some delicious lip smacking noodles and Ianthe knew it. Oh thank you, it was recommended to me by a random lady on the streets, and I wanted to fit in for the festival and bought it. It was true, some lady sold her on the garment and it really didn't break her bank to buy it so she caved and got the thing. The kimono although beautiful was difficult to get on and she had to have someone help her, she wondered who would help her get out of it. " I'm not from Orchidia no, I lived most of my life in Fiore though, but I was born in Savannah.. Have you heard of it? She turned her face to look at him so that she could give him her full attention as they walked. She was curious now, how many pale skinned people have been to Savannah.. Most people she spoke to from there or who knew about it shared her skin color so it would be nice to know how far of an influence the country had.


on Sat May 12, 2018 6:02 pm

She wasn't from Orchy and she wasn't from Fiore? Where was she from? Savannah? He had heard of the place, or well, heard off details about the place in a few books he was reading while trying to figure out the legend of 'Super Saiyans' it was odd really. From what he had heard the place had been capable of growing strong, volatile warriors. In truth, he had wanted to meet one of these warriors for himself but given the lack of people he had met from that country... Continent? No, country, he had yet to learn their fighting styles. Perhaps one day he'd go look for individuals from there to train with. Alas, for now he would keep this woman company, she may not have been a warrior, but maybe she was eventually he would have to get the gritty details from her.

"Ah, I see, I see, yes I have actually, I've read a lot of books and there were some details about it but never have I met someone from there." he tapped his chin inquisitively, "If you don't mind me asking, were you a fighter there? From what I read Savannah is home to some seriously strong people and if you are I'd love to train with you sometime and if not I think it'd still be fun to wear you out."


on Sun May 13, 2018 6:44 am

I was taken from my home at a very young age..So no I am not a warrior. She really didn't understand that last line but laughed it off nonetheless. With her leading the way the two would arrive at the place where they sold the most heavenly tasting noodles. It was a small place on the outside and even smaller inside, but it was cozy and inviting with all the scents trapped inside it. Walking in Ianthe took a seat at a table near the wall. It really was nice here and all the rich smells kept her mouth watering causing her to lick her lips in anticipation for what's to come. " I think you'll like this place. Are you in a guild? or are you going solo? " It was small talk, something she could really only manage due to her own lack of social skills. She hopped he didn't mind but couldn't apologies for it due to a waiter showing up at their table. " What can I get you two? " The waiter in question was short with spiky black hair and deep brown eyes. Ianthe already knew what she wanted and placed a simple order of noodles with duck in it and a pitcher of water for the table. She would turn her attention back to Barry and for a moment decided that name did not fit this man.


on Sun May 13, 2018 11:20 am

He rubbed his hands together and thought about the situation at hand, he was about to engage in noodles with an unknown woman from an unknown place, she didn't seem to want to train but that was okay. There was a slight disappointment in her not being a warrior, but that was fine! Not everyone was a fighter, and not everyone was cut for battle, but that again, was okay. He did not know her entirely and for all he knew she could have been a former warrior or even better a former goddess of some sort! Maybe like a fallen angel thingy! That'd work for him.

With the same smile he normally he had plasted on his face he paused and thought about what he'd get to eat. Before he knew it they were in the noodle joint. He looked around, it really was small, or maybe he was just getting bigger. His surroundings normally didn't take him aback so, but the place was just so, different from what he was used to. "I'll take the spiciest bowl of noodles you have in your biggest bowl. "Sorry, I zoned out a bit and no, I'm not in a guild currently, kinda got put out of my last. What about you? You with a guild at the moment?"


on Sun May 13, 2018 1:59 pm

The time waiting for noodles was very short, but Ianthe already knew that and was pleased when the waiter placed down their bowls of noodles in front of them. The waiter hadn't forgotten the water, but carrying two bowls sort of leaves one's hands busy. Digging into her noodles with the chopsticks that were provided, her thick lips formed a sort of pucker as she slowly slurped up the noodles careful not to slurp too fast and risk juices flying everywhere. After each slurp she would lick her lips to get the delicious broth from them and return to having a few more noodles before answering. Well before she could speak the waiter returned with the water, it didn't matter though because the boy tripped and spilled the whole pitcher of water on Ianthe. Oh my! Her native tongue slipped out as she quickly stood up causing more water to fall from her. It was enough water to soak into her Kimono and she really didn't feel any more comfortable with it on. I cannot stay in these clothes... We can pack our noodles to go and head to my room at the inn down the street, then I can change... That alright with you? " Looking innocently at Barry she tried an akward smile, the water spilling on her not putting a damper on her mood.


on Tue May 15, 2018 12:12 pm

"Head to your room?" he tilted his head, well she likely had a pretty big room for her self so it was likely he wouldn't be seeing too much. Thus, he'd nod his head and went along with her without much worry. He wasn't going to be slurping the noodles he enjoyed, but he was going to be getting a tasty treat at least and that is what mattered at the end of the day. Picking up his noodles he'd pick some up with his chop sticks and nod, "Sure, let's head out." he spoke as he slurped some into his maw.

"Is there anything else you wanna do at your room? Can we train together? Are you a mage?" he was adamant to know more about her, though the words she had spoken before sounded strange, like none he had heard before, "Also, what were those words you said? Were they a spell? They sounded kinda funny ha ha." he didnt want to make fun of whatever it was she said but he didn't have a clue what they meant. COuld have been some fancy words used by nobles, but what did he know he was just some Saiyan,.


on Tue May 15, 2018 2:12 pm

A light chuckle fell like the note of a flute from Ianthe. She was indeed a mage but for whatever reason she couldn't really access her magic like she wanted to, as if there was something blocking her from accessing it and using her mana. If he wanted to train she would help him but she wouldn't be much of a help in the way that she would think he wanted. Now that she thought about it those particular man was very much hung up on fighting in one way or another. She thought back to his questions about her being a fighter of sorts and how he wanted to train. He seemed like a very active man and she probably wouldn't be able to keep up with him if she did agree to train with him. She would lead the way to the inn which was really only a few shops down from the noodle place. Ianthe could tell that Barry was a strong man who wanted to only get stronger but she was not as headstrong as he was in that department. Thinking about it she really didn't have many defining qualities, guess that's what happens when most of your life you've broken rocks and dug holes against your will.

Oh we won't be at my room very long, just long enough for me to change out of this beautiful but very wet and very uncomfortable kimono. To be quite honest I wouldn't have even called you up to my room if I didn't need help getting out of this thing. We can train together if you wish but I'm not sure how much help I can be, although I am a mage I cannot use my mana freely and all I am capable of doing is healing others. What you heard me speaking earlier was my native tongue, It sometimes slips out every now and again. I can teach you to use it if you like?


on Tue May 15, 2018 4:11 pm

He blinked, so that was why she needed his help ey. Well he'd be happy to help despite the fact that he didn't know how he could help. If it was a two person job he would get it done! He liked to help others after all. He would nod his head and offer his help, he'd look down at his bowl of noodles and in one fell swoop he'd pick up all of the noodles he could with his chop sticks and stuffed them in his mouth. Like a snake consuming prey, he took a nice mouthful and wolfed it all down with ease. He felt the heat from the noodles screw up his throat, it was painfully burning.

"I see, you heal, well I wouldn't want to make ya fight me if ya can't proper defend yourself," he scratched the back his head, "Hey, maybe you can heal me or somethin'" he cleared his throat, "C'mon! Lets get going!" he chuckled and offered an arm, "The faster we get outta here the sooner we can get more noodles and maybe do something else! Ooo, we could check out some of the other food stands!" he was excited now.


on Wed May 16, 2018 7:49 am

Wrapping her arm around the one he offered, she would led them both to her room at the inn. The room she purchased was quite large as she had been staying there for quite awhile since she had attended the festival. A part of her wanted to purchase a home or at least an apartment in every town so she wouldn't have to resort to living in the inns, but she realized that she would have to be filthy, stinkin rich for that. " I would like that. Oh and we can play some of the games. I really like playing that gold fish game they have where you have to try and throw a tiny white ball into one of many goldfish bowls. It's hard to win, for me anyway. But it's so fun to try. " Smiling at the thought of actually winning that game, the two reached the inn and she would lead Barry up the stairs to her room. Opening the door she quickly led him inside and closed the door behind them both. " Finally, ok so what I need you to do is untie the obi. It is nearly impossible to remove on my own but once it is gone the rest will be easy. " Turning her back to her she held her arms out slightly as to not get in his way. " You like to fight huh? Who taught you? " She would keep up conversation for the sake of practicing social skills and not to have a silence linger over them. It was still strange for her to be speaking to anyone but she was getting use to it.


on Wed May 16, 2018 9:52 am

He was confused as to what he was supposed to do at first as he stared at her back. Something to untie, the knot in the back? How hard could that be. Without a warning he'd kneel behind her, one hand pushing her waist, "Self-taught I guess you can say, I don't really remember any masters, though the Lady who found me was confident in my ability for some weird reason, haven't seen them in a dog's age though.

His teeth clenching one end of the Obi in his teeth and tugged an end with his free hand before yanking back. He didn't have a clue how to do things like this, thus if successful he'd go reeling back a tad and landing on his bum with a mouth full of cloth. "What about you? You mentioned yourself to be a healer, I take it you must use energy or something huh? Hey do you have anything to drink?" he spat out the cloth, "I'm pretty parched. Oh and the goldfish game sounds awesome, maybe we can win a fish even~ Seems like you have tons of room in here."

"Oh wait, are you gonna get naked? Should I leave? I can get naked too if you makes you more comfortable."


on Wed May 16, 2018 2:41 pm

Ianthe felt her body relax one the Obi came off and the Kimono hung more like a long and flowing robe on her body that she kept closed up. Turning towards Barry she smiled and thanked him before shuffling over to a closet and looking through it for something to wear. " Ah well, I guess you can say it that. I hear mages call it mana. No one taught me how to use my magic though, I just accidently learned I had it. I can hardly use it now unfortunately and I can't use any spells when I want to... I guess not using it for so long or not knowing I even had it to use it is causing me to sort of lose the touch.. Moving some clothes around she plucked out a light blue sundress with yellow flowers stitched at the bottom of the dress, and a pair of white strappy heels. " Also, near the window is a small fridge. It has some water, juice, and a few energy drinks if you like. "

Ianthe seem to be gliding across the room as she moved about grabbing this and that before heading towards the bathroom. Barry spoke on himself getting naked and Ianthe gave him a look of genuine confusion. " Don't get undressed, I'll be undressing in the bathroom. It shouldn't take me long. You are... A very funny person Barry, has anyone told you that?" With those words lingering in the air she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, locking it in the process. She was quick to change but she took some time fixing her hair, letting it fall neatly instead of placing it in a ponytail. Once done she emerged from the bathroom, the dress doing far more for her curves than the more modest Kimono and she was comfortable to boot! " Ready to go? "


on Wed May 16, 2018 3:04 pm

Barry was perplexed, it seemed she had been suffering from a similar issue as him. He didn't have too much touch with his magic either, in fact it had been quite some time since he had even turned into a Super Saiyan. Perhaps it was from his new found laziness or maybe he was just inept now due to his desire to fight in his base state, but all in all he did not have a lick of magic in his person. Once he helped her get undressed she had mentioned the fridge and the few words that accompanied were all he needed to here.

Opening the fridge he grabbed himself two energy drinks and squeezed the cans in his hands to 'pop' them open. He'd hold them both in his hands as he watched her zig zag around the room, "Well, i'v been told I'm strange." he nodded taking a sip of one. Soon with his energy drinks still in hand she arrived once again in different clothing, though this time it seemed her feminine features were on better display.

"Yep! Let's go get a fish! He cheered as he walked towards the door before stopping on a dime, "Uh, could you please? My hands are full."


on Thu May 17, 2018 8:13 am

Barry was a nice person she had to admit that to herself even if he came off a bit... Unhinged or maybe too excited was the word she was looking for. He was at least very friendly and she appreciated that and his patience with her and her clear lack of warrior prowess that he seemed to hope she would have. Realizing that he needed help she quickly opened the door for him, closing it and locking it behind the booth of them. " I would enjoy winning a fish, but I'm not even sure I know how to take care of one. " A bit of laughter escaped her lips as she led the way to the festival grounds. Once again her nose was filled with savory scents, her ears were filled with the sounds of happy people, and her hear was filled with joy. She knew exactly where the goldfish game was but before the two could even arrive her eyes spotted a man with chocolate skin and a shock of white hair. There were really only a handful of people like that but she knew that to be Constantine and boy was she ecstatic to see him. Nearly running to him she called out his name but stopped mid way. She nearly forgot about Barry in her haste to be with Constantine. Turning around in the direction of Barry she would wave towards him and apologize for her sudden exit, explaining that Constantine was a friend of hers and she wanted to see him. Ianthe was quite smitten with Constantine even if she didn't know it herself and upon coming to him he greeted her and the two found themselves getting lost in the crowd.

-exit -

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