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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 10:08 am

Shinko had woken up early for the event tonight, so she had planned the places she will visit for today. She went to Orchidia on her own and was not aware of any festivals and only heard of the event now, when people started preparing. As naive Shinko can be, she realized that she did not know what the Flower Festival is, and what's in it. She really didn't know what she's supposed to be doing today and tonight, and where she's supposed to go. She's left in thought and she looked through the window to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and she had the exact idea of what she should be doing.

She applied simple make-up and packed her camera with her. Although the streets are quite crowded, this did not bother her. She started taking photos of the cherry blossoms, and also some couples and strangers that seemed eye candy. Shinko did not have an important reason why she would take photos of strangers, though she thought that they seemed to look aesthetic and perfect for her collection of photos.

Looking through the photos she took, she had praised herself as she felt excitement. She complimented herself as if she was talking to someone else; this excitement caused her to joyfully jump around, stomping her feet, while carrying her camera. Anyone who would see her like this would think she's either gone mad, or strangely underdeveloped. But Shinko was feeling optimistic today and as naive as she is, she was not aware of what others would think. Easily distracted Shinko had gone too far from the reality.

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 1:02 am

The Flower Festival was a time of celebration, in the end, it was supposed to be a festival that heralded the arrival of spring, of the new year that hopefully would be peaceful and prospering in nature. Of course, she knew all too well that after the recent conflicts a celebration would be more than welcome. The war in Crocus, although she had not participated herself due to her mission forcing her to be elsewhere, had still left quite an impact upon Fiore, and so it happened that today Lycoris was about to do some proper work as a Rune Knight.

In the end, festivals were meant to be enjoyed, and she would ensure that nobody would disrupt the citizen's their moment of peace and happiness. She idly wondered how the Gardenias crew would have been like when participating in the festival, her brother certainly seemed fond of such events and the other guys would likely stuff their faces on the delicious food, some might even end up playing some of the booth games! Nibbling on some sort of treat that they called 'Dango' the young lady was making her way along one of the streets were the festival was being conducted, sword nicely sheathed on the belt that hung over her hip as she gazed around the area. So far everything seemed quiet and peaceful, well aside from the girl who was seemingly bouncing around with such glee she had won the lottery!

Finding her lips briefly curve up into a smile she quickly shook her head and approached the stranger, raising her voice just loud enough to hopefully draw the lass back from whatever festive daydream she might have been enjoying. "Be careful there~ if you keep bouncing around like that you might hit someone, or worse... drop that device you're holding, and that would be quite tragic, wouldn't it?" She inquired with an amused smile upon her lips.

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 2:52 am

Shinko heard a woman's warning, but she didn't know it was for her at first. She slowly stopped jumping around and started looking behind her. It was a stranger approaching, with rare dark purple hair and complete armor. Shinko knew that she was a knight at first sight; moreover, a Rune Knight. She was looking at her, and she was looking at Shinko as well. From what she learned when she was a child, knights protect the Kings and Queens, and they should be respected as well. Shinko had panicked, causing her to quickly bowing down ninety degrees and resting her hands beside her and...

Clack! Shinko dropped the camera! And it was indeed, a tragedy. She ended up bowing over to the camera instead and being frustrated over it. Though it still works when she clicked the power button, there was a scratch on the lower corners, and Shinko didn't want to damage a gift even a little. Then she remembered that a Rune Knight is looking at her, Shinko feared that the lady would think that she was mad. So she took the camera and bowed again, "I'm so sorry for how I've acted!" and she raised up, and bowed again, lower than the last one, and this caused her to trip a little, but she balanced herself so that she wouldn't fall.

She raised up and observed the lady. She had long, gorgeous dark purple hair and red eyes, and her clothing had made her look very strong. Shinko squinted her eyes a little and observed more, until she started tearing up. "She looks like Konno Yuuki from Sword Art Offline, too bad she died in the end!" she whispered, having puppy dog eyes as she removed her tears with a finger.

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 3:08 am

A hearty chuckle escaped her lips as she shook her head in response to the flustered reaction of the lass. She had to admit she was mildly amused at the way the young lady was acting, a sort of childish innocence and naivety that made her feel like she had stumbled onto someone with a personality that was quite refreshing to interact with. "No need to apologize, the festival makes everyone be a bit more easygoing than usually, just make sure not to cause any discomfort to other people. We recently had to deal with some drunks causing a ruckus at one of the bars, was a huge mess."

She explained with a light shake of her head, clearly disapproving of the behavior those people had. While getting drunk was fine and all, causing a spectacle like they did was questionable at best, not to mention the Rune Knights who had to preserve the peace often had their hands full dealing with them. However, in the wake of those words the girl suddenly squinted at her, and started tearing up! "Huh?" Tilting her head to the side the purple-haired lass remarked with a weak smile. "Everyone dies in the end, let's just hope I can delay that for a while longer! Getting a promotion, finding a girlfriend, I got more than enough ambitions left to fulfill!" she replied with a hearty laugh before raising a hand to her cheek as she pondered for a moment.

"What is this Sword Art Offline thing? Is it a book of some sort? Besides my name is Lycoris, a member of the Gardenias crew, I don't think I heard about a 'Yuuki' before. Although, if she looks like me she must be quite a popular character!"

A playful wink followed as she asked with a playful hum. "So what is your name? Don't end up picking a name from that Sword Art thingie now~ That's cheating."

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 3:34 am

Shinko suddenly got excited and started swinging her arms back and forth, "It's a really good novel! Well, I'm not really that updated anymore..." she said, chuckling a bit and started scratching the back of her head. She quickly familiarized herself that this lady is nice, someone she can depend on in Orchidia. She smiled at her showing her teeth, "I'm Shinko, I'm new around here." in a jolly tone, she had introduced herself.

She felt inspired by what the lady said about death and ambitions. Shinko felt proud to hear such noble and wise words from a stranger, and was optimistic to meet someone from the Rune Knights, a pretty one, too. She had hoped to meet someone handsome too and write romance chapters about them. "I'm gonna look up to you from now on! I haven't really met any mages until you came here. Let's enjoy the festival together, too!" Shinko's excitement had caused her to pull the lady's sleeves a little, as she was used on doing that to her friends as a sign of a friendly invitation. Realizing that the person she is talking to is a complete stranger, she got embarrassed and backed out a little. "Oh, sorry again! I got a little distracted, ehehe..." she continues to smile after that.

Then Shinko's expression changed, "Wait, you haven't introduced yourself!" she spoke in a demanding tone, lowering a little. Then she rose up to a proper standing position and scratched the back of her head again, "Oh, wait, you did." She chuckled at herself and started touching her point finger with the other, "I haven't really eaten and I'm getting hungry! Want to grab a bite together, Lycoris?"

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 7:07 am

"Oh?" She inquired with a hint of curiosity. It might have been a surprise for most, but despite being a mercenary who was often known as a 'battle freak', someone who loved to fight someone strong whenever she met them, Lycoris also had a hobby few people knew: reading. She was actually quite an avid fan of reading books, fantasy novels, in particular, being one of her greatest interests.

"Perhaps it's one of those books they imported from Jova? You know, there are those books with a lot of pictures in them that come from that region, they got a special name for them... Manga? Either way, I'm an avid reader myself, although I prefer reading fantasy novels, or books that contain a lot of action in them."

She grinned briefly as she tapped her hand on her sheathed sword lightly and explained a bit further in an enthusiastic tone. "I love weapon-based martial arts, in fact, my mentor is a pretty strong guy! Way stronger than me really... so I'm training to catch up with him someday."

An exclamation she added with a brief smirk before turning her focus back on the conversation, a sheepish grin lingering on her lips. "Nah~ I'm nothing special Shinko, I'm just a mercenary who joined the Rune Knights to get closer to my personal ambitions. There are a lot more powerful people in the world to look up to."

Yet the playful tug on her sleeve made her chuckle softly, watching Shinko suddenly stop mid-motion and turn toward her to speak in a rather demanding tone. "Haha~ You really are an energetic one, aren't you Shinko? Can't say I dislike that, a bit of energy and liveliness go a long way in keeping things bright."

She nodded in approval when Shinko had already turned her attention elsewhere. "Hmm, food? Well, I'm not supposed to be on duty right now, so I could grab some grub~ How about we visit some of the festival stalls? I could show you around if you want? There's a lot to see in case this is your first festival."

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 8:28 am

Shinko became more amazed the more she listens to the mercenary’s words, so amazed that you can almost see the stars in her eyes as she leans closer. “You are a very, very, inspiring fellow!” she remarked with her fists closed and close to her face. “I like reading those comics, too! And I like how you love reading; it’s more common to see people play games than reading nowadays, too!” In Shinko’s mind, she had started listing characteristics. “Heroine, purple haired, brave character, hmm…” she whispered as she continues to walk with Lycoris in the streets, thinking about a character for a novel she is making while counting using fingers.

They passed by a candy apple store, which caught most of Shinko’s attention as she likes sweets very much, and it’s been a while since she has eaten anything sugary. So she went to the store near her and bought one and she turned to Lycoris after taking a bite and showing a heavenly expression, “Want some?” she offered, showing the candy apple she had taken a bite into. “Don’t worry, it’s on me and--- ohhh! This tastes good!” she took another bite, “Ru shoe refin’ly wary woh! (You should definitely try one!)” she spoke as she chews her food, which she shouldn’t do because it’s considered rude; but the excitement of sharing happiness to someone made her excited! She has one hand on her cheek as she takes every bite.

She gulps down what she chewed and pointed a hand upwards as a symbol of her expressive nature, “Oh! And I would like to see you in battles! I’ve never seen a fighter to actually fight, except in my imaginations, of course!” she leans on the stand and takes a smaller bite, “And I hope you become as strong as your master, too! I would also love to make my parents proud, hehe.”

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:59 am

A weak chuckle escaped Lycoris' lips at the energetic demeanor of the girl she had accompanied. She had to admit it was a refreshing change of pace, after all the mercenaries she had traveled with her entire life were also energetic, but in a much louder manner. In a way, it reminded her of the cheer and energy those men had during the time they were led by her brother. The nostalgia actually made her feel a bit lonely... Yet Shinko's sudden decision to lean in closer made the purple-haired lass her body tense up for a moment, her heart skipping a beat as she couldn't help but find her face flushing up lightly. She wasn't used to people getting this close to her, at least not without the intention to try to kill her, but at the same time... gods be damned, this girl looked pretty cute up close!

"An inspiring fellow hmm? That's an interesting way to describe me~" the knight answered with a little grin as she waited for Shinko to finally lean back and started walking at her side. "Is it? I like to consider books not simply as a way to nurture knowledge, but also relax a little. In a world filled with turmoil and strife like ours, even the greatest heroes can use moments of respite. Some spend it with their friends, others with their loved ones... I guess my moments of respite are when I dive my nose into the books."

Although games had always been an important aspect of people's childhoods, even if the type of games she played were more considered training than actual games. Hearing the whispers she could barely make up the characteristics the girl mentioned, taking a hint as she decided to play along a little, leaning closer to Shinko as she tried to prod the girl's cheek with a finger. "If I'm going to be the protagonist~ do I get to woo a pretty heroine like you after I succeed in my grand quest?"

It was a teasing remark, as was evident with the smile upon her lips yet shortly after their conversation it seemed another place had drawn the girl's attention. "Candy apples?" She had seen the sugary sweets at festivals before, and it didn't take long for Shinko to give in to their temptation, earning a chuckle out of the warrior as she watched Shinko offer a bite from the same apple she had ordered. "Oh?" The offer made her consider it for a moment, when finally she took a small modest bite from near the area Shinko had bitten in and soon mused out loud. "You're right~ It tastes quite delicious~ Although for a heroine you're quite bold, sharing an indirect kiss on your first meeting with the protagonist."

A soft snicker followed from the young woman at the playful jab when finally she waited for Shinko to finish their meal, leading Lycoris to listen to the excited girl's words some more. "You never saw an actual duel before?" She pondered for a moment before having an idea, her lips curving up into a smile as she gestured at a nearby attraction where teenagers were swinging wooden swords at each other under the careful supervision of the booth owner and a healer. "If you wish, how about I let you have a taste of some swordsmanship? It could give you some ideas holding a sword for once, even if it's a wooden one."

She offered with a smile before turning the focus back toward the girl's earlier words. "And I'm sure parents will always be proud of their child if they pursue their ambitions with earnest feelings~"

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:37 am

They talked about books, families, festivals and of course, the food they'll eat. Festivals are filled with food and drinks, and it will be a special night if the lanterns start to glow. So far, Shinko's 'story' has started becoming pretty well done, now that she realized a mercenary also likes reading books for relaxation, though Shinko's naive optimistic nature made her disagree that the world is as bad as everybody seems, this did not affect her much.

One thing did, though. It's when Lycoris has started complimenting--flirting with her, and Shinko doubted if Lycoris was actually a girl, maybe a crossdressing man. Shinko, being as naive as ever, have never heard of homosexuals, or bisexuals or whatever sexuality there is. It is cute to see Shinko contemplating on a person's gender, whether she is right or wrong about the thing underneath what is down there.

Shinko, whose cheeks had turned bright red in what Lycoris exclaimed of having an indirect kiss, was startled. Her jaw dropped and she had her fingers cover her mouth, forgetting to chew her food, she chose to react first. "You... you...!" she pointed at her with her lips trembling a litte. Then she came to the point where she confidently looks up, hands on her waists, and exclaims "Ha! You had the indirect kiss, not me!" For some reason, she was making a huge deal out of this.

When Lycoris asked her if she has ever seen a duel, Shinko shook her head. It has been years of Shinko being caged in her own place, with no memory of going out whatsover. But throughout those years, Shinko never complained of wanting to go outside and see landforms and such. As long as her orders of novels and comics come for her every week, she becomes satisfied.

Lycoris invited Shinko and would even let her hold a sword. Shinko quickly shook her head and pushed her hands in the front, "No thanks! I'm not strong enough to carry something like that..." she told her with a chuckle. Though pretty fit, Shinko knew that her arms weren't that strong. Significantly, Lycoris' last words motivated her. Maybe her parents are actually proud of what she has done.

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:36 am

A slight tilt of her head followed as Shinko seemingly had a thoughtful look upon her face after she received a bit of teasing from the young warrior-lady. Could it be that she was thinking about something important? Shrugging her shoulders lightly Lycoris continued walking at Shinko's side when suddenly the lass her cheeks turned bright red in response to her statement about the indirect kiss, which quickly led to the purple-haired woman to make a comment of her own. "Oooh really~" Lycoris chimed in as she took a step closer, a nimble shift of her footing making her lean gently against Shinko's side as she moved a finger to the candy apple the girl had taken back earlier. "Look where you bit after me~ I'd say that's the both of us having shared an indirect kiss~"

Yet in the wake of those words Lycoris laughed heartily and waved a hand absent-mindedly into the air. "Then again, what is an indirect kiss between women~ Unless you want to sample the real deal." A mischievous little chuckle followed as they arrived at the dueling ground after Shinko commented about not having even seen a duel before, must had been a girl left in a protective shell most of her life...

"You... Shinko, look around you." Lycoris commented in amusement as teenagers and even children were easily lifting the wooden swords, earning a little chuckle from the young warrior as she commented further. "A wooden sword like this is quite light and easy to wield in comparison to the real deal~ Besides, if you are never willing to try something new and take initiative, then how do you expect to become the greatest novelist of Earthland?" She asked her with a smile as she attempted to encourage Shinko a little, but if she still declined at that point the purple-haired woman would finally shrug her shoulders and offer an alternative. "If you want we can instead visit one of Orchidia's bookstores~ there is one holding some sales for the festival currently."

It was a simple suggestion, but knowing Shinko's fondness for books it might had been an easier subject the two would be mutually interested in compared to something like a little sparring with wooden swords, not that she could blame the little sheltered princess from being hesitant to pick up a sword.

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Licorice Apples | Lycoris | Festival Empty on Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:45 am

Lycoris just couldn't stop flirting, and Shinko is becoming more confused than ever! But this ended when Shinko was told to look around, and she did. There were children as young as ten and below, playing with each other using swords. Shinko was about to react that those things were dangerous, until she noticed that those swords were made out of wood, and would be incapable of penetrating one's skin.

"Look at that will! They're so cute!" Shinko exclaimed when she clapped her hands, her eyes full of happiness, like a mother to her life-succeeding children. Lycoris expanded her words and motivated Shinko with life questions that are supposed to bother her, but ended up quickly filling her up with will. "You're right!" she said, "I'm going to start training right now!" in quick change of mind, she became excited.

They have decided to go to a bookstore, and Shinko knew where to go immediately. "Well, I saw some tutorials with a lot of pictures when I was searching for an action novel... I think I know where to go!" Shinko, who was filled with enthusiasm, started dragging Lycoris out of their current standing point. It did not take them long to go to the bookstore they wanted to be in since it was quite near from where the festival was being held. There, the fresh smell of newly-produced books and new arrivals greeted the both of them in the entrance.

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