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Something Blue | Quest | Solo

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on Sat May 12, 2018 5:51 am

Shinko didn’t want to wake up from a wonderful dream she had, although she couldn’t remember what she dreamt about, but that doesn’t matter. She woke up happy, and late; panicking when she saw the afternoon time then started telling herself, “Hey, it’s not like you have a job to do today.” Shinko remembered that she had no classes, no work, and of course, no boyfriend. What a splendid and busy life Shinko has at this year’s spring. The festival is pretty near also, and she has no one to go with. Not only is Shinko lonely, but her friends are only NPCs. Very well done.

She went by at some place in Orchidia, seemingly a park, to meet someone who had requested for help. Knowing that this guy isn’t attractive at all in Shinko’s eyes, she was not excited to meet him and had forced herself to go. Shinko is more interested in the reward than helping him, she needs more excitement. The sun has started setting and Shinko sees Dex from afar. She called him and she waved her hand as she ran towards him with a smile. Shinko knew that this man wasn’t entirely sane, and would give her a hard time to confront him and his delusion of being a detective. But as optimistic as Shinko is, she had made her think that Dex is a child that needed to be taught well. And so Shinko had started thinking that she is with Detective Conan rather than a delusional man.

“What’s the matter?” with joy, Shinko asked. Dex shuddered, touching his point finger with the other while looking at different directions. He made a ball shape with his hand and pointed at it, “There’s this ball… that’s as big as this one…” Shinko kept her phase and continues to smile, “What about it?”
Dex’s voice has a hint of fear in it, and Shinko felt it. But she described this as a weird feeling because she knew that Dex isn’t mentally healthy. Though Shinko brushed this thought off and continued to talk to Dex about this “ball” that he is talking about. She has been expecting this ball to be a plastic, play toy. After all, Dex has been acting like a child for the past few years, a rumor coming from the others who lived in Orchidia with him.

Shinko chuckled, “So the culprit is a ball, huh?” she whispered, making sure that Dex did not hear her so that he wouldn’t be offended or would feel violated. They waited for the night to completely show up, and now they started their case. Shinko has been expecting this case to be an easy task, easy enough for even a kid to finish this. But the requester asked helped from a mage, and Shinko would gladly take this request and be rewarded in the end.

They could see the ball from afar, floating in the river because it emits a glow. And from a distance, Shinko was entertained by it. Unlike Dex, Shinko wasn’t afraid at all. In fact, she was excited like a child and her walking speed increased; she was eager to know what that ball was. The more she moves towards it, the more she assumes that it’s just a glowing toy ball, though she wanted to make sure what that was. From behind, Dex follows her quietly, though slower in movement.



on Sat May 12, 2018 8:54 am

Shinko reached the peak of the lake and the ball was as near as Shinko could reach, about six meters away from here. So she huffed and tried to reach it, but all she could do is wave her hand to make the ball float farther. "Dex, hold my hand and don’t let go of it until I tell you so!” she shouted, and Dex did as she told. She was leaning almost 150 degrees and finally, she held the ball. Before she could get pulled up, her thoughts suddenly got mixed up as if she was day dreaming, and she already knew that this was a vision. Before she could even recall what she saw, she had forgotten them already, like a dream. And suddenly, both of them are pushed away by force, causing Shinko to drop the ball back into the water.

The force caused Shinko to have scratches in her skin because of bumping into the ground, making her drop down. She pushed herself so she could sit down and rest, so she quickly massaged her lower back, “Ouch!” she shouts, looking behind to look for Dex. A few meters away, she saw him lying down, not even bothering on expressing pain or moving a little bit. Shinko slowly walked towards him and made him face upward, but his eyes were closed and he was breathing softly. “No way! I didn’t even know what happened! Wahh, what is happening?” Shinko questioned in a childish tone, but she picked him up and was having troubles of carrying his weight. “This is so heavy! Wah! Someone save me, please!” she complains, struggling to walk.

She was far enough to the nearest hospital when Dacol Lubex passed by, noticing Shinko. “Yo, what happened?” he asked, and hope filled Shinko. “Savior!” she shouted with happiness, unintentionally dropping Dex as she ran towards Dacol Lubex to ‘almost’ embrace him, but before she could even do it, “You dropped him!” Dacol chuckled, running towards Dex and rejecting Shinko’s embrace.

“Oh, sorry!” she exclaims, panicking as she went back to Dex. “Let me handle this myself, you can guard him later though!” Dacol winks at her with a thumb up, and he walked away in a faster walking speed than Shinko could have done. As Dacol said something about guarding, Shinko did guard Dex until morning and Shinko couldn’t sleep well because every small sound made her paranoid and panicked. But as Dex woke up earlier than Shinko did, he had woken her up. And for some reason, his delusion had lessened and Shinko had forgotten most that happened, although she had remembered most of it right after the day started walking along with her. As Dex was feeling alright, he gave Shinko the reward she deserved and they bid each other farewell.

“Oh no, these jewels is going to make me greedy!” joked Shinko as she rubs the pouch of jewels against her cheek, blissfully skipping through the streets and shortly tripping each time she makes a step.


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