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We Meet Again [Sage]

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on Fri May 11, 2018 4:21 pm


It was a typical afternoon at the festival. Haru was almost done with his patrolling shift and was about to head to his favourite ramen stall for lunch. No more dealing with petty thieves and paranoid merchants; at least for that day. Although, most of the time he ended up working extra hours because he couldn’t just wash away the complaints that came to him. It had been several days now since the start of the festival and most of the people knew he was a Knight. The young man simply hoped he didn’t get pulled away when he was in the middle of eating his lunch.

The red-headed Knight walked up to the stand, took his seat at the far edge and ordered his usual; the vegetable ramen bowl. There were several popular stalls in the festival, but he liked this one particularly as it was not very crowded, and their vegan sauce was divine. While he waited for the stall owner to prepare his food, he pulled up one of the magazines that lay on the counter and began to flip the pages to see if there was anything interesting he could read.

It would seem it was a seasonal magazine published for the sake of the Orchidia flower festival, listing all the interesting stalls and beautiful natural habitats that could be explored. Haru figured he should pick one up and take it to his squad; maybe they could take one day off and actually enjoy the festival.

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on Fri May 11, 2018 4:55 pm

It was a yet another beautiful day at the flower festival, he was actually on a mission but that mission seemed impossible so he thought why not have a day off right? He was wearing his newly bought yukata that's light green in colour and has white flower patterns on it, along with its black and white stripes. It was quite boring although, he wished more of his friends were there, and it had also been a long time since he and his squad rallied, ever since the day when they were called on a mission and Sage didn't participate, which was quite a bummer, he then started to tell himself to stop being hard and try to have a good time, he focused on something else rather than his bad mind talking about non positive stuff, he saw stalls of foods, their scent could be smelt from there, the vibrant colours some artist were pulling painting and drawing here and there, laughter and joy of children playing around with each other, then he saw it, a long red hair could be seen in one of the stalls, he knew exactly who it belonged to, and he shot for it, running towards the long red hair and once he was close enough, he would wrap his arms around the man and his face pushing inwards the man's head releasing him after a few moments then looked at him, his hands still on the man's shoulder, and he was right it was his friend, Hatsuharu, "Hey man! How are you?", his smile was pure and true happiness could be seen in his eyes.


on Sat May 12, 2018 1:42 pm


The healer was oblivious towards his surroundings. He was engrossed looking into the magazine that he had pulled up, with all the interesting and exotic stalls that he could potentially visit. The red-headed Knight had no clue who was heading towards him until he felt the elf’s hands over him. He was initially a little startled, but the moment he turned his head to see who it was, he eased up and smiled widely.

It was Sage! “Hey!” he said, his voiced laced with excitement and happiness. “Lovely to see you again! I’m good, thanks. How have you been?” he asked, patting the chair right next to him. The last time they met was that morning before their order to attack the Phantom Lord guild arrived. They had had a good spar; unfortunate it couldn’t last longer. Maybe some other time. But right then, it was time to cherish the beauty of spring and catch up, while eating lunch.

“Have you had lunch yet? If not, you should really try the ramen here,” he said. If the elf agreed, the healer would swiftly pick up the menu on counter and hand it to him. He preferred the vegetarian options, but he wasn’t one to impose that on others. “Let me treat you to lunch today in return for that wonderful spar,” he said, grinning. The young man really enjoyed the innocent and cheerful company of the elf.

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on Sat May 12, 2018 10:29 pm

Sage took the sit beside Hatsuharu while answering his question, "I'm fine, even though work is loading," he said while laughing a little bit at the end, it was true, despite the spring festival going on the rune knights still had quite a lot to do, "Oh, I haven't eaten yet," he'd say excitedly looking through the menu that Haru gave to him.

The choice of the ramen was hard, they all sounded good but then one thing caught his eyes, "Ooh, I'd like to have curry ramen with the meatballs," he'd say to one of the workers there, then hearing that Hatsuharu would treat him carved a wider smile on his face, "Really? Thanks!" and the mention of the spar reminded Sage of something, a question he longed to ask, "Oh yeah, and what was it that you and Akira needed to do that day?" a curious tone in his voice, with his normal look that contain nothing but pure desire of knowing, plus what kind of a friend wouldn't ask about what stopped he and his mate from having fun, and then another question budded in Sage's mind, wandering where is Akira, because usually she's always with Hatsuharu.


on Wed May 16, 2018 1:35 pm


Haru was glad his teammate not only chose to sit down for a talk, but also agreed to have lunch with him. This brought a wide grin to his face and he forgot all about the trouble he had patrolling. It would seem it wasn’t just him; even Sage was being overworked lately. Either the Rune Knights really needed to start recruiting more, or the ones who aren’t actually working had to start doing their job for the pay check. The healer didn’t wish to have a conversation that revolved around how terribly organized their faction was. However, it would seem that was inevitable as Sage asked where they were ordered to on the day of their spar.

“Well… Long story… I’m sure you heard about the attack on Phantom Lord and how that turned out to be a bummer? That was… us,” he said, shaking his head and looking at the shop attender who brought in his noodles. He thanked him with a nod and placed the chopsticks on top of the bowl but didn’t begin eating. The healer decided to wait for Sage’s order to be delivered too. “Not just the two of us. There were a few more. But the entire thing felt like one big blunder of a mission,” he finished. The young swordsman really didn’t know what else to say about that incident. Waving his hand to indicate that it really wasn’t worth a discussion, he moved on. “What have you been up to since then?” he asked curiously.

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on Sat May 26, 2018 7:05 am

Sage was quite shocked that it was the rune knights who attacked the Phantom Lord's Guild, he wondered why he didn't know about this before since he was part of the rune knights in addition to his detective skills, but he then guess that he didn't notice it because he wasn't that kind of into the attack on the Dark guild and shrugged it off like it was nothing. Haru then asked him what he was up to since that day, tracking back Sage couldn't actually recall what he was doing, "Nothing much, I had to solve a few case and had to put up a fight with them, but I'd call it bullying rather than fighting," ending with a slight laugh amused by how he said that he was bullying the bad guys and they weren't even fighting.

Then his order came, the aroma of the curry was not to say no to, the bowl of the curry ramen was served in front of him, still steaming as it was just cooked, Sage grabbed the chopsticks nearest to him and turned to Haru looking at his meal hoping that his wasn't cold yet as Haru had politely waited for Sage's order to come, "Shall we?" he said smiling asking if they should start digging in.


on Sat May 26, 2018 2:39 pm


Sage’s surprise at the news left the scarlet-haired Knight a little confused. He reckoned something as significant would have travelled like forest fire; but apparently not. In any case, he was glad the conversation didn’t linger long enough on that topic and moved on to the elf’s adventures. Haru couldn’t help but chuckle at Sage’s comment on how his encounters with the culprits were more like bullying and less like an actual fight. He had no reason to doubt that; after all, his team mate was quite the powerful mage. The swordsman only wished he could say the same. Somehow, he always seemed to end up against the worst enemies possible.

The arrival of Sage’s order broke his reverie and it was time to chow down on the delicious soup-noodles. Thankfully, the attender did not take much longer in delivering the curry ramen and Haru’s noodles were still hot and perfect. “Most definitely,” the healer said enthusiastically, picking up his own pair of chopsticks and pulling the bowl close to him. He took that delicious first bite and moaned softly, expressing his appreciation for the food.

As he chewed on the noodles, he couldn’t help but wonder why Sage hadn’t been assigned with them for more missions. While they were in a squad, it seemed as though the elf was being given completely different objectives. For example, he would have been a great ally during the fight against the Phantom Lord, but he was barely even made aware of it. Haru knew there was some racism within the faction when it came to the more shadier races, such as vampires and lycanthropes. He was worried if Sage was facing similar issues despite him being an elf. It was a sensitive subject to bring up, but as a friend and team mate, he thought it was necessary that he did.

“How are you enjoying the festival so far? The rest of the Knights treating you well?” he asked.

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on Sat May 26, 2018 5:27 pm

He picked the meatball first and had a small bite of it as it was very large he couldn't fit the whole thing in his mouth, it was hot yeah sure, but it sure taste good, the texture of the meat was also good, like it was tasting heaven itself. He then continued with the noodles itself, slurping slowly to it so he'd seem more mannered, then Haru asked him a peculiar question, a question that sent this vibe that something isn't right, that something about Sage that he himself doesn't know about, but he push this peculiar thought of this 'bad vibe' thing and focused on the question itself, recently he hadn't meet with any rune knights so all he could say was, "Well I haven't encountered one until today," and laughed at the end amused by the fact that the only rune knight he encountered was Haru. He then continued, "plus I do work alone right? I like it, carrying others requires too much energy," then sticking his tongue out a little, as he played a little joke at the end of it, then he had another mouthful of meatball and then tried hard to say even his mouth was filled, "Why did cha ask?" the sentence was so overrated in its usage even with a full mouth it'll be blasphemy if someone couldn't make it out what Sage just said.


on Sun May 27, 2018 12:38 pm


Haru was glad that his team mate was enjoying his food. He hoped he didn’t turn the conversation sour with his question. From the way Sage joked, it didn’t seem like he had offended the elf. That made him glad. He really didn’t want the mage to think he had a problem with his race when all he was trying was to ensure the others weren’t treating him badly.

The healer was quite surprised that Sage had not encountered any other Rune Knight except him at the festival. It seemed impossible, considering how the Pages swarmed the stalls in the name of patrolling. “Really? Did you just arrive at the festival?” he asked, wondering if that could be the reason why.

When Sage asked him why he asked the particular question, Haru sighed softly and decided to speak frankly instead of beating around the bush. “Well… There is some racism going on within the faction. I personally know of a man who had been kicked out because he was a lycan. So… I was just worried if the imbeciles are giving you a hard time too,” he said, before taking a sip of the soup out of his bowl.

The scarlet-haired Knight remembered when Akira told him about Fenrir and how he was booted out from the barracks, after they blew up some minor infractions completely out of proportion. If Sage chose to work alone by himself, then Haru would respect that decision. However, if he was being forced to go alone on dangerous missions, no matter his confidence, and was deliberately isolated from the rest of his team because he was an elf, then that was not something he was going to take standing down.

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on Sun May 27, 2018 12:50 pm

It bugged Sage a lot, the way Haru kept asking him these questions now, it was as if he was really trying to figure out something that Sage doesn't know about, "No I arrived about 3 days ago," he said taking another slurp of the noodles, the taste of the curry was spicy but that's what made it taste good. Having asked the question of why Haru asked questions like that he answered and it actually amused Sage a little and he couldn't handle it, he burst into laughter,

placing his chopsticks down first and his left hand over his stomach, still chuckling from the amusement he found in Haru's statement, after recovering himself from the hysterical moment, he cleared his throat, his left hand now clenched and placed near his mouth, putting it back down on his lap and turned his full attention to Haru, "Well if they are treating me the way things are right now, I'm actually fine with that, plus I love to work alone, you know that. And if they really need me I'll be there no matter what," then a deep sense of strong emotion birthed in Sage's heart, he looked away from Haru for a moment than back to his eyes, "it's not about how people treat us, it's about how we treat ourselves," and a little smile curved its way up his cheek, he then turned back to his ramen, grabbing his chopsticks again and started to take some of the noodles and ate them,


on Sun May 27, 2018 1:18 pm


The laughter took the healer by surprise. That was the last reaction he expected out of Sage, given the seriousness of the topic. But when he finally began explaining, he completely understood why the elf reacted the way he did. It would seem Sage had found that inner peace, which Haru severely lacked and was in dire need of. His eyes widened at the last statement that Sage said. It resonated deeply within the man and this was something that he was never going to forget. “You really do live up to your name, my friend,” he said, smiling back at his wise comrade.

Those words had a profound effect on the naïve swordsman and it completely changed his perception of the world. It was a simple philosophy, and yet powerful. While he was never going to stop fighting for justice and defend the innocents, he realized there really was no point burdening himself with the happenings of the world over which he had absolutely no control over. He was never going to be everywhere where there was injustice. Not every fight in the world was his and his alone.

It was astonishing how a simple conversation over lunch could change someone so much. His smile widened, and he spoke softly. “I’m glad! I was worrying for nothing indeed,” he said, before taking a huge bite of his noodles. Somehow, they tasted even better now that he felt a lot lighter and cheery.

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on Sun May 27, 2018 1:44 pm

The noodles were still in his mouth, his jaw moving in a way for the teeth to grind the food, and Haru complemented him, and of course his blushed, his name is Sage, meaning 'wise one' and he must admit it, he is quite wise, before he could finish the carbs in his mouth to say thanks to Haru he continued by saying that he was worrying nothing at all, finishing the stuff in his mouth with one gulp Sage looked at him, turning his head and twisting his neck a little, but his body stayed put, "Well yeah, we usually worry about things we shouldn't when we don't have anything to put our focus on," he explained, saying that worrying about things we shouldn't is something very normal that almost everybody experiences, talking about things that we should focus on too, a question that he wanted to ask Haru from the very start came across his mind, so he quickly turn his body to Haru, "Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you this since when I came here, where's Akira?" with a questioning tone at the end of the sentence, this quesiton was brought up only because the both of them are always together, like a sweet couple, but today Haru was sitting eating lunch alone.


on Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:57 am


Not a moment later, the healer was hit with yet another harsh reality by his wise elven friend. His words stung a little, but he knew it was the truth and held no contempt for the man who spoke it. Haru really had no focus at the moment. Ever since the changes to his principles, he had been floundering to find his footing on the grounds of morality and purpose within the world. The poor man had no memory of his life except for the past few months, since the day he found himself off the coast of Fiore. He was thrust into the world and his expectations of a utopian civilization was crushed rather quickly. Now, while his heart desired to do something to make his expectation a reality, he truly had no idea how to accomplish it.

But now that he had understood there were only so many things that he could do, and he should strive to do those perfectly, maybe there was still hope for him.

As he swallowed the last bit of the noodles and gulped down the soup, Sage asked him where Akira was. The mere mention of her name made the man blush. “Er… She was stationed at the north zone for patrolling this afternoon. Odd that they separated us this time. They seldom do that,” he said, the second part of the statement more a contemplation for himself than a response to Sage. “She should be done soon. We got the same zone for the afternoon I think,” he added, and his face broke into an involuntary wide smile at the thought of meeting her.

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on Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:03 pm

The answer Haru gave weren't just filled with words, but a blushing expression, he could sense it in his speech, his face and the vibes he was giving off. This is Sage's 'gift', he can suck the emotions in his environment like a sponge, too much of it could drown him, too dark of a vibe left him uneasy, but this feeling that he felt from Haru, he experienced it once before, it was love. But also due to his wisdom, he knew that he can't just blurt out things like, 'you llllllike her,' without no meanings of the other person knowing how Sage knew, so he kept his mouth shut.

The mention of patrolling brought new ideas into the conversation, "Speaking of patrolling, it has been quite a while now since the last time I was put on duty for patrolling, recently I've been stuck in my office or out chasing and trailing criminals, I wonder how the townspeople are doing," he stated, he didn't question but stated those things. It is nice to just say things that isn't important to the other party but the main reason is just to say it, it's always nice when someone is there to listen.


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on Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:53 pm


Under other circumstances, the healer would have been a bit jealous of his elven friend for all the adventures he had been having. But for the time being, after that mishap, he was happy to do the patrolling duty. As much as he complained about it, he would rather mediate common men’s bickering than see them in danger against monsters or such. “You are welcome to join me during my patrols if you miss it that much,” he said, laughing.

The redheaded Knight would have loved to spend more time with his squad mate. However, unfortunately, duty called. One of the Page rushed towards the Seated duo and stood there panting for half a minute before delivering the urgent message. “Forest Vulcan!” he finally blurted out, pointing towards the edge of the deeper forest region. Haru shook his head and sighed deeply. Of course there are forest Vulcans. What were they thinking occupying their habitat for so long? he thought, but didn’t choose to say anything.

There really was no point in telling the people the obvious. Most of the time they were offended and presumed Haru was being condescending. He was finally grasping the reasons why Akira stays away from people. In any case, even if the commoners brought this upon themselves, it was his duty to protect them and he wouldn’t neglect them. “Guess it’s time to go. It was lovely seeing you! I hope we get to meet again soon,” he said, smiling at Sage and paying the attender for both their lunches before heading out with the Page. Hopefully, he wasn’t the only one Haru had for support; but he didn’t expect better.

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