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Hunting Season? [Private - Zhu-Lin][Festival]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

on Fri May 11, 2018 2:44 pm

Hunting Contest? He heard of a hunting contest, and his ‘beast blood’ began boiling excitingly. This meant that a major part of his life - hunting for food, supplies and materials - was going to play well for a public contest. But he was so far away from his home, and he couldn’t get his bow and arrow now! What if the contest began without his knowing!? It would be horrifying to miss this chance out… but he would make sure to prepare. Having wood and shrubbery around him as well as the wilderness of Orchidia, he needed only a few things to compensate for his lack of tools…

Upon collecting green spider web - and compacting it with his fire magic - he managed to replicate his handmade bow from Worth Woodsea. The spider web was supposedly more elastic and even more powerful than steel in terms of flexibility and usage. Having warmed up a bunch of spider web that Hyōen randomly caught with his hands, he widened the volume and managed to create a sort of ‘mold ball’ that he then stretched out to a string for the bow. It felt almost perfectly stretchable for the arrows that were simple, lined branches with small, sharp pieces of stone as edges.

He would already begin tracking down his first prey - one of those annoying ungulates that kept screaming in the distance. Their skin was preferred for leather clothes, and their population wouldn’t be damaged with one loss. Having prepared his arrows in a net sack, his handmade bow, some water in a water sack and another bag, Hyōen made his way to the wilderness that had a smooth transition with the settlements. Other people would notice the strangely armed guy with branches and stones slung around his body as he slowly disappeared into the forests…

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