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Bad Publicity [Quest: Lilja]

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Bad Publicity [Quest: Lilja] Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 2:20 am

Nastasya Crowe
It was a very hot evening, even wearing hot pants felt too much clothing on her skin and the now human turned on her bed hoping to catch the breeze from the open window in her room in the inn. She wished she was in Oak, her luxury in that room was great but at the moment this inn was one of the cheapest that looked good and well she had a lot of complains but so was Lilja or Nastasya or.. it didnít matter, it was her. She could complain about anything at this point because of the weather, she must have hated it as a vampire or she would have bought the most luxury room, have it entirely closed with good curtains and a fan and sleep through the day, which made more sense for a nightly creature. So many questions and so many she believed that couldnít be answered, if it wasnít by Odin and Caius who else would she have to ask? Did she have any other friends than her guildmembers? After all she would find herself a person that focused on that, she surely had made some mistake. She patted her forehead as if to trigger herself from getting any memories but of course that didnít happen. She remembered things vaguely, the silhouette that she kept in her mind now finally changed into a face and she believed it was Odin but something about it told her that it was how he looked before and right now she wasnít sure as he had worn a mask and everything. Was it to prevent people from being scared? Would she be scared? Probably not if she was still Nastasya but she wasnít and she was sure she would have this disappointing side to her. Even if she believed she would be the new and improved Nastasya, she still used the name Lilja, was it a habbit? What was it actually and to be fair where did she steal the name from?

She finally decided to go do something, find a bar, drink something, head back here, hoped it cool down and sleep, she felt like she could sleep for days as she lately had a lot of headaches and so on. She jumped up, fixed her hair in the short ponytail that she could produce and fixed her tank top, even if it was warm, she took her jacket, she didnít like to see much of her pale skin and headed out. She should do jobs, jobs to get more strength, more ability and well also more money. Even if she was a waitress now, it was nice to have more money. She looked at her right side but realized that this was the first time, she automatically went to look for a companion. She clenched her fist, one day she would find her, Victoire somewhere but she wasnít sure where her companion was. If all she was afraid that her companion was nowhere at all and it did hurt her a lot.


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Bad Publicity [Quest: Lilja] Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 2:35 am

Nastasya Crowe
She would find a place to have a drink with some air conditioning. She walked outside and decided that even if it was too hot to do a job, she would have a look to see if there was something she could do. Funny enough one of the requesters was a barman and as she wouldnít head down to the Swineherd and it was good to see what competitors were in town even if they were the last one to arrive, she didnít care, she didnít have to care and she didnít have to think fair. She took the quest paper, where only a name was on and a question if you wanted to do something bad, seriously advertisement this year around. The grey haired girl walked to the bar and noticed there was another one on the other side of the street, she peeked inside before turning around and heading into the bar that was on the quest paper. As she huddled inside because even here it was quite busy but quiet, she walked to the bar to ask who this Mitya was and that she came to do a job for him. He took her aside and explained what he wanted and she already hated the job now. No one needed to explain to her what she had to do step by step but for god sake; this was just childish. But fine, it would give her money so she turned around, pushed the quest paper against his chest and muttered that she would be back later.

She pulled her tank top right enough and shook her head out of the ponytail, well at least this Enil had a bar with booming business but air conditioning so she wouldnít complain. She set herself on a chair and looked around, first indicating what she could do before actually starting her plan. It was easy, a woman alone, short clothing, she shrugged off the leather jacket and worked out how to cause a riot by flirting with two dumb guys at the same time. She started with one and while he was talking to his friends, she winked to one of those and found another victim. She didnít buy a drink, they were bought for her and as she got two glasses at once, it was enough. She looked at them surprisingly, which was an act, pouted and said out loud that she had no idea who to choice and asked the barmaid if it was bad. While she asked that, the one guy who gave her a margarita stepped forward while the other who had given her something she didnít recognize quickly followed and they started a fist fight. A smile spread on her lips as she simply watched. Before she could do or say anything Enil stood next to her and told her to leave, she simply shrugged, ĒYou tell me to leave while they fight, wonderful guy you must be.Ē she said but took her jacket and headed out, she didnít care and headed back to Mitya where most people had escaped the fight and sat here, she held up her hand, got the pouch without complaining and she left.


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